Heroes War Walkthrough [Guide]

Heroes War

If you want a Final Fantasy-esque game with enchanting characters, a wide roster of fighters, and some mentally stimulating gameplay without all the roaming around and cutscenes, then Heroes War would definitely be up your alley. Boasting stunning and beautifully drawn characters, there are a lot of things to do when it comes to customizing your party in order to make the most formidable fighting team available. There are also a lot of places where combat would take place, so there’s no excuse for you to not be in your best fighting form. Do you think that you’ve got what it takes? Play Heroes War and find out.

Heroes War is an RPG type fighting game that has multiple characters that can be recruited and added to your army of fighters. Players must then take on other teams as well as monsters in order to find the ultimate group of fighters. Characters must be leveled up individually, and they can also be equipped with powerful weapons and equipment. Battle is turn based and can also be automated in most cases. Each battle will bring you closer to better items and equipment that you can use to face bigger and better challenges.

Neostones and gold are the two currencies at play within Heroes War. In most cases, either of the two currencies can be used to purchase equipment, potions, and other items from the store. Gold and Neostones can also be used to recruit new fighters for your team. Gold is needed for training characters so that they can level up without you having to fight, while Neostones can be used to speed up training, purchase premium items, as well as refill energy and stamina instantly. Both Neostones and gold can be won by winning fights, although Neostones will come by much more rarely. Both currencies can also be acquired via in-app purchases. In addition, Silvia will also provide you with some gold every few hours, so make sure to collect these whenever they become available.

It is very important to have a lot of high level fighters in your group. Each fighter has their own special moves and abilities, some of which can only be accessed when they level up. Each fighter also has their own stamina that they will have to spend in order to participate in fights. This, however, will be replenished over time and can also be refilled using Neostones.

Players can recruit additional fighters using Neostones or gold. It is advisable to have lots of fighters so that different combinations can be made in order to suit different types of situations, and in order to be able to participate in more fights. In addition, fighters can also be trained using gold so that they will level up, further increasing their base abilities and possibly learning new skills, and can be equipped with different items so that they will have stronger attributes, making them more formidable in a fight.

Different types of equipment can be purchased, acquired, or crafted so that they can be used by your fighters. Equipment may be shared by all fighters, but only one can equip them at a time. There are slots where players can use this equipment, and these can also be unequipped or sold. In addition, equipment can also be powered up using gold. The resulting effect would be an item with a higher stat and may also possess special abilities at certain levels.

A special type of item is called a runestone, and although this can also be collected as a reward, the usual way to get them is via crafting. Crafting will require gold as well as items that are dropped by enemies once you have defeated them. Runestones provide boosts and buffs that are often not available through regular equipment. Crafting will also award players with craft points which would allow players to create even more powerful runestones that they can equip. Equipping the right items and runestones is very important especially during tougher fights.

Aside from equipment, players may also purchase different items in the store using either gold, Neostones, or real cash. These include Treasure Boxes that yield superior items, boosts that will provide you with higher XP or cash for a limited time, as well as potions that will revive or regenerate the HP of your fighters during combat. There are also instances where other resources such as keys and medals that can be acquired through PvP battles and other means.

Missions will require energy to participate in. There are also a specific number of characters that can join a single fight. Players can control moves manually, or they can click on the fast forward button to see instant results. Players would have to complete a certain mission a specific number of times in order for the next mission to open up. Each win will provide bigger rewards, and new areas would also be made accessible once missions have been cleared.

In battle, it is very important to make sure that each move from your fighters count. Depending on the skill, there are certain situations where specific moves work best. Also, it would be best to concentrate all of your offense towards one enemy so that they will have less opportunities to damage you. Using items to make sure that your fighters are in tip top condition are important, and a good strategy would be to use equipment or abilities that can provide you with good status effects as well as inflict negative effects such as poison or lower accuracy on enemies.

Aside from missions, players can also battle other players online through the PvP function. Players can choose which player or team they would like to fight with, and this would cost stamina which, like energy, can be refilled instantly using Neostones and can also be replenished over time. PvP battles function more or less the same as mission battles, but bigger rewards are provided each time a players wins three consecutive matches.

Dungeons are events that are only available for a limited time. Dungeons function like missions, such that they use up energy and players must battle up the hierarchy. Each dungeon, when won, will provide players with rewards, often in the form of equipment. However, players can choose to forfeit these rewards and go to the next mission within the dungeon set for the chance to win even better items. Players should make their choices carefully as previously won dungeons cannot be replayed again.

In Dungeons, players may also opt to ask for the assistance of other players. This will give you a much higher chance of winning and you would also get to share rewards for the assist. Players must connect the game to their Facebook account or their Com2Us account in order to use this particular feature.

Quests are objectives that the player can achieve in order to collect rewards. Many quests can be available at one time, and more will open up once others have been accomplished. Tasks may include completing a particular mission, having a character reach a specific level, asking friends for help in dungeons, and many more. Usual rewards for completing quests are gold, so this is a pretty easy way to earn some free currency, especially since most of the rewards here can be accomplished through regular play anyway.


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