Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows [GUIDE]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

CheatMasters brings you our exclusive guide and faqs on the pizza lovin’, evil butt kickin’ Kawabanga of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles: Out of the Shadows



Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4


In the Arcade you get to play the turtles game like the original - yup the
original games on all the old consoles were Arcade style - they were fantastic
so you can re-live some Arcade style gaming thru 7 levels of Donatello's
Simulaitons - it's also a fantastic way to learn new moves and practice them.

Levels are unlocked when you complete the story campaign. Arcade is definitely
harder than the normal play because you'll play as as single turtle each time
and you'll be sourrounded by enemies all the time - you need to fully max up
your turtles before you can finish the arcade or you'll have a lot of trouble
when you'll fight bosses.

The arcade levels are fashined after the campaign areas itself like the Alleys,
Sub-way, Sewers and so on.


This holds the concept art gallery. You can unlock concept art by collecting
them thru the chapters you are playing.


Inside the Dojo you can see and practise all new and unlocked moves you have.
You can practice the moves one by one, or do a freestyle fighting or train
along with your brothers and also you can listen to some of Master Splinter's
Wisdom - there's lot's of wisdom in there!!!


This is where you level up the turtles. Since there is no resetting the points
choose carefully but don't worry too much as you will be able to unlock all of
the abilities very very quickly if you are good at fighting and gather up
large amounts of Xp at times. Execute high combos and powerful attacks to get
maximum XP - almost everything you do in a fight gives you xp but how you do it
will matter if you want to get max xp - try out the most powerful moves you
have and see which ones give the most - also, once you keep unlocking special
moves for the turtles - they give more xp - the shell shock ofcourse gives the
most XP of all the moves in the game.


This is Don't workshop which has a special weapon for each of the turtles and
three levels for each weapon. Note that any weapon you buy will appear as an
inventory item so select it with R and E and use it.

To upgrade all the weapons you'll have to play thru the four campaign chapters
three times each as you'll get one upgrade point each time you finish a chapter.


This is where you go to select the next game you want to take on. You can
choose between the single player campaign or multiplayer or take on some
challenge levels.


So we start off as April. Move ahead and whatever you need to do - crawl under
something, move thru a small gap or jump up and down - just use the direction
and space keys. So keep doing that and once you come to a large gap with
electrified water, again, move ahead and hit space and you'll jump over.

Once you come to a shutter, hit the button to the right and roll thru using
the same space key from under the shutter. Once outside, go from the right and
you'll see some shadows around you and....

Chapter 1

Before you actually start off the game, it's better to just go to the Dojo and
check out all the moves you can make - the game constantly throws more and more
moves as you progress thru the chapters so you're bond to miss most of them
unless you keep coming back to the Dojo and check them out. So, once you're
ready time to kik some Evl Butt!!!

Once you start off move to the right and jump down onto the next building -
you can interact with all objects which glow yellow thru the game -

Then jump down onto street level and take on your first wave of the
Purple Dragons. You need to take out the first four guys on your own. Just
keep evading around and use the counters as soon as you see enemies getting
the glow around them. Hope you know most of the moves by now because you will
need a lot of them. Don't worry about basic combos, jsut keep stringing your
lmb, rmb and roll your mmb for more. Alt+ roll of mmb for special attacks which
consime one point of the special attack meter which can be seen to the top left
below your health.

After you take out the first set of guys, more keep coming at you but your
brothers join into the fight and you can take on all of them just like that.
After the enemies stop coming, move to the truck nearby to the right -

Hit Space to interact with it and two goons jump out - you need to do a double
counter - just hitt the counter twice (lmb and rmd together for a counter).
Double click quickly both the buttons together and you'll get it.


Once you see what's inside the truck, you can move left into a restaurant thru
the back-door -

Inside is your first Pizza to the right -

Pizzas are like the health packs for Turtles so keep collecting them - make
sure you distribute among the brothers so you can just switch to them and
re-gain health whenever they are low on it before they fall. Also, to cycle
thru your inventory hit the R button ad to use an item shown on the screen
(to the bottom left), hit E. You can use Shuriken and Pizzas and Energy Drinks
which will fill up your special power meter full to three points right now.

Move out thru the back and courch with C behind the trash when you see the cops
come ahead. To the left of the cans here is another Pizza.

Now, you'll switch to Raph, hit C to enter stealth and move ahead to the lone
enemy and hit LMB when you get near him to take him out. There are two more
guys ahead. Move behind one and take him out and fight the rest of them. But,
from where you took out the first guy to the left are - 1 energy drink, COncept
Art -

Move ahead and take out the enemies. 

Jump over the bus nearby to get to the next area -

                                   The new guy who has a large wrench can't
be countered so don't try it with him - evade him using SPACE and DIRECTION
KEYS. Also, constantly switch between trutles to use all of their powers on a
single enemy to get him down quickly.

There's an alley adjacent to the street here having a Pizza. You should soon be
levelling up and once you do, go to the menu and upgrade your turtles or
better to just wait till this chapter is over so you can upgrade in peace - you
don't need them right now. 

Go thru the open door now and get to the roof and move from roof to roof and
keep going - it really is not difficult to find your way but if somehow you
jump off a wrong wall or something, just switch to one of your brothers and you
can continue and the other turtles will evetually come after you. You'll come
onto a large heli-pad where a big fight starts.


Make sure you use all your team powers if you can - atleast Leo should be able
to use team attacks by now so go to a brother and hit alt+space to do it. After
that, you'll come onto the top of the TCRI bulding. Go down and you'll fight
Kraang and the Dragons. They fight each other too, you can counter the Krrangs
lasers - jsut use a normal counter and it'll do the trick.

Soon after you take everyone out, you'll come underground. Kik everyones butt
here and go to the locked door ahead -

Note that hacks are not always possible, you might be presented with an
impossible situation. When that happens, you just need to start over again.
There have to be white tiles connecting each type of nodes and you'll know that
hacking is possible if there are any black ones inbetween then not. Now, select
any node and use youe mouse to move the pointer in a directon where the white
tiles are and click to unlock the tiles, you'll see hexagons vibrating telling
you that this tile is removable.


NOTE: Once you are in the subway, you get objectives to execute some moves
and if you complete them you'll get 500xp for each - the yare easy.

Once you complete the circuit, you can move thru and keep going. You'll come to
a large hole in wall, just go thru it-

Just move ahead and take out all the enemies. Keep going ahead on the rail
lines to get to the next set of enemies after you are finished here. After a
while you'll be fighting Shredder's foot clan soldiers. After them, go back
onto the rail lines and move on the right side lines. Keep going and you'll see
another hole in the wall -

Now once here, look near the right side wall around some rail cars and you'll
find a Pizza and also jump onto the rail behind the pizza for a concept art -

Go thru and you'll come out to another platform soon. You'll find a Pizza on
the right side and a conept art on one of the stairs -

Note: Sometimes you just get stuck here and can't find a way out, when this
happens - just reload from the checkpoint and you'll be fine.


Shortly, a train arrives and the turtles get on it and find Karai in there.
You need to fight a ton of the Foot guys and also Karai who is obviously


Now, the best attacks here are the team attacks so take Leo for now if you did
not unlock team attack for the others and go ahead. It's better off to kill all
the foot ninjas before going to Karai. There are a lot of them but keep going
after them first and when you get Karai alone, use your special powers which
need your power meter to have points. Switch from turtle to turtle and use up
all the special power points on Karai - be careful while trying to counter her-
it's better to evade and switch turtles and resume fighting - try to get your
combo count up so you can use your TPKO attacks on her - anything to make the
fight shorter.

NOTE: Once you come back to HQ, look at the stats and Workshop to level up and
buy get items from Donnie. You can concentrate on levelling up your favourite
character to make him better than the others but you will need to level up all
the turtles as you'll need everyone to be powerful - also unlock team attacks
for all of them and concentrate on the abilites which give all the team a
bonus. Also, don't forget to spend the weapon upgrade point in the Workshop.

Chapter 2

Just as you go ahead, there's Pizza to the left -

Keep going ahead till you get to some guys from the purple Dragons. Beat them
up and after the short bout of questioning you'll go back inside the sewers.

Go ahead into the tunnel after you see Shredder talk to Baxter. Go down and
you'll see Mousers burst thru a wall. Now, the best way to destroy these pesky
little things is to keep it simple. Three hit combos will take them out one
by one so keep doing that - you need to take these guys out quick or they'll
become a pain. There's also a Pizza to the right here in this area.

Go thru the broken part of the wall the Mousers came in from and keep going.
You'll fight more of them here. After you beat them, go to the grate door to
the right and pull the lever -


NOTE: Best guy to fight with all the enemies on this level - Donatello...

Keep going and you'll come into the mail section of the sewer. You'll soon see
a whole bunch of those things coming out of sewer pipes ahead. But just keep
killing the ones near you and move ahead and you'll come to a panel you need
to hack. Get it and go thru the opened door. You'll come into a large area and
you'll see some exploding Mousers - the red ones can explode but they don't
do this everytime and you will get a warning just before they explode so you
can move away.

Keep killing them and go thru the door they burst out of to the right corner
ahead. On the other side, to the left is another large grate door - that'll
burst open too, just go thru and keep killing the lil' thangs...

As you keep moving ahead, more of these things will keep bursting out of large
grates to the left and right. Look inside them and you should spot a concept
art -

You'll find Shuriken in another of these. In the last one you come to the right
the path leads to the next area. Go thru this and you should come to a small
room in the beginning. Here, you'll find shuriken behind boxes and if you
hack the circuit, you can pick up a Pizza, Energy Drink and a Concept Art
from inside along with electric shuriken.

Keep moving ahead and you'll come into another large room.


In this large area - you'll fight for a very long time and you'll come across
some mouser men too. As mentioned above, fighting with Donatello just makes it
atleast a bit easier. After the long fight the shutter opens and you can go
thru. You'll come to the real Mouser Army now below you. Just keep going and
you'll have a fun ride down.

The next area you come to, move ahead and to the left you'll find a ladder -

Go up it and jump from ledge to ledge in the end and you'll find an EMP
Grenade. This is going to be very very useful against a large group of Mouser
Men - save it for later anyway. You'll find Electric Shuriken below the steps
here. Also, a new kind of enemy is intored -White Devil Ninja. You'll have
another very big fight here. After this area becomes a bit empty. You'll be
able to see a control panel you can hack on a machine to the right in the
center of this area.

If you go to the end, you'll see another panel to the left. First hack that one
and hit the button inside which is an elevator - it'll take you to a Pizza,
3 Grenades and Electric Shuriken. Go back down - also from where the hackable
machine is in the main room - to the right of this machine is a section of the
wall you can vault over to the other side where you'll find a Pizza. Anyway,
hack this machine and you'll be in trouble again. Also, if you go thru the
tunnel which is at the end of the room where the elevator was, you'll find
concept art inside.

Now, after you fight everything here. Go thru the hole in the wall and kill the
single Mouser Man to the right and climb the ladder here and pull the lever on
top -

There's also a Pizza in this room. Anyway, go back down and thru the new door
you opened. You'll find Pizza and E-Shuriken to the left over a small wall as
you pass thru -

So, the next area - you'll face a small Tsunami of Mousers - just don't look
back and keep moving ahead and when you come to an obstacel, hit space and
the turtles will make their move around, under or over whatever is in their


The next area you come to can be a bit buggy. There should be a ladder from the
bottom area of this place. This ladder is to the right part of the room to the
left end -

If there's no ladder then try to restart from the checkpoint and if it is still
not there you'll need to re-play the level again. Anyway, you'll find some
goodies on the lower level if you go thru the tunnels there and the use the
ladder and move on.

You'll meet April now, keep going and you'll come outside infont of a large


Climb up the crates to the left side of this area and you'll find a pizza -

Also, if you run opposite to where the Pizza is, you'll come to a large gap
but hit space near the wall to run on it across the gap and you'll come to
an EMP Grenade.

Now, this next part has tons of fighting. After you take out everyone. Move
to the warehouse and to the left is a panel you need to hack. Go thru and
you'll come inside a large factory building Mousers...


Once on ground level - don't use your EMP grenades yet. Just wait for it. Till
then, take out all of the mousers one by one and the foot clan also. Finally,
the boss arrives...


Now, this thing is not as tough as it looks and you can take it out very
easily. Now, take out all the other enemies around you and when this thing
jumps up, wuickly evade away as it'll fall down and smash you, Anyway, take
everything out - atleast for the XP and then notice four glowing white lights
on this thing. Two are on the legs one is on the belly and one on the tail -

Now, if you keep hitting these areas, they will turn red -

Make all four red and the thing will collapse for a few seconds - when it does
you need to run to it's head and start hitting the head and one head gets
shorted and it runs out into the open area again. You need to repeat the same
thing again twice and note that outside, you'll find two Pizzas to the left and
right of this area around the middle...

Chapter 3

NOTE: Upgrade Donatello if you can and get him his weapon Upgrade from the
workshop if you can - Don's the fastest of all the turtles and you'll need this
speed soon.

So, go thru the Parking Lot now and take out any enemies you come across as you
go up. Once on the roof, move to the left and jump over the fence and then
across to the next rooftop -

Inside the room there are Pizza, Energy Drink and Shuriken.


So the turtles talk about stealth being the best option here. Crouch and
Stealth KO any enemies you come across. From where you start itself is a Pizza
to the left. Before you jump down to the next roof, look at the Foot patrolling
to the right and try to take him silently or he'll alert the others. Then jump
onto the next roof and the next one has a Pizza and E-Shuriken -

GO up the steps here and you'll come inside a warehouse of sorts. Take the
energy drink to the left and there's a pizza behind the crates to the left -

Jump across to the next roof and you'll come to a catwalk to the right -

Once you are on top of this roof and move onto the next one, be prepared for
a hell of a fight. You'll also get to face new enemies -

After the long fight, take the ladder to the right corner ahead on the roof and
jump across to the next building and you'll meet Karai again.



So, against karai or shredder, in this level, you'll need to be fast and
there's no turtle faster than Donny - just a suggestion.

Each time Karai comes down, make sure you build up your power meter attacking
the foot ninjas and use special attacks on Karai. She is going to be a big pain
as you'll need to fight her all the way up this building here. Also, you
can use energy drinks to power-up and keep attacking her with specail hits -
it's just no use to attack her normally like the other foot soldiers.

After the first bout of attacks, she jumps up onto a platform and starts
throwing grenade. Dodge them and go up the steps to the upper floor. You need
to keep repeating this till you get to the top most floor.

Remember again - You definitely need to build up your powermeter - to full if
possible and use any of your turtles 360 attacks if you have unlocked them on
Karai - fighting her head on is a waste. Also, you can use shuriken or
E-shuriken to daze her for a second and use TKPOs on her - team TKPOs are
better if you have them.

There's Pizza on the third floor you fight on near a corner and another on the
steps leading up to the final floor. There are a lot of foot here - just keep
gathering all the power points and use them on Karai. After you take her out
the final time, you need to use the platform she was standing on to get to
the crane.


Climb up onto the platform and there are two pizza's here you can take and one
is to the right of the steps leading down and another as you go down the steps-

Once you get to the crane you'll go to meet Shredder.

Checkpoint4 - Shredder's Lair

First go ahead and fight the first wave of foot clan guys. In the center of
this area to the left and right from where the foot keep coming are Pizza and
Energy drink.


Take out the first big wave and move close to shredder and he comes to you
himself. Use the same stratergy - build up your powermeter and use special
attacks on him. Again - the best turtle you can use here is Donatelly because
he's fast when upgraded. Use everything you have now and switch from turtle to
turtle to use everything in their inventory. Once Shredder is down and escapes
move to the center of the room where you took the pizza earlier and hack the
panel here and get into the elevator.


Once you come down the elevator, you'll find two hack panels to the left and
right. The left will lead you to tons of enemies but also a concept art. The
right takes you to April. Unlock the Panel (definitely getting tougher) and
you'll go back to HQ.

NOTE: Time ot upgrade and review your stats again. Before you go into the final
level upgrade your turtles as much as possible. Leo is especially useful when
fully upgraded as he has the most Health of all the turtles. Play some arcade
or re-play chapters if you want to gain more levelups and more points to

Chapter 4

This is the final Chapter so if you want to do anything to upgrade your turtles
then do it now. Also, remember that you can come to HQ at any time and still
continue the chapter from where you left it off so keep that in mind if you
feel things are getting too hot to handle.

NOTE: FOr the Final Boss battle - try to hold onto as many inventory items as
possible - you'll definitely need Pizzas and Energy Drinks - as many as you can
get your hands on. Also, other stuff helps too so try to carry as many things
as you can into the final battle. If you have not upgraded atleast two of your
turtles to max then you may face a little difficulty.

From where you start off, look behind you for a Pizza -

Move ahead and go thru the tunnels and you'll come into the main building soon
with two doors and some dead aliens. The door near which the bodies are is the
one with a Pizza and Concept Art. Go thru the next door and you'll come into a
hall. Go the the next foor and you'll come into a corridor with a door nearby
which has a yellow panel instead of green -

You will come across many of these rooms thru this chapter and behind every one
are goodies. This one in particular has a lot of grenades you can use later on.
So equip them anomg your turles and continue along the corridor. Thru the next
door you'll come to another corrdor with a locked door to the left and enemies
standing guard infront of another door ahead -

Thru the locked door is a Concept Art, thru th next locked door you encounter
are two Pizzas. Soon after, as you keep moving, you'll come into the
Humanoid Simulacrumator.

In this area, go up the slope to the upper level and you'll come to four green
gooey contraptions -

Destroy them and jump into the room next to them. Keep going and you'll come
to an elevator which takes you down.


The next area is where the fighting starts off. In the room to the left here
are shuriken of both kinds and grenades. Go thru the other door and you'll come
into a corridor with a locked room to the right in which you'll find a Pizza
and Energy Drink. You'll find a Concept Art in another room and in the left
end of the corridor is an elevator which takes you to the next area.

You'll come to two doors next. The door to the right just has a few enemies to
destory. Take them out and move thru the next door which has a locked door
inside the room and a platform leading up where you'll find Concept Art and
Pizza. Thru the locked room, you'll find another elevator and som enemies.

Once you are in the next area, keep going and you will come into a large
generator room.


Get In the beginning itself to the left is a control panel you can hack. Then
move ahead and you'll see that there are no shields protecting the green power
sources - destroy them and take out the enemies. Get onto the elevator here now
and to the next area. You'll need to do this a few more times - just destory
the power sources and take the elevator to the next area. In the last area
you'll see that you can jump across the ledge onto some smaller platforms in
the air and get to the next place -

You'll find Pizza to the right of this place and a door you can go thru to a
large elevator into a very large room with a Portal in the middle.

You can find all kinds of stuff in this room to help you fight. Grenades,
Shuriken, Energy Drink and Pizza. In an adjacent room is more Pizza and Energy
Drink. But first you need to destroy the enemies and more importantly destroy
the green generators in this place a quickly as you can.

After that, the door to the left of a generator opens and inside you can hack
and elevator which brings you to another large area with pillars in the middle.


In the beginning in the room to the left are Pizza, Drink and an EMP Grenade.
You'll come acros more rooms with more stuff on this corridor. Take out the
enemies and go thru the last door and you'll come into a large lab with


Without his helmet he's a piece of cake but when he gets he new helmet on -
it's going to get ugly.

With his new helmet, he can use telekinesis to throw rocks, conjure up blasts
around him and other crazy stuff. Now, trying to fight him head on is a bad
idea. Better you use up all the ENergy Drinks you have now and use Special
Attacks on him - or take out his minions to re-gain the power meter and use
your special attacks. If you go head on then he'll just balst you or throw
boulders and what not but you can still get him.

Also, around the room are Concept Art, Energy Drink, Pizza - you'll find them
behind things so look behind crates or other stuff. Make sure you switch
between turtle to turtle to replenish their health with Pizza from time to
time. The fight is going to be easy if you use special attacks and keep dodging
his attacks on you as you can't really block them. And after he goes down, you
will have beat the game.


The End

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