Skate Madness Walkthrough [Guide]

Skate Madness

At first glance, Skate Madness may look just like any endless running game, with some elements ripped out of Temple Run itself. While that may be true, that’s not to say that hopping on your skateboard and roaring through the jungle is any less fun. Help Hop over the various obstacles along the way and don’t let the monkeys get at him in this intense title.

Skate Madness is an endless running game reminiscent of Temple Run, with the character being chased by monkeys should he stumble along the paths. There’s no need for tilting, however, as paths are pretty much straightforward. Rather, swiping left and right will let the character switch lanes, and swiping up will allow the player to jump over obstacles as well as grind along logs and tubes while swiping down will help you avoid higher obstacles.

Instead of coins, the player will be able to collect various fruit that acts as currency. There are also powerups that may be acquired, purchased, and upgraded in order to help players achieve the highest score that they can.

As mentioned, fruits are the main currency within the game. Fruits can be used to purchase your way through missions, and they also be used to purchase jet packs that can be utilized within the game. In addition, fruits may also be used to purchase upgrades to powerups that players can collect during their run, increasing their effectiveness and duration.

Fruits can be purchased outright using real cash, but the normal way to get them is through regular gameplay. There are also bonuses for sharing the game to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, so you should do these in order to get some free fruits to get you started quickly.

Like Temple Run, Skate Madness utilizes a scoring scheme that factors in both distance and fruits collected for each run. Multipliers also play a factor, and this value can be increased by completing missions, which are objectives that players must meet such as reaching a specific distance or acquiring a set number of fruits during a run. Having a high multiplier will definitely benefit your final score, so prioritize completing missions from the very start.

Various powerups appear within the game. These include magnets that automatically attract fruits around you, notes that will let you fly a certain distance, and fruit multipliers that will automatically multiply the number of fruits that you collect during a certain period. There are also jet packs that can be purchased, which allows you to zoom quickly, but will not make you invulnerable to obstacles. Some powerups can be upgraded using fruits so that their abilities would improve.

Tips and Tricks
Quick reflexes are a must, as with all endless running games. It is also important to mention that players can switch lanes even when it midflight, allowing them to avoid obstacles in the way of their landing spot. Players should also time jumps perfectly, as jumping too early might land you straight into an undesirable spot.

Stumbling over bushes or low branches will cause you to slow down. If this happens too much, the monkeys will catch you and will result in your run being ended. If you do not make mistakes after a stumble, however, or if you’ve acquired a note powerup or used a jet pack, you can leave the monkeys quickly and you would resume your regular speed.

Make sure to collect multipliers whenever they appear. This will give you the chance to get the highest number of fruits possible, allowing you to purchase upgrades that will help you increase your score further. Of course, completing missions should be a priority as well, as don’t buy out missions unless it is particularly difficult and if you have a lot of fruits handy.


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