Tyrant Unleashed Walkthrough [Guide]

Tyrant Unleashed

The world is at war, and various factions are fighting for control. As commander, it is your task to put down enemy forces with the vast troops and arsenals available to you. You must battle different armies at various missions, all the while strengthening your forces for tougher challenges ahead. In Tyrant Unleashed, players can collect hundreds of different cards and pit them against the computer or against other players all over the world. Can you assure victory with the hands that you’ve been dealt? Play Tyrant Unleashed and find out, but before you do, it is recommended that you read this guide to learn the basics of this intense card collection game.

Tyrant Unleashed is a card collection game where players can battle either with the AI or with other players online by using decks comprising of cards that have different statistics and abilities. By winning battles, players can purchase or acquire new cards that they can use to strengthen their deck, either by swapping more powerful cards or evolving existing ones either through upgrades or fusion. Players can participate in missions or battle real players using the same deck, and they can arrange their cards depending on their preferences and style of play.

Gold and war bonds are the two main currencies within the game. Both currencies can be used to purchase additional cards, with the latter allowing players to acquire more powerful and rarer ones as compared to the former. War bonds can also be used to refill both energy and battle points, which are necessary in order to participate in battles. Coins can be earned through regular play while war bonds will require in-app purchases to acquire.

Energy is required to participate in missions. Each mission will require a different amount of energy, and this resource will regenerate over time. However, should players not want to wait, they can get refills instantly by purchasing them using war bonds.

Battle Points
Battle points are another type of currency that is used when battling other players online. Like energy, battle points will regenerate over time but can also be refilled instantly using war bonds.

All entities within the game are represented by cards. Players can bring up to ten cards per deck, and they can arrange it in any form that they want. Each card has specific attributes such as attack and health, while some cards also have special abilities such as healing, counter attack, armor, and many more. Players can click on each card to see their abilities and how they will affect battles once they are deployed in the field. Some cards will also take some time before they can be activated even after they have been drawn, as indicated by the number in front of the card. Knowing how to play the strengths of each card, and having a good balance of both offensive and support cards in your deck is key in assuring victory during battle.

Each player will have to bring one commander into play. Commanders usually have higher health than other cards, but typically do not attack. They, however, often have abilities that can be very advantageous in battle. Commanders can also be promoted, which would make them more efficient in battle, although players would have to collect the required resources in order to do this, and acquiring resources would typically require players to participate in missions for a chance to collect them as rewards. Players can also acquire new commanders through fusion.

Upgrading involves spending salvage points in order to upgrade the stats of a particular card. Some cards, when upgraded, can also develop new skills. Salvage points are earned by discarding a card that will no longer be used. Players should discard and upgrade wisely as discarded cards will be gone permanently. Players can upgrade a card for a total of three times.

Fusing different cards together will form a more powerful one. This will also mean that the proponent cards will be gone from your collection. Fusion is a great way to get rare cards that you would otherwise have a difficult time acquiring, and this is also the most effective way to strengthen your deck. However, players should have a rich collection of cards at hand before they can successfully attempt fusion as certain combinations of different cards may be required.

Battles for both PvP and standard missions play out in the same way. Players take turns placing cards on the table, selecting from three cards initially drawn. Once a card has been drawn, another one will take its place. All cards will move from right to left, with the leftmost card covering the commander card which is already on the table.

Cards will then attack each other, with a card’s health being reduced by the direct opposite card’s attack points. Of course, there are certain rules that may cause this rule to apply differently such as when abilities are activated. Once a card’s health has been reduced to zero, it will be removed from the table and all cards to the left will move to the right.

This process will continue until one commander’s health is reduced to zero. This happens when an attacking card does not have an opposing card to block the damage, and the attack is dealt to the commander. Should a player’s commander fall, then the opposing team will be declared the winner.

Players can do the drawing of the cards manually, or they can activate autoplay. Alternately, they can just skip directly to the results to see if they have won or lost the fight.

Missions take place on a map, and succeeding areas and missions will be unlocked once the previous ones have been cleared. Players can repeat a mission multiple times, with the rewards growing greater as they reach a certain checkpoint for each mission. Missions will require energy to take on, and this will also allow the player to get coins and rare cards to use in strengthening their decks.

Tyrant Unleashed also has a PvP function where players can battle others online. This, in turn, will use up Battle Points. Getting a lot of wins will result in the player’s name being displayed in the global leaderboard, and will earn players stars and other items which might be worth something in future updates of the game.


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