PayDay 2 Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Payday 2

CheatMasters brings you the all-inclusive guide and faqs of PayDay 2, covering all tips and important info to get you a complete experience of Heisting – the PayDay way!


Tips Section -

Missions & Heisting
How to go about on a mission?
Inventory & Loadout
Experience, Payday and Difficulty
Assets for a mission
Scouting before masking!
Silent Killing Guards & Security Cams
Holding Hostages
Battling against the Enemies
Visibility & Mobility
Drilling / Sawing
Mine Tripping / C4
Med-Bags & Ammo-Bags

Skills -


Regular Missions -

Bank Job: Money, Deposit and Gold
Four Stores
Jewellery Store

Special Missions -

The Elephant: Framing Frame - 3Days
Contract: Watchdogs - 2days

Ukranian Job

Tips Section -


In the bare-bones way of putting it - PayDay is a co-op game, which means that
to get maximum fun out of it, you need to get online or connect with friends.
Single Player is also available but is null and void when compared to the co-op
and multiplayer aspect.


When in co-op each of the players can handle a certain task of the heist -

One player can concentrate on the drilling and lock-picking part of the heist
while another concentrates on taking out the security and another triest to
gather the loot of cover the entrance. Ofcourse when the police and SWAT start
assaulting you, one should concentrate on moving the loot while the other two
concentrate on the cops.

If however you want to learn the game first so that you can avoid being branded
a noob then offline is the way to go. In offline games howeevr, you will end up
doing most of the work yourself with little or no help from the AI except when
the police start assaulting and when you are down and need to be revived - they
do come in to revive you at all times except when you are too far and
inaccessible for them. Unlike the co-op, when you get taken into custody, you
will fail the heist. In co-op, you will have a certain time before you can
get back into the heist and this may pressurize the other players quite
heavily in case of advanced missions.

Not everyone in the team should be doing the same thing, sometimes it would be
best if you split up and at other times, sticking together is a must. Whatever
the case, each person should be doing a different thing so that the tasks are
divided evenly and this will depend on the communication between the players
which can be crucial in the more difficult missions. You guys jsut have to
figure things out each time!!! Do I see a team forming?

Missions & Heisting

The core and back-bone of the game is it's heist missions. You can get into the online of offline and you'll see a map with various heist missions
showing up, they come and then go away after a certain time marked by the
diminishing white circle to the left of their names.

There are some types of mission while show up repeatedly such as the Bank Money
and Deposit Heist, the Mall, Night Club, Four Stores and the Jewellery Store.
They appear each time with varying payouts and difficulty. You will get bored
of these pretty soon unless you are on co-op, in which case it'll take a little
longer to get bored with these single day jobs.

The main essence of the game is in the multiple day special heist mission which
randomly show up on the map. An example is a cocaine truck job which is run
over two days. Another is a art galleria job over three days. These jobs can
go upto a maximum of seven days and can get really challenging too and trust me
single or co-op, you will have a lot of fun and your heisting skills will be
tested to the maximum during these jobs. All other normal jobs are only there
for you to gain easy experience points and other stuff so you can level up
your character and buy skills with the character points. You are not really
tested unless you have played these.

The normal missions - you'll keep repeating frequently and you'll get to know
them in detail. The special mission however are much rarer and you may need to
play them a couple of times to get a perfect heist done. You will also need to
do a lot of "homework" before you actually start taking action in these special
jobs - to know the best way to move in and out and to go about the mission.

At the beginning of each job, you will be briefed on the job and get a list of
Assets which are available and also ones you can buy and your loadout for this

The missions will have minute circles under their names and they are colored
in white and yellow. More yellow means more risk. And more risk means more
exp and money -

                                                    You will get jobs with more
difficutly, higher pay and experience as your level increases. Be careful which
missions you choose or you'll be stuck in ahard mission unable to complete it.
It's best if you can get acquainted with the game on smaller missions before
you do any hard or special missions. Preferrably, don't enter those until you
are level on ten (which will make things very easy for you) and the skills you
can obtain by then will also be of great help.

How to go about on a mission?

After you select a mission from the interface, several jobs will
pop up on the map. You can select from these. After you choose your loadout
and assets (they are described in detail in the sections below), you'll start
the mission.

At the beginning, you are always unmasked and look like a civilian and your
visibility is low - that is if you are wearing the suit and nothing else. If
you wear any form of body armor then the visibility is high, meaning that the
chances of being identified are greater. When umasked, you are to do your
"homework" of the place. You are supposed to look around and assess the
situation before taking any action. This ofcourse is only useful in the common
missions, in the special missions this is of little use. 

In the special mission, you'll get knowledge of the mission and heist by the
assest which are with you. Also, for special missions you will need to
experience the heist a couple of times before you can pull it off perfectly.

If you are on co-op mode, then each of your team member will need to pick
a thing to do and go about doing that all the while - covering the backs of the
team mates. If the mission involves carrying several bags or items to a
get-away van nearby. Then it's best if you stack up all the loot on the floor
and then take it one by one a small distance - like - move the stack to the
next room and then to the next one and so on. To gain max exp you will need to
loot as much as possible.

Inventory & Loadout

You gain inventory by purchasing unlocked items or by getting mods in the
card choice at the end of each job. Items are unlocked depending on your
current level.

More importantly, the loadout will consist of the things which you intend to
take to a job, You cannot have your whole inventory with you for a job so you
will need to choose a loadout and change it for jobs. Your loadout will consist
of a Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, any form of Suit and additional items
like a med-kit or ammo-bag or wire to bind hostages and trip mines and the

You should choose a diffrent loadout by analysing the mission which you are to
do. You can select you primary, secondary weapons, equipment, armor, mask and
character thru the inventory screens and they will appear in your loadout.

Experience, Payday and Difficulty

You gain a certain amount of experience for each heist you pull off. This
experience is variable factor. Basically, to get more experience you will need
to do as many things as possible in a heist - binding hostages, lotting
additional stuff and so on - even killing cops should help a bit. When your
experince reaches a threshold, you will level up which gives you a skill point.
More on skills below.

Payday is the day you'll get money for the job - it's usually the last day of
the mission and you have a different price for each mission.

Difficukty is calculated by the risk involved in doing the job - which is
symbolized by the number of yellow circles under the name of the job on the
map. As the difficulty increase, the guards will ahve armor on and are of
higher quality and you may have lesser alternate entry points and the like.
On higher difficulties, you may get cuffed in the middle of missions and have
to wait 50-60 secs. Your mate may come in to rescue you though and the cuffing
happens when you are corouched infront of an officer.

Assets for a mission

Assets are very important for a mission. The assets tab in the beginning of a
mission hold what free assets you have and what assets you can buy. There's
a certain skill which decreases the cost of all assets in the game.

Depending on the difficulty of the mission, you may need to buy all assets or
they may not be needed at all. At higher difficulties, each asset provides
valuable support. Some have intel you need or locations of key cards and ammo
bags and also medkits and all kinds of stuff. Assets increase the likelyhood
of mission success.


You main source of intimidation and butt-kicking... You can hold two firearms
at a single time - one Primary and a secondary. Scondary arms are pistols and
SMGs and eberything else come under Primary arms.

There's a skill which unlocks the usage of primary arms when you are shot down
and about to be taken hostage - this can be useful along with another high
level skill which revives you when you kill an enemy when you are shot down.

Needless to say, more advanced weapons unlock as you keep levelling up. More
important are the attachments for these weapons. The most important attachment
you need to have with your secondary weapon at all times is the noise
suppressor - the silencer. It's invaluable to your efforts to be able to move
around shooting and remain undetected.

In addition to weapons, you can also carry C4 and trip mines and other stuff
which can be used accoringly in the game.

Scouting before masking!

This is a simple tactic - just move into a store or bank you are about to rob
and note where the main loot is present and how many civies are there and
how many guards are present, where the entries and various exits are and so

Looking around each time is also important as the locations of certain things
may change for each heist. Having a plan on where at what times is very helpful
when the cops bust in.

Silent Killing Guards & Security Cams

You'll need a silenced weapon for this. Taking out a cam is easy - jsut shoot
it and it's done. But beware that if a guard is around and he spots the
broken cam, then the alarm will be raised immediately. You can alternatively
find the security room and shut down the cams from inside.

Note that when you are skilled enough (After you buy enough skills I mean..)
you can use certain skills to even intimidate lower level cops and security
guards, just point the gun to them and hit F to ask them to get their hands
up. This will make things much much easier as the game progresses.

When you kill a lone patrolling guard, the pager on him will be activated and
some guy will call him in. When this happens the dead body will have a yellow
outline indicaing this. Get to the body and hold F to talk to the operator on
the other end convince him that everything is fine. You will definitely need to
talk to the operator everytime you kill someone or the alarm will be raised
automatically. On a basic level, you can only do this twice and the third time
you kill a guard, the operator will activate the alarm irrespective of what you
say. You can actually buy a skill which makes you more persuasive with the
operator and which gives you the chance to kill one more guard.

Also, in the GHOST mastery tree, you can gain the skills to use ECM Jammers
which overload all electronic equipment for a short while - which means that
cameras will not work for a little while and you can pass thru undetected.

Holding Hostages

This is the most important part of the mission, it may seem trivial but it will
make things extremely simple and easy if you can hold and control hostages. By
default, you'll have two wires to bind them. 

You need to be masked first and then keep hitting F which makes your character
shout at the civies to drop down. When they are down, they cannot do anything
so make sure you make the civies drop down as soon as they detect you or they
will raise the alarm. They will try to keep getting up and run away so one guy
should always keep controliing them. The more civilians you have cowered, the
tougher it will be for the cops to come directly at you.

The more hostages you have = more time you have to get the job done. The first
thing you need to concentrate on when you start a heist is to take hostages.
The rest of them, you need to control. If you are playing in Co-Op then it can
be a good idea to make one of your mates devote himself on hostage-control -
this can be very helpful on higher difficulties.

The cops will keep trying to release the hostages so don't let them, the
hostages are like your insurance policy in the beginning.

Some times, your team mate can be caught by the police who will ask you to
exchange a hostage for him. The hostage is then marked in yellow - note that
this will be one of the hostages who was bound up.

Battling against the Enemies

This is the biggest challange in the game, your enemies are in the form of
Security Guards, Bouncers, Mall Cops, Cops, SWAT, FBI and so on as the
difficulty increases.

You obviously need to be well equpped to fight the bigger forces. The cops
rush in immediately when an alarm is triggered and other forces follow them.
You need to get some hostages in the beginning to slow them down a bit. You
may face specail RISK teams and also Sheilded enemies. You definitely need
help from a team mate to take down the shield guys.

Anyway, if you are inside a place and expect the cops to use a certain entrance
then just place a trip mine there and watch the fun. They keep arriving in
waves which may have 12-20 cops in them. You will see a "Cops Assaulting"
scroll to the top right of the screen when this happens. After you take the lot
of them out, the assault stops for a certain while so you get a breather. But
the will be back in a little back in another way.

You will also see snipers on rooftops - you can use any weapon to take them
down the all guns have large range (magically!) in the game.

The cops additionally try to take your loot bags and hostages - you need to
prevent them from doing so. If they take the loot bag then they will place it
in the center of their spaw area which is usually filled with the lot of them.

You can also surrender to them by crouching infornt of them and you'll be
handcuffed and you have a time counter after which the cuffs come off or a
team mate of yours can also come to you and release you - this can be a useful
tactic to avoid getting killed when you are along in a place surrounded by cops
and the imminence of going into custody after being shot.



Another important point. You can revive your team mates and vice-versa when
someone goes down. Alternativvely, you can use med-kits to get back your lost

You ought to revive a teammate before they can get into custody after which
they will have to spend a certain amount of time before they get back into
the game and this can get crucial in the higher difficulties.

Visibility & Mobility

Your Visibility is determined by what you are wearing. The simple suit has
the lowest visibility which means that you can move around without raising
much suspicion. The heavier suits have greater visibility and the heavier
they are, the most visibility they have and the easier you will be detected.

Mobility on the other hand also depends on what you are carrying. You can
sprint for a short while and this sprint distance and time is crucial on high
difficulty missions where you can run away instead of facing a dozen policemen.
When you carry somehting, depending on what and howmuch you are carrying, your
speed decreases and for heavier items, you may not be able to even run. You can
increase your stamina using a skill and also strength to carry heavier items
while running.

Drilling / Sawing

You will have a drill with you from the beginning of the game. You can use it
on safes and doors. But the problem with these things is that they fail
randomly and you need to reactivate them. They need a lot of time to drill thru
also so you will have a lot of time and you need to keep watching it for
faliure. If you are away from it then you can see that it is highlighted in
yellow thru the wall, signifying that the drill is broke. As the game
progresses, you ought to use lesser of the drill and more of other methods.

Sawing allows you to open ATM machines and bars of metal. You can only get
the saw after you buy the skill - it's very useful mind you!

Mine Tripping / C4

You can place mines on the ground and they will explode when cops step on it
- simple. With C4 - which you get after you buy the skill. You can blow open
safes and doors which will decrease your play time radically -  great!!! or you
will need to wait for a long time for the drills to do their work!


Keycards give you access to rooms which have been electronically locked. You
can find cards on tables of manager's offices or any such places and also on
some guards - you need to kill the guards to get their card though.

Med-Bags & Ammo-Bags

Life savers!!! - simple!!!

Buy extra from the assets list before a mission and carry one with you at all
times depending on your need. You can deploy them on the floor holding G.

If you buy them from the assets then you will be shown the location of the

Skills -

You get one skill point to spend each time you level up and you can spend the
point in one of four skill masteries...

THe best way to balance things out will be to have one guy with one mastery
area fully mastered in your team. For single players, well it's your choice how
you want to develop your character. It can also be a good thing even in co-op
teams to have guys with different skills anyway. You can also, at any time
re-spec you skills from any of the masteries by hitting the "Respec this Skill
Tree" option in the skills menu. It will cost you 350$ to do that but single
players should use this to gain mastery overo ne important skill depending on
the job which you plan to do next.

Just go thru all of the options available to you and select a skill of your
choice then.


The Mastermind is a manipulative leader who excels in situation control.


The Enforcer is a violent criminal who is usually employed by crime syndicates
to execute jobs no one else can.


The technician is an expert in the practical application of criminal science,
enjoying things that go BOOM!


The Ghost is a stealth artist capable of Grand Theft without force or violence.

Regular Missions -

Bank Job: Money, Deposit and Gold

When you start, the asset screen has insider info which looks like this -

First, you need to pick up the thermal drill outside. Put on your mask and
take the drill and go into the bank and make sure (if in co-op) each person
goes to the alarm panels shown and controls the civilians and workers to
avoid them from hitting the alarm. Make sure you take hostages and also keep
a guy on crowd control if you are in co-op.

You ought to picklock the side doors of the bank so you can move out easily
later on. The manager's office as shown on the map is the right room from the
front of the bank. You should get your keycard there or if you are unlucky, it
may not be there. You can use it to open the security room and go to the cams -

There is also a button to open Bandit Barriers inside -

After that, get to the vault door and throw the thermal drill bag infront
of the door and proceed to set it up. It'll take a long time so guard your
hostages and you can also collect the money behind the teller's desk. The
thermal drill -

It may break down so you'll need to keep fixing it. Also the cops may take one
of your guys hostage and will release them if you release one of your hostage
who is marked on your screen. Another tactic is that they can fill one of the
small rooms with gas -

You will lose health continuously and rapidly when you are in the gas so run
out as soon as you see this. Anyway, after the vault door opens - if this is
a money job then pack off the money into bags and defend yourself here for
a while till the assault is over and move all bags ahead bit by bit. If this
is a Deposit mission then you will need to open the deposit boxes which can
take a long time -

You can also open deposit boxes when you are stealing cash but they are a big
hinderance. You can also saw the ATM machines if you have a saw with you.

The Gold mission only has gold instead of money and is a Pro Job sometimes -
which means you can only do it once in the entire game.

Jewellery Store

You start infornt of the store and there are three points of entries depending
on the difficulty. If you are on normal then you can enter thru the left and
right of the building thru the windows and thru the main door and back door.
As the difficulty increases the number of alternate entries apart from the
main door keep decreasing or are somehow blocked.

There can be two gaurds patrolling behind the store and two more inside.
Remember that the game plays things out randomly so the locations of things can
change but the number of things will not change.

Move into the store - if you use the windows to break in (which need not be
done as you can just walk into the store) then the civillians will hear you and
report to the police. If you move to the back of the store, the guards will
detect you can try to take you out. You can crouch here so they will just cuff
you and not kill you and your team mate may come in for the rescue.

Inside the store, you will find large cases which have mutliple watches or
chains like these -

These are the main items which need to be packed and looted. The other jewels
which are displayed individually in cases can be looted for additional cash -

There might be a safe in the room to the right inside the store and some more
jewels in the room to the left in display panels -

No matter what you do, in the end you will be detected and the alarm will be
raised and the police will come. After that, it all depends on how you
handle the civilians and how fast can you pack all the jewellery. You need to
be as fast as possible here. Pack all the jewellery and throw the bags down
so you can just grab the bags one by one and take them to the car later on -

You should take the civilians as hostages - this will preven the police from
entering the store somewhat but be sure you don't kill one of them. Also, keep
hitting F to ask them to stay down. When they are down you can go to them and
hold F to bind them but the rest who you can't bind - you gotta keep them down.

Okay, first start off in the room to the left inside the store. There's a guard
patrolling outside who can look thru the window but apart from that, if you use
melee or a silenced pistol for the job you can break the glasses and steal the
jewels here without raising alarm and then proceed to the main room. You also
ought to get to the safe and place and drill or C4 on it but do so only after
you are detected or this will lead to detection.

Before detection itself you can also place trip mines in the alleys outside
the store to the left and right so you can blow some RISK guys when they
try to get in. If you are facing the threat of a shield coming at you, you need
to go around him and kill him or place a trip mine infront of him -

It's all about adaptability to the situation and ofcourse any little thing
like an extra amoo kit or medkit help greatly.

If you are holding the civilians long enough then a RISK team will be send in
which consists of FBI agents, if you have lower difficulty then SWAT teams
will come it. The quality of teams coming in increases as the difficulty

After you have all the bags, when the pickup truck comes, it will usually come
to the side of the store outside. Move the bags in the alley to the left or
right of the store -  according to the position of the truck and move all of
them ahead to a place leading out onto the road thru the alley - you can defend
yourself well here. If you stay in the main store room for too long, the RISK
units will infiltrate from behind - so you need to occupy the alley as soon as
you can.

Once outside, do not try to move when the police are asssaulting. Only try to
move the jewellery when they are dormant. When you see the alarm showing at the
top right saying that the police are attacking then keep killing them until the
,assault stops and then try to move the bags. There still may be cops around
by your team should take care of them. Know that if you are playing on very
hard or higher on single player then you'll have a hell of a time doing this.

When your friends are playing with you, you can take out the cops in a wave
easily and move multiple bags at once - make sure you are co-ordinating

After you are able to move all of the bags into the truck, go to the marked
spot to escape.


To enter the club go close to the Bouncer and move back again when he begins
to detect you or he will raise the alarm When you move back, he eventually
decides to let you in, so go back inside but don't move too close to the
bouncers inside or they will spot you.

The Nightclub can be really easy if you know exactly how to do it. Basically,
there's money in a safe in the office on the top floor of the club. The
entrance leading to the top floor is thru the "Staff Only" admittance door to
the right edge of the club, to the right of the DJ.

Go right inside thru the Management door and you will see that the door
needs a Keycard or Drill. The Keycard is available with one of the guards.

You will find a guard in the Roof Top bar. Which you can access using the
stairs going up. Here, you can kill the guard and keep hitting F to make the
civies go down. Tie them up and take the card.

                                                 You need to kill the guard
before he raises an alarm and before he shoots so that an alarm will not be
raised. Once you have the card, go to the door while keeping the civies down
on the floor. Once you are thru the go, go up to the office to find a safe.

Start drilling it. Now, if the cops come in, they will need to come up from the
stairs leading up to the office and it's a narrow point. So you can guard the
stairs and kill anyone trying to come up - you'll have an advantage there.

There can also be sniper from the adjacent building but just shoot them and
they won't be a threat.

Once the safe opens, pack the money into bags. The pickup truck will come
below the right window here. Just throw the money out and you can escape.

Now, everything until here was easy, the difficult part is getting to the
escape. The escape point is outside the club behind the police line thru a
closed door, you need to run into the door to open it and then get to the

Take it slowly from here and claer out each room to get out safely. Just
excercise caution and move slowly and you'll get it done.


This is a strange mission...

You need to destroy 50,000$ worth of stuff.  You can start off from the top
most floor and come down to the lower floors as you progress. In the beginning
you will be able to buy two gas cans - now these are not absolutely necessary
but will definitely make things much faster.

While destroying things, there are two sources you can also loot from. On the
top most floor in the left corner you will find a jewellery store and you
can also find ATMs all over the place but you need a saw to open them.

From there on, the rest is simple, move into each and every store you come
across and shoot every single thing - just make sure you destory or shoot each
and everything in that store. Shoot the windows of the Lamborghini and keep

The cops keep coming in from all directions - top and bottom. So be careful.
The ones coming from the top are very aggressive but they are also your only
source of ammunition if you did not buy the ammo bag. So kill as many as you
can before you move to the next store. You will be told your progress and after
50000$ you can go back to the upper floor to be extracted by a chopper.

Four Stores

This is a very basic and straight forward heist. There are four store - two
on each side of the street interconnected with back alleys. Each store has
cash and safes and cash boxes. You need to steal the things in the safes.

The only problem here is that if you are using a drill on all of the safes then
you will need to keep moving around like a jack rabbit as the drills keep
failing - it can get very annoying. Other than that, this is pretty much like
the other missions.

Special Missions -


The game will promt you to visit the safehouse the first time you start off.
You will be shown a tutorial of what's in the safe house - you can practise
your several heisting skills in there and also see your own vault and practise
with your weapons in the range!!!

The Elephant: Framing Frame - 3Days

This is one of the most interesting missions in the game...


NOTE: The more paintings you can grab, the easier it will become for you
on the third day...

You start off infront of the gallery. Instead of using the front entrance, go
to the right of the gallery where you come to stairs going up and a door to the
left of the stairs -

1) You definitely need a silenced gun.

2) This can get really really really tough as there are no citizens to take

3) Before you buy any assets you have to play the game as you may not be able
to complete this the first time you play. After a few times when you are
confident enough then buy all the assets like roof entry and extra access and
medkits and all.

4) You can go in by climbing the steps, but first open the door to the left of
the steps - this leads into the washroom. If you are unlucky, then a guard may
be on the other side of the door - in which case the door opens abruptly as
you try to lockpick it. Shoot the guard immediately when this happens and
answer his pager.

5) Go on top of the roof and look thru the vents - when on top, make sure you
are moving while crouched.

6) Under one of the vents is a large stack of boxes you can jump onto. You
need to jump on it and then jump to the floor of the gallery.

7) The security consists of Camera's and Guards. You can silent shoot the
cameras but if a guard notices it, the alarm will be off immediately. You can
silent kill the guards but you will need to answer the pager immediately after
that and if a cam or other guards spots any of this then alarm will be raised

 8) The guards are patrolling so when you first jump onto the white stack of
boxes for entry be careful not to get spotted and wait for the guard to go away
and only kill him if it's abolutely necessary.

9) If you do kill gaurds then search them for a security card and if you do
find it then you are in luck. Hall E has the Security Room, go in there to gain
access to the computer and cameras.

10) The paintings you are looking for have a red "Sold" sticker near them -

11) In the offchance that you are detected and the alarm is raised, the whole
gallery goes under shutdown and all entries and exits to each hall are closed
and the paintings are also shut behin bars -

12) The only way to move between halls when the area is under lockdown is when
the cops come in and open the shutters. You need to then go to Hall E where the
security room is and if you did not get the keycard, then start drilling.
Inside the security room, you will also find a computer which you need to gain
access to. This will take a lot of time and you can stay inside the seccurity
room itself for defence since it has only one entry - it's easier to kill cops
who come this way.

13) Also, there are detection lasers between halls -

The best way to complete this mission is to snoop into one of the halls from
the roof. Wait for the guard to move thru this room and follow him. Try to move
without killing any guards. If you ghost skills are great then you will have
a better chance of completing this mission without any hassels. You need to get
the paintings undetected for which you also need to beat the security cameras.
You first need to gain a security card which may be held by one of the guards.
Otherwise, to move from room to room, you will need to shoot the cameras with
a silenced pistol and then gain access to Hall E. Even then, if you do not have
the keycard, you need to use the drill which will definitely get you detected.

You also, cannot kill all the guards as after the second guard the pager
operator will sound alarm. Even if you have the skill to be more convincing to
the pager operator, you still can only get to three guards - but it can make
a lot of difference. Coming down to it, it will depend on your good fortune to
get thru this one without much headache and also, your skill to move about
unnoticed while crouched.

If you happen to be detected or near detection by a camera or guard then you
will definitely have to shoot it or kill him. If you kill a guard then rush to
answer his pager. If you are positive that there is no one coming into hall E
or the adjacent halls then you can place the drill on the security door but
even then it is too risky.

If you want to, you can take a risk of letting the guards notice the cameras or
not notice them and just move from room to room while shooting the cameras down
if you do not have the keycard. Anyway, the only way to exit the area and get
the art pieces to the pick-up is to go thru Hall E and thru the WC Lobby and
thru the toilets and go out. Once outside, you are clear to run like hell.

If you do get detected, then you are in a lot of trouble. First, you need to
open the security doors and gain access to the computer to unlock the paintings
which will take a lot of time. Then you need to fight the endless waves of cops
and when you do get the paintings, you need to kill a lot of cops and move thru
the main entrance of the gallery to go to one of the parking lots where the
pick-van is, anyway, the outisde worl will be ladden with all kinds of cops and
also snipers so you need to kill may of them each time you need to get to the
van. This is definitely a job for one guy who can move good without getting
detected and whne detedcted, the whole team needs to come in for support
against the cops.

Also, as a tactic, when you get detected, rush to the security room and open
the security door and go in. While the system is being overridden, you can
take your defence right here in this room and defending yourself will be
easy as the cops can come in only from one direction. You ought to wait till
the assault is over before deciding to move out though.

NOTE: Additionally, there is a chance of getting teo paintings in the Hall E -
which is right next to the exit from the WC. If this is the case when you are
playing (or you can restasrt the game till this happens) then you can jump
from the roof onto the narrow wall in the middle of the hall and then get down
and take the paintings. But still, beware of the security cam and the guards.

DAY 2 - Train Trade

On day 2, the trade is on. First, you start off near your van with the
paintings in them. Take one of the paintings and go into the rail car ahead
which is marked and activate the phone there to talk to the guy. After the
conversation, get all the paintings on the table to the left of the phone and
talk again.

After that, a copter comes and lands on top of your rail car. Now, you can
throw one painting up there and one bag of cash comes down to you. You'd be
wise to take each bag of cash to your getaway car (which is inconviniently
distant) and cut the wire there to get to your car and dump the money bag and
get back for another bag.

Sometimes, there are construction workers near the eescape-car area. Best thing
to do is to keep them down and bind them up before they call the cops.

When you take the last bag, all hell breaks loose and SWAT guys stage an
ambush. Now, from the railicar where you are making the drop, go out into the
warehouse and as you enter the warehouse, move immediatly to the left behind
a railcar and stage your defence from here as this is as good a place as any
and you can move out from here and take out cops all over the place.

After the wave of cops stop assaulting, make the final drop and get out of
this place.

Day 2 - Car Chase

If you are unlucky, you may get into this mess too. Police come after you
getaway car and break it down and you'll need to wait for a new car to come in.

From where you start, to the left is a sign reading "PARK"

Take your money bags inside the park and dump them there -

Eventually, when the escape car gets there, you can take the bags and run to
it. The Park also provides excellent cover four you.

Day 3 - Framing

The assets consist of a "Bag Shortcut" which will make it easy for you to drop
the gold which you can pick up from the vault.

Now this is one of the most interesting parts of the game. You havev many many
things to do here. First, you need to frame the senator and while you are at
it you can also loot his Gold vault. But you have to sneak all the way thru the
mission to be able to accomplish it properly or you will have hell if you are
detected - and you won't get to opening the vault also if you are detected, so
be very very careful.

If you do get detected, then you'll have to find the security room and start
the upload from there - that is well and good but the problem is that the
upload takes 400 secs and also, the cops keep tripping circuit breakers and
shut the power every 10-20 seconds and there are many powerbreakers of which
they can shut any one.

                    You need to go to the breaker and switch on the power
and then get back to the security room and interact with the PC to resume
upload - this happens too many times and the place will be filled with all
kinds of cops so you need to be extremely careful and try to stay in stealth
all the while, if you are out of stealth then you have very little chance of
completing this mission.

First, to your left where you start off is a laptop -

You can access it and you will see all the cam feeds from the paintings you
place, you'll have atleast four here. When you look thru cameras you'll see
the five items you need if you are lucky, sometimes you may not be able to get
a look at even one of the item. Any item you can see is highlighted with a
yellow outline when you are looking thru the cam - this can be a bit tough to
spot, but keep looking. After you come out of the feed, you can see the items
and security guys outlined ahead but those outlines will only be with you for a
few seconds so you just have to know the room or area where you saw the items.

You really ought to play this a few times to know where all the areas are.

The place has the following main areas -

1 Bedroom
1 Hidden Vault - it can be in one of two locations
Three locked rooms - one of which is the security room
Atleast 2 GenSec security Key Cards
TV area with couch
2 areas with couches and coffee table on lower floor and upper floor.
Kitchen Area

You can enter the apartment using one of three entries.

From where you start, move left and do down the stairs -

From below the stairs, the place to your left has one door -

Let's consider this - Door 1...

The one to your right has two doors -

Let's consider the larger door to the left as Door 2 and the smaller one as
Door 3.

You need to lockpick to get into any of these doors.

NOTE: You can get to the bed room but taking door 3 all the way to the lower
floor and the first room to your right will be the bed room.

Now, after you look at where your 5 items are, then you can get into one of
these three doors and start looking. Note that the locations of everything
change each time you play the game but I'll still list out the usual places
where these items are present -

1) As you enter door 2, look to the right on the table and you might find a
Portable Harddrive -

2) Laptop on the lamp table to the right of the Bed -

2) Harddrive to the left of left bed on the lamp table -

3) Laptop on the couch or coffee table behind the harp on the lower floor.

4) Harddrive to the left of the TV on the upper floor.

5) Tablet on the white book shelf to the left as you get off the steps in the
upper or lower floors -

6) Hard drive on the black bookshelf to the right of the security room which
you come to when you enter thru the Door 2 -

7) Tablet on the left most bookshelf on upper floor.

NOTE: the mentioned areas are not all the locations and you will find more
things scattered around apart from the ones mentioned.

If you manage to get all five items, then you will need to look for the vault
after you take the items back to the laptop on the roof. The vault can be
in one of two locations. It is hidden behind a bookshelf in both area and you
will need to move the bookshelfs to find the vault.

1) Use Door 2 to get down the steps and you'll come to a room with a security
room to the right. Now from this room go into the main area ahead and just
as you come out of the door of this room leading into the main area, look to
the left and in the far end of the area is a bookshelf on the wall -

2) In the bed room also there's a book shelf on the right side wall -

If and when you are detected, you will need to get into the security room. Now
even finding the security room can get difficult as it can be in one of the
three locked rooms. One locked room in on the upper floor and two more are
on the lower floor. You can get to the first locked room when you go thru
door 2 and down the first flight of steps to the right -

Now, you could use a drill after you are detected, but if you want to keep your
options open even before you are detected then you can find the Key cards. Now,
even the locations of the key cards keep changing. But the possible locations
are (you can get upto two cards each time) -

1) On any of the coffee tables in the middle of couches -

2) Inside any of the bookshelves on the walls -

3) As you enter door 2, look on the table to the right -

4) On the Bed -

5) On the dark grey couch on the uppder floor -

6) In the kitchen area -

Note that you may still find cards in other places than the ones mentione above
but you will definitely find atleast one if not two cards if you look in the
places above.

If everything happens according to plan then you will have no problems cleaning
up the place of it's gold and setting up the perfect frame if not, you'll need
to go thru a lot of cops to frame the senator and get the job done.


Contract: Watchdogs - 2days


This is a two day contract which means you will have two missions inside this
job. The main objective is to secure atleast four bags of cocaine and
transport them.

The game starts off inside a truck, after while, the door opens and atleast
half-dozen police are directly infront of you. Kill them all quickly -

After their numbers diminish and you can move about a little freely, take the
bags out of the truck one by one and place them infornt of the truck where you
can see stairs to the left and right here -

Place all of the bags there and so when you will know where the pick-up truck
arrives (it may come to the left or right so you'll need to take one of the
stairs up). Keep killing the cops, you will also see snipers on top of the roof
ahead from the truck to the top right -

If you have a medkit, place it near where you have all the cocaine so that you
can patch yourself when needed. If the truck comes to the left side of the
area, then you'll need to go up the stairs and throw the bags down into the
truck. If you have a saw, you can open the doors here as they will not open
with a lockpick.

If the truck comes to the right of the area, then you'll need to open two doors
with a lockpick and go in. Place the bags one by one into the top rooms, don't
go all the way to the pickup truck by getting the bags from where you have
them. Move all of them bit by bit to the next place - this way it will be
easier for you to move all the bags and you will also be able to gain more
cash and exp and it will also be easier to protect the bags and fight against
the cops since you are moving small distances at a single time.

When you are on top (when the truck comes to the right) then you will need to
run across a small bridge -

You have a wood wheel barrel here in the centre for some cover. After you dump
all the bags a copter comes in to pick you up.

Also, when you are inside a room and moved all the coke from the previous area
and want to block it off to avoid being flanked then just place trip mines at
various spots behind you.


This can be a little easier than the previous one. All the coke bags are placed
at a place ahead where eventually the comes are going to come in. First you
will need to switch on the power inside a room. When you are doing this,
immediately after, get the bags one by one into this room, don't take all of
them all the way to the boat dock. Being them in here and keep fighting off the
enemies. Once in here, block off the path with mines and proceed to move the
bags to the dock where the boat is going to come. When the boat comes in, you
can do the rest.

The boat will go away once it has four bags and come back again. When the boat
goes for the first time, the police start assaulting intensly. Keep at it and
it will be over soon.

Ukranian Job

This is a modified version of the Jewerly Store heist. This is also very easy
and a great way to earn tons of experience. The Ukranian Job conract always
shows up as a Pro-Job. The best part is that you can finish this job in under
5 mins each time. But remember to ALWAYS take hostages.

In this, you need to find a Tiara and get away with it. In the jewerly store -
in the two rooms behind the main store - there's a safe in each room. The
Tiara is in one of these safes and you can drill the safes or blow them or
lockpick them - as you wish. But when you are working on one safe, make sure
the other one is also being worked on - atleast by a drill because you'll never
know which one of the safes has the Tiara.

You ought to play this one is full stealth or full offense. If you want to go
the stealth way - then wear only your suit and no armor or you'll be detected.
Move to the back room without anyone noticing - if you are unlucky then you
may encounter a guard or two inside the store - but that is not always the case

Now, if you want to go the stealth way then you just have to lockpick the safe
you can buy this skill from the Ghost mastery. Once you pick the safes, pick
the windows in the back room and get out thru one of them and into the escape
car - easy.

If you don't have the skill then you'll need good armor - a Great Shotgun which
you can buy in the weapons menu and also speed. Go into the back rooms of the
store and drill the two safes. Watchout for cops coming in from the windows.

After you have the tiara, wait for the escape car and run to it - it's simple



This is a 3 day job...

Day 1 - Cook Off

NOTE: Before you do this job, you might want to get some great weapons and
armor. You'll definitely need a shotgun as you'll be stuck inside the house for
a while with all kinds of cops coming in for you.

There is always going to be the case that some rival mob came in before you and
killed all the cooks and immediately the police are triggered - you cannot
avoid that.

-- You'll soon need 3 ingredients to cook Meth yourself. Now, to get those
ingredients you'll need to look - outside, inside and under the house. On the
outside is a small shack which has ingredients and to the side of the house are
stairs going into the cellar where more ingredients are present and also,
inside the house on the lower floor is a bath tub to the left of the room
inside a small room, in here you'll find more.

Now, go up to the lab to find all the cooks dead. The police are coming in -

NOTE: The cops can come in from any entrance on the bottom and upper floor of
the house so you are definitely going to be surrounded by cops if you are not

Once you need to start cooking meth, you'll need three ingredients for each

Hydrogen Chloride

Muriatic Acid

Caustic Soda

Once you have the Ingredients it is very important you keep listening to Bane
on your radio to know which ingredients to add in which order - he keeps
reading out the ingredients the best he can so you need to go to that
particular caniste and add the stuff - when you go to one of the three
containers, the thing you can add is shown -

Try not to add ingredients in the wrong order or the whole place will blow up
and you will not have enough or go back empty handed.

Once a batch is cooked, pick it up and put it somewhere - don't run to your
pick-up van yet. Sometimes, the lab blows up on it's own and you may go home
with only a single bag so don't worry - just try to have atleast one bag. Then
run to your escape.


You'll come out on a parking lot -

The best place to defend from is at the bacck part of the lot behind a dump or
a car -

You'll ahve cops coming in from infornt of you - shown in the pic above - or
also from the main road to the left ahead. Now, the worst part is that your
ride which is a heli will come on the other side of this entire area -

This place will be crawling with cops. Anyway, you need to get onto the left
road and cross the cops, go right and then left to the copter - good luck!

Day 2 - Code for Meth

This can get ugly too but it's easy if you have a shotgun so you can stay
inside a narrow lane or a room.

Now the dealers are near a car ahead to the right, go to them and dump the meth
into the truck -

If the are happy, they will ask you to go to their contact in the upper floor
of a nearby apartment or they will start shooting here. Even if you go to their
contact in the upper floors, they might also start shooting instead of giving
you the info.

Now you better look around to know where all the buildings are around here
since you'll need to look around a lot in a bit. From where the deal takes
place, there are two apartments ahead - one to the left and another to the
right. Apart from this, the first apartment is to the left from where you
started the game here. 

Note that all of the apartments here have only one open room on the top floor
so you will not be searching a lot of rooms either - just moving from one to
another might becoem a problem.

In the first building to the left from where you start the game, if you go to
the room in there, it connects to the adjacent building thru the windows with
planks -

Now, you might encounter a safe -

It may or may not have the info you need. Worst case scenario - if the
gangsters burn the info they have then you'll have to escape empty-handed.
Also, if you need to defend against the cops then just stay in one room and
look to the steps and keep killing them till the assault is over and move
around and repeat like this. You will have to stay here atleast for 10 mins
before you get the escape option though - so be prepared for a long firefight.


Wow! this sks!

You start off in a parking lot filled with SWAT. Run ahead to the left to find
the stairs leading up - kill the cops on your way -

When you come up, move to the other side and go up the drive way and once you
are outside the lot, you will have to run a long distance all around to get
to your escape -

Now you gotta do this quickly as you will be able to see a "Point of No Return"
timer to the top right of the screen.

Day 3 - Bus Stop

Move to the side of the road behind the low walls -

Stay crouched here and take out any cops who come ahead of you. Keep going to
the marked bus and inside, you will find the Medoza gang. Kill the cops around
ad run into the bus with a shotgun and shoot out the entire bus -

Inside you will also find money bags but they are wired to explosive and if
you do not have the info then you can just take one bag of money and run out
of the bus and the go to the side of the road again behind the low wall or
pavement of whatever and go to the copter and get out of here.



This is a very interesting mission too - before you start make sure you have
your best armor and guns with you - preferably some powerful handgun and rifle.
You can take some explosives also but I stongly advice against it - take the
med kit.

Day 1 - Airport

Cut the fence to the left and go in -

Below, one of the hangars will be open and heavily gaurded. There is no chance
for stealth so start killing. You will find several black cases full of
weapons. There are more cases inside the trucks here too. But you don't need
all of them. Also, you can set explosives to destory the weapons but that's
really bad because you will make a ton of money otherwise.

Now, pack as many as you want and put the bags down ready for you inside the
hangar and defend yourself here. Move out only after the assault is over. Take
the bags to some middle point between your truck and the hangar - preferrably
dump the bags on the grass path leading up to your truck. If your hangar is to
the left of the airport then it'll be closer or if it is the last hangar on
the right ahead then you'll have a long way to take - but make sure you are
moving from behind tha Hangar.

Once you have all the bags, get out of here but note that this will definitely
not be easy.

Day 2 - FBI Server

This get really crazy. The main entry is too heavily guard. Move ahead and to
the right you'll find a fence to the side of the bulding. Cut it and move in
to the left and you'll find a door you can lockpick -

Note, that inside are many many agents and the security room is "mostly" on the
upper floor to the right end of the building. If you can stealth your way there
then great or just shoot and run to that place. There are two doors and one
shutter which you need to drill one after the other so you'll stay here for
a very long time so be prepared to defend yourself from this room which makes
defence easy. 

If you want, you can look around for the keycard but that's going to be a big
hassel - it can be any where in the whole area.

Once you open all three blocks, you can take the server with you, this will
slow you down considerably as you cannot run. Anyway, on top move from the
left and once you come out on top infront of the main door -

Throw the bag down and jump down and run out or use the back door you used to
get in - you'll be in a lot of heat either way...

Day 3 - Trustee Bank

This is the same bank which we loot always... Basically, you can't do this
stealty no matter what anyone tells you. But before you alarm anyone - go from
the back door onto the roof and open the locked door here - if you find the
manager or the keycard in his office use it on this one door. Behind this door
is a power breaker - if the power is on, when you try to open the safe door
with the thermal drill, you'll be electrocuted.

Once the power is out, place the drill - you ought to defend yourself from
inside the security room on the bottom floor and keep killing and re-activating
the deactivated drill. This will take some time so brace yourself.

Once the safe is open, you'll need to open another barred door inside the safe
but it'll be easy to defend from here anyway -

Once it is open too, place the camera in the area marked behind the cash pile -

After the money starts burning, move a bit away from it and defend for a while,
after some time, you'll be asked to take the camera so take it and run to the
getaway car and you are finally done.

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