Telekinesis Kyle Walkthrough [Guide]

Telekenisis Kyle

You’ve got superpowers. You’ve been invited to study in a school for children with special gifts, which turned out to be an evil organization that aims to use your abilities for world domination. Such is the premise of Telekinesis Kyle, and what players can get to expect is a different kind of puzzle game that will stimulate your mind in a different way. The game offers various challenges, and this guide will help you figure out some of the basic stuff that you might expect.

Telekinesis Kyle is a puzzle game where players must navigate the eponymous Kyle towards the exist in each stage. To do this, players must use Kyle’s powers in order to reach the exit, and this is done by moving things around with his mind. Scores will be based on the time needed to finish the puzzle, as well as on the total amount of energy used. There are limitations to using Kyle’s powers, though, and this is discussed more in the tips and tricks section of this guide.

Challenges are divided into missions, and the game will reward players with stars depending on how well they performed. Succeeding missions will open up once current ones have been completed, although new sets of missions will only be unlocked once a set number of stars have been acquired. Thus, it is recommended that players return to previous missions in order to complete the required number of stars that you should get.

Tips and Tricks
In order to make the most out of your game, it is very important to understand how Kyle’s telekinesis works. The player can move almost any object that is not nailed down, which includes boxes, switches, and gears that can activate other machinery. It doesn’t matter if there is no clear path to the object or if the item is far away, as Kyle can still move them.

Heavier objects will use up more energy, however, and initial attempts to move these will result in failure. In order to lift more challenging objects, players must charge Kyle’s “mind meter” first, or else these objects might fall down while you are moving them.  Some objects also are immune to Kyle’s abilities. These objects are colored in violet, and Kyle must be next to these items before they can be activated.

It is also important to note that players can move more than one item at a time. If an item is left in mid-air, it will float. This is important especially when players would need to devise stairways out of these items. With this, Kyle can only move left or right, but they can jump up or down on top of objects for as long as they are at about Kyle’s eye level. Another thing to take consideration of is that players cannot levitate items that Kyle is standing on which means that you cannot use boxes as a flying carpet of sorts.

Certain obstacles like spikes and lasers should be avoided, as letting Kyle get hit or fall down on these objects will force players to restart the level. Metal boxes are good items to use against lasers, while boxes can be floated over spikes so that Kyle can safely cross these dangers.

Players can also use either the touchscreen or virtual control stick to move items around. This can be changed in the settings at anytime. In addition, players can look around the entire stage by swiping at the screen using two fingers. This method will allow you to look around the puzzle for items that you can use in order to find the solution to the problem easier.


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