Freak Tower Walkthrough [Guide]

Freak Tower

Calling someone a freak may not be the most desirable of habits, but with Freak Tower the description is just right. As the not-so-normal landlord of your very own building, you will come face to face with some oddballs that would want nothing more than to have a place to sleep, a job to work at, and generally have a good time. There’s danger amiss, however, as monsters lurk about and can threaten to destroy your tower and everything that you’ve worked hard on. With all these responsibilities pushed on to you, what more can you do? Read this guide in order to get a heads up on how to deal with these freaks and run a tight ship, or erm, tower.

Freak Tower is a building simulation game with some tower defense elements thrown in. As the landlord of Freak Tower, you must build your building from scratch floor by floor, allowing tenants to live in the tower and assigning them to jobs. Along with managing your employees, you are also responsible for stocking your stores in order to be able to reap a decent profit.

Also, there are monsters that can be summoned, and you must defeat them before they reach the top of the tower. Tenants will help you deal with these monstrosities, and there are also items that you can use to bump them off using the tower located at the top of your building.

Don’t fret about the huge monster that you can’t stop at the beginning of the game. It only serves as a brief tutorial of what you can do, and after the building topples, you will be able to start constructing floors anew and there will be someone to guide you along the other processes of the game.

There are two types of currency at play within Freak Tower, namely coins and jewels. Coins are considered as the primary currency, and can be acquired in a variety of ways. The most common way is by getting profits from stores that you have constructed, although you will also get to earn coins by defeating monsters and by performing certain actions within the game. Coins are used to build floors and to order stock to replenish your stores’ supplies.

Jewels, on the other hand, are the game’s premium currency, and can be used to purchase premium items and upgrades. Jewels can also be converted into coins should you run low on the latter. However, jewels are hard to come by and you might have to spend real money in order to get a respectable amount to use.

Freaks are a very important element of the game, as they will be the ones running your stores as well as helping you defend against monsters. Freaks must have a place to stay, which is why you must first build apartment floors. From there, you can put them to work by placing them in one of four store types. Freaks have preferences on where they would want to work which is displayed by numbers in their information page. Placing freaks in jobs that they like will result in better work, allowing for more profit or faster stocking. Players may also remove freaks or have them switch to other jobs should they desire. Freaks may also be evicted from their apartments, removing them from the game.

Players can also acquire freaks from customers that come into the stores, or they can ask friends from social networks to help them out. Freaks can be customized by changing their clothes and accessories, some of which might have to be purchased using premium currency. Players should not let freaks staying in apartments to idle, as it would be good to have all working in the stores. It may also be important to have freaks switch positions from time to time, especially if a new freak has an affinity for a specific industry and you would be able to benefit from him or her working there.

Players can build a potentially limitless number of floors. There are a total of five floor types, namely apartments and four different kinds of retail stores. Apartments will allow you to let freaks in and employ them as workers, while retail stores will allow you to earn coins by serving other freaks. Players may choose to upgrade floors using coins, which would make them more effective in fighting against monsters or gaining income. Consequently, players may also demolish floors that they no longer need. Building floors will take some time to complete, but this process can be sped up using jewels.

When it comes to retail stores, players must assign worker freaks for them to function. Constantly restocking them with supplies is also a must, although ordering said supplies will require both coins as well as a specific amount of time to complete. The higher the level of a floor and the more happy workers there are, the more efficient it would be.

Floors may also be doped, which would give floors a temporary boost when it comes to output. Doping will require coins, so it would be wise to use this only when it is really needed.

Hunting Monsters
Hunting monsters is the best way to earn extra coins. Hunting monsters will require coins, but the rewards would be much greater in return. Players can battle a monster a total of four times, with rewards ad difficulty increasing with each iteration. Players must be able to defeat the monster before it reaches the top of the tower. Otherwise, no rewards will be provided and you will have wasted your coins in summoning the monster. Of course, you can try again should you feel that you are prepared enough.

Combat takes place when the monster starts climbing the building from bottom to top. Along the way, each floor’s freaks will attack at the monster continuously, and players may also help out by dropping items from the crane located at the top of the tower. Dropping items will cost energy, which is constantly regenerating. Items include poison which would inflict damage over time, nets that will slow down the monster’s ascent, bombs that will deal high damage, and flowerpots that will knock down monsters for a few floors. Items as well as your crane can be upgraded in order to increase energy regeneration as well as item effectiveness.

It is also important to note that monsters have certain weaknesses to specific floors. Thus, it is very important to read through a monster’s stats in order to formulate an effective strategy to beat your opponent. An example of this would be to use nets in order to keep a monster in the restaurant floors longer if it has a weakness against that particular floor.

Slot Machine
The slot machine is located at the bottom of the tower. It can be spun an infinite number of times and can yield some great rewards should certain tiles align. The results are random, though, and it might take you a few spins to get a winning. Things that you can win in the slot machine include the ability to instantly restock a particular floor, instantly filling empty rooms in an apartment, shortening floor construction times, or even free jewels. This is the best way to spend your time while waiting for construction or restocking to be completed.


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