Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Revealed [Editorial]

Diablo III

Blizzard has officially revealed the upcoming Diablo III expansion pack known as Reaper of Souls. At the Gamescom 2013 conference, Game Director Josh Mosquiera introduced new features of the game. This includes a new class, new act, enemies and looting system.

Reigning Boss

The brand-new act of Diablo III presents Malthael, a fallen angel. In the cinematic trailer, Malthael seized the black soulstone, a magical rock that houses Diablo. He also happens to be the head of all fallen angels. The Boss works to reap the souls of humans and also control angels and demons. Blizzard foretold that this new expansion pack will be “darker” compared to the last one. For sure, but siphoning souls and turning humans into undead isn’t that dark as it looks. Aside from the boss, there are other new formidable foes like Seraphs, Summoners of the Dead, Executioners and Fallen Angels. The adventure will start at Westmarch, a seemingly Gothic environment which was something expected.

The New Class

The Crusader is the newest class in Diablo III, a holy knight and descendant of Diablo II’s Paladin. A small special force of Paladins went East on a secret mission while most of them went West, culminating the founding of Westmarch. Now the Crusaders are back from their big trip and so as the dark force – clashing once more.

The new class is a mid-range melee type hero. The look is somewhat a knight in shining armor mixed with a spark of war ethos. The game director described it like a tank in human form or a war machine in modern term. Crusaders are equipped in heavy armor with a center shield and flail. Core part of its weaponry are the armor itself and of course the shield. It can cast spells in mid-range giving burst damage to enemies in groups.

Some of the skills of this new class are Shield Bash, Fist of the Heavens, Falling Sword, Punish, Consecration and Shield Glare. I find Falling Sword a best seller and turn-on – the Crusader turns into a bolt of dashing lightning like holy wrath from the heavens swarming enemies to dust.

Loot System, End-game content & New Artisan

An overhauled loot system has been established known as Loot 2.0. The game will give you fewer items to loot but have greater quality. This prevents mass looting of useless items which is a good thing. There’s also this “Smart Drop” feature where players get a percentage of looting legendary items of their own class. These implementations changes the same-old looting system of most games these days.

Blizzard has also worked on a type of endgame option in this new expansion. This includes the Loot Runs and an upgrade to the Paragon System. In Loot Runs, players will be placed in random dungeons/places with randomized monsters running for about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. This allows you to slay tons of monsters while looting items. On the other hand, the Paragon System now has no Paragon level cap. It brings no restriction to the tweaking of stats to any of your characters using the paragon points. Yes, the improved Paragon System is account-wide.

A new artisan unveils as the mystic. She is able to re-roll affixed stats in an item which can lead to improvements. Part from the transmogrifying, it also changes the appearance. Lastly, the mystic has the ability to enchant items.

Yay or Nay?

I hate to break the hearts of Diablo III fans but this game is not for me. I find the previous Diablo game more exciting. Yeah graphics were totally out of league compared to this one but look closely and you’d notice a serious rip-off from the past – same old story plot and expected twists. And there’s one thing I bat with this new expansion pack, why only one new class? Seriously Blizzard? As to the current situation, I see this expansion pack small and limited. I could skip a heartbeat if more classes were available.

!!NOTE: Blizzard has yet to announce the release date of the game. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here’s the cinematic trailer of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Enjoy!

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  1. avatar Justice says:

    Blizzard gives less than what they gain. I’ll pass this one.