Iron Force Walkthrough [Guide]


Warm up your engines and make sure that your tanks are fully stocked, because you will be going to war with Iron Force. Show your dominance online as you battle it out with other players online using a variety of different skills across various maps. There are a lot of challenges ahead, but with a little knowledge and talent, you’ll get promoted up the ranks of the best players soon enough.

Iron Force is a combat simulation game where players can use tanks to battle each other in a series of timed competitions. Players can then use their winnings to upgrade their vehicles as well as purchase new upgrades. There are also new tanks to acquire for those who want to skip upgrades altogether. There are also powerups that can be acquired that ca definitely turn the tide of battle in your favor in an instant.

Fuel is the energy that is required to participate in battles. Fuel regenerates over time, and can also be replenished using diamonds. Each map requires a specific amount of fuel, so make sure that you have enough; otherwise, you will have to wait or purchase them outright.

Basic currency allows for the purchase of upgrades for your tanks. These can be won by participating in battles or via drops. Diamonds, on the other hand, are used to acquire premium items such as more powerful tanks and decals. Diamonds can also be used to speed up upgrades. This currency is rewarded each time players level up and can also be acquired by spending real cash.

The store is where players will be able to purchase new tanks as well as upgrades for their vehicles. For upgrades, players can boost stats for attributes such as speed, damage, firepower, and others. Players would also have to wait for a specific amount of time before upgrade can be completed, unless players would choose to spend diamonds to speed the process up. The store is also where players can spend on decals, which provide aesthetic updates, such as boosts that are only available for a specific amount of time.

Players should take note that some purchases cannot be allowed unless players have already reached a certain level. Thus, they should strive to engage in combat more often an collect XP from downed tanks.

Tips and Tricks
As with most free for all combat games, knowing the stage is important in order to survive. Know hiding spots, as well as ambush points. Hide and bide your time to attack, especially when nobody notices you. Sometimes, it would be much better to wait and engage opponents while they are weakened or while they are busy with other tanks.

There are also suppliers and powerups that will spawn at different intervals. Should you be running low on health, or if there are a lot of pesky tanks on your tail, using Nitro or mines to get an edge over your enemies would always be a wise decision. There are also health items and boosts that increase damage that can be picked up, so keep an eye out on those as well.

Always choose your shots. It would take a while before you can make a second shot, and during this time, the window to make an easy kill would have closed. Once it is available, use the aim function as often as possible, although skilled players can be quite capable of shooting accurately while moving. If this is difficult for you, then concentrate your upgrades towards damage and firepower, although it is recommended that movement be upgraded as well so as improve your maneuverability and avoid getting shot at.


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