Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer [Review]


Crime mysteries are always a good source of inspiration for games. Max Payne, LA Noire, and so on are classics in their own right, but it’s perhaps in the mobile platform where it can really shine. Adventure games for mobile devices are quite welcome, and Righteous Kill 2 is one such game that is worth trying out to find out if this is true in your case.

Righteous Kill 2 is the follow-up to the first Righteous Kill by G5 Entertainment, a prolific maker and publisher of hidden object adventure games for the iOS. The story here is about Erica, a female NYPD investigator in pursuit of the Poet Killer, a murderer who leaves poems on the bodies of his victims as his calling card. This is hidden object game that just had you pixel-hunting from start to finish, and there wasn’t much adventure to be had.

There is still hidden object portions in this game since you have to help Erica find clues in order to catch up to the Poet Killer. Visually, this game looks fairly alright, with the in-game interface on the left part of the screen. The stuff you do see on the right are the hidden object and adventure parts of the game with well-designed environments that makes everything look clear without being too telling. It does seem a bit more refined than that of its predecessor, which had a slightly messier looking interface.

Aside from looking around for things listed on checklists, you also have puzzles and such to sort through in order to solve the case and catch the murdering baddie. They’re various investigation stuff like dusting fingerprints, piecing torn documents back together, and so on to accompany the other puzzles and tons of looking around. Since the interface looks and feels straightforward, then you don’t have to worry too much about forgetting what to do at the moment or lose something that’s crucial.

Compared with other recent G5 titles like Twin Moons and Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends, this game seems a bit less elegant. It’s not too bad with both the story and gameplay considered, but it’s not as refined compared to its counterparts though. In their last few releases, G5 Entertainment may have had a bit of a change of heart in that they started to focus more on other aspects of gameplay and less on the hidden object parts.

Righteous Kill 2 has a lot more of that though than most other games, which isn’t that bad for hidden object game fans. However, for those who may not be that partial to pixel-hunting in a game, then this may not be for you. If you wish to get the full game, it’ll cost you $6.99. However, you can download it for free and try it out to see if you’ll like it. It’s quite a purchase with a relatively big price tag for a hidden object game, but it could be worth the price if you like a bit of drama and mystery in your mobile games.

Tested in iOS. Final Score: 7/10


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