Despicable Me: Minion Rush Unlock Codes and Achievements [Guide]

Despicable Me Minion Rush

Gameloft’s Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a popular android/iOS game today. It kinda works like Temple Run 2 but with a better fun and childishly approach. Although this may seem to be like a kid’s play, it gets harder as you progress. This guide will help you as you grow.

There are a lot of challenges or missions in the game. Once you complete a challenge, you either increase the multiplier permanently, earn bananas and free tokens. The higher the multiplier, the better the score every run. Bananas can be earned in-game through running and tokens can be bought using real money. To earn free tokens you must complete different achievements. And as part of the game’s advertising campaign, you can also earn tokens by completing surveys, installing apps and running it, purchasing and subscribing to certain services, etc. Below is the complete list of achievements.


  • Look Before You Leap – 5 Token
  • -Fall off the track 5 times.

  • Despicable You – 5 Token
  • -Perform 20 Despicable Actions in the same run!

  • Head Start – 5 Token
  • -Use the Minion Launcher 10 times!

  • Try Again – 10 Token
  • -Revive yourself 10 times!

  • Rocketeer! – 10 Token
  • -Use Gru’s Rocket 50 times!

  • It’s So Fluffy! – 10 Token
  • -Ride Fluffy Unicorn 50 times!

  • Mega Minion – 10 Token
  • -Become Mega Minion 50 times!

  • Forge Ahead – 10 Token
  • -Run 2,000 m in the same run!

  • Bah-na-naaaaas! – 10 Token
  • -Collect 750 Bananas in the same run!

  • Vanquish Vector – 10 Token
  • -Defeat Vector for the first time!

  • Cookie Crumbler – 10 Token
  • -Defeat Meena for the first time!

  • Mucho Macho – 10 Token
  • -Defeat El Macho for the first time!

  • Can’t Touch This! – 10 Token
  • -Win 25 challenges!

  • Burning Up – 10 Token
  • -Get burned 50 times!

  • Cold as Ice – 15 Token
  • -Smash through 100 obstacles using the Freeze Ray!

  • Challenger! – 15 Token
  • -Send 50 challenges!

  • Minion Smash! – 25 Token
  • -Smash through 1,000 obstacles using the Freeze Ray!

  • On a Roll! – 25 Token
  • -Complete 100 mission!

  • Unstoppable – 25 Token
  • -Get a total Despicable Score of 5,000,000!

  • Marathon Minion – 25 Token
  • -Run 1,000,000 meters!

  • The Evil Eye – 25 Token
  • -Knock out 1,000 Evil Minions!

  • Hot Streak – 50 Token
  • -Complete 500 missions!

  • Power-Hungry – 50 Token
  • -Upgrade all Power-Ups to Max!


Unlock codes are used to earn free gifts. As for now, there are only 5 unlock codes available. To enter an unlock code you must log-in to the game> then go to Options> You will see a list above, click the “Gift” icon> Enter the code then viola!

As promised, here are the codes:


To achieve a better score, you must connect the game to your Facebook account (also gives free 50 Tokens). This syncs all your Facebook contacts who play Minion Rush. This technique offers more “Despicable Action” by passing through each friend’s highest score on every run. More “Despicable Action” means higher score multiplier. This insanely increases the multiplier especially when you use it together with the x5 Score Perks.

Another thing that could help you score better is through playing at a certain stage. As for me, “Gru’s Lab” is perfect. It’s easy to get used to.This probably is the easiest stage of all three. Aside from that, the place gets really familiar as time goes by. You will notice the certain pattern which gives you better navigation and sudden reflex.

Last and most desperate move I can tell is through purchasing tokens. Yes you can earn free tokens but it might not be enough. Using tokens can hasten the upgrade of all power-ups. It can also revive your character every failed run. As you go on reviving, the amount of tokens to be paid increases. In other words, the score will be decided by the money in your stash.


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