Animal Voyage Walkthrough [Guide]

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure

An earthquake has devastated the land, and it is up to you to save your animal friends from danger, and, thankfully, they are also more than willing to lend a helping hand. Part-community building game and part-puzzle game, Animal Voyage is sure to enchant players young and old alike with its cutely drawn animals, although there’s still a lot of challenges to be found within the game. Save your furry pals and get set for an adventure unlike no other with Animal Voyage, and the first step is to read this very comprehensive guide to get you through the basics of the game.

Animal Voyage is a building simulation game with match 3 puzzle type gameplay thrown in. Players will take on the role of a human that can use animals to help other critters out by rescuing them, building homes for them, repairing bridges to gain access to other locations, and other tasks. Players must be able to successfully manage all resources as well as allocate tasks to available animals in order to complete most tasks in the fastest possible time.

There are also puzzle elements involved when rescuing animals, and the game will shift to a match 3-type game where players must match a certain number of items to successfully rescue an animal.

There are three types of currency at play within the game. The first type of currency is coins, which are used to purchase buildings such as homes and plots for gardening and growing food. Coins are earned by completing quests and by collecting from animals’ houses. Leaves, on the other hand, are collected from removed grass and trees, and are used for tasks such as repairing bridges. Lastly, Crystals serve as the premium currency of the game, which can be used to purchase certain items early, or to speed up building and other processes. Crystals are much rarer to come by, and the usual way to get diamonds is via in-app purchases. Coins and leaves may also be acquired in exchange for real cash.

Aside from the currencies mentioned above, players can also acquire certain items such as hammers and other tools by either completing quests or by acquiring them from treasure chests strewn all over the islands. Completing tasks will often require leaves and a combination of other items, and you must have these items in your inventory in order to be able to proceed.

Your animals are the ones that are actually doing all of the work. Each animal has certain attributes such as energy, as well as what items they can clear in the area and what areas they can travel to. Animals can only work if they have energy, which is refilled by providing them with food grown in the farm or purchased directly. There are many different kinds of animals available within Animal Voyage, and the usual way to acquire them is via rescuing them or purchasing them outright. However, animals will only be able to work for you once you have built a home for them, which takes both coins as well as time to complete.

Food is an essential part of the game as it is used to refill animals’ energy. There are many types of food that can be grown, depending on the farm or structure that you have selected as well as on the food selections that you have unlocked depending on your level. Food will take some time to grow, although you can speed up the process by spending crystals. Animals must be fed with food in order to refill their stamina so that they can fulfill more tasks for you. Excess food may be stored in the warehouse for future use.

Rescuing Animals
Rescuing animals will require animals with stamina, as well as a clear path to the animal to be rescued. When rescuing animals, players must play a mini game where they must collect a specific amount of tiles, which is done by matching them in lines of three or more. There is a limited amount of moves in order to complete each rescue attempt, so players must be careful to make each move count. Unlike other games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush, this part of Animal Voyage is more simplistic, so players might not find it very difficult to complete the puzzles after one or two tries.

Once animals have been rescued, players may build a home for them, and they can then be delegated to perform tasks such as clearing debris or rescuing other animals.

Traveling to other locations can be done either by land or by sea, and this will take you to other locations where more animals can be found and more buildings can be constructed. In order to travel by land, bridges must be repaired and the path must be cleared of debris. For water travel, players can gain access to a ship. However, there are certain areas that only specific animals can go to, so players must make sure that they have rescued and acquired the appropriate friend for the task.

There are many different types of buildings that can be constructed in Animal Voyage. These range from homes, buildings that create food, or even additional storage space. Building these may require coins and other resources, and will also take some time to complete. Upgrades are also available sometimes so that their effects would be better, but like construction, this will take time unless you would look to spend crystals to speed the process up. Buildings can also be moved around or discarded, although the latter should be reserved only if you are running out of space.

Quests are tasks that players must complete in order to move forward in the game. Quests are the easiest path that players can take in order to see all available content within the game, and completing quests will also allow players to level up, awarding them with coins and other items as well as making other items available to them. Players should prioritize the completion of quests before anything else, as some side quests may just bottleneck especially if certain resources are not yet available at that level at that stage of the game.


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