Asphalt 8: Airborne [Review]

Asphalt 8: Airborn

Just over a year after the release of Asphalt 7: Heat, Gameloft has come out with the latest iteration of their popular mobile racing title. Among mobile racing titles, Asphalt stands out as part of the cream of the crop, and this new game aspires to add more to it in order to be an improvement over its predecessors. For the most part, it does succeed in that regard.

As the subtitle suggests, this version of Asphalt features tricks when you launch your car in the air like barrel rolls and flat spins. This game is no longer just about racing, but pulling off those aerial tricks as well for both style points and making use of the features in the track to get ahead. This mixes things up so it’s not exactly like the previous Asphalt games. Some may feel that the new features are a bit too gimmicky though and thus take away from the series’ racing foundations, but that’s what the previous games are for.

As usual with a Gameloft products, this game has considerable polish as looks great and controls smoothly. It still does require you to have the latest iOS device in order to play since its graphics require quite a bit of processing power and battery life. The good thing though is that you can play it with different devices and be able to download your progress from the cloud through your Apple Game Center account, so you don’t have to feel bad if you have to restore your iPhone one day.

There are various game modes to choose from, including online multiplayer called World Series, as well as local wi-fi multiplayer, quick solo race, and career mode. The last one is as expected, where you have some money and a starting car that you must then drive to win races and earn more money for buying upgrades and better cars. You also earn from performing tricks, so this game favors the brave and the insane. As you win more races, you unlock more events and go through more challenges such as side objectives in each race, like doing a number of barrel rolls or takedowns.

The fun to be had in the races mostly come from the takedowns, which Burnout fans should be very familiar with. Most other parts of the racing feels a bit disjointed though, like the drifting as it doesn’t control exactly like in other racing games. It’s not too big of a fault, but you may have some trouble if you’re used to other racing titles. There’s also a bit of trouble with seeing oncoming traffic, so expect to crash if you’re on the wrong side of the road (or more like the exciting side).

With all of that said though, it’s still worth noting that you can get all of this for a dollar in the App Store, so you’ll definitely like it if you’re a fan of racing games on mobile devices. The Asphalt series has always proven to be a source of solid arcade racing action on the iOS, and Gameloft has done it again with this one. With the addition of aerial tricks, it has also gotten more entertaining and challenging, which says a lot after what Asphalt 7 had brought to the table in the previous year.

Tested in iOS. Final Score: 8/10


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