DuckTales Remastered [Review]


One of the classics during the time when the Nintendo Entertainment System was dominating the gaming world was Capcom’s DuckTales, inspired by the Disney cartoon series. Gamers who grew up during the 8-bit and 16-bit era would call up this game as a part of their childhoods, so to have an HD remastered version of it is enough to make them want to buy this game. Of course, remakes aren’t guaranteed to be instantly excellent, as history does teach us. The question now is if DuckTales has aged well in this Remastered version.

DuckTales Remastered is the work of WayForward Technologies, who employed their skills to bring the old game back to life in HD, along with the original voice cast reprising their roles to give this game an even greater appeal for old and new fans alike.

This game does feel a lot like the DuckTales game of old, still the great platforming action that was brought to the NES. But with the improved visuals and additional content, the game has definitely become even more appealing. For those who have played the old game and now playing this one after many years, it could be the pleasurable sense of nostalgia coupled with some feeling of bewilderment with the new things added into the good old game.

The platforming gameplay is still pretty much like the old game, with smooth and responsive controls that hinder little. Perhaps it’s just that DuckTales hasn’t stood the test of time like with other action platformers as it had been limited by the technology of that time, so remaking it to stay faithful to the original meant that it must take those inherent deficiencies with it, even if there is technology to add more stuff to it. Fans of the game may have thrown fits if there were drastic modifications to the gameplay.

Whatever was added here though came mostly in the presentation. The graphics are the most evident change as everything is crisp and detailed now, and the animations are very smooth. You can really see the characters now, which is great for those who were fans of the cartoons. There are also cinematic cutscenes that flesh out the story more this time, and it could be a good thing for those who weren’t really that familiar with DuckTales and most of the classic Disney characters.

But the biggest complaint about this game though is just that, in how it has been so bogged down by those aforementioned cutscenes, which only serve to interrupt the flow of the platforming action. There may have been no real need to flesh out the story of a DuckTales game since most people who would be interested in playing this game have watched the animated series anyway and are familiar with the Disney characters. They do mean well, but with the gameplay being broken up constantly, it gets annoying soon enough.

Perhaps what they were trying to do here was to recapture the magic of the DuckTales cartoons, which was a big part of a lot of fans’ childhoods. They did bring some great voice acting and music that the original game definitely didn’t have due to the limitations of the technology at that time. It’s just too bad with the intermittent gameplay since it would have been such a wonderful classic platformer with improved visuals that could have captured the imagination of both longtime and relatively new fans.

Tested in PC. Final Score: 8/10


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