Saints Row IV [Guide]

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV is the first game in the series not published by THQ (RIP). New
publisher Deep Silver is known for games such as the Dead Island franchise,
but now they own Volition, the developers of popular series such as the Saints
Row and Red Faction games. Saints Row IV is the first product of the Voliton
and Deep Silver partnership, and you can beat the entire game using this very
handy walkthrough!

Saints Row IV Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough

Learn the Rules…
The Escape
Breaking the Law
Ghost in the Machine
Zero Cool
Anomalous Readings
Back by Popular Demand
The Boss Goes to Washington
King of StilWater
From Asha with Love
Emergency Situation
…The Very Next Day
Death from Above
Talkie Talkie
The Kinzie Gambit
The Girl Who Hates the 50s
Punch the Shark

03. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
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They took over 3rd Street. They took over Steelport. They even took over the
United States of America. But now the Saints are threatened by a cosmic threat
unlike any they’ve faced before in the form of Zinyak and his evil race of
conquering aliens the Zins. Can the Saints defeat Zinyak and his army to save
the human race, or is humanity destined for extinction?

NOTE: The following information is taken directly from the Saints Row IV

Left Stick – Move/Select Weapon
Left Stick (press) – Crouch Toggle
Right Stick – Camera
Right STick (press) – Melee Bash
LB – Sprint
LT – Fine Aim/Secondary Attack
RB – Use Superpower
RT – Primary Attack
A – Jump
A (hold) – Super Jump
B – Inventory
X – Reload
X (hold) – Pick Up Weapon/Object
Y – Action/Enter Vehicle/Hold Human Shield/Throw Human Shield
D-pad (up) – Select Telekinesis
D-pad (up/hold) – Recruit Followers
D-pad (left) – Select Blast
D-pad (left/hold) – Taunt
D-pad (down) – Select Buff
D-pad (down/hold) – Dismiss Followers
D-pad (right) – Select Stomp
D-pad (right/hold) – Compliment
BACK – Hub Menu
START – Pause Menu

Left Stick – Steer/Select Weapon
Right Stick – Camera
Right Stick (press) – Honk Horn
LB – Nitrous
LT – Brake/Reverse
RB – Primary Attack
RT – Accelerate
A – Drift
B – Inventory
X – Look Behind
Y – Action/Exit Vehicle
D-pad (up) – Recruit Followers
D-pad (right/left) – Change Radio Station
D-pad (down) – Scan Current Vehicle
BACK – Hub Menu
START – Pause Menu

A – (Plane) Accelerate/(Heli) Up
B – (Vtol) Switch Flight Mode
X – (Plane) Break or Reverse/(Heli) Down
LB – Turn Left
RB – Turn Right
RT – Aircraft Primary Attack
LT – Aircraft Secondary Attack

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02. Walkthrough
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What do you mean your mic is broken?! Welcome to the first mission of the
game, where our hero is ready to take down a terrorist syndicate and save the
world to win the praises of the American people!

Upon entering the terrorist base, your first objective is to silently take out
the guard. Walk up behind him and click down the right analog stick to take
him out with a melee kill. Then test out your gun on the next terrorist as
Asha opens up the large door here.

A bunch of terrorists are in the next room. Kill them all as you move through
their compound. Use cover wisely. The game will teach you some combat and
gameplay basics during this mission. To zoom in while aiming, pull LT, for
example. To sprint, hold LB. To open doors, press Y, that sort of thing.

You’ll reach a point where your gun will be taken away from you and you will
be rendered with only your firsts. Sprint down that next catwalk and then
keep your hands ready at the controller for the next scene. There is a QTE
fight. Mash and press the buttons as they pop up on the screen to be successful
at these events.

Another cut-scene will play, and then you’ll find yourself climbing up a
freaking nuclear missile! Keep tilt the left stick forward to climb up the
missile. Press the buttons that appear to avoid being hit by debris that falls
from the top, and rip off the panels as you reach them one by one. Rapidly pull
RT to screw up the wiring inside to disable the missile.

Now’s your chance to customize your character. When you’re done customizing
them, you have the option to upload them to the Character Gallery for an
achievement. Conversely, you can choose to download a pre-made character from
the Character Gallery as well if you don’t want to create your own. When you
are done creating, it will be your presidential duty to head to a press

As you head to the press conference, various people will stop and ask for your
presidential decisions. The first choice is to either cure cancer or to solve
the country’s hunger problem. Then a little bit further down the hall, you are
given the choice to punch an annoying dude in the head or in his…nether

Josh will be the last guy to stop you as you continue walking. He will ask if
you want to join him and Oleg to watch some of his show later. You can choose
to say yes or no. Saying no will hurt his fillins. Anyway, continue to the
press conference to see a pretty crazy cut-scene.

Yes, aliens have invaded! Kill the first one as you make your way to the oval
office. Inside the oval office, grab all the guns off the racks. You should
almost have an entirely full inventory by the time you’re done looting the

Now your goal is to fight your way through each room and kill all the aliens
that you see. Various members of your crew/cabinet will be abducted as you
run through the halls. Just focus on shooting the aliens and not dying, for
the most part.

In a couple of instance, there will be a large group of aliens grouped
together. The first time you encounter this, there will be a chance to get
the jump on them with the RPG to wipe them all out at once. Just be careful not
to kill any of the Secret Service members that are helping you out in the
fight, though they tend to run right in front of gunfire.

The second time they will all pour out of a door. Retreat and then blast them
in the center to kill most of them off. Finish any stragglers with your other
weapons and then head outside to see the alien ships straight-up bombarding
the White House.

Of course, the White House lawn comes equipped with a giant turret. Use the
turret to blast away the ships as they come close. Press RT for your regular
fire and LT for more powerful missiles, but since the ships move so fast the
regular fire is pretty much the only viable option.

The ship attack will be finished with a giant battleship. Use the missiles on
this thing. When enough damage is done, another scene will play, which will be
followed by another QTE battle. Complete this QTE. Do the Saints have what it

Walk down the stairs and sit at the breakfast table. Rapidly pull the right
trigger to eat the pancakes, then press Y when all done. Walk to the front
door and step outside to the newspaper that is lying on the sidewalk. Mash on
Y to pick up the newspaper.

The friendly neighborhood sheriff will invite you to go on a ride. Get behind
the wheel and as you drive down Main Street, you will notice that it is not
possible to wreak any havoc right now. Something is up with this car and this
town eh…

Park the car at the designated location. Then walk to the diner. Pick up the
blue cross on the ground, which represents health to refill your health meter.
Stand by the kid so he can take your picture, then walk into the diner. When
that is over, jump into the car and drive away.

Eventually, Kinzie will get a hold of you and explain the situation. Drive to
the park as she requests and then start killing cops, as she also requests.
Seems a little depraved, but it is necessary to screw up the simulation. Kinzie
will then send you a little toy to collect in the center of the park…

Go to the water fountain to find an RPG. Use this RPG to rack up $100,000 in
property damage by blowing up cars, pedestrians, and more. Upon reaching that
number, the sheriff will return to pick a fight. Keep your distance and just
keep blasting him with the rocket launcher. His health is represented by a
circular meter that floats above his head. When its drained, he will be dead.

Kinzie will contact you again and tell you to purchase some firearms. Steal a
car and then pull up your PDA by pressing “back”. Then go to the map and go
to the Friendly Fire store location. Click A on its icon to make it your next
destination and then drive there immediately.

Upon arriving at Friendly Fire, purchase the rights to the pistols, the SMGs,
and the shotguns. Simply by purchasing the rights to them, you can access all
the different types of weapons in the game at once. You have $1,000 in cash
when you enter this store, so you can do more like customize the appearance of
the guns, or purchase upgrades. In fact, you HAVE to purchase at least one
upgrade for any of the guns to complete this objective.

Head outside to be swarmed by cops. Kill them all and then steal a cop car for
the hell of it. Drive to the next waypoint to find a group of Zin aliens at
one of their “flashpoint” bases. Kill all of them to unlock that base for
yourself, also gaining the territory.

Now flee to the warehouse. Upon arriving, you will discover that this warehouse
isn’t quite as you remember it from Saints Row: The Third. Run around and
explore it a bit while you talk with Kinzie.

The names of missions get a little foggy here, as the end-mission text says
something that directly conflicts with the name of the quest but eh…in order
to stick with traditional Saints Row fashion, I’m going with the name that
appears at the end of the mission. It’s all linear at this point at any rate,
so you should have no problem following along.

How does having superpowers sound? That’s what I thought. Drive through the
three data clusters that appear on your map. Or rather, drive to their
location and when you get close enough, there will be a radius that appears on
your mini-map.

The data cluster is inside that radius, but the exact location of the cluster
is hidden from you. Drive through each cluster to continue building power. When
you’ve gone through the first three, there will be a fourth that pops up,
located right inside the debris of your former apartment building. Bummer.

After driving through the three data clusters, it’s time to purchase your new
superpowers! Upon up your PDA by pressing “back” again, and then go to Powers,
which is the icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen. Then purchase
the sprint and jump options.

Upon exiting the menu, Kinzie will thrust you into a training simulation.
Jump from roof top to roof top with your newly improved sprinting and jumping
capabilities. You can use the abilities simultaneously, so what that means is
that you can charge a jump while spriting.

There will be some tall buildings that you have to “climb” up. To do this,
repeatedly press A as you push against the exterior of the building until you
reach the top.

Upon completing the training, you will be put into a race of sorts. Sprint
through the green blobs on the ground to keep your time up and to boost your
super sprint to make you go even faster. Run through the blue checkpoints and
also be sure to avoid the red firewalls that are everywhere.

Similarly to when you are driving around at other points in the game, big
yellow arrows appear to direct you throughout this race. When the arrows are
pointed up, that means you will need to jump in order to continue. Finish up
the race to complete the mission.

Kinzie will tell you of the existence of a “Hotspot”, which is a large shielded
area controlled by Zin. Go to there now and then two generators will be
designated on your mini-map. Go to the generators, defeat the Zin around them,
and then hold the Y button to disable them.

With the generators destroyed, the shield will go down. Go to the Hotspot
proper to find some aliens guarding it, including a couple of shielded ones.
Luckily, your superpowers make them a joke, so just mow through them and then
hold Y to disable their power over the Hotspot.

A Warden enemy, which are the heavies in this game, will then attack. This guy
will jump in the air and try to slam you, but thanks to your super sprint, he
is rather easy to dodge. He will also fire lasers out of his mouth
occasionally, but this attack is also easy to dodge because of the super speed
that you possess.

When he’s defeated, press RT to absorb his data. This will give you the new
ability to blast enemies and freeze them. Equip the new ability by pressing
“left” on the d-pad, and then aim and press B to blast enemies with the ice.
Kinzie will take you into a training simulation so that you can test out this
new power against motionless Zin enemies. Also use it on the ship that is
spawned to completely disable the ship with a single blast. Boy, that does seem

A Warden will invade the simulation and will be shielded. To disable the
shield, first freeze the enemy with the ice blast and then shoot him with a
shotgun when close range. This will disable the shield and allow you to keep
attacking him to lower his health meter. When his health meter is depleted, he
will explode and the training exercise will be over.

As you’ve probaby noticed, there are data clusters all over the city now that
are ripe for the picking. Collect the data clusters whenever you feel like it.
They are literally everywhere, so I am not going to keep telling you to collect
them, just do it yourself and use this guide to help you complete the game’s
main story missions!

To Top


Go to the door as designated by Kinzie. Watch the scene, and then you’ll wake
up naked. Just move through the halls by pushing the left stick forward. There
is really not much that you can do until jumped by one of the aliens so that
you can steal their gun.

Use the gun to blast your way out of the ship. Keep following the objective
markers until reaching a dead end. Turn around to defend your position. Shoot
all of the Zin as they rush you. It is wise to get behind the cover of the
crates that are over here.

The shielded Zin will be tough to kill. Wait for them to get close enough,
and then when they do, they will lift their shields and charge you. That is
your cue to blast them in the head and effectively get rid of them.

Eventually, you will be overwhelmed, but Kinzie and Keith David show up at the
last minute to save the day. You get to pilot the battleship, so get used to
the controls. The controls are inverted when driving this thing, so when you
push the left analog stick up, it will move down, and when you push the left
analog stick down, it will go up.

Use the bumpers to shift the ship to vertical so that you can fit through small
openings better. Destroy the enemy ships when they fly in front of you and if
their fire becomes too much of a nuisance, double tap either one of the
bumpers to perform a barrel roll.

Your main concern when driving the ship will be avoiding running into the
walls. Enemy fire is annoying, sure, but ramming into any one of the walls can
result in an automatic game over. There are no checkpoints for this part of the
mission either, so your main concern is not crashing the ship into anything.
By the way, the two meters on the screen represent your ship’s health (the
orange bar on the left) and the coolness of your guns (the blue bar on the

To Top

Planet Zin? Psh. Go to the Planet Zin store and then step outside of it to
hack it. The hacking mini-game requires you to place four nodes to collect the
two circles on the other edges of the device. Upon doing this, the store will
be hacked and now belong to the Saints. Unfortunately, this will also call
the cops.

Hide in the store, using the unopened door for cover. Peak your head outside
and shoot at all the cops that show up. Killing most of them will cause the
remaining ones to transform into Zin as well as throw up portals into the air
that spawn even more Zin.

Diminish their numbers a bit before running outside. Destroy the two portals.
Kinzie will then point out a golden robot that is zooming around. Destroying
this robot will disable the security protocols for that area, which will in
turn get all the heat off your back.

Chase down the robot with your sprinting ability. Get close enough to it and
there will be a button prompt that appears to destroy the robot.

A weird AI will contact the Saints. Head to the location of its portal and
then step through. This will transport you to a weird area with platforms. The
goal is to land as close to the center of the platform as possible using a
combination of your sprint and jump abilities.

So, that’s all there is to this one. When you see the red arrows on the ground,
sprint through them for even more points. Just keep going until you reach the
amount of points necessary.

The AI has a present for you! Go to the Broken Shillelagh as asked by the AI to
receive your new power. This is the Fire Blast, which means, obviously, that
you will be using it to catch enemies on fire. Equip it with the d-pad and then
use it to kill the enemies that the AI spawns. Also destroy the ships it spawns
as well until your training is completed.

To Top


This mission is very long. The first thing you need to do is get a CID device
for the AI, which will now simply be known as the device he inhabits, ala CID,
for the forseeable future in this game.

Go back to the Hotspot you took over. There will be more Zin there protecting
it, so kill them all first. Then approach the five CID bots. Press Y to mess
with each one. The first two you mess with will be defective, but the third
one will finally work.

Escort CID to the designated rooftop and Kinzie will begin the process of
transferring the AI into the CID. The Zin will start to attack. I recommend
stealing one of their cool alien hoverbike things during this so that you can
use it to make this mission go a bit faster.

Protect CID. When you hear how long the transfer will take, obviously that is
not an option. Escort the CID to the next location so that you can speed up
the download by pressing Y at the machine. Kill all the Zin and then hold the

The time is still too long, so go to the next control panel and press Y on
that to speed it up even further. The CID won’t follow you this time. It will
start to overheat, so equip your freeze blast and rush back to the CID. Freeze
it to save it.

With the CID saved, even more Zin will attack, but there will also be a portal
that transports near-indestructible robots. Hide on the rooftop. Pop out every
once in a while to get their attention, but in my experience they almost never
bother CID anyway.

Just to be safe, keep an eye on his health. Of course, if you are familiar with
the previous games in the series, you should know that the health of your
“homies” is represented by the green shield and meter that appears above their
location. This will constantly be viewable on your screen so that you can
keep monitoring the health of CID.

You must defend CID for three minutes, and when that three minutes is up, a
freaking Warden will show up. This Warden has the same weaknesses as the
last ones. Kill the smaller Zin that may be remaining before focusing your
attention on the Warden.

This Warden also has a new attack, which is a power that you will soon obtain
for yourself. It will shoot you with its laser mouth again as well as flee
whenever you mess up its shield with the freeze blast and shoot at it. When
it runs to the rooftops, it will start chucking things at you with its
telekinesis abilities.

Avoid the objects it is throwing and rush him on the roof. This gives you a
good opportunity to inflict even more damage on the Warden. Keep doing this
until the Warden dies and then absorb its powers. Remember, press RT, and then
mash the buttons that appear on the screen to fill up the meter with the
purple Saints colors. The buttons that you need to mash will keep changing, so
have your thumbs at the ready.

After you’ve obtained the telekinesis ability, it’s time to put it to the
test in the training room. Use it to toss the pedestrians in costumes and also
use it to pick up the golf carts and throw those as well. The Warden will show
up and you have to fight him using telekinesis. Throwing the golf carts and
even the dead bodies of the simulated pedestrians will do a lot of damage to
the Warden, so keep at it until he’s dead and the new ability is thus mastered.

It just wouldn’t be Saints Row without Professor Genki! Everyone’s favorite
psychopathic game show is back, complete with the wisecracking announcers and
everything. However, this is Professor Genki like you’ve never seen him before,
with a telekinetic twist!

Using telekinesis, you are supposed to throw objects through the rings that are
floating in the air. People have to be thrown through the green rings. Genki
costume heads have to be thrown through the pink rings. Vehicles are to be
thrown through the blue ones.

While you are doing this by picking objects up with RB and then throwing them
by pressing RB again, the armed mascots will show up to attack you. Ignore
them or kill them as you do this. You’ll have to complete three sets of rings
in order to complete this mission and you will be graded at the end of it
based on your performance. Of course, completing this mission unlocks the
other Professor Genki missions available as well.

To Top


Now you are free to enter Matt’s simulation. Matt’s simulation is a freaky
cyber world, which should be expected, honestly. Walk around a bit while Kinzie
talks to discover that the superpowers and abilities you gained in your own
simulation only exists there.

Kinzie will wind up putting you in a top-down tank. Destroy the enemy tanks
and bikes that show up to attack you, and then Kinzie will manage to fix it to
a 3D perspective eventually. It is at this point that you have the new goal of
destroying the towers.

The towers are destroyed by shooting the large badges in the center of them.
The tanks will constantly spawn until you destroy the tower, so blow up the
first tower and then you can continue. Blow up any enemies on your way to the
second tower.

At the second tower, repeat the process and continue on your path of tank
destruction. The third tower, however, will be protected. Kinzie will do some
messing around, eventually spawning you a bike. Get on the bike and drive it
down the path. Just keep following the path, avoiding the tanks and enemies,
and then eventually you will be transported to a different area.

You will be given two choices. Try to save Matt or kill yourself, represented
by the blue door and the red door respectively. If you kill yourself, then you
will get a game over, but you will also get an achievement and can just
respawn right back at the choice, so you might as well do that.

Go through the blue door to actually continue the game. This will then take
you to a trippy text-based adventure game. You can’t fail the game, so just
keep going through the options until you eventually reach a fight against a
digital Killbane. Defeat Killbane by repeatedly choosing the “punch Killbane”
option and then Matt will be freed.

Kinzie has found a large suit of power armor for you to use to rescue Matt!
Well, ain’t that lucky. In its current state, the power armor lacks any fire
power, but it can smash. Smash the blue crates in the distance to refill the
health you drained from it and then continue into the next couple of rooms to
smash some Zin aliens.

A door that the suit is too big to fit through will be encountered. Use the
jet boost by holding A to fly above the door to continue. Bash through the
doors using LB and then smash all the enemies that you see as you continue to
push through to Matt.

After finding Matt, you will have to protect him. Clear the area of Zin and
follow him into the next room. He will locate the parts necessary to add guns
to the suit, but first you need to defend the location. Clear the room of a few
waves of Zin and Matt will hook the suit up with new guns.

Use these guns to destroy the Zin as you continue to fight through the ship.
The missiles, launched with RB, are especially powerful. Use them to kill large
groups of Zin at once. Eventually, the Murderbots, those annoying robots from
the CID mission, will start to attack. The missiles are pretty much the only
things you can use to destroy them.

When in danger, use the dash ability, the same thing that you use to ram down
doors, to escape and hopefully get some health canisters in the process. Keep
in mind that the health canisters are blue, and the cases they are kept in are
also blue so that you can always keep your mech’s health at a nice level.

Throughout all of this, you will be protecting Matt. However, I never saw Matt
even get shot in my game. When Kinzie arrives with the ship, rush to the
landing pad to escape the never ending army of Zin and Murderbots.

Now you have to defend the ship during the scape with a Star Wars-style turret.
Blast the incoming ships. There will be a large ship that has powerful shields
as well. You can’t damage it by shooting it, but you can shoot at it to make it
stop shooting at you.

When the ship comes to a shop, it will charge a blast to attack you. Shoot the
left panel at Kinzie’s request. Then shoot the right panel. The doors will
slam shut and the crew will be safe from the Zin again.

To Top


Upon returning to the simulator and “Steelport”, you will be attacked by yet
another Warden. This guy, of course, will be defeated for a new move. Defeat
him using the strategies that you’ve used against Wardens in the past, except
this time keep in mind that when he stomps on the ground, he will usually do
it twice in a row.

Defeating this warden and absorbing his abilities will take you to the training
room to try them out. This will end with another Warden fight where you are
tasked with defeating the Warden using your new stomp ability. To stomp, by the
way, jump into the air and then hold RB.

The first rule about Superpower Fight Club…well, you know the rest. This is
just like an activity that is on the sidewalk. They don’t even give you a story
reason for this mission, but it must be done. The first round of the fight club
is just regular enemies. Kill all of them.

The second round of the fight club is enemies on fire. To kill these guys, you
will either have to freeze them first to put out the flames or throw those
large balls dotted around the arena using your telekinesis. Other method will
do in killing them.

Nyteblade (not sure if I am spelling that how the game wants me to, but oh
well) will be the “boss” of the fight. His attacks do a lot of damage, but just
get close to him and alternate between the left and right triggers to deal the
maximum amount of damage the fastest and put him away.

To Top


Depressing. On the plane, fight your way from the cargo hold to the cockpit.
Watch the scene, and then the camera angles get all trippy. Jump over the
bright gaps on the ground from solid floor to solid floor. A few scenes will
occur, and then you will find yourself in a night club. Look familiar?

Go to the basement. Equip the stun gun and shoot it directly at Shaundi and
Veteran Child. This will cause him to drop her. Then equip the shotgun and rush
him, blasting him repeatedly with it as close of range as possible to deal the
most damage and kill him.

Killing the first Veteran Child will just make a ton more spawn. Keep killing
them one by one, but you’ll find that the more you kill, the more the bastards
multiply. Kinzie will hack a new gun in there for you, so go grab the new
weapon from the case that appears.

To use this gun, aim it at your target and hold RT until it fully charges and
then it will automatically fire. This will completely delete the target, so use
it on all the Veteran Childs (or Children?) until they are all gone.

To Top

The next three Quests can be completed in any order. For the sake of
simplicity, they are covered in the order that they are listed in-game. If you
started one of the other quests before tackling “The Boss Goes to Washington”,
simply scroll down and find whatever mission you are needing help with!


I really enjoy this mission, and I bet you will, too. Once you reach the
Shillelagh (all these missions where you enter someone else’s simulation
starts there, if you haven’t noticed), you will be back at the big crib from
Saints Row: The Third that the Saints stole from the Syndicate at the beginning
of that game.

Pierce is being attacked by living versions of the Saints Flow mascot cans.
Kill them with him and then run to the different parts of the crib to collect
the guns. First you will have to grab an SMG, then a shotgun. The reason why
looms outside the windows.

Paul is a gigantic Saints Flow. Right now you can’t damage him. Fight your way
to the pool to get an RPG. NOW you can damage him.

I highly recommend crouching behind cover. Whip out the RPG and aim it at
Paul when he’s done combing the area with his laser eyes. Pierce has an
annoying habit of being hit by these eyes, so make sure to revive him in case
he is knocked down.

Fire the missiles at Paul until you run out. Then go collect the extra ammo
after he stops with the laser eyes again. Kill any of the regular cans with a
shotgun. They will pretty much explode on impact.

Paul will knock you guys to the roof of a different building. Fire rockets at
him. Once they land, legions of smaller cans will attack. Shoot them with a
shotgun and then collect the extra RPG ammo that is lying around in case you
run low and continue to shoot Paul until Pierce arrives with the helicopter.

Get inside the helicopter and then start firing at Paul with the machineguns
and rockets of the helicopter. Paul will fall flat on his face, which is a
perfect opportunity to keep firing at him. When Pierce sets the helicopter
down, rush to the door of the large statue of “Joe” and get ready for a
Godzilla style throwdown!

Approach Paul and swing your weapon at him repeatedly. He will stomp the
ground, but you can block it by pulling LT fast enough. When you get Paul
“against the ropes”, so to speak, that is when you should just keep pulling
RT until he falls to the ground, then press Y to finish him off.

To Top


OMG, the nostalgia! So much of it! Walk down the streets and enjoy the sights.
When you near the end of it, some Vice Kings will attack. Beat them up and
take their baseball bat. Then use the bat on the guy down the sidewalk with
the gun and take his gun. Approach the church.

A couple of cars full of Vice Kings will attack. Shoot them all. Retreat down
the street if you need a breather. Take all their ammo and then go inside the
church. Tanya will see you and run away. The layout of the church is a little
bit confusing, so you have to really use the objective marker to explore it.

Go to the back of the church and reminisce about the first Saints Row game. Ah,
Freckle Bitches. How I miss you. Eventually, you will find Ben King. Help him
clear the church of all the Vice Kings. Then head out back to the graveyard
where even more Vice Kings will show up. Hold your ground and kill all of them,
grabbing their more powerful guns as you do.

Kinzie will drop a rocket launcher in a grave. Grab it and use it to blow up
the Vice Kings and their vehicles as they pull in. King will go down on the
other side of the church as he looks for Tanya and Big Tony. Run over to him
and revive him. Try to save at least one rocket in your RPG, by the way
because Big Tony is coming down the street in a Hummer with a turret attached
to the top of it.

Blast Big Tony with the RPG. If you don’t have any RPG ammo left, take cover
and try to trick Big Tony into driving up the stairs. He’ll get stuck, making
his vehicle easy pickings for you to shoot until it explodes. Shooting Big Tony
himself is not advised as he has a crazy amount of health and I think the
Hummer will just blow up eventually anyway if you shoot Tony enough.

Walk with King down the street. Put away your weapons like he asks by holding B
and pointing up to the fist icon. Tanya won’t take the bait, so whip your guns
back out and fight her and her gang of Vice Kings. This Tanya, of course, comes
packed with telekinetic powers, so avoid the cars she’s throwing while you
shoot at her until her health depletes and she disappears. Exit the simulation.

To Top


Okay, before you actually get started on your third mission, there will be an
“Emergency Situation” to take care of in the simulation, so scroll down to
that now if that’s what you’re doing. You don’t HAVE to take on that mission
right away, but doing so will make these mission easier.

Asha’s simulation is a Metal Gear-style stealth game of sorts. Follow her
through the first door, and then shoot out the lights in the hall as
instructed. Hug the wall to avoid being spotted by the guard. In the next
area, sneak up on the guard and take him out with a silent kill. Continue to
shoot out the lights.

The next room requires you to pull the grate off the air duct. Do so and then
move through the ventilation system. You will come out right next to another
guard. Shoot out the light here and kill this guard as well.

The next room features more lights and more guards. Shoot the lights, then
shoot the nearest guard, taking the other one out with a silent melee kill if
you can get close enough. In the next room, get inside the box and sneak up on
the first guard, taking him out with a “box kill”.

Now as you move from shelf to shelf, what you need to do is just hang tight and
wait for each guard to walk by. Then you can easily kill them with a box kill.
You’ll automatically get out of the box. The next room has a series of lasers,
but bypass them by going through the ventilation system.

Enemies will start charging you head on. Kill them all. You have unlimited
ammo in this mission, so don’t worry about ever really taking your finger off
of the trigger. Fight your way to the room with the Evil You in it, and you
will have to fight human enemies as well as modified Murderbots, though they
are easier to kill than ones encountered earlier in the game.

Killing all of these enemies will cause evil you to show up. He has a very
powerful sniper rifle, but if you do enough damage, he won’t be able to get a
shot off before retreating to recover. Just keep firing at him. If you get
damaged, there are plenty of enemies that spawn around here that can be killed
for health pickups, but just be wary of the Murderbots.

When about a quarter of his health is gone, the evil you will start up some
generators. Shoot one of the generators to stop him from healing himself. Just
keep shooting him, using the various objects in here for cover so he can’t get
you with his sniper (which you’ll know by rather or not the red laser is on
you) and keep an eye on Asha’s health.

To Top


This is not an optional mission, but you can choose to ignore it for now.
Doing so is a bad idea because then you will constantly be attacked while
trying to complete the other missions, which can be a serious pain in the ass.
So I recommend doing this mission as soon as it pops up to get it over with at

Oh, also, this mission is EXTREMELY long, so buckle up because you’re in for an
incredibly long ride! It starts off with a bunch of clones from the gangs that
you fought in the other rescue missions invading Steelport. They will just
constantly attack you while you are trying to explore, which can create a
serious problem when actually playing the game.

With CID at your side, go to the designated area. Grab him with telekinesis and
then throw him high in the air. He will find the location of the relay, so go
there, destroy the relay, and then repeat the process a couple of times. Each
time you will find more relays in each location and they will be more and more
heavily guarded each time as well.

Once all these relays are destroyed, you will have to deal with shielded
relays. To get these shielded relays dealt with, first you have to destroy the
shield surrounding them, which is powered by a portal that hovers above them.
Toss CID into the portal to damage the shielding, which will in turn allow you
to destroy each relay.

Then you will be led to the Source. Go there and use Telekinesis and all the
clones with the Telekinesis symbol above their heads. Throw them right into
the Source to damage it. Keep doing this until a clone of the main character
from the first Saints Row pops out.

This guy is as powerful as a Warden, which is what makes the fight with him so
annoying. Telekinesis and freeze blast are two abilities that work very well on
him, but his attacks are extremely tough to dodge, so don’t be afraid to run
away so that you can rebuild your health.

When his health is low enough, toss him into the Source. Then two more clones
pop out and you have to fight both of them at the same time. Luckily, these
guys tend to split up from each other, which should make the fight considerably
easier, though also extremely long still.

Throw both of them into the Source as well. If you got far away from it,
remember that while carrying something with telekinesis, you can still sprint
with the left bumper. Throwing both clones into the Source will cause it to
blow up, but a new blip pops up on the radar. A Warden. Ugh.

Though this time you are going TO the Warden. Rush there and then fight with
him as usual. This Warden will shoot those red beams far more often than the
other ones. Defeating him will grant you the new ability to add a fire buff to
yourself and your bullets.

Test it out in the training room. The fire buff will allow you to shoot right
through the shields of Wardens, so it is actually an extremely handy and
helpful ability. It sure would’ve made this mission a lot shorter, that’s for

To Top


Johnny’s simulation is that of a side-scrolling beat ‘em up. There are three
buttons, which are X to punch, Y to kick, and B to grapple. Mix them up for
combos as you fight through the waves of enemies. You will have to fight a
boss, but the only difference between him and other enemies is a health bar.

Weapons are picked up automatically. Food items lying on the ground will refill
your own health bar. That being said, you shouldn’t have to worry too much
about dying because you have five lives and you’ll likely only lose one or two
by the end of the mission.

The final boss has two health bars and he can be pretty tough. Just button
mash him. If you find yourself taking too much damage, then you can start doing
the classic jump kick to take him down.

The simulation will end and then you will be back in the power armor. Kill
everything in your path. You’ll fight basically every type of Zin that you
have encountered so far on your way to Johnny.

To Top


Go to the Broken Shillelagh. This new power is not as useful as it seems, but
you have to learn how to do it anyway. Jump into the air, hold LT, and then
aim the blue arrows to where you want to land. Then pull RT to smash into the
ground. Kill all the Zin this way.

To Top


Head to Kinzie’s warehouse. Shoot all the Zin that come piling into the
building. Then make your way to the roof. On the roof, fight off more Zin and
then get inside the helicopter.

Follow your homies in the car and use the helicopter to protect them. The
helicopter will be shot down, and then you will automatically back in a car
with a rocket launcher with infinite ammo. Use the RPG to blow up all of the
enemies that appear until a cut-scene occurs.

Out of the scene, kill all the Zin that are on the ship. Fight your way to the
front of it and talk with CID. Then fight your way to the cargo ship. Kill the
enemies there and grab the bombs. Throughout these fights, you will only be
able to use alien weaponry, so get used to it.

Go from objective marker to objective marker with Gat. You will come across an
alien gatling gun with infinite ammo. Use that to keep fighting through all
the enemies and their robots as well. Keep going until you find the “biggest,
glowiest thing” and then place the bombs on there.

Do the QTE, fight your way back to your crew, and then watch the scene.

To Top


This is now your opportunity to have sex with all your crewmates…if you want
to. When you want to end the mission, speak with Matt Miller by pressing Y.

To Top


Keith David will send the groups of pedestrians and aliens at you. Kill all of
them and then chase him into the building. Fight your way to his office
through the waves of enemies. Watch the scenes, and then you’ll be joined by
“Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper!

Piper will help you fight up the television broadcasting station. The robots
and enemies will be shielded by the CID robots. Defeat the robots to disable
the shields and then kill all of them. On the roof, you will find a bunch of
CID robots keeping the shield generated. Destroy all of them, preferrably using
a sniper rifle, as there is plenty for ammo of it on the roof.

Kill all the enemies on the roof and destroy all the robots. Then return to
Keith David and Roddy Piper as they duke it out.

Stomp the flowers in front of Kinzie. Then chase her down. Get into a car and
smash into the police car that has Kinzie in it until it is destroyed. Then go
to the City Hall to find Cyrus giving a speech, with Kinzie apparently stuck
there as his slave.

Go rewire the first speaker. Then Matt will send you a special dubstep gun! Get
the gun and then go to the second speaker and rewire it. A propaganda car will
attack. Blow it up using the gun, and then head to the third speaker. Rewire
that speaker, and then blow up the two cars that come speeind up to you next.

Rewire the fourth speaker and then three cars will attack. Blow them up with
the dubstep gun yet again and then go back to City Hall. Cyrus will attack, so
use the gun against him. He will do the typical attacks of using telekinesis to
throw things at you and stuff, but his attacks can be dodged pretty easily.

Killing Cyrus will wake up Kinzie and the simulation is over.

To Top


Return to the simulation with Gat. Head to the designated location, and then
get in the jeep with him. Drive Gat straight into the compound where all the
containers are that may contain the required CPU. Kill the enemies and rip
the panels off these containers with telekinesis. The last one you do will have
the CPU.

Grab the CPU and then make your way to the alien tech. Use your Super Jump to
go from platform to platform. Johnny will help kill the enemies using the
helicopter, but if they start giving you trouble, don’t be afraid to turn and
kill them. Destroy each piece of alien tech, collect the stuff that comes out
of it, and then rush to the docks before the time goes out.

At the docks, destroy and collect the rest of the alien technology. Johnny is
extremely helpful here. As long as you destroy the tech in order of how they
appear on the map, Johnny should wipe out all the enemies that are protecting
each one. Collect the loot from the destroyed technology and then Johnny will
start going down.

Keep your finger pressing down that sprint button to keep up with Johnny. Then
rush to him and defend him from the legion of Vin that try to attack. When they
are all dead, Shaundi will show up in a helicopter. Hop inside with everyone to
make your escape.

Before doing anything, go to the Friendly Fire and make sure you have full
ammo in all your weapons. Get your favorite loadout ready, and then get ready
for one of the hardest missions in the game.

You have CID and the old Shaundi as homies for this mission, but they do not
help much. Go to the radius as indicated on your mini-map. Then pay attention
to the meter in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. When that meter is
fully blue, that indicates that you have discovered the first battery. All the
batteries will be like this from here on out.

Kill the enemies around it and then take the first battery. Head to the second
battery and once you find it, you’ll discover that there is a generator
powering a shield. The enemies are also much tougher. Save your RPG rounds for
now. Kill as many enemies here as you possibly can and then turn off the
generator by ripping out its innards, which is done by standing close to it and
then holding the Y button.

Head to the third battery and you’ll find TWO generators are powering the
shield this time. The enemies here will be in even stronger number. If you
run out of ammo, don’t be afraid to retreat to a Friendly Fire to restock on
supplies. Also I recommend purchasing the ability that allows you to kill
pedestrians for health. It is under the “Health” abilities in the Upgrade menu.
This will allow you to run around and farm them for health while running from
the massive amounts of Zin that are all over the place.

Anyway, the third battery will blow up in your face after you finally go to
grab it. So head to the fourth battery. This battery is even harder to get.
You have to destroy all the back-up generators for the shield that are all
over the place, plus deal with the strongest enemies the Zin have to offer,
except for Wardens.

There are two generators that need to be disabled manually, so ignore those for
now and don’t waste any RPG ammo on them. Run around the place to try to
avoid the Zin fire. Whenever a battleship comes near, shoot it with a freeze
blast to make it crash. Get rid of the robots as they are extremely dangerous,
though the ones that roll around and become like a thick tripod can be ignored
for now because they can be hidden from easily by standing behind the

Shoot all the generators that don’t require manual disabling with a single RPG
blast. Then finish off each one with machinegun fire to blow all of them up.
After that, go to the remaining two generators. Yank out the innards of these
two generators to disable them, then get inside the tank…because that is
where the third battery is located!

This tank is being super-powered by the battery. It makes it virtually
invincible, plus the weapons on it are even stronger than anything that you
have encountered before. Unfortunately, you also only have three minutes to
return to the warehouse for Kinzie to stabilize it or else you will blow up and
she won’t be able to finish her key.

Destroy absolutely everything in your path. The police will put up numerous
roadblocks in an attempt to block you and stop you from making it back to the
warehouse, but they can be easily blown up. Shaundi will take control of the
turret on top and will do a good job, for the most part, of shooting down the
ships of the enemies so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about them right

To Top


There are three tasks left to complete the final mission of the game. Before
starting this mission, the game recommends that you make an extra save file
because this is the point of no return, so to speak. At this point, you get to
choose different teams to help you with the different tasks. Your don’t get to
customize your teams, but these are the choices:

Matt + Asha
Shaundi + Pierce
Gat + King

I chose Shaundi and Pierce for this mission personally. It begins with you
riding on the bank of a truck protecting the key. Shoot all the Zin enemies
that come to damage the key. You will have to go to the front of the truck to
blow up some roadblocks as well. Unfortunately, the truck will be deleted. At
that point, you need to pick up the key with telekinesis.

Upon picking up the key with telekinesis, sprint down to the old Syndicate
building with it. Hang tight while CID hacks into the building. Defend him and
the key from the invading Zin forces. Then pick the key back up and run into
the building, straight into the red field. Be wary of the grenades that the
Zin throw, however, as they will disable your superpowers for a certain period
of time.

Once inside, continue to defend the key from the Zin. Destroy the three
generators to bring down the forcefield. Then continue protecting the key.
Destroy the suppressors, and then destroy the relays. Then continue defending
CID and the key while it is uploaded into the mainframe of the simulation.

For this next mission, I went with Matt and Asha. Head to the portal location.
Kill the 10 Zin alies that are here and then wait for the time run out as you
continue to defend the portal from the waves of Zin enemies that will keep
showing up to attack you.

Then head to the next portal and repeat the process. You’ll have to defend this
portal even longer than the last one. Then again, defend the third portal even
longer than the previous two and be sure to kill the 10 aliens that are
required kills at each portal.

When the three portals have been dealt with, it’s time to exit the simulation.
Head to the blue objective marker. The screen will go crazy and an altered
version of the title menu for the original Saints Row game will pop up. Just
hang tight until you wind up on the Zin ship with the final team that you
didn’t pick for the other two missions.

Start fighting your way through this ship as you head to the Armory. There will
be a segment where you have to defend your homies momentarily, so do that.
Then continue to push your way to the armory. In there, you will get new and
improved and awesome Power Armor.


Epic. Simply freaking epic.

Sprint out of the ship and jump down into the tunnel. Avoid the lasers to the
best of your ability. Then the blast shields will close. Land on the shields
and rush through the first door marked with a blue objective marker. This power
armor is loaded with a suite of awesome abilities, so use them to mow down all
of the enemies in your way in the next halls.

Fight your way to the conduits, which are marked on your HUD as red objective
markers. Overload them with your spiffy new powers and then escape from here
by rushing back to the area marked by the blue objective marker. The blast
shields will be open again, so you are free to freefall down the tunnel.

This time there won’t be any lasers to avoid, but there will be a bunch of
loose debris to avoid. Then do what the game says:  be a badass. Time to
confront the big bad. Too bad Zinyak has his own power armor…

For the first part of this battle, run around the arena and avoid Zinyak’s
attacks while constantly firing at him. If you need some relief, there are
covers here and there that you can utilize to avoid taking damage.

After his health has been drained a bit, Zinyak will hide behind a large force
field. To bypass the forcefield, grab the explosive CIDs and pick them up with
your telekinesis. Throw them through the forcefield and then they will connect
with Zinyak to deal damage to him.

Do this enough and Zinyak will summon a bunch of minions using the portals.
Kill all of these guys and blow up the portals as well. Eventually, CID will
notify you that he has disabled the shield generators, so they are ripe for
destruction by you. Head to each one, wipe out the enemies protecting them, and
then disable them one by one.

When the shields are down, you can now focus your attention back on Zinyak.
When his health bar is completely depleted, he will be knocked out of his
power armor. At that point, a series of QTEs will occur. Perform the QTEs
correctly to defeat Zinyak for good.

To Top

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03. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Saints Row IV for the PlayStation 3, Xbox
360, and PC!

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