Lost Planet 3 [Guide]

Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 takes Capcom’s franchise back into the cold, set long before the
events of the first game. Take on the native Akrid threat and explore the
planet of EDN III with this walkthrough!

Lost Planet 3
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

03. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Jim is the new guy at his job on the planet EDN III. Working for the NEVEC
corporation, Jim is tasked with using his mech to complete various tasks and
harvest T-Energy, but a more sinister plot lingers in the shadows.

LT – Aim
LB – Grappling Hook
RB – Grenades
RT – Fire
LS – Move
RS – Camera/Melee
D-pad (up) – Objective Marker
Y – Switch Weapon
Y (hold) – Switch to Pistol
X – Reload
B – Action
A – Dodge
BACK – Jobs Log
START – Pause
For the sake of simplicity, I separated this guide out into three different
“parts” in order to make it easier to follow. These segments of the game are
separated out in arbitrarily, for the most part. Whenever I indicate that it is
a new “part” of the game, that means that something significant has happened in
the story.

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02. Walkthrough
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Go through the tutorial stuff that pops up on the screen. It’s just the basic
stuff of teaching you how to move and bring up the mission screen (done by
pressing “BACK” by the way, “SELECT” if you are playing the PS3 version of
the game).

For now, the path is extremely linear. Just keep moving forward until you
come across a strange creature. Then kill it by pulling RT. Kill the other
creature here as well and then continue down the linear path. A short scene
will play, and you will find youself surrounded by a bunch more of these
creatures inside of a cavern.

Back up and with your back against the wall, shoot all of them as they rush
you. When they’re dead, gather up all the T-Energy that they drop and exit the
cavern. Outside, the transponder will be found. Approach it to initiate a
short scene, and when the scene is over, a bunch of those creepy looking
enemies from earlier will begin stampeding over your head.

Aim over the cover by pulling LT and blast the creatures as they rush your
position. Take a few out if you wish, but you can otherwise just hang tight and
wait for them to pass. I just tell you to pull LT and peak over the cover to
get the tutorial text out of the way.

Larger creatures will then show up. Take some shots at them if you’d like, but
eventually one will tackle you to the ground. Mash on the A button to complete
this QTE segment, and then Laroche will save you anyway with his giant mech
hand. Ah, giant mech hands. So handy.

Get up and then head toward this next objective marker, following Laroche. The
snow will cover the screen to the point that you can’t see anything else and
that will mark the end of the first mission.

Once the drilling begins, the Akrid come out to play. It’s just the same
creatures you’ve been dealing with since the very start of the game, the weaker
variety. Kill all of them and completely clear the area of their presence,
being sure to grab the T-Energy that they drop while doing it.

The drill will need some repairs at this point, so go over to its position.
Hold X to initiate the repair process. Use the left and right analog sticks to
repair the drill, which is done by finding the “frequencies”, which you can
ascertain when the markers become bright blue in color. Hold them in position
here and the drill will be successfully repaired.

At that point, it’s just a matter of returning to the transport. There are
more Akrid that show up, but killing them is optional. I recommend doing it
anyway for the T-Energy, but it’s up to you in the long run. Return to the
transport when ready to leave.

After the cut-scene, head down the hall, following the objective markers.
Remember, you can bring up smaller objective markers using the d-pad that
will basically lead you directly to your objectives. Sort of a “bread crumb”
situation. Anyway, bring up the Job Log when it asks by pressing BACK, which is
something we already covered earlier in the guide.

Proceed to the elevator. Your Job Log is what would’ve let you know which floor
to go to because it makes mention that Gale is located in the basement. Ride
the elevator to the basement level to speak with Gale. Then it’s time to head
to the armory.

Go there now and speak with the Quartermaster. Don’t worry about the elevator
right now because the armory is located on the basement level. Purchase a
hunting knife from him. If you have the left-over T-Energy, then purchase a
shotgun as well, and then anything else you may want to buy.

Now go to the elevator. Select the Main Deck, because that is where your rig is
located. Before actually using the rig, Gale insists on a few tests to make
sure it is in tip-top shape. Oblige him. Press LT to use the claw. Press X to
swing the rig’s right arm. Hold RT to use the drill, and take a defensive
stance by pressing RB.

Leave the Coronis in the rig. Follow the objective markers inside of your
mech and you will eventually reach a Fuel Depot. Inside of this depot will be
the destroyed rig of Laroche. Follow the pieces of the destroyed rig until
you come across a small set of stairs.

Exit the rig by pressing B. Then move down the stairs. Kill the Akrid that
attack. If you purchased the shotgun, the game will now tell you to switch
weapons by pressing Y. To switch back from the shotgun to the pistol, you may
actually need to hold Y instead of pressing it.

Anyway, approach Laroche and speak with him. Doing so will summon two large
Akrid with weak points on their tail, as well as the smaller Akrid that we have
mainly been dealing with up to this point in the game.

In case you didn’t notice, the rig actually gave you grenades when you got out
of it earlier. Hit one of the larger Akrid with a grenade head on. This will
cause it to flip onto its back. Equip the shotgun if you have it, then rush
behind it and start firing at its weakpoint. It may take a while with the
pistol, but with the shotgun, the thing will die after just a couple of blasts.

Obviously, repeat this process with the other Akrid. Then take out the smaller
ones and receive your new orders.

From Laroche, follow the Akrid into the cave. This cave will introduce a few
new hazards to be aware of, with the first being exploding sacs that the
Akrid produce. Getting too close to these causes them to detonate, so shoot
them from a safe distance, or roll through rooms with them by pushing toward
the exit with the left analog stick and mashing the A button to keep yourself
rolling, hopefully avoiding the blasts in the process.

The smaller Akrid will be in this cave a lot as you move through it, and they
will constantly spawn because of the large creatures on the walls that keep
spitting them out. There are a couple of ways to deal with these things. One,
if you have the shotgun purchased, just run up to them and blast them three or
four times to kill them. Two, if you have grenades, wait for it to spit out an
Akrid and then chuck a grenade into its maw to kill it.

The end of this cavern will have the T-Energy Post. First shoot all the
explosive sacs that are surrounding it. If you’re lucky, a couple of Akrid
will be taken out by the explosions as well. Then turn your attention to the
Akrid spawner on the wall and kill it. Once the coast is clear, loot the chest
behind the T-Energy Post for some ammo and then hold B at the post to harvest
the T-Energy.

Now return to the rig. Just backtrack out of this cavern the way that you came
through it and keep moving toward the rig until you get a surprising radio

Return to the rig. Kill or ignore the Akrid on the way and then get inside of
it and backtrack to the Coronis. Go to the first storm mooring and then press
LT to use your claw arm to grab onto it. Rotate the left analog stick clockwise
to twist it into place.

Then head to the second moorning. Attempt to repeat the process. Something will
go wrong, requiring you to hop out of the mech and fix the problem. Press B to
get out of the mech and then approach the device on foot. Press X to start the
repair process, identical to how the drill was handled earlier.

After it’s fixed, get back into the rig and put the storm mooring in place as
it is supposed to be. Then go to the third one and you’ll have no troubles
putting that one in place.

Get back inside the Coronis. Dock the rig.

Use the elevator and go to the upper floor. Return to the control room and
talk with Braddock.

Return to the rig and then go back outside. You won’t have to walk long until
you reach the designated cliffside. Get out of the rig by pressing B, and then
approach the side of the cliff. Just roll over the side and Jim will
automatically use the grappling hook to hang off the side of it. Descend.

The pod is right there. Talk with the scientists inside it. When they’re done
talking, approach the life support module and repair it. Jim will notice a new
Akrid skitter off on the nearby cliff. Aim yourself toward the cliff and then
press LB to use the grappling hook to reach it.

Move against the cover here by tapping A. The new Akrid will type will then
spit explosives at you. Aim over the cover by pulling LT and start plugging
away at the Akrid. It will take more shots than the more common Akrid type we
have been dealing with so far, so it may be prudent to start using the shotgun
to kill them quicker.

After killing three or four of them, vault over the cover by pushing the left
analog stick forward and then holding the A button. More will come into the
room, so kill them as they come. Roll to avoid their explosives. Frozen in ice
on the cover in the center of the room is a “special component”, so blast it
with the pistol until the ice is broken and then gather the component by
pressing B.

Exit this small cavern and kill the Akrid on the outside. Then use the hook
to get up to the higher cliff and kill the Akrid here. Now it’s just a matter
of keep moving along the cliffsides, killing the Akrid, and using the hook to
reach the higher areas. Keep an eye for more frozen goodies lying about, such
as T-Energy canisters.

At the end of this cliffside exploration, you’ll find an audio log. Pick up the
log and then a new mission will be presented to you.

Return to the rig and then take it to the designated location. Keep walking
until an Emperor level storm freezes it. Then hop out of the mech. Some larger
Akrid will attack. Equip your most powerful gun, preferrably the SHOTGUN (if
you don’t have it yet, buy it the next time you get the chance), and keep the
enemies at bay.

When you’re not busy shooting Akrid, turn your attention to all the chunks of
ice covering the rig. Shoot the ice blocks to free the rig. Be aware of the
Akrid that will keep attacking, however, as you shoot all of the ice off of the

Get back inside the rig and walk it to the cavern. Then jump out of it and
start descending to the bottom. At the bottom, approach the site that is
designated for your first T-Energy post. A new type of Akrid will attack,
however, so first you need to deal with that.

This Akrid is the largest one encountered so far. It has two small tails and a
large mouth. It protects itself by keeping its mouth shut for the most part,
except when it rushes you, which is the opportunity to blast it or throw
grenades into its mouth.

A couple more will replace the current one. Defeat them in the same manner.
There is an ammo supply box on the ground here, plus you can retreat using the
grappling hook to find even more ammo to replenish your supply. When the coast
is clear, hold B to place the post.

To Top


Head to your rig and then head out into the snow like always. A damaged station
will be come across. There will be Akrid on the cliff that will attack. Kill
them first by smashing them with the drill arm, and then use the drill to
break the ice off the station. Twist the handle, and then move into the nearby
cave to enter Bailey’s Crossing.

A bunch of Akrid will attack here. Just keep moving toward the exact. Whenever
RB flashes on the screen, quickly press it to counter the attacks of the Akrid
when they jump at the mech. On the other side of this, you will get the suit
attached to the tram.

Unfortunately, the tram station is not working. That is because the generator
is in need of repair. Before doing that, kill the Akrid in the area. Then
repair the generator as you usually have done. Now go up the stairs and use
the console to flip the tram station online.

This will only activate one of them, as can be told by looking at the maps on
the walls. Go through the nearest cave after communicating back to HQ. Move
through the tunnel and then on the other side fight the Akrid. Use the hook on
the ledges and then at the top you will be able to leave the cave and then
be right in front of the second control station. Go inside and flip the

Now shimmy along the cliffside. Ignore the Akrid. It can’t get to you, so just
keep moving along the side of the cliff to the third control station and then
flip the switch there.

The way to the fourth station is much more dangerous. Move through the cave
as indicated by the objective markers and then Jim will be attacked by new
flying enemies. There is a trick to fighting them, and as you could probably
have guessed, it involves the shotgun.

Take out the initial ones that are being spawned. Wait for them to fly in close
and then blast them with the shotgun. They will blow up into a bunch of little
bug guts. Then use a grenade to blow up the spawner (or alternatively shoot it
with your shotgun) and move deeper into the cave.

This entire cave system is basically a series of fights against the flying
Akrid. If they manage to knock Jim down, you’re going to have to complete a
QTE not unlike the one that happened earlier in the first part of the game.
Mash on the A button and then aim the reticule on the screen to the center of
the flying Akrid creature. Then pull RT. This will need to be done multiple
times, and missing a swipe with the knife will reset the entire process. In
addition, you will need to occasionally tilt the left analog stick either left
or right depending on what direction the Akrid tries to swing its stinger at

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with that, though. Keep your shotgun
reloaded constantly and just blast them whenever they get close and you should
be golden. Whenever you reach a dead end with a spawner on the wall, that just
means the spawner needs killed for you to proceed deeper into the cave. When
the cave finally opens up, the next console will be in clear view. Use it, and
then use the grappling hook to ascend the cliffs and each the fifth control

Press the button here and then pull the lever to realign the tracks. Continue
through to the next cave. This cave is much shorter to move through. It will
open up to a much wider area with someone tampering with the relay! Run over
to the tampered device and repair it in the typical fashion. And then sit tight


There are a couple of caches of ammo lying around here, so grab them if you
are out of shotgun shells because you’re definitely going to need it for this
fight. The crab will try to smash you with its pincers if you get too close,
plus it will also back up and then charge at you. When it tries to use its
claws to smash you, press A and tilt the left analog stick in either direction
to dive out of the way and avoid getting hit.

When it gets one of its claws stuck in the snow, go behind the claw and shoot
the exposed orange meat of its claw repeatedly. Then retreat when it digs its
claw out of the snow and ice. Repeat the process until both of its claws have
been shot off.

It will now charge you still and use its pincers more often. It will also
scream a lot, which is the perfect opportunity to chuck a grenade into its maw.
Time a grenade throw so that you can toss one right into the beast’s mouth to
blow it up from the inside out. This will deal a considerable amount of damage
and cause it to collapse.

Go behind the crab and start shooting the ice on its back. Even when it gets
back up, just keep running behind it and keep shooting its back. Eventually,
you will expose the weakpoints on its back, and at that point, just keep up
getting behind and shooting it until it dies.

Now head into the station and get the station back online. Use the console,
grab the text audio log off the table, and then call for the rig. Go out and
retrieve the rig, and then head to the console. Grab the switch with LT and
then rotate the left analog stick until it is in place.

Another GIANT ENEMY CRAB will attack. The game will go into slow motion to
teach you how to fight it while inside the rig. Press RB when that button
flashes on the screen to counter its attack. Then hold LT to grab one of its
arms. Tilt the left analog stick up to raise the claw, and then aim the drill
at the orange weak point. Hold RT to use the drill on the crab’s arm. This time
it won’t come off, but it will soon enough.

Now just keep repeating the process until one of the arms is off. Then repeat
it for the second arm. Now you might as well hop out of the rig and fight it
on-foot as that will go faster. Use the same strategy as before, getting behind
it and shooting its back, until it is dead. If you need ammo, enter and then
exit the rig again to completely replenish your ammo supply. You can also
interact with the legs of the rig to access the armory, but that takes longer
and leaves you exposed to damage from the crab.

Return the rig to the dock.

Walk the rig through the snow until the canyon becomes too narrow for it. Hop
out and then continue onward.

After the paranoia-filled chat with Dr. Roman, it’s time to go test out the
new DNA Tagger attachment she upgraded your pistol with as well as the new
zipline attachment she added to the grappling hook. Take the mech and go down
the hill. Squash the Akrid along the way and hope out of the mech when you
reach the destination.

Kill any remaining Akrid, and then look up. There is a zipline leading into the
cave. Use the grappling hook to get on the platforming directly beneath the
zipline. Then use the zipline to get across into the subsequent cave.

Wipe out any Akrid in the area and the switch to the Tagger function by first
equipping your pistol and then holding X. Aim it at one of the egg sacs and
hold RT to scan its DNA. Now return to Dr. Roman.

Gale will need you to grab a component that was lost by Laroche out in the
snow. So hop back into your rig and head to the designated location. A bunch of
Akrid will attack as you move through a cave, but just push forward and avoid
fighting all of them. Counter their attacks as they jump on your rig to avoid
taking too much damage.

Inside the actual cave, kill all of the explosive-spitting Akrid there and
continue out of the other side. You’ll reach a point where the rig can’t
continue, so hop out. Use the grappling hook to get to the ledge and then
crawl underneath the pipe to find the component. Smash the ice here to find
even more components to gather up. If you are wanting to upgrade the rig
beyond the winch that Gale is going to add for free, be sure to grab these and
keep an eye out for them.

After you collect the winch upgrade part, a bunch of Akrid will descend onto
your location, all of the explosive-spitting variety. Kill them with the
shotgun. If you can, aim under the pipe and shoot them. That way you can
engage and take them out without even having to worry about taking any other
damage from them really.

Return to the rig and walk it all the way back to HQ. Dock it on the Main
Deck and go to the elevator. Take it down a floor and speak with Gale. He will
apply the Winch upgrade for free, but you can also upgrade the rig in other
areas as well. I recommend doing that now.

While you’re at it, it would probably be a good idea to stop at the
Quartermaster’s shop to upgrade and purchase new guns. Return to the main deck
and get back in your rig when ready to continue.

As you leave the Coronis this time, the option to fast-travel will be made
available. Press BACK/SELECT to enter the fast-travel menu. Then choose to go
to Bailey’s Crossing, as it is located closest to the new area. Upon arriving
at Bailey’s Crossing, head to the new area, using the objective markers as
guidance. Remember to bring up objective markers, press “up” on the d-pad as
shown in tutorials at the beginning of the game.

The rig will then have to walk through a heavy storm situation, with crystals
smashing into the ground. They can be easily maneuvered around, but if there
is any directly in your path, smash them with a quick tap of the X button. On
the other side of the storm, after smashing through a few ice walls, you’ll
be able to put that new winch to use.

Notice the white symbol on the nearby ledge. It kind of looks like a battery.
That is the symbol to indicate that you can use the winch in this situation.
Position the mech so that the “battery” symbol becomes LB (L1 on PS3,
obviously). Then press LB to fire the wench. Press B to exit the rig and Jim
will automatically zipline up the wench to the ledge.

Use the grappling hook by going near the ledge and tapping LB to continue
further into the cave. Unfortunately for Jim, the hook breaks and he falls into
a dark room full of Akrid.

There are Akrid spawners all over the place here, but getting rid of all of
them is just a waste of time. The objective is directly in front of Jim at the
start of this, but you can’t go there just yet. Kill the Akrid that are
attacking and then go to the right of the objective marker. Destroy the spawner
here, and then destroy the spawner across the room from it.

This will cause the spawner above, where the objective marker is, to spring to
life. Use the grappling hook to get up here and then kill the explosive Akrid
as well as the spawner. There will be another spawner on the other side, so
kill more Akrid and destroy that as well.

As you move through the tunnels, the saboteur will be seen again. Give chase
and you’ll wind up in the room with the high amounts of T-Energy detected.
Approach the supposed site for this to be attacked by an even larger


Ah. This boss fight is tougher than the last one. This time the crab Akrid is
much larger than before, and it has a new attack. It will also swing its claws
horizontally, which means you have to roll backwards to avoid being hit by the
damn thing, which can be admittedly tough. It may be better to just keep your
distance from this guy, but that will mean less opportunity for attack.

Anyway, the same strategy applies, he’s just more aggressive and can kill you a
lot faster. There are a couple of ammo cases on the ground here in case you
run low, as always. When the thing is dead, head over to the new location for
the T-Energy post and place it.

Go through the front doors of the mysteriously revealed structure. Just keep
moving through the halls and following the objective markers until you reach
some doors that are slightly ajar, but not open enough for Jim to pass through.
Press B to start forcing the doors open.

This will trigger an attack by a Facehugger-like creature. Mash on the A button
and then aim the cursor at the creature using the right analog stick. Press
RT to stab at the thing. Do this at least three times to get rid of it, and
then you are free to keep moving through the structure.

Now these small Akrid will show up much more frequently. Just shoot them as
they appear with the pistol. Don’t waste any ammo of a more powerful gun on

Eventually, you will reach the generator room. At this point, you will be lead
up to a control switch that will turn off the generator. Afterwards, you are to
return to the generator room proper and then pull the security lever and exit
through the next couple of doors.

Now in a large hangar-like area, approach the huge door at the end of this
room. When Jim is done trying to radio in to HQ, use the nearby control panel
by approaching it and pressing B.

The garage has a lockdown in effect, unfortunately. “There’s got to be an
override.” Sure, buddy. The objective markers will take you to another
control panel nearby that will open up a different doorway so that you can go
and find that override. Press that button and then go through the freshly
opened doorway.

Grab the audio log next to the dead bodies after you go through the door. In
this next room, there will be plenty of the “Facehuggers” again to deal with,
so kill them all with the pistol. Keep following the objective markers and
killing these things until a short scene triggers to introduce a new type of

These centipede-like creatures like long-range. They will stick far away and
fire needle-like projectiles. If you have a long-ranged weapon with you, then
stay behind the cover the cut-scene puts you in and use that to take them out.
If you are still toting around the shotgun, then the best bet is to stay
behind cover, firing at them with the pistol, or charge them with the shotgun.
It will just take a couple close-range shotgun blasts to make them bug guts.

When they’re dead, you’re free to move forward to a broken control panel.
Repair it in the typical fashion. Then continue through the structure. The
floor will collapse, but Jim is quick on the grappling hook. Then move across
the downed support beam now acting as a bridge and use the grappling hook to
continue exploring.

At the top, you’ll find a room that is covered in a blue light. Stay back and
kill the Facehugger-style Akrid first, then move into the room and get behind
cover as there are those long-range centipede Akrid in here. Kill them using
your favorite toys, and then continue through the icy caverns to find another
control panel. Use it.

While you wait for the door to open, numerous Akrid will swarm Jim’s position.
Hold the position and kill them as they come. Then go through the door. Notice
those explosive sacs? Well now they will hatch the “Facehugger” Akrid. If you
destroy the sacs before getting too close, they won’t hatch, but this will
take more ammo than just killing them as they are born from the egg sacs.

Take note of the door that the objective marker leads to. Before pulling the
lever next to the door, kill the Akrid in the area and clear out all the egg
sacs and such. Gather up any ammo lying around as well. Then approach the
downed turret in front of the door. Repair the turret and then pull the lever
by the door.

The turret will help you out in regards to defeating the Akrid. Defend the
position until the power is restored and the door opens behind you. Turn
around and then go through the door. Make your way to the control panel and
use the lever to open the garage. Then turn around and approach the consoles
immediately behind you.

Attempt to transfer the data files. It won’t work. Bummer. And then the area
will be swarmed with Akrid. Get behind cover. There is an assault rifle leaning
against some cover, so grab that if you need it. Fight off the Akrid and then
fight your way all the back to the garage.

Remember that control system that needed to be overridden? Yeah, well go press
that button now. You can then access your rig. Get inside of it and then return
it back inside of the structure. Use your rig to ride the elevator up and
then head to the control system to get the data backup.

Approach the control panel in here and attempt to get the data backup. This
will cause a huge Akrid to smash through the window. This fight is very tough,
but I will guide you through it. Basically, it will slam its tongue on the
ground and also slide its tongue across the floor. Avoid its tongue by rolling
and Jim will automatically dodge it.

In addition, this huge creature will shoot egg sacs that will spawn into the
irritating Facehugger dudes. Roll backwards so the sacs are in sight and then
shoot them to destroy the sacs before they spawn Akrid. Then get up close to
the window and shoot the forehead of the creature repeatedly.

Keep repeating this process over and over again. Gather up the ammo off the
ground to replenish your supply. Eventually, a small hole will be erupted in
its forehead. To speed up the process, toss a grenade into the hole of the
Akrid’s forehead.

When the fight is over, it’s time to override the elevator controls. Follow
the objective markers into an adjacent building. Use the control panels and
switches in here to trigger another encounter with the boss that has the
huge tongue.

The strategy here is mostly the same, except this fight is actually easier. He
will still shoot out the egg sacs, but in much less frequency. The Akrid will
also slam its pincers down on the ground repeatedly, but sticking to the
middle of the room will help Jim easily avoid this attack. Use the roll ability
frequently to also help in avoiding these attacks, and keep shooting its
forehead until it is defeated again and retreats.

Exit through the designated door, pulling the lever on the wall by the door
as you go.

Go outside and then the boss will attack once again. He will smash the walkway.
So mash on the A button to pull Jim back up. Then keep walking and the walkway
will give way again. Simply move up the small ramp that this creates and then
push your way through the Facehugger Akrid that are undeat the platform.

There are a bunch of egg sacs down here, so if you have any grenades, use them
to make this entire segment go much faster. Slaughter all the Akrid and then
find the stairs and take them up. An Akrid will automatically jump on Jim,
forcing you into a QTE. Mash on the A button and then aim the reticule at the
creature to stab it, just like before. Continuing to the top of this platform
to once again fight the boss.

This is the hardest of the fights. The Akrid is incredibly aggressive here.
Not only that, but he is pulled farther back, making it harder to shoot his
forehead. The space is wide open, which seems like it would be a pro, but it
is actually more of a detriment. The reason for that is he will slam his
pincers down literally anywhere, which makes dodging his attacks that much
more difficult.

Regardless, the strategy is the same. It’s just going to be a lot of tougher.
It is IMPERATIVE that you destroy the eggs before the hatch, however, or else
you are pretty much guaranteed a death. There is plenty of ammo lying around
as well, so running out of supplies honestly shouldn’t much of an issue in
this fight.

You can also try throwing grenades, but don’t waste too much time with them.
In my experience, I was able to get the grenade to actually explode in the
proper area one out of five times. Also be sure not to throw the grenades at
such an angle that they will bounce back and deal damage to you. However, if
you can get a grenade to land right, then you will do a much better job in
this fight.

It will retreat again once you’ve done enough damage, so repair the control
panel to the nearby door and continue to the rig. Get inside the rig and now
enter the final phase of this very long boss fight. It will attack again, and
what you need to do is aim the left arm of the mech right at its center. Pull
LT to launch the winch, and then proceed with the rest of the mech-based QTEs
to kill it.

To Top


Jim will bust out of the room by breaking down the fan. The path through this
area is very linear. Just follow the pipes and such. When you reach the
elevator, press B to use the elevator. Keep going until Jim winds up on a
pair of pipes that break and he falls to the ground.

A scene will play and after it, Jim will be equipped with a crossbow called
the Valkyrie. Anyway, zipline up to the next area. Then hop down and use the
control panel to discover the power is out. Time to hunt down another
generator. In the distance is another ledge. Use the grappling hook to reach

Akrid will begin to attack, so use your new weapon against them. Then head up
to the generator and repair it. Make your way back to the control panel and
then zipline across to the other side of the cavern. Now move deeper into the
“Killing Fields”.

You remember those Akrid that roll into a ball and spin around all over the
place? It’s been a while, but you defend Laroche from them and they’ve been
encountered numerous times since then while walking around in your rig. Well,
it’s time to face thema gain. The new Valkyrie weapon makes fighting them
even easier. Just use the same strategy as before. Dodge their rolling
attacks and shoot their tails. They’ll just die a lot faster.

Other Akrid will help them out, so kill those as well and then continue to
reach the rig. The poor thing, all broken and such, and with Akrid all over
it. Obviously, the first order of business is to make the area have suitable
working conditions, so rid the place of Akrid and then go about repairing the
rig and getting inside of it.

Now back inside the rig, kill some Akrid as you head to your next objective by,
yet again, following those spiffy and super useful objective markers that you
can make spawn all over the place. Listen to Jim’s conversation as you enter a
new area to find a lake of lava. As if giant enemy crabs weren’t bad enough…

While around the lava in this game, there will be a meter that pops up on the
left side of the screen. In the first Lost Planet game, Extreme Condition, one
of the game mechanics required players to manage the temperature of their
character by constantly collecting T-Energy to keep from freezing to death.
This is similar to that idea, except the goal here is to keep the main
character from dying from heat. Staying in the rig will help you avoid the
heat. Just keep an eye on the orange meter to gauge how much longer Jim can
stand being out by the lava.

This area has a few Akrid that will give you trouble, but there is also the
additional threat of the lava. Do not touch the lava. Though that should really
go without saying. Check the rocks for a Winch point. Then get in the correct
position to use the winch. Zipline across and start killing the explosive-
spitting Akrid that is across the lava lake.

Follow the path through the metal, killing Akrid as you go. You’ll then have
to descend into yet another cavern, where a brand new Akrid will greet you for
a battle. This Akrid is a large scorpion, fitting for the hotter environment
you’re in I suppose.

He will have the obvious attacks of attempting to impale you with his stinger
as well as hit you with his claws. He will shoot needles out of the tip of
his stinger like those centipede-like Akrid do as well. Dodging his stinger is
imperative to success in this fight because his stinger will get stuck in the
ground and then you can attack the orange weak point that is near the base of
his stinger.

When his stinger is disconnected from his body, the scorpion will collapse to
the ground. Run around behind him and continue blasting the bright orange spot
on what is left of his stinger to finish him off. Collect the T-Energy goop and
then open the nearby chest for the medicine.

Backtrack to the rig. Then get in the rig and continue backtracking until you
return to the base. Speak with Mira to give her the medicine.

Follow Mira through the base and chat with her. Then continue to the outer
gate where a large Akrid is trying to break into the place. This huge thing
will walk around the large arena-like area while simultaneously deploying
small, flying, exploding Akrid that will dive directly at Jim.

Move out of the way of them as quickly as possible while shooting the various
orange bulbs on the body of this Akrid. When it opens its shell, it will
reveal even more of an inner orange body that is ripe for target practice, so
shoot that as much as possible when given the opportunity to continue dealing
damage to the creature.

Otherwise, its attacks are verye as to dodge, and you will have help fighting
the thing, which is nice. However, just because you have help in this fight,
it doesn’t mean that they will actually attract the attention of the boss.
Instead, the boss will just keep pursuing Jim rather relentlessly during the
entire ordeal.

When the beast is finally dead, gather up the goop as usual. Then the objective
marker will lead you right to Mira’s father to speak with him about the
entire situation.

At this point, you are free to explore the encampment. When ready to continue
the main mission, head to your rig, where you will find Mira. Speak with her
about your final task to repay the debt, and then get inside the rig and start
marching to the next objective.

As you move through the lava fields again, there will be flying Akrid to
contend with. Usually I recommend staying inside the rig and just pushing
through, but these flying Akrid are actually extremely dangerous when you are
inside the rig, even moreso than when you are just moving around as Jim on

So, get out of the rig and kill all of them. Then get back in the rig and
continue your journey to the armory. There is a switch outside that needs to
be turned with the rig’s claw arm. Do that, then hop out of the rig and go
inside the elevator to access the security base that houses the armory that
you are in search of.

Explore the armory just a little bit, and you will be ambushed by Akrid in the
first room. Kill them, though keep in mind that there will be a lot. When
they’re dealt with, you are free to continue through another room that is full
of the damn things. Kill them all and then find the lever on the wall. Pull
the lever and then fight your way to the elevator. While exploring these rooms,
keep your eyes on the patches of ice all over the place as they house some
valuable items that can be useful.

After the elevator ride, you will be facing an ice tunnel. Go down this ice
tunnel to find a platform in need of repairing. Repair it and then ride it.
You will reach a room with some flying Akrid, so kill them. Then go over to
the armory doors. Unfortunately, they are sealed shut.

The objective markers will lead you through a hall full of Akrid egg sacs.
Destroy the eggs from a safe distance to keep them from hatching and causing
any headaches. Then get to the control panel and press the button. Go back out
into the center room to trigger another “defense” sequence.

This sequence will mainly feature the new type of Akrid introduced in this
mission. They are the fast-moving variety that like to charge Jim head-on.
Obviously, the best weapon for them is, yet again, the shotgun. Getting behind
cover and just having them run right at you is the easiest way to deal with
them as you don’t even need to aim with the shotgun to blow them up into little
pieces, just blind fire with it and obliterate them.

The objective here is to “stay alive”. Stay behind cover, kill them as they
come, and you will be fine, honestly. If you have a shotgun on you (you should,
and in fact you should always have the shotgun on you when playing this game),
then it should be a relative piece of cake.

You’ll then be tasked with repairing the entrance to the place, which means
fixing the turrets there. Fix them up and then you’ll be told to return to the
Forgotten. The large doors will open up, allowing you to move through and
return to the camp.

To Top


Speak with Mira, and then speak with her father at the nursery. Return to your
rig and then speak with Mira again and she will join you in the rig. She is
here to help you find the Coronis again so that you can regroup with your
people there.

Just listen to Mira’s instructions as you walk through the areas. When she
leaves you, continue back to the base on your own, through familiar territory
at least. When in radio range of the base, they will be issuing a mayday alert
as the Akrid have actually gotten inside the base to attack.

First, clear out the Main Deck from any Akrid threats. Then go to the basement
and go through all the rooms, killing all the Akrid possible. Then return to
the main deck and defend that area again. While on the Main Deck, remember
that you can use your rig to replenish your ammo, and hell, you can also use
your rig to fight the Akrid here if you so wish.

Then fight your way to Korvac’s Lab. Clear his lab of any Akrid and then get to
Dr. Roman. There is a decontamination chamber you have to move through on your
way to Roman, and it can be tricky here. The reason for that is the scanner
will reset every time it catches an Akrid in it. You have to quickly kill the
Facehugger Akrid that show up before the scanner catches them so that you
can continue to Roman.

Help Roman fight off the Akrid. Then head deeper into the lab when prompted.
Dr. Korvac himself will have a little chat with you about his device through
glass. Once at the machine, shoot the hell out of it until it blows up so
that the Akrid will no longer be attracted to this area. Now return to the
hangar, talking with all the main characters along the way.

After all that, it’s time to go talk to Gale about some rig upgrades. Go to the
basement level again and head to Gale’s quarters. He has added a torch to your
rig which CM Pun–I mean, Laroche, has plenty to mock about. Don’t worry, he’s
just jealous.

Do whatever else you need to do in the Coronis, then go back to the rig. Head
outside and fast-travel to Bailey’s Wake.

March the rig to the designated location and then put it into drill mode.
Gale will explain the gist of this entire thing while the drill is working,
but basically you have to defend the rig while it drills for T-Energy from the
attacking Akrid in order to obtain the maximum amount of T-Energy, so do just

This sequence is rather ridiculous. Over the course of these battles, you will
have to fight off your typical Akrid, plus MULTIPLE crab Akrid. Remember you
can use your rig to replenish ammo. Just use the strategies for fighting these
guys as detailed in earlier sections of this guide until they’re all dead and
the drill is done doing its thing.

And once the drill is done, head back to the rig and get inside for it to turn
back into a normal mech-like rig.

Dr. Roman will request your assistance, so get back in the rig and head to her
position at Shackleton’s Peak. Of course, if you head to the area right before
moving into a new section you can use the fast-travel ability to head there

Speak with Dr. Roman. She basically wants you to collect data on storms for
her. Get back into her rig and head to the nearby large door. Using the claw
arm, open the door by twisting the “handle”, or whatever you would like to call

In this next area, dock the rig on the tracks. Then go up and press the switch
in the main control room. Then go on the gondola and press the button on that
to ride it to the next area. Ride the lift down and then get inside of your
rig. Start heading out into the snow and you will be attacked by yet another
scorpion Akrid, which you will have to fight in your rig.

Deal enough damage to the scorpion and it will retreat into its cave. Flying
Akrid will then replace it and start swarming the suit. Then the scorpion will
come out after you’ve dealt with them, so continue fighting him.

This should probably go without saying, but the fight with the scorpion is
pretty much identical to the fight with the crab. You need to counter its
attacks, then drill it on its tail until the tail is eventually completely
severed from its body.

After the scorpion is dead, turn your attention to the tower. Fire the Winch
at the tower. Then get out of the suit and protect the rig from the flying
Akrid while it collects data. Once the data has been collected, return to the
rig and exit the area.

After returning to the Coronis, you can obtain a water purifier that is
requested by the people of the Forgotten camp. Return it to Mira for more
information regarding the captain’s father and his previous misson on E.D.N.
III. Return these materials to the captain to trigger a revealing cut-scene.

Go to your rig and head to the designated area. Descend into the caves here
and kill any flying Akrid that pose a threat. Repair the control system here to
get the pumpjacks moving again, and then go back up to the control room. Use
the controls here and then return to the rig.

The fight with King Crab combines the on-foot battles with the crabs and the
rig battles with the crabs. While in the rig, counter the attack of the crab
Akrid. Then hop out of the rig while it is grabbed by the rig claw. This gives
you the opportunity to shoot its exposed stomach.

Repeat this process over and over again until the thing dies. The King Crab
has a lot of health, but otherwise it’s not all that threatening. It does all
the same attacks as the other crabs, except, you know, it’s bigger.

To Top


After all those cut-scenes, go to the basement and talk with Gale about the
new upgrade provided by NEVEC.

The Fueling Depot from the beginning of the game strikes again! Head there
with your rig. Use your rig to power the depot up. Now it’s time to restore
power to all of the pumps. Take your rig and start twisting the dials on the
pumps to power it up.

You’ll be attacked by the same Akrid that you fought at the camp of the
Forgotten, specifically the one that shot those flying Akrid at you. Don’t
bother trying to fight it while inside of your rig. This just makes the fight
longer and annoying as this thing doesn’t have any appendages to grab onto like
the scorpion and the crab, and not only that, but it will cover the front of
the mech with leeches, greatly obscuring your vision in the process.

So yeah, hop out of the rig and fight this thing. Once it’s dead, continue to
power up the rest of the Fuel Depot until it is all juiced up once again.

Speak with Dr. Roman. Then take the rig back into the lava field. This part is
really tricky. You have to drill with the rig, but Jim can only be out in the
lava for so long. So what you need to do is stay CLOSE to the rig while
fighting off all the Akrid.

Get in the rig immediately after the Akrid threat has been dealt with. Then go
inside the nearby cave and repeat the process a bit. A scene will play and
then after that, we are nearing the end-game.

Do what you need to do before you want to tackle the final missions. Clean up
any side missions, purchase guns and upgrades, and do whatever else that you
feel is necessary.

When you’re finally read, go to Gale and tell him that you are. Then watch the
rather long scene and enjoy the elevator ride. When that’s over, you need to
move through the cave system. There will be Akrid to deal with in the caves,
but nothing you shouldn’t be able to easily handle.

Outside of the cave, there will be NEVEC guys to fight with. Use cover a lot
as they will consistently fire at you and cause a lot of damage. When they are
dead, continue through the next cave.

Back outside, you can work your way up the station using the grappling hook.
Check the small control rooms along the way for chests to loot and stuff. At
the top of the mountain, there will be a control panel, so press the button
on it and it will reboot the system and open the door that is right next to

Immediately outside of this door, a NEVEC soldier will run across to cover.
More soldiers will be dropped off by a ship. Get behind cover and fire at them
from afar. When they are dead, go into the station. Fight off the rest of the
NEVEC inside the station, and then use the controls to complete this objective.

Walk outside.

Get inside the rig and then use the claw arm to fix the dish like before. Then
Laroche will show up for a good old fashioned mech battle. The mech battle
plays out like all the other battles inside the rig have before, pretty much.
Use RB to counter Laroche’s attacks, and press X to attack him by swinging
the drill arm.

Do this enough time and Laroche’s shoulder will be exposed. Grab it with LT
and then yank him down to expose the generator on his back. Keep pulling the
left analog stick down to accomplish this, and then fire up the drill with RT
and drive it into the generator to deal damage to Laroche.

Keep doing this until his shield is gone. Then keep attacking him until you are
given a chance to rip off the front of the rig. Mash on the A button to do this
and then watch the scene.

Following that scene, you will be back at the camp. Use the cover to kill the
NEVEC soldiers and then make your way to the survivor behidn cover. Speak
with him and then the rubble will move out of the way to allow you to enter
the village proper.

Kill the couple of NEVEC soldiders here, preferrably before they are able to
get behind cover. Fight your way to the next couple of survivors and chat
with them for a second to get a new objective. Then fight your way to Mira’s
fathers quarters for another scene.

Grab the communicator off the table inside the cell. Then approach the fan and
knock it out to escape. Make your way into the open room and a “Facehugger”
Akrid will jump on Jim. Kill it and get it off of him in the usual QTE way
that you have been doing the entire game so far.

As you move around the lab, more of the Akrids will try jumping on you. You
can avoid them if you move quick enough, but it is better to just let them jump
on Jim so you can kill them with the QTE. Right now you have no guns, so trying
to kill them without the use of the QTE is pretty much suicidal.

Look for a narrow ice tunnel and move through it. Then go up the slope and the
door will open automatically. Take a right to find all your weapons. Just
approach them and Jim will take care of the rest.

Now fully equipped and ready to go, blast your way through the NEVEC soldiers.
If you want to watch them fight with the Akrid for a bit, do so and see who
wins. It may thin out the enemies a bit for you. Just get rid of them and
then go up the ice hill. Kill the two enemies at the top, then get behind
cover as you round the next hallway.

More NEVEC guys will be in this hall, so kill them before continuing. Kill all
of them in the room and then go down to the next gate that opens automatically.
Get behind cover and kill the NEVEC soldiers as they enter. Fight your way to
the lift, and then use the elevator.

In the next room, you will reunite with Gale. After that, fight your way
through the rest of the soldiers and go to the Main Deck. Get behind cover and
clear the Main Deck of NEVEC soldiers as well. Then go to the room as
designated by the objective markers.

Get inside the rig and head outside. Then hop out of the rig and go to all of
the different supports. Plant the C4 at the base of all the supports.

Following the cut-scenes, get back inside the rig and head to Nushi’s cave,
and then enter Nushi. There are yellow objects that you have to charge with
electricity. Approach them and press LT to charge them. They do things such as
open “doors” inside of Nushi.

You’ll reach a dead-end of sorts. Create a grappling line with your Winch and
then ride up to the higher area. Now explore Nushi deeper using the grappling
hook to aid you. Fight off the Akrid and then open Nushi up for the rig to
move freely through it.

At the end of Nushi, you will be thrust into the final boss fight.

Are we in the money business, or the T-Energy business?!

The meter for heat will pop up on the left side of the screen, so keep that in
mind as you do this fight. Isenberg has a lot of weapons in his mech, including
missiles that he likes to fire at you in bulk, as well as standard mech
smashing attacks. He will fire a blue pulse on the ground that does minimal
damage, but is very annoying.

Use the strange structures inside of Nushi to dodge the attacks to the best of
your ability. Also roll a lot. Get behind him and shoot at the orange spots on
the back of his mech. Then as he continues to recycle his attacks, shoot all
of the other orange spots.

Mainly, you’ll want to focus on his rockets first. The weapon he uses to fire
the rockets will glow orange, so that is how you know it needs shot. Keep
firing at it until it blows up, which will in turn electrocute Isenberg,
leaving him open for direct shots to the front of his mech.

Repeat this process until the rocket launchers are destroyed, and now your
focus is on his shoulders. He will shoot laser beams at you as well as
creating electrical fields using his shoulders that will also cause quite a
bit of damage.

The flying Akrid will help you during this part of the fight. They will provide
very helpful distractions against Isenberg, leaving his shoulders open for a
lot of attacks. Damaging the shoulders will in turn create opportunities to
directly attack Isenberg, as he will be electrocuted.

To avoid being hit by his electrical attacks, use cover. Once his shoulders
have been destroyed, he will just charge at Jim in an attempt to smash him
with the mech. Run away, but keep firing at the front of the mech. Focus on the
orange sports that make up the left and right parts of the front. Keep shooting
there until his mech is destroyed.

The fight isn’t over there, though. Isenberg will attack and then you have to
do a series of QTEs to survive. This will incude the usual stabbing QTE with
the right analog stick as well as the A button mashing schtick that you will
also be doing.

To Top

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03. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Lost Planet 3 on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC!

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  1. I’m glad to be of help!

    After grabbing the tail with the winch, push the left analog stick forward to raise the tail. This should expose the weak spot and allow you to drill it.

  2. avatar Jon says:

    First of all I wanted to thank you for the awesome work you did on the walk through for this game. Nobody really has a full walk through for it yet besides you. I wanted to know if I could ask your help on something. I’m at the storm readings part with the scorpion akrid and I cant kill it for some reason. Now I can grab it with the claw or with my winch but it never pops up with when to drill the tail. Am I supposed to guess when to hit it or am I standing wrong idk. I’ve tried many times and I’m just super frustrated so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.