Fairy Tale Twist Walkthrough [Guide]

Fairy Tale Twist

Almost everyone is familiar with fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, but what happens when everything that you know gets flipped around, and a whole new story is fleshed out altogether? With Fairy Tale Twist, this means tons of fun and it sheds new light to conventional fairy tales as well as to regular puzzle games. This game can be challenging and a bit frustrating, but you will definitely get an advantage once you read up on this comprehensive guide.

Fairy Tale Twist is a match 3 game not unlike Candy Crush Saga or Pet Rescue Saga. By swapping the positions of charms in differently shaped grids, players can eliminate three or more similarly colored charms from the board which would increase the player’s score. There are also goals or objectives that should be reached within a defined number of moves, or else players will have to repeat the stage.

Special charms will also appear from time to time, depending on the stage and depending on the combinations that the players make. Some charms would have to be “woken up” or “saved”, and sometimes behave properly, such as not being allowed to be swapped. Other charms also appear depending on the type of combination made. T and L shaped matches will create charms that will clear a three by three area in the grid, while four in a row matches will create a charm that, when matched, will eliminate all charms in the same row and column of the piece. Five in a row charms, on the other hand, will create a charm that, when swapped with another charm, will remove all charms with the same color as that of the swapped charm.

Some charms will also activate even when not eliminated when the round ends, allowing the players to get a higher score.

Lives are represented within Fairy Tale Twist via a heart. Hearts regenerate at a rate of one every twenty-five minutes, and one is required each time you lose a round or quit a game. Should players run out of lives, they can simply wait for it to replenish, ask friends for it, or purchase them using Emeralds. Players may only have a maximum of five lives at a time, and lives given by friends will not be stored as a surplus.

Emeralds are the only currency within the game, and these can be used in a variety of ways. Emeralds can be used to purchase lives, extra moves, and even Powers that you can use within the game. However, Emeralds cost real life money, so be careful when making purchases.

Powers are special items that can be used to help you out in more difficult puzzles. Although the use of Powers in not required to finish any particular puzzle, this can surely make the task much easier. Powers include the ability to remove specific charms from the board, adding extra moves for the stage, refreshing the charms within the grid, and many more. Powers are often awarded prior to a stage that might need the assistance of one, but you can also purchase more using Emeralds.

There are various missions that need to be done within the game, and all involve making matches within the grid. Quests include reaching a particular score, creating a certain number of matches, or saving creatures trapped in the board. There are also boss battles where players can compete with famous villains from several fairy tales, and players must achieve a higher score than the character within the set number of moves. Only by completing missions will the next levels be made available to the player.

Tips and Tricks
Like most puzzle games of this nature, it is very important to think several moves ahead, especially if you have a short supply of moves left. Try to visualize where every charm would fall after eliminations have been made, and the farther out the moves you have planned, the better. This works best especially if you are working from the bottom and you are looking towards creating combos, which will garner a much higher score than regular matches.

While Powers are not required to finish a puzzle, it is quite important to have them handy especially the ones that award you with extra moves. Try to conserve these as much as possible, but don’t buy them using Emeralds, and consequently real money, unless as a last resort.

It also pays to have lots of friends that plays Fairy Tale Twist along with you. Not only can you share scores and achievements with them, but you can readily ask for a receive lives from them. This is the best way to be able to keep playing the game without having to wait for your lives to replenish. Of course, it would also be good to give out lives every now and then as well so that they can get to enjoy the game more, too.


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