Metro: Last Light [Guide]

Metro Last Light

Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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The terrifying adventures in the Metro continue in Metro: Last Light. After
the events of Metro 2033, the Dark Ones have been virtually eradicated, but a
the discovery of a surviving one sends our hero on a perilous journey through
the damp and terrifying tunnels underneath post-apocalyptic Russia.

L2 – Equipment Inventory
L1 – Aim
R2 – Throw
R1 – Shoot
Triangle – Change weapon
Square – Use/Reload
O – Crouch
X – Jump
D-pad – Various
Left Stick – Move
Right Stick – Camera
Select – Journal
Start – Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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After a quick introduction, you are thrust into the world of Metro: Last

A typical FPS beginning mission here. It begins with a dream sequence. A series
of “Dark Ones”, these strange creatures that the main character chose to blow
up with a barrage of missiles in the previous game, start to appear. Aim down
the sights by pressing L1 and then press R1 to fire at all of them as the
slow motion sequence kicks in.

You’ll be woken from the dream by Khan. Khan will speak with you for a little
bit and then he will leave. Check out the desk. You can put the tape in the
tape player to listen to music if you want, and also turn the light on or off.
The journal will automatically be picked up before you exit the bedroom.

As you move through the halls and room to room, you can stop by and talk to
some people by standing in front of them. You can also listen in on
conversations if you so wish as well. At any rate, you will eventually reach
the equipment room.

Stand at the counter to start collecting your equipment. You’ll be given a
gas mask, a brief explanation on Metro currency, and more. A quick tutorial
will pop up explaining how to check your equipment by holding L2. You’ll also
be taught how to bring up the inventory, which is accomplished by holding down
the triangle button.

Then you’ll be asked to pick between three guns. Since you’re a Ranger now
after the events of the original Metro 2033, you’re more adept when it comes to
gunplay and combat. You get to choose between a variety of guns, including a
sniper rifle, two different machineguns, a shotgun, and a pistol. I chose one
of the machineguns, the sniper rifle, and the shotgun, but you can choose
whichever loadout that suits you best. Obviously, having a healthy dose of
variety will go a long way.

Once you’ve gathered your weapons, you can test them out on the nearby firing
range. First you’ll be tasked with shooting a regular target. Shoot them with
whatever weapon you prefer. Then an armored target will be sent down the
shooting range. To take them out, you have to aim for and successfully connect
with a headshot. After that, you can choose different guns and test them out
or just keep messing around at the firing range by continuously pressing the
button with Square.

When you’re ready to continue and satisfy with the chosen loadout, it’s time to
continue. You’ll be taught about another feature of your journal which points
you in the direction that you are supposed to go by bringing up the journal
and taking note of the green arrow that is on the compass.

Go to the meeting room with Khan. Once that’s done with, continue until you
reach the subway train. In between the meeting with Khan and the train is just
a bunch of walking and chatting with people, so there’s nothing really of note
I can provide for you here, except keep an eye out for a file sitting on a
chair in the corner when you are exiting the meeting room. Getting on the
train will end the chapter after the train starts to get going…

When the train ride gets over, follow the lady out of the train and turn on
your flashlight when prompted. To do this, hold L2 to bring up the equipment
icons on the HUD and then press Triangle to switch on the flashlight. Follow
her to the nearby door and pull the lever on the wall, which will cause the
door to open, allowing access to the tunnels.

Follow her through the tunnels. A strange creature will be spotted, but its
existence is meaningless at this juncture as there is nothing you can do about
it. Follow the NPC to a ladder. Before you can venture to the surface, however,
you need to equip the gas mask. To do this, hold L2 and then press Square. Move
against the ladder to begin climbing up.

Just a little Easter egg, if you move the camera up, she will mock you for
looking at her ass. At any rate, once you’ve stepped out onto the ground,
start moving forward. Mud and other gunk will get on the gas mask, so wipe that
away by quickly tapping L2.

Various monsters will begin attacking. Kill them. A good strategy here is to
find where you need to go, walk backwards, and then keep shooting at them.
After they’ve all been killed, you can find the Dark One. Chase it through the
area by crouching and jumping over things. You can shoot at it to slow it
down if you want, but you just need to corner it and then get close enough for
a cut-scene to trigger.

Follow the dude down the garbage chute. Then follow him through the tunnel.
Stay crouched when he crouches by pressing O. For this point of the game, it is
basically a Call of Duty style “Follow Me” simulator, unfortunately.

When you reach an impass, he will climb up to get to the top of the ladder. He
will then drop the ladder and you can use it to get up there as well. Stay
crouched and follow him. He will tell you when to stop so the guards don’t
notice you.

After this short segment, there will be two guards visible. He will go over to
the left to take out his guard and then you are to go to the right and take
out your guard. You can choose to kill them or knock them out. Whichever method
you choose, loot their body when done, and then continue.

In the center of the area is a control panel. Go to it and then pull the lever
on it to drop some stairs. Go up the stairs and then use Square to unscrew the
lightbulb in the search light up there. This will enable your partner to make
it to the nearby control box so that he can turn off the lights in the area.

Take note of the guard across the catwalk. When he walks by, quickly (but
stay crouched) walk across it and then get up behind him, knocking him out or
killing him is the goal. And be sure to do this before he turns around. After
taking him out, climb up the ladder and then crawl through the shafts until
you come out the other side to a dead body riddled with knives.

Pull the knives out of the corpse. Now you have throwing knives, which can be
thrown, when equipped, with a simple press of R2. And wouldn’t you know it,
right around the corner is a patroling guard that provides the perfect
opportunity to test out your new weapon. I recommend using the throwing knife
to take him out.

Loot the body and then continue up the stairs where you will find another
guard. Take him out as well, and Pavel, the dude you’ve been running around
with, will take out the other enemy that’s up here. After that’s been taken
care of, go over to the button on the wall and press it, and then duck behind a
crate to stay out of a site.

As the large doors open up, an enemy will be just on the other side. Take him
out with a throwing knife and then loot his body as well. Go through the doors
to be on an elevator. At this point, you will be taught about stealth, or at
least it will be xplained to you with words and such. Your wristwatch will be
blue when you are visible and it will be black when you are invisible to your

Pavel will toss you a gun, a pistol with a silencer on it. When the doors open
up, quietly step out and use the pistol to shoot the enemy that is in the
distance. Move down this tunnel and keep taking out the enemies from a distance
using the silenced pistol. Just make sure no other enemies are looking at them
when you make the kill.

When they’re all dead, go around and loot their bodies. In the lit up control
room area, there is a lever you can pull to free all the prisoners in the
cell block if you’d like to net yourself an extra trophy. When you’re ready to
continue to the next chapter, pull the lever next to the door opposite of

This chapter is very short and hardly even requires much interaction on your
part. At the outset, grab the diary note sitting on the desk. Follow Pavel into
the next room and he will toss you a gun. Then follow him out into the main
hall with the Nazis.

Move through the Nazi crowd with Pavel. Eventually, news of escaped prisoners
will reach their leader and then all hell breaks loose. Pavel will fire off a
shot to cause a distraction. Follow him as he sprints out of the area. You will
suffer a wound at some point, but Pavel will carry you and throw you into the

In the cart, use your pistol to shoot the Nazis that manage to get through the
door. You will probably run out of bullets doing this, but it is important to
kill enough of them so that they can’t shoot and damage you as the cart is
pulling away.

Follow Pavel to the end of this tunnel. He will go through the small shaft
at the end of it and get found out. Quickly hide in the small alcove with the
spiderwebs and skulls. Wait for the two enemies to come through the door and
then take them both out with throwing knives. You can then move forward and
pick up their guns and take the throwing knives back as well.

Move forward slowly into the next room. There are a few guards here, and you
should be able to take out at least two or three without causing too much
trouble. Go for headshots, and make them count. There is a nice barricade down
here that will provide cover if you get found out.

Make your way to the end of the room and kill anyone that gets in your way.
Go up the stairs at the end of the room and then open the door. A guard just
laying down and reading a magazine will sit up, startled. You can choose to
kill him if you want or leave him be. At any rate, loot the room and then in
the next area you’ll find a small ventilation shaft that you can crawl through.
Crouch by pressing O and then you can move through the shaft.

The first room in this chapter can be cleared out entirely with a combination
of throwing knives and silenced weapons. Just wait for each enemy to show up
one by one and take them all out. When they’re all defeated, you are able to
continue to the next room, which is complete with water wheels and such.

Ignore most of the enemies and make your way to a ladder that leads into some
green icky water. Follow this water to another ladder. Climb it and walk by
the enemies silently. You’ll come across a flight of stairs. I recommend
killing the enemy walking up the stairs with a throwing knife, looting his
body, climbing the stairs, and then going through the vent up here.

Go all the way to the end of the vent. Yes, it should be just about second
nature by now to turn off all the lights you see, but don’t do that in here.
Instead, just walk to the end of the shaft and loot the small box here for
some ammo and cash.

Then go back down the stairs. If you go to the right, you can avoid a
confrontation with the enemies and that is definitely what you want to do.
Getting caught here results in a bunch of armored enemies showing up and
dealing with them is quite the hassle.

As you move to the right, kill any lone enemies with a throwing knife. Turn
off the fuse boxes to get all the lights in the area dead, which will provide a
distraction and allow you to reach the end of the area. You’ll reach a gated
door that is electronically locked.

There is an enemy walking at the bottom of the stairs and one above by the
control panel. Kill the one above first with a throwing knife, and then run up
behind the other one and either take him out silently with a melee attack, a
well-placed headshot with a silenced weapon (if you’re feeling lucky), or you
can just use another throwing knife as long as you remember to run back up and
grab it again.

With these enemies dead, pull the lever at the top of the landing to open the
gated door. This will attract the attention of some enemies, so quickly drop
down and go through the door. You’ll find a tunnel to crawl through. Leave the
light here as well because you’ll need it to see where you’re going. When
you’re done crawling through the tunnel, there is an especially ghastly sight
to behold.

Poor Pavel is being hanged! Quickly kill the two Nazis from behind. Then move
forward against the rope that is hanging Pavel to automatically release him
from the noose. Then follow him down the next hall. Oh, Pavel. So good for
followin’ and such.

Go down the tunnel. Pavel will tell you not to charge ahead, but I am here to
assure you that there is no danger down the tunnel. Eventually, you guys will
reach the end. The obvious way to go is through the grate on the ground with
the green smoke coming out of it, but you have to wait for Pavel to catch up
before you can do so.

Once Pavel figures out where to go, help him rip the grate off the ground by
first grabbing onto it by pressing Square. Then mash on Square to lift up the
grate with Pavel. Hop down and then follow Pavel to the elevator. As the
elevator rises, crab-like monsters will grab onto the sides of it. Go over to
them and the click in the right analog stick (AKA R3) to stab them in their
belly and knock them off the lift.

At the end of the ride, one of those monsters will jump on Pavel. Aim your
flashlight at them to burn them. To equip the flashlight, remember, hold L2
and then press Triangle to flip on the flashlight. Keep the beam aimed at the
critter until it flops onto its back, then run over and push in the right
analog stick (AKA R3…wait, didn’t I just say that?) to cut it open.

Then keep following Pavel until you reach yet another impass, this time in the
form of a broken bridge. Pavel will try to figure out a way across, but while
he is busy doing that, more crab monsters will attack. Keep your flashlight
aimed at them to burn them and keep them at bay while Pavel messes with a pole.
Once you’ve knocked a couple off into the abyss, you can then help Pavel rip
the pole out of the ground by mashing the Square button.

Then Pavel will jump across the gap polevault style. He will throw the pole
back to you so that you can follow suit. Press Square to complete this action
and follow Pavel across the gap. Some more crab monsters will attack, so force
them away with your flashlight.

Keep following Pavel and you guys will come across a dead body. Examine the
dead body to find a torch. Pavel will light the torch. Follow him very closely
now and stay within the light of his torch. His torch will keep the monsters
back and also burn down the cobwebs along the way.

Pavel will give you the torch so that you can make your way through the
sticky cobweb land. Sprint through it. I recommend having the flashlight or at
least the lighter out for extra protection while you move through here. Your
presence will attract the attention of more crab monsters, but luckily it is a
straight, linear shot to a room with glowing red lights which will keep the
monsters away.

Pull the lever here and then return to Pavel.

Follow Pavel’s suit and pick up a gas mask and filters. Loot this room and then
head outside. Follow Pavel to the destroyed subway station. On the other side,
you will be attacked by a bunch of monsters. Kill them, but try to conserve
your ammo as there is another fight ahead.

When they’re dead, you’re free to continue through the landscape. You will
find a destroyed plane. Go up to the side door and press Square to try to open
it. Pavel will help you out and then you have to mash on Square to rip the
door open.

Inside the plane, you will have some weird ass hallucinations. Make your way
to the cockpit, and then some time will have passed. When you awake, help out
Pavel. Check the dead bodies for air canisters and then keep following Pavel.
A winged demon will attack, pick you up, and then throw you to the ground.
Continue following Pavel.

The two of you will be jumped by a pack of monsters. Fight all the monsters
off with any ammo you have left. Remember to check your throwable weapons if
you are completely out of ammo. Eventually, Pavel will tell you to flee from
them, so follow him down the stairs and then to the large metal door. Hang
tight, avoid the monsters, and conserve your ammo until the big doors open up
to let you into the Metro proper with Pavel.

Upon entering the Metro proper, you can stop at the market and get new
supplies. You can purchase new ammo, customize your weapons, and even purchase
a brand new gun! I highly recommend doing this. If you really liked the trio of
weapons you used at the beginning of the game, now is the perfect time to
regain all three of ‘em.

Keep in mind that you may have collected a bunch of sniper rounds and shotgun
rounds already, so you should buy your new gun before buying ammo so you can
gauge how much ammo you actually need.

After you’re done bartering, follow Pavel into the theater. You can stick
around and watch the show if you want, but when you’re ready, speak with
Pavel at the door. He will lead you through the back. If you look in the
mirror, you’ll discover that you have no reflection. Spooky! Go up the stairs
when Pavel is done talking with the lady and then sit down at the chair.

Mostly just watch scenes. Then when the scenes are done, climb on the desk and
crawl through the hole.

You start this chapter in a room full of supplies. Gather everything and
then head out into the dark hallway. There will be a metal detector in the
distance and two guards. Wait for the guard that walks through the metal
detector to go through and be out of site. Then quietly use throwing knives to
kill them both.

Go to the right of the metal detector to successfully bypass it without making
it go off. A guard will be just at the bottom of the stairs. Kill him and then
loot the room down here for even more goodies.

The next room will have a large train in the center. Go directly in front of
the train, behind the box. Wait for the guards to be done talking and then
when they disperse, pick them off one by one. As you near the end of the
train, the enemies will be in clusters which makes it difficult to sneak by
them or do this quietly.

However, using the shadows, you can make your way by them and to a fusebox that
you can use to turn off all the lights. Do this and then use the nearby control
panel to gain access to the next few rooms. There will be more enemies that
come out to investigate the lights, so kill them as quickly as possible. If
they are in groups and get alerted, so be it. At this point you should be able
to survive any forced skirmishes.

These rooms have plenty of loot, so be sure to loot everything as you make
your way from door to door and room to room. To exit the train room, check
out the left side of the room when facing the direction the train is facing.
There is a door over there as well as another fusebox to shut off even more

Going through this door will get you in a large and dangerous room. This room
is filled with enemies, and if you get caught, they turn on a gas that will
force you into using your gas mask if you want to live. Luckily, even if you
do get caught, there are a ton of gas mask filters and extra gas masks just
lying around all over the place. Hell, you should’ve collected enough at this
point to last you quite a while.

Of course, the goal here is to move through the room undetected. It is tough,
but it is possible. First thing you’ll want to do is take out the guard that
is working on something in the little room as you step through into the big
room. Get him with a throwing knife and then start going to the rigth. There
will be a guard that patrols by the fusebox. Kill him and then hug the right
wall all the way to the end of the room.

If you can get to the grates on the ground that lead beneath the floor, then
do that as this will provide you extra cover and almost guarantee that the
enemies won’t find you. At the end of the room, use the ladder to get reach the
control room in the center.

Kill the enemy in here. He will have his back to you as long as you move
quietly and remained crouch. Loot the room and then pull the lever. This will
cause the fan you just walked by to stop spinning. Return to it, moving through
the hole in the fence, and then your character will automatically do the rest
for you as he enters the next room in this chapter.

You’ll want to avoid enemy contact at all costs here, and it’s actually not
that hard. What you need to do is wait for the enemies talking below to
disperse. Then use the nearby ladder to get down. Kill the enemy remaining at
the table and use the shelves as cover to hug the walls.

You’ll then be able to get to the makeshift catwalks above. Blow out the
lantern as you go and continue to the other side of the room. Drop down, kill
anyone standing directly in front of you, and keep going until you reach the
next room.

In here you’ll find another guard walking around, as well as a guard at a
machinegun. Ignore both of them and hug the left wall to bypass them without
being seen. Walk down the adjacent tunnel until you reach a large blue door.
The blue door will start opening, so hide in the shadows. Again, hugging the
left wall is the preferred route.

A few armored guards will come out, so it’s very important that you manage to
stay out of sight. After they’re gone, you are free to move through the large
blue doors. You’ll have to go through a few ventilation shafts and spiderwebs
next, but it will all lead you to Andrew the Blacksmith…

Andrew has a new toy for you to check out. It is a specialized rail car with a
bunch of lightbulbs attached to it that will make traveling down the tunnels a
much safer experience.

You can spend a lot of time exploring in this chapter. There are various areas
on the sides of the tracks that can be explored for supplies. When you’re done
doing that, just keep moving the car forward. Enemies will jump on the car at
some point, but if you have a shotgun, they are easily shot off of it.

If you do exit the car, you need to press O to actually get out. Then you have
to approach the seat, press Square to get in, and then press X to start the
engine back up. To make it move, either move the left analog stick forward or

Eventually you will smash into another vehicle, but just keep pushing it and
shooting monsters off the car until eventually the truck veers to the left.
When this happens, back your car up a bit past the bump. You’ll see a little
arrow mechanism. Jump out of the car and mess with the mechanism.

If you did a lot of exploring earlier in the tunnels, then you probably already
know this, but these mechanisms change the direction of the tracks. Messing
with that mechanism just now will cause the tracks to now point to the left.
Take them through the wooden barricade.

Get back in the car. Drive it forward through the wooden barricade and you
will come up to a group of survivors that are appropriately freaked out due to
a group of bandits ahead. When you’re done talking with them, start the car
back up and drive it forward until you reach an area with a blue light.

Get out at the blue light and then move forward. Wipe out all the guards as
quietly as possible then return to the car and drive it until you smack into a
railcar. Get out of the vehicle again and go forward a bit to find a couple of
guards protecting a prisoner. Kill the guards and then free the prisoner. He
will move the railcar for you.

With the railcar out of the way, you are free to drive the car forward. Keep
doing so until you hear enemies talking. Get out of the car and wait for an
enemy to poke his head out of the lit doorway. Kill him and then go through
that door. There’s a lot of enemies in here in small alcoves protecting the
windows, but they will all have their back to you. This makes them easy kills
with melee attacks.

Clear out the other side as well and then return to the car. Drive it until
you reach a fork in the path. Get out of the car and then switch the rails so
that it veers to the right instead of going straight. Then drive it until a
scene plays. After the scene, move into the green water and then hang a left.

Hug the subway car and keep walking against it until you find a way inside of
it. Then walk to the end of it and you’ll reach a large open area with a few
monsters. Go to the bell near the next pool of green water and ring the bell to
call the ferry.

The monsters will then swarm and attack. Run around and kill them to the best
of your ability. If you have a shotgun, it is immensely useful at this part of
the game. Don’t be shy about using your medical kits as well. In Metro: Last
Light, your health DOES heal automatically over time, but by using medical
syringes, which is done by pressing down on the d-pad, you can automatically
heal yourself in case you are stuck in a tough fight.

Keep killing the monsters and avoid being cornered. When the ferry arrives,
hop aboard. He will tell you to keep shooting the monsters, but it is a waste
of ammo. As far as I know, the monsters can’t reach the boat.

You’ll fall off the boat, but the boat driver will pull you back up. Loot the
contents on the boat for extra supplies. This ride is fairly uneventful at
first, until you meet the aquatic monsters with the gaping maws and the ability
to spit acid, that is.

These guys will jump on the boat. Mash on Square to push and stab the first
one, and then you’ll automatically save the driver from the next one. Go to the
front of the boat and hold your ground against them. They will grab onto the
sides of the boat, but a well-placed shot will get them off immediately. It may
be tempting to use the shotgun, but machineguns and pistols are just as
effective against these guys because they don’t have as much health as the
other monsters you’ve faced so far.

There will be ones that poke their heads up out of the water in the distance as
well. Shoot them from the safety of the boat and keep slaughtering the other
ones that get on the sides. You’ll be knocked off the boat again at some point,
but you can rectify that situation by mashing Square to pull yourself back up
onto it.

Off the boat, you can go around this town and do various things, such as
purchase more ammo, upgrade your weapons, and whatever else. Your goal here is
to get to the brothel, which is obviously marked. However, if you check out
the shooting range, which challenges you with killing a bunch of rats under a
time limit, you get more spendin’ bullets.

At the brothel, approach the door that Pavel walked through. Drag the stripper/
prostitute away, and then you can choose to pay her for a lapdance. When you’re
done with her, stand up and then go through the door Pavel went through. You
will be led to a dark storage area.

Stay crouched and just kill everyone with throwing knives one by one. They are
spread out far enough that killing one should do little to alert the others.
Even if they figure out something is going on, it’s so dark in here that it
should be irrelevant.

Once you’ve mowed through the enemies, go to the final door in the room for
another cut-scene.

You can explore this landscape quite extensively. Doing so will yield plenty of
supplies, and the danger isn’t even that high. Just be sure not to jump in the
water, or else you have to watch an annoying animation where the main character
has to pull himself out of the water.

There are armored monters around here, but well-placed shotgun blasts can take
care of them very easily. The aquatic monsters seen earlier in the Metro can
also be found here as well, plus there is a demon flying around. Don’t waste
your ammo shooting this thing. If you just keep moving, it will never even have
a chance to pick you up and throw you or anything.

There’s a sniper rifle to find here if you want it. At this point in the game,
I replaced my pistol with the sniper rifle, but that’s just personal
preferance. Your goal here is a machine to the North, which has an empty
gas canister and needs energy. This machine will pull a water barge to you so
you can safely traverse the water. Press the button on the machine so that you
realize this.

Take a moment to examine your surroundings. There is a destroyed plane nearby.
Go to the plane and then loot it. Check the gas canisters near the cockpit to
trigger the appearance of a large green monster. Blast it to make it stop
rocking the plane and then head outside. Climb on the wing of the plane and
once again survey the landscape.

As you can see, there are a bunch of poles sticking out of the marsh with red
flags tied to them. These are your indicators as to what is solid ground and
what isn’t in this marsh. They will also lead you right into a semi-destroyed
building that has the gas you need. Keep in mind the floating logs in the water
can be utilized as makeshift bridges across the water as well.

Upon obtaining the gas can, return to the machine and replace the empty can
with the new one. Then try to use the machine. This will call the barge, but it
will also attraction the attention of plenty of those armored bug-like foes
you have been dealing with already so far. Kill them all and then when they are
dead, notice that the barge has stopped in the middle of the water.

Press the button again to get the barge moving. The large green monster from
earlier will pop out of the water will start to attack. I recommend throwing
incendiary grenades at it to do the most damage and save yourself some ammo.
Once it’s dead, get on the barge and ride it away.

Hop off the barge. As you move through these buildings, be wary of booby
traps. There’s a lot of wire hanging down that, if you trigger them, cause
heavy thing to fall on your head, and that is never a good thing. Obviously.

That being said, the buildings are worth exploring for the delicious loots
inside. Keep moving through the buildings and the marsh toward the church,
however. You’ll come across a log that needs to be used to get to the church,
but the log will be knocked out of the way by the green monster from earlier.

The people at the church will help you fight the monster. Use incendiary rounds
and try to get behind it to shoot its exposed flesh to deal the most damage.
Getting in close with a shotgun is the best bet here, but that should go
without saying.

Once the monster is dead, hang tight and wait for the chatter to stop. They
will then position the log again so that you can use it to get across the
water and head inside the church. Due to all the exploring and what-not, it is
probably likely that you are running low on air canisters, considering how long
you’ve been on the surface at this point. If this is the case, sprint to the
church doors to avoid death. And remember, if your gas mak visor is cracked and
you fall into the water, you will drown and die.

This level begins with the perfect opportunity to resupply, switch out weapons,
and customize your existing ones. I recommend taking advantage of that now.
Then approach the double doors of the church. A scene will play, and once you
come to, make your way through the catacombs.

Switch on your flashlight. Run through the catacombs, ignoring the “ghosts”
that start appearing around you. Go to the elevator and use it. Predictably,
monsters will cling to the elevator as you ride it down. Blast them off the
sides of the elevator and then when they crash it, mash on Square to stab the
one that survives with you and continue deeper into the catacombs.

A group of those creatures will attack you. Kill them and then continue. Your
flashlight is invaluable at this juncture, as the catacombs are very dark and
it does become hard to see sometimes down here. You’ll start hearing a
rumbling and see a bunch of the creatures move through a room. Hang tight and
let them pass.

Letting them pass will allow you to move deeper into the catacombs. There will
be another one of these creatures ripping open some dead body. Kill it. You can
be as loud as you want killing it as there are no other threats in the nearby

Loot any corpses you see along the way. Also keep an eye out for tins that may
have other helpful supplies, such as medical kits. Eventually, you will reach a
door that is locked via a large wheel. A section of the wall adjacent to the
wheel is busted down, offering a small area of refuge. Hide in there and keep
your gun trained at the opening because a bunch of the creatures are about to

When they’re all dead, go over to the wheel. Hold Square to turn the wheel and
then this will open the door. This will allow you to go deeper still into the
catacombs, where you will find a new type of enemy as well as more creatures.
Kill the creatures first as they pose the larger threat, and then turn your
attention to the new monsters.

These little guys crawl on the walls and shriek at you. It doesn’t cause much
damage, but it makes an annoying noise and it can be disorienting. They kind of
look like mini versions of the Songbird from BioShock Infinite if I am going to
be perfectly honest. Anyway, they are easy kills so get rid of them and then
continue to the large, water-powered wooden elevator that is in this cave-like

If you have any claymores, I HIGHLY recommend placing them on the ground all
around this area before turning the large lever on the left side of the
elevator. This will keep them at bay at least a little bit, because as soon as
you pull that lever, a ton of the creatures will swarm on you all at once and
they come with such numbers that it can easily overwhelm you.

Luckily, there are lots of support beams in here that you can use to run around
and put distance (and objects) between yourselves and the monsters. When they
are dead, go to the elevator, and then get inside the elevator. Ride it to the
top and then loot the bodies up here for a ton of ammo and medical kits.

Walk forward across the bridge and you’ll be thrust into a boss fight against
the “Big Momma” that Anna mentioned earlier. Shotguns, snipers, and basically
just the most powerful firearms are best to use against her. She is very slow
and it is easy to dodge her attacks, but if she corners you, you’re basically
dead no matter what.

Her weak point is her head. It seems that the armor around her body protects
her, but you can still damage her if you don’t shoot her in the head. It’s
just that shooting her in the head will also cause her to flinch, which gives
you time to avoid her next attack or deal more damage to her.

Once enough damage has been done, she’ll burst through the wall. Follow her
through the hole. There’s some supplies to gather here, so snatch them up and
don’t be shy about using medical syringes during this whole ordeal. Because
now you have to fight her again, except the smaller creatures will also be
helping her this time around.

She’ll die after a while, but hang tight. Water will start rushing into the
room. Uh oh.

Finally, back to killing regular folks! Crawl through the ventilation system
and then when you fall out, crouch. There are three enemies right in front of
you. One will walk onto the small trolley car, one will look the other way, and
another will walk towards you. Throw a knife into the first one, then the one
behind him, and then the one on the trolley.

Loot their bodies, and then go by the first room, around the corner, and into
the next. You should easily be able to silently kill all the enemies here with
throwing knives. Go through the red door. Then you can either bypass or kill
the next group of enemies very easily without being seen.

Make your way to the small graffiti-covered tunnel, with green lights
everywhere illuminating the passage. Do NOT turn left and start walking. There
is a tripwire here that will straight-up blow you to pieces. Instead, step
down into the lower level to get around the tripwire. Then there is some metal
sheets covering a hole in the wall. Crouch and then move behind the metal to
get through the hole.

On the other side of the wall, there will be a few enemies. Kill them with
throwing knives. Recover your knives, and then start following the fire. There
are multiple fires all over the place that you need to use your gas mask for
in order to not suffocate from the smoke.

Keep an eye on your watch as you may not be used to using the gas mask when
underground. Kill any enemies that get in your way, but you’ll mostly just
have to worry about finding more air filters to replace your used ones as you
traverse through the smoke.

Finally, you’ll open a door and find Anna being held hostage. Aim the gun at
the person holding her and then pull the trigger. A short scene will play

This level starts off very saucy. After the sauciness has subsided (teehee),
you are free to explore the quarantine zone. There’s not much to see, however.
You can listen in on a few conversations here and there to get more of the
lore and what-not, but the main conversation you need to listen to is in the
decontamination chamber that separates you from the market.

Upon arriving at the market, you will be advised to stock up on ammunition
and air filters. You can’t actually purchase the air filters, unfortunately,
but you can grab a couple that are sitting on a shelf. Snatch those up and then
resupply your ammo. Don’t bother with gun customizations unless you have a
bunch of left over currency. Make sure the three guns you are maining are full
up on ammunition and that you have the fully stock of knives and everything
else that you would need. If you have the money, max out all your ammo and
throwing weapons/claymores.

Once stocked up, it’s just a matter of heading to the large metal door that
separates this quarantined area from the horrors of the rest of the Metro.

This chapter is very passive. Basically, just follow Khan everywhere. There is
one section at the beginning where you have to fight off those creatures from
before yet again, but with Khan helping you, it’s even easier than last time.
Just kill them and keep following Khan.

Then you guys will reach a room filled with cobwebs. Pull out your lighter and
use it to burn down all the cobwebs. Loot the corpses you find for money and
other supplies. Then help Khan rip off the rusty grate that is nearby. Follow
him through that and then you guys will reach water, which means you’re close.

A telephone will mysteriously ring. You can choose to answer it for a creepy
voice on the other end, but leaving it be will net you a trophy. Continue
following Khan. Open the doors that he doesn’t open. When you reach the area
with the water rushing heavily toward the center, run forward into it.

This will result in a trippy dream-like sequence where you are returned to the
tower at the end of Metro 2033. Then you will be in the aftermath of the
destruction of the home of the Dark Ones. Follow the final Dark One around
until you chase him straigh to a dead end.

The scenery will suddenly shift to a burning train. Chase the Dark One through
the burning trains. He will go across a large gap that seems impassable. Try to
jump across it anyway to get out of this trippy sequence.

Back in the Metro, you’ll find a couple of dead bodies and some already-used
booby traps. Continue following Khan to find a small train car on the tracks.
Hop inside with Khan to enter the next chapter.

Having a machinegun at this point is a very good idea. Reload it as soon as the
chapter starts, and then point to your right. There will be four enemies in
cars similar to your own chasing the two of you. Shoot them. Then there will be
a short reprieve followed by four more enemeis to kill.

Khan will catch up to the train. Kill the enemies on the outside of the train,
and then Khan will get close enough for you to jump over. All of this will be
done automatically, so there are no QTEs for you to worry about. Inside the
train, enemies will be in every room, and it is impossible to do stealth right

Stay low to the ground, crouched, with your gun pointing up. Aim for the heads
and you will do fine. There will be one armored enemy as the exclamation point
for this train section, so be ready on the trigger to take him out as well.
Keep going through the train to meet up with the Dark One.

Carry the Dark One to the surface. He will then be able to breathe better and
becomes much livelier. Some monsters will attack you. The Dark One seems
interested in this, but he won’t get scared when you blast them away. He will
show up periodically to talk to you as you keep moving forward through the

The Dark One will augment your vision at one point in order to allow you to
see a group of monsters that are about to attack. Ignore the ones on the
ridge around you. Just kill the ones that come at you one by one. Killing about
four or five of them will make the entire pack back off.

From there, you’ll have to traverse across some ice. Follow the ice around the
corner and to a capsized ship. Climb on top of the ship and then continue to
the next patch of ice. Various monsters, including those annoying flying
demons from earlier, will pose a threat to you, but since they’re flying and
aquatic, you can easily avoid them if you want to save the ammo.

Back on the ice, the ice becomes unsteady and will start to crack underneath
your feet. Sprint to avoid falling into the water, which will result in death
by killer fish. Keep sprinting until you reach a train. Walk through the train
and the Dark One will pop up in front of you to be all cute and stuff, despite
being so damn ugly.

Then move out of the train. The Dark One will remark about how high up the
ladder is. When he’s done talking, you can climb to the top. Follow him through
the subsequent doorway.

The Dark One will lead you to another area with monsters, which he will once
again highlight for you. The monsters will be fighting with each other. Attack
them and then fight off all the other monsters that appear. Fight your way to
the end of this bridge, marked by a dead end of rubble and fire.

There is a small room here packed with supplies. Grab them and then climb up
the ladder here to find a hatch. Push the hatch open to reach the next level of
the bridge. Use a sniper or a long-range weapon to kill the annoying shrieking
enemies and then also be sure to kill the other creatures that try to attack

Approach the middle section of this floor of the bridge, where a blue light
is glowing. Monsters will jump up from here when you get close, so kill them
and then return. There is a hook here. Press Square to attach yourself to the
hook. Monsters will jump at you and stuff, but in my experience, I never even
had to shoot them and I easily survived this segment, so don’t worry about it.

The Dark One will distract a winged beast that tries to attack you after it
chews on the cable line and makes you fall. The beast will chase the Dark One.
That is your cue to go through the next door and into the next chapter.

Unlike the last few chapters, this chapter is quite long. At the start,
approach the depot and enter. You’ll be stopped at the front, but then you will
be let in right after. Inside the actual depot, there is a gun merchant so you
can buy ammo and what-not. Of course, like always, I highly recommend paying
him a visit.

Follow the Dark One through the depot. Enemies will raid the place, but you
have the jump on them. The Dark One will point them out by highlighting them in
red, but this doesn’t last forever. Use grenades if you have them and then find
some cover. Use any ranged weapons on you to pick them off from afar. A sniper
rifle works great for this part.

Loot all their bodies and then continue deeper into the depot. The air will
start to become toxic, so be sure to strap on your gas mask and steal the
filters off any people you kill along the way. Stick to the shadows, only
coming out to recover knives and to kill or knock out enemies when you can get
the jump on them from behind.

The Dark One makes these stealth sections somewhat easier because you can see
the location of all the enemies as highlighted in red for at least a few
moments. Keep going room to room, sticking to the shadows, and utilizing
stealth in order to get through the enemies without getting wrapped up in too
many firefights.

Eventually, the Dark One will lead you to a trainyard inside the depot. There
is one train close, and then another one parallel to it. Go into the train
closest to you first. Kill the walking enemy with a throwing knife. Pick it up,
then kill the other enemy in here by sneaking up behind him and then taking
him out with a melee attack from behind.

From here you should see an enemy right across from you, crouched. Throw a
knife at him. Then go to the other train and kill the lone enemy in here, then
peak your head through the door to take out the other enemy. Use a silenced
weapon to kill the two enemies that are on the catwalks above. Then move

There are three more enemies here. Take them out, and then continue until you
come across two armored enemies with their backs to you. Kill them from behind
with melee attacks. Either slit their throats or knock them out. After they
have been taken care of, go through the next door to watch a scene.

When the cut-scene ends, you are left with a choice. You can slit the dude’s
throat by pressing in the right analog stick (AKA R3, remember) or you can
just knock him out and be merciful by pressing Square. Make your choice, then
exit the train, and follow the tracks.

This is another extremely passive chapter. You basically just follow the Dark
One around the city, exploring the buildings, and gathering supplies. I think
there is a couple of times where you actually shoot the monsters, but that is
all there is to know.

Just go from place to place, finding more air canisters for your gas mask, and
keep following the Dark One. He will lead you into one building in which you
just have to keep falling through holes until you reach the bottom. At that
point, move forward down the old subway tracks to get to the next chapter.

This level is, yet again, very passive. You’re moving through spooky areas,
they turn to less spooky areas, then revert back very violently. Yet again,
there is hardly any combat, just a lot of traversing the environment. That is,
until you get surrounded in an ambush.

A bunch of snipers, highlighted in green by our friend the Dark One, and led by
our frenemy Pavel, will start firing on you. Get behind cover and start picking
them off from their positions in the windows. Luckily, the Dark One keeps these
foes highlighted so that they are easier to take care of.

They will start charging you when there’s just a few left. Then Pavel will run
around and fire at you as well. When he fails at that for a while, the big
doors will swing open, and an armored enemy will come out. Kill him, then kill
the two that are guarding the door.

Go through and chase Pavel up the stairs. He will peak his head around the
corner and fire at you at each landing. Shoot him repeatedly and move forward
to force him to retreat. You will chase him out to a balcony, so keep firing at
him, but if he starts doing a decent amount of damage to you, don’t be afraid
to duck behind cover and regenerate your health.

Pavel will then be injured and start slowly crawling away from you. Run up to
him and the Dark One will help you see into his mind. From there, there will be
another scene with a ton of arms reaching out of the ground and grabbing
around, with Pavel being detained by some like some sort of freaky straight
jacket made of limbs.

Go touch him to exit this sequence. This will then result in a return to the
“real world”, for lack of a better term. Exit out of the nearby window, return
to the ground, and then continue walking with the Dark One.

Kill the monsters and move through the woods. You will come across a couple of
mutated bears fighting the monsters. When they disperse, go where they came
from to initiate another boss fight. This time…WITH A GIANT MUTATED BEAR!


Okay, so the bear is the toughest enemy faced so far in the game. This thing is
the definition of “bullet sponge”, and not only that, but the small creatures
running around it will attack both you AND the bear as well. They can be
annoying, but your main focus needs to be the bear considering how much ammo it
takes to kill it.

Once the bear has sustained enough damage, it will fall to the ground. The
monsters will jump on it, and the bear will stand up in an attempt to rip them
off itself. This will also reveal the bear’s weak point on its upper back.
Its weak point is a bunch of red orbs, Zelda style. Fire at them to damage the

This process will repeat a couple of times. If you need a reprieve, flee from
all the enemies and lay down some claymores to kill them in groups and also do
some damage to the bear. Don’t be stingy with the medical syringes (hah!).
Once the bear has been damaged enough, it will retreat.

Chase it down to find it being eaten up by a bunch of those creatures. Shoot
the creatures off and then the bear will retreat into the forest again. Take
the other path to find your buddies in a building. Run to them and step inside.
Then watch the cut-scenes that follow.

Follow Khan and the Dark One through the lines and crowds. Watch the scenes.
When you’re in the red hallway, you can open the doors to check out various
memories and such. Do this. If you walk to the end of the hallway, there will
be a flash and you will be sent back to the beginning of it. Wait for the
scenes to be over. Get a trophy.

This level is short but epic. Stay behind cover and blast all the enemies
that start pouring through. They will eventually break through your barrier,
so fall back. Green glowsticks are lying around at the foot of ammo caches, so
be sure to fill up on ammo as you retreat.

Then keep shooting the enemies as they continue pouring in. They will then be
replaced by a bunch of shielded enemies covering a dude with a flamethrower.
Throw explosives at them, shoot through the slit, and attack the tank on the
bank of the flamethrower guy until he explodes, taking the other shield guys
along with him.

A tank will then show up on the tracks across the way, posing a serious problem
for you and your buddies. Fire at the red beam connecting the wheels together.
Then shoot the two wheels, and then shoot the RPG on the top of the tank.
Retreat back again, grab the turret gun, kill the rest of the enemies that show
up, and then a scene will play.

Turn the bomb on to end the game.


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