Ultima Forever: Quest of the Avatar Walkthrough [Guide]

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar

The Black Weep has covered the land of Britannia, and it is up to you to stop the infection before it takes over completely. Armed with your weapons and abilities, you must embark on quests in order to promote your virtues and improve your reputation within the territories. Ultima Forever: Quest of the Avatar is derived off the popular Ultima series, and it aims to bring the same excitement and adventure as it did for the PC. Are you ready for your battle against the Black Weep? Read this guide and be equipped for the adventure.

Ultima Forever: Quest of the Avatar an RPG action-adventure game where you can also play with friends in keeping peace within the land by going on quests and entering dungeons that carry both treasure and monsters. The game revolves around equipping yourself with the right gear in order to defeat creatures, and completing tasks given to you by non-playable characters, both optional and mandatory to the story.

Player’s actions and decisions will affect both virtues and reputation, and being able to manage both will impact your relationship with the different territories found within the game.

There are many different warrior classes found within the land of Britannia. These warrior classes have different attributes and special abilities, and players will get the chance which character they would like to play as in the beginning of the game, either by choice or by answering questions put forth by the Gypsy, which would act as your act during the initial stages of the game. Players can select as to which class best suits their style, and they can also change this during regular play.

There are no real currency within the game, except for keys. Keys are used to unlock treasure chests strewn all over the dungeons and other areas of the map, and they can be opened by either gold, silver, or bronze keys. A specific amount of keys is required to open chests, with bronze providing regular items and gold giving much superior ones.

Keys can be given as rewards for completing quests or killing monsters, although gold keys are much more rare. On the other hand, gold keys can be acquired via in-app purchases while bronze keys can be converted to silver keys from better items rewards.

Usually, treasure chests can only be opened once, but some chests can be opened an infinite number of times, and these are the best places to use up any of your extra keys so that you can get more and hopefully better equipment.

Attacking enemies is pretty basic. Players would simply have to click on enemies to attack them, with the added advantage of doing area damage on nearby enemies as well. Players, however, cannot block, so it would be important to not get surrounded by enemies or, in the case of bosses, know their attack and movement patterns before striking. Players can also take advantage of back attacks which can deal more damage than regular strikes.

Equipment are an important part of the game, and these can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Equipment such as weapons and armor can increase your offensive and defensive abilities, respectively, while others will improve attributes such as speed or luck. There are also other gear that are purely for cosmetic purposes, and should be used only by more advanced players. These items can be by equipping them in the designated slots, and it is important to use more superior equipment each time in order to keep up with stronger enemies and bosses. Equipment are typically found in chests or given as rewards, and can range from common, uncommon, rare, and epic types.

Equipment, with use, can also wear down. Thus, it is important to monitor their durability and have them repaired so that they would still perform optimally.

Abilities are special skills that can be used during battle with enemies. These range from offensive maneuvers to those that provide support such as healing (although there are also potions that can be acquired so that you can regenerate health). New abilities can be unlocked as players level up, and these can be equipped in ability slots that players can call on during battle. Additional slots can be unlocked as players level up, too. It is also important to note that abilities have a cooldown period before they can be triggered again, so it is essential to use them only when required so as to not waste precious seconds waiting for them to charge back up again.

Virtues and Reputation
Virtues serve as the game’s leveling up system, and by performing quests and completing missions, this will cause players to level up, increasing their base attributes and unlocking more content within the game. Also, virtue can be increased by completing quests and by making decisions or responses to choices given by the game.

Virtue will also affect your reputation within other territories, and will define how many people would be willing to interact with you. Decisions made may improve reputation within one area while diminishing reputation in another, so proper balance is essential in order to make the most out of each territory. There are eight virtues at play within the game, although most decisions will only require you to choose between two or three.

Boost Cards
Boost cards are consumable items that can be equipped just like regular equipment. These can increase your attributes during your quest in a particular dungeon, and there are even some that can help increase your score. Like regular equipment, boost cards can be found in chests or given as rewards, although once equipped, they will be gone from your inventory.

Also on boost cards and other items, all of these are placed in a mutual inventory with limited slots. In order to free up space, they must either be consumed or discarded. Otherwise, players would have to spend gold keys so that they would have more slots in their inventory.

Quests are tasks that players will have to perform in order to push the storyline forward. Aside from story centric quests, there are also lots of other side quests that can be done, triggered either by interacting with items found in the background, talking to NPCs, or finishing other quests. These are the best ways to earn virtues and reputation, which would in turn unlock even more quests for players to accomplish. Thus, the more quests you do, the more people you can interact with, and the bigger the number of quests that will open up to you.

Social Function
Ultima Forever: Quest of the Avatar also has a social function that will allow players to join groups and participate in quests together. They can invite Facebook friends or other people also playing the game. Doing this will reward players with Virtue and Reputation, and this will also allow players to interact and message each other.

Daily Bonus
Players are recommended to log in daily in order to take advantage of daily rewards. Usual rewards are Bronze keys and items, although the value of rewards increases with reach consecutive day. This is the easiest way to acquire free items if you are a serious Ultima Forever player.


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