Zombies Ate My Friends Walkthrough [Guide]

Zombies Ate My Friends

Zombies ate all of your friends, but you will not be alone for long. This game is a fun action game where you will have to perform quests in order to survive against the undead horde. Being able to work together with fellow survivors is integral, and you will have to make do with whatever weapons and supplies that you can get. Can you get through all episodes without the undead putting you on their menu? Read this guide and be better prepared.

Zombies Ate My Friends is an action game where players can perform different quests in order to survive. Players must go through different parts of the map and different people in order to do missions. Along the way, players must also scavenge for weapons, supplies, and cash that they can use to get better equipment. Resources can be scarce so you will have to make do with what you have in order to beat the zombie horde to complete all tasks required of you.

Dollars and gold skulls are the currencies available within the game. Both dollars and cash can be earned through normal means, with golden skulls being much rarer in appearance. Both dollars and cash can also be acquired through in-app purchases. Dollars and gold skulls can be used to purchase new weapons and supplies with value increasing the better currency players spend. These can also be used to purchase items that they can use to customize how their characters look.

Energy is required for most actions such as attacking zombies and scavenging for items. Energy replenishes over time, but this can also be refilled by items and spending gold skulls.

Health is another important part of the game, as zombies can attack you and deplete it gradually. Health can be refilled using items, and players can also use Revive Serums in order to continue playing even after they have been killed. Otherwise, they would have to return to the last safehouse.

Safehouses are locations where players can be safe from attacks. Safehouses would have to be fortified, which would cost energy. Most of the time, safehouses would also have people that will allow you to purchase and sell weapons and items as well as gear that will help you improve your vase stats. Should players get killed, players will automatically return to the most recently visited safehouse.

Players would be able to get their hands on both ranged and melee weapons, and these can be used to attack zombies in different ways. Different attack types will require different quantities of energy as well as ammo in some cases. Also, weapons can carry with them stat boosts that will upgrade your base attributes when equipped.

Weapons will suffer damage when used. In order to keep your weapons from functioning properly, it is important to have them repaired regularly, a process that requires dollars to perform. It is also important to have the appropriate ammo for ranged weapons such as shotguns and pistols.

It is also important to note that some weapons will require players to reach a specific level before they can be used. Thus, it is important to pick up experience points by destroying zombies, scavenging items, and performing quests.

Players have a limited number of slots where they can carry inventory. Should players run out of slots, they should either sell or trash their equipment, or purchase slots using either dollars or golden skulls.

Players have different attributes such as health, energy, luck, and others. While certain weapons and gear can be used to boost these stats, skill points would also be awarded from time to time that will increase stats indefinitely. Players will have the option on where these skill points would be assigned, and players also have the option to reset these skill points using golden skulls for redistribution.

Quests are tasks that players must perform in exchange for rewards and experience. These tasks would include getting items, talking to different people, and killing a specific number of zombies. Some tasks are timed, so it is important to prioritize missions in order to get the most rewards. There are also achievements that can be unlocked, which would require players to get specific weapons or perform actions under certain conditions. Rewards would also be provided should achievements be reached.


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