Cloudberry Kingdom [Review]


There have been plenty of difficult platformers in recent years that joined the hit Super Meat Boy, like I Wanna Be The Guy, VVVVVV, Spelunky, and so on. Plenty of players hate them for being sadistic and cruel, while others become avid fans and continue to push their own gaming boundaries by playing them more and more. Cloudberry Kingdom joins the ranks of these difficult puzzle platformers that seperate the hardcore from the casual.

Cloudberry Kingdom by Pwnee Studios is a 2D platformer with an appearance that disguises its viciousness. The premise for the gameplay is rather simple, just get from start to finish by jumping over gaps and obstacles. The only catch is that each level is randomly generated and they get progressively more difficult as you continue. Upon opening the game, you are greeted by an introduction featuring some of the most insane levels you’ll ever see in any platformer (perhaps except I Wanna Be The Guy).

When you do start the game, the menus seem quite straightforward and bring you to your preferred game mode, either single or multiplayer. By default, you play as Bob, but you can also create your own character for traversing the levels with a unique look, whether you want to look really wacky or have a top hat, monocle, and mustache on for kicks. You then proceed to playing the game with simple controls and understanding how the obstacles work. Dying after spending all of your lives means game over, and you are gauged by how many levels you’ve completed.

The levels are procedurally generated as you complete more of them, making use of a set of algorithms that determine how . The difficulty increases potentially infinitely, providing endless challenge for those who are really into hard puzzle platformers. If you’re a player who had finished games like Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV with gusto, then Cloudberry Kingdom may be really good for you. For most of the time, you might want to tear your hair out due to how difficult the game is. But whenever you complete a level, especially if you get a Perfect, then it feels really satisfying. Due to the difficulty, Cloudberry Kingdom can be an immensely rewarding experience whenever you beat a level, which makes it addictive for those who are brave enough to proceed.

But despite this intimidating impression, this game has what is perhaps one of the best progressions in any game. While it’s really difficult, it starts you off on easy levels and lets you see that it’s not an impossible game. Once you start catching on, then it ramps it up and gives you more obstacles to overcome. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself going through the really tough ones like in the intro. Despite the difficulty, it’s not impossible to see the patterns in the levels as that’s the point of this game anyway. It’s all about getting the timing down in jumping over gaps and obstacles

Some may think that with all the swinging obstacles and the overall look of the game, there is a lack of overall visual cohesiveness and personality may not be to the liking of some gamers. But its biggest weakness is also its strength, as its difficulty is not for those who think that playing such a punishing game is masochistic. At the very least, at least players can’t blame deaths on the controls, which is usually the case that makes for casualties in controllers.

Overall, this is a pretty solid platformer that does hold up and is good in any platform you play it. Just make sure that if you’re playing this game, you use your cheaper controllers if you’re prone to gamer rage.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 8.5/10


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