Gold Diggers Walkthrough [Guide]

Gold Diggers

If you’ve got to dig through the center of the Earth, then you should definitely do it in style. Gold Diggers is a fun and very exhilarating game that lets you do just that. But beware, as there are lots of dangers ahead. This game will require some quick reflexes and nimble fingers in order to reach the farthest and deepest distances possible while collecting that all important gold. Here’s your guide to make Gold Diggers a much easier game to pick up.

Gold Diggers is an endless runner type game where players will have to dig through the ground using a rudimentary mining vehicle. Along the way, players will encounter dangers such as flames, worms, as well as a gigantic creature that will swallow them from above. Players must thus be able to maneuver through and around these obstacles by changing your vehicle’s movement with your finger. Players are given three lives, signified by the segments of the craft that they are driving. Should the vehicle get damaged, a segment will fall off. Once all segments are destroyed, then the current run will end.

The game also switches between two types of gameplay, one where movement is more fluid within the ground, while the other transports the player along three sets of rails, and players must transfer from one line to another in order to avoid plunging towards the bottom. The farther the player goes, the faster the vehicle goes, and the more difficult and elaborate the obstacles and enemies become.

The main currency within Gold Diggers is, obviously, gold. Gold can be collected during your runs, and you will also be rewarded with gold once missions have been completed and cleared. In addition, additional gold may also be acquired via in-app purchases.

Gold can be used to purchase aesthetic enhancements to your vehicle, as well as upgrades to powerups that you can acquire during the game. Gold can also be used to purchase new characters that will provide specific buffs that will allow you to run for much longer and collect more coins. Players may look at the store for all the items that are available for purchase or upgrade.

Several powerups may be collected throughout the game. These include magnets that will automatically attract gold within range, shields that will protect you against damage, guns that will allow you to shoot at and destroy obstacles, and many more. Spending coins on upgrades will allow you to increase their effectiveness as well as the duration of their effect.

Missions are objectives that can be achieved during a run. These may include having a specific number of near misses, traveling a minimum distance, or collecting a certain number of gold. By completing these objectives, the game will reward you with gold bonuses. Some of these missions may be achieved naturally, but some would require players to drastically alter their style of play to accomplish. Players should check on the Missions page for objectives to complete, as this is one of the easiest ways to earn a lot of gold without having to collect them in-game. It is also important to note that players cannot collect rewards from previously completed missions.

The Gold Mine
From time to time, floating coins may be found during your run. Collecting these will add a few seconds to your access to the gold mine, which can tap at in exchange for gold at the end of each run. Players will only be given a few seconds to do this, and they can maximize the gold that they acquire by using multiple fingers while tapping. The more times the mine is tapped, the more gold you will be able to collect.


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