VEGA Conflict Walkthrough [Guide]


Mining for minerals in deep space has become a great industry, and of course there are corporations that are going to drastic measures in order to monopolize the business. Top among these is the VEG Corporation, and it is the player’s task to take them down. This is done by building up your base and organizing your fleet of ships so that you can better compete with the corporation as well as other players who are doing the exact same thing. At first glance, VEGA Conflict may seem a bit complicated, but this guide will help you through the bumps that you may experience along the way.

VEGA Conflict is an MMO real time strategy game where players can interact with different player’s world wide as they race towards expanding their own territories and competing for precious asteroids where they can mine minerals from. This will require players to manage their resources and fleets in order to get at more asteroids, as well as to attack and defend against competitors. As with most RTS games, most actions will take some time to complete such as mining, building structures, and upgrading, and of course there are premium currencies to speak of which are available via in-app purchases.

Different resources can be mined and acquire throughout the game. These include Zynthium, Helium-3, Mineral Ore, and Antimatter. The first three can be readily acquired through mining from asteroids and for completing missions, while Antimatter can only be acquired by capturing larger fleets. A combination of each mineral is required for actions such as repairing damage from fleets, building and upgrading your base, purchasing weapons, and many more.

It is also important to note that some asteroids have finite resources, so players must move their miners towards new asteroids if you want to maximize their worth. Also, all asteroids contain either Zynthium, Helium-3, or Mineral ore, and placing a miner specialized in mining a specific item will have that section mining that particular resource until you move it or until the asteroid becomes obsolete.

Players can build different sections to their base. Defensive units will help fend off attackers, while mining units will allow you to mine resources from asteroids. There are also research labs where scientists can unlock new technologies for your bases as well as for your ships. There are bases constructed for the creation of new units for your fleet, and many mothers. Upgrading and leveling up will unlock more items from the game, and this will also increase the productivity of some of your sections.

It should also be taken into consideration that players must build their bases at most one tile away from another section. Otherwise, they will not be powered up and would not function. Players may also choose to move specific sections of their base as well as sell them so that some resources would be return to them, although in some cases this action is not possible. Players can click on a specific section of a ship in order to see what actions can be done.

Fleets are ships that you can build and customize with both offensive and defensive weapons. Fleets can be deployed to attack VEGA fleets, other players’ fleets, as well as their bases. Of course, other fleets can attack you as well. In order to create the best fleet possible, players must build a good collection of ships, balancing stats such as speed, attack range, and health, as well as supplying them with the right equipment that suits your style of play.

Purchasing offensive and defensive gear will require resources, and players must not exceed the weight limit for each particular ship. Items such as weapons, shields, and armor are limited to what has are currently available, and this selection can be expanding by researching new technologies in the labs associated with a particular item.

In order to participate in battles, players simply have to click on the base or fleet that they would like to attack. Players can then move their ships around and choose the unit that they would like to attack. Attacking in VEGA Conflict is automated, so only selecting units to strike is required. Players can also either concentrate their efforts towards destroying one unit at a time or dividing forces in order to have multiple attacks points. Winners will get to collect additional resources as rewards.

Conversely, your base can also be attacked by other players. Players are given a “safe period” of a couple of days before they can be attacked, so that they can spend the time to gather resources and to build up their defenses. However, they will forfeit this period should they attack other players, allowing others to attack their base as well.


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