The Mouth of Madness Walkthrough [Guide]


Taking care of your teeth is a daily requirement, but oral hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects of human nature. You’ll definitely be thinking twice once you play The Mouth of Madness, though, and this might even cause you to make a visit to your local dentist after just a few rounds. Combining some very unique visuals as well as an addictive Fruit Ninja style of play, you’ll look at the dangers of poor mouth care in a very different way after seeing different kinds of oral baddies. Are you ready to take care of your teeth to a whole new level? Then read this guide and prepare to enter The Mouth of Madness.

The Mouth of Madness is an arcade style game where players will have to swipe at enemies before they damage your teeth beyond repair. Enemies will be appearing from all sides, and players must have sharp reflexes and slash at them before they do any damage. Different enemies will have different attack patterns as well as recommended methods of elimination, so players must choose carefully on how they would approach each strike.

The main objective of the game is to keep your teeth in relatively healthy health by destroying all enemies as well as picking up the occasional powerup to help regenerate your teeth’s health. Players would also get to score points by doing this. There are two game modes, although the objective remains constant all throughout.

There are many different types of enemies that will be encountered, and it would require different strategies to dispose of each one as regular wipes might not work for the better. Here is a list of enemies that players would encounter.

The Tooth Splitter and Excaliburn are two basic types of enemies and are relatively easy to defeat. After appearing, they will take some time before launching their attack, so you can wait until many appear so that you can slice at them with one stroke, giving you extra points in the process.

The Brute Canal is a type of monster that is encased in armor. Its weak spot is its waist, which will be exposed once the Brute Canal gets ready to attack. Swiping at this section will destroy the monster quite easily. Bubonic plaques, on the other hand, will attach themselves to the teeth and will deal a lot of damage until they are removed. This will take a lot of swipes, and it is recommended that you concentrate your offense of them once they appear.

Germanias are small, and they can spew projectiles that deal damage to the teeth. Precise swiping is necessary to get rid of these characters. Nosferatooth also comes out initially in bat form and can be difficult to strike, it will then transform into a vampire like creature that will suck at your teeth. It’s weak spot is its heart, and a few swipes in that location will take down this creature.

Billy the Bicuspid is another enemy that shoots projectile. Though relatively easy to defeat, players will have to strike at its shots in order to avoid getting damaged too severely. Miss T Fairy, once on screen, can serve as both a blessing and a curse. In her green form, Miss T Fairy can help regenerate your teeth’s health, but she will attack should she transform in her green form. Thus, players should be patient whenever this creature appears. Lastly, Catoothlu is a character that packs a punch, but striking at his weak spot, his one tooth, is the way to go if you want to get rid of this enemy fast.

Kitty Boom Boom is another creature that appears randomly. This character does not intend to do you harm, but swiping at him will have dire consequences, as doing this will damage your teeth heavily as well as decrease the score that you have been racking up. Because of this, make sure that you swipe carefully and not just decide to strike at anything that moves.

Game Modes
The Mouth of Madness offers two game modes, namely Survival and Timed. In Survival mode, the goal of the game is to keep your teeth as healthy for as long as you can, while Timed Mode challenges the player to get the highest score possible until the timer runs out. Gameplay remains pretty much the same,, but with Survival Mode, the difficulty goes up the longer you survive. Both game modes also provides four difficult levels that the player can choose from.

Tips and Tricks
Making long swipes and lining up enemies is the best way to earn multipliers and getting the highest score possible. Players can trace their fingers along the screen to strike at enemies even if they are not in a straight line, allowing them to destroy more enemies with a few moves.

Patience is also definitely a virtue when it comes to The Mouth of Madness, while there are enemies, such as the Bubonic Plaque and Nosferatooth, that you should definitely strike down once they appear, hitting the wrong creature will definitely give you a problem. Miss T Fairy can help you out as much as she can attack, but waiting for a few seconds to know her intentions will certainly help you out in the long run.

However, you should never ever hurt Kitty Boom Boom. In Survival Mode, killing the cat will severely damage your teeth, while in Timed Mode, this will cause your screen to turn white and prevent you from making any moves while taking out a significant chunk of your score in the process.

While achievements do not really reward players with anything, the sense of completion is a reward in and of itself. Achievements include destroying a certain amount of a specific enemy type, lasting for a certain time, and even playing a game under a certain difficulty level. Players can check up on the achievements that they can complete as well as on the ones that they have not done yet by visiting Game Center.


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