Terra Monsters Walkthrough [Guide]

Terra Monsters

Imagine a world where creatures can be trained to fight by your side. You can go on quests and capture wild monsters, or battle other trainers with creatures of their own. It’s not Pokemon, but it is pretty close. Terra Monsters is a battle game where you can collect tons of pets and pit them against others in intense combat. Along the way, you can perform quests in order to help those around you and to improve our reputation as the best Terra Rancher around. The question is, can you “Catch them all”? This guide will help you out in doing just that.

Terra Monsters is an RPG, monster collection type game where players can capture monsters and control them in combat. Each monster has certain capabilities that will make them more efficient in different combat situations, and it is up to the player to raise them to formidable levels in order to keep up with increasingly powerful monsters, either found in the wild or controlled by other trainers. Players can then capture or purchase other creatures in order to improve their frontline, which is very necessary as your first monsters might not be able to handle all challenges along the way.

Gold and gems are the currencies available in the world of Terra monsters. Gold can be used to purchase items such as food, potions, crystals, and many more, while gems are used for purchasing special monsters, evostones that can help evolve your monsters, and other special items that would otherwise not be available to you. Gold is earned usually by completing quests and by winning fights, but gems can only be acquired via in-app purchases.

There are several monsters that you can collect and use in combat. Monsters can belong to one of seven affinities, namely Fire, Water, Ice, Air, Electricity, Ice, and Arcane. Elemental monsters can be effective against certain elements will weak against others, so planning is absolutely essential with regards to your lineup. Monsters also have their own respective abilities, so knowing each monster’s capabilities is also a must.

There are several ways by which you can acquire monsters. Like at the start of the game, some monsters might be given to you, while most monsters must be captured in the wild using crystals. Lastly, players may also purchase special monsters using premium currency. Once acquired, players can use their monsters in fights and make them level up. Leveling up will increase the monster’s attributes and might also cause them to learn new skills.

Monsters will also be awarded with talent points whenever they level up. This can be spent on giving your monsters attribute boosts such as increase damage or resistance. Certain slots cannot be accessed, however, unless previous skills have been upgraded first.

Players can bring up to three monsters in battle. Players would them take turns making moves in order to knock out or capture the enemies. Combat can take place randomly or can be triggered by talking to NPCs, so it would be wise to always have your best monsters equipped at all situations. In battle, players can either attack, make buffs, feed enemies, use items, or try to capture monsters. Players may also switch between their lineups, although certain actions will forfeit their move. Players can also choose to escape from the fight, although some situations will not make this possible.

With regards to moves, attacks normally would require players to use a wheel in order to measure attack damage and accuracy. Players must then time their taps so that the wheel will stop at the maximum level for optimum attack. Stronger attacks, however, will require more energy, so choosing the right attacks is a must. Also, some monsters will have special moves such as inflicting poison, increasing offensive or defensive skills, confusing opponents, and many more. These moves might also require energy while some would not.

Players will win the fight if all enemies have been knocked out or captured, or if all monsters on your side have been knocked out. Only monsters that have participated in the fight will also earn experience points, and both health and energy must be refilled either through the use of items or by spending time in the ranch.

Capturing Monsters
Weak monsters are more susceptible to being captured. Once captured, monsters can now be controlled and added to your lineup. In order to capture monsters, crystals must be used. There are many kinds of crystals such as basic ones, crystals that work best with certain elements, as well as crystals that can work a hundred percent of the time. However, monsters with trainers cannot be captured.

Like attacks, players must play a mini game in order to capture monsters. The gauge can effectively be slowed down by significantly weakening the monster as well as by feeding it food that will lower its resistance for easier capture.

The store is where players will be able to purchase a lot of items that will be able to help them in their quest. These include additional currencies, monsters, boosts that will provide your monsters with upgrades for a limited period of time, potions that can revive or regenerate your monsters’ HP, food, crystals, and many more. Most of these items, however, can be picked up from drops by fallen monsters or via awards from quests, so it would be wise to save up on your gold and jewels and making sure that you are making a wise purchase.

The Ranch
The ranch is where players are able to maintain their monsters. Here, players can change their lineup and have other monsters rest, replenishing their health and energy. Players may also maintain skills by spending talent points. Also, the ranch serves as an easy way for players to return to the nearest town, especially if you do not want to travel by foot. Players can also release monsters back into the wild should they choose to do so.

There are two types of quests in Terra Monsters. Gold quests are important to push the story forward while silver quests are optional. Most quests will require players to perform tasks such as speaking to people in the town, capturing monsters, collecting items, and defeating different monsters. Players will be able to get some big rewards by completing quests, so players must find and prioritize these tasks whenever they could.


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