Jungle Heat Walkthrough [Guide]

Jungle Heat

There’s a lot going on in the jungle, and you must do everything you can to survive. Lead your battalion by building your camp and attack other armies in order to get the best rewards in this very addictive building simulation game by My.com. Those who are familiar with the title Clash of Clans could pretty much delve into this title right away, but for those who are not familiar with the gameplay, here’s some info to help you get started.

Jungle Heat is a building simulation game where players are given a small camp and a handful of resources. Players must then build defensive structures and train their troops, as well as gather additional resources in order to improve on whatever buildings or battalions that they may need. Players may also defend against and attack other players, and having superior defensive armaments as well as a healthy bunch of troops is extremely important to assure victory. Like most building simulation games, Jungle Heat builds and trains in real time, but using premium currency can also be used to speed things up.

Resources in the game include coins and oil. Both can be acquired by building and collecting from constructs such as gold mines and oil rigs. Players can only have a maximum amount of gold and oil to store, but this can be increase by building storage facilities. In addition, these resources must be collected manually by clicking on the mine or rig whenever the collect icon pops up. Gold and oil are required in varying quantities to make purchases and upgrades, as well as to find armies to battle with.

Diamonds, on the other hand, can be used to speed up construction as well as buy premium items that you cannot buy otherwise using regular currency. Diamonds can be rewarded through regular play, albeit rarely, and the easiest way to get these is via in-app purchases, with deals becoming better the more hard cash you spend.

Building constructs take require resources, time, as well as workers. Players can build in any clear space, but they may have to assign workers to clear any debris that are in the way. Each construct has its purpose, such as generating resources, improving defensive capabilities, training troops, adding more workers, and many more. Construction can be sped up using diamonds, and they can also be upgraded in order to make them more effective.

The command center is the heart of your camp. While it does not serve a direct purpose, the level of your command center defines how advanced other structures in your camp can be upgraded to. Also, this is a vital part that must be protected, as attackers will instantly win once the command center has been destroyed. Players may also take advantage of this rule by concentrating their attack on other players’ command centers, especially if they are not well defended.

Troops are the units that you can bring with you when attacking other players. Troops can be trained in the barracks, and upgrading the barracks will result in stronger troops being available. The lab can also be maintained in order to upgrade your troops and to provide them with better weapons and abilities. Some troops work well against other units and have weaknesses against others, so it would be wise to have a healthy number of each kind currently available to you.

Training troops will cost resources as well as time, so make sure to only train those that you will actually be using.

There are two modes that players can participate in when attacking. Multiplayer mode will allow players to shop around for enemies that they would like to engage in battle. Searching for enemies will cost coins, and players can keep doing this until they have selected the army that they want to fight. Players can then deploy troops and place them in specific locations around the camp, the number of which is defined by the player’s rally points. Players will then be able to see the results as to whether they have won or not, and they can win rewards such as diamonds should they lead among the weekly leaderboards.

Another option is to player single player mode, where in players can attack camps along linear paths that may branch out from time to time. Players can earn stars depending on how well they have performed, and they can also earn rewards such as resources and even diamonds by doing attacks this way.

It is also very important to note that other players will also be able to attack you. First time players will have immunity for a specific period, but this will be gone should the player attack others. When defending, building traps, cannons, and walls are extremely important, and you should also focus towards defending your command center and other important constructs. Like troops, some work well against different forces and worse against others, so it would be good to have all kinds of defensive structures around just to be safe.


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