Asphalt 8: Airborne – Multiplayer Walkthrough [Guide]

Asphalt 8: Airborn

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a great racing game even when playing with the AI. However, the real joy is when you are able to play with the best drivers from all over the world. This will definitely require you to step up your game, and is also a great way to earn some extra currency for those all-important vehicle purchases and upgrades.

Both online and local multiplayer modes are available, so players can either compete with friends via Wi-Fi or against random players online.

Game Modes
There are many kinds of Game Modes, as well as different tracks to race in. This is predetermined randomly, and the game will wait for eight players to enter before racing can begin. With this, it is recommended that players have good Internet connections so that everything will run more smoothly come race time.

Game Modes include Classic, which is the standard race across two laps around the track. Another mode is Elimination, where the player in last place will get eliminated until only one remains. Infected, on the other hand, is played pretty much like the game of tag. An “infected” player will have twenty seconds to touch another vehicle, or else they would be eliminated. This goes on continuously until only there’s one only car left. Lastly, Gate Drift will test players’ drifting skills as this mode will greatly test players’ maneuvering abilities around tracks and obstacles.

Tips and Tricks
Do not be afraid to be aggressive, knock aside other racers to compete for the higher spot, and this will also allow you to collect some much needed Nitro. Also, be aggressive in destroying objects and performing stunts such as barrel rolls, and let your Nitro rip once it has been filled to the brim.

Of course, it is also very important to practice driving basics such as avoiding hitting the side railings and breaking too hard. Drifting is also a very important skill that you must master in order to have an easier time getting distance between you and your opponents.

In Infected and Elimination Modes, it is very important to practice defensive driving. Avoid getting in last position at all costs and be aware of where other vehicles are at all times. If you do get infected, activate your Nitro and just try to smash through any vehicle that gets in your way.

It is also very important to scout the competition before you even begin the race. Player profiles will be shown all throughout the race, and you would be able to determine their style of play as well as their abilities based on this. Act accordingly such as keeping distance from more aggressive players and taking advantage of the meeker ones.

Mastering the different tracks available within the game is also essential. This might require you to race with the AI a couple of times in order to memorize the lay of the land, and knowing where the shortcuts are will definitely provide you with an advantage when competing with real players. Take your time racing in different tracks alone and use that experience as an edge.

Players can also have the option to replay the race once it has been concluded. This will give players the chance to see the things that they did wrong and improve them in succeeding races. They would also be able to pick up some good tips from other players this way.

It would also help a lot if you have acquired some of the best vehicles and have upgraded to respectable levels. This might require you to spend real money or grind in order to earn coins the natural way. However, this will prove to be very beneficial in the end as this is the only way to compete against others with either more superior vehicles or better driving skills than you.

If you feel that your skills are not yet enough to compete with the top tier players, then you can gain more experience by competing with the AI. You can also race against ghost players, which are essentially AI patterned after real players. This will allow you to race against competition with different styles of play. You can also ask friends to race against your ghost to see how you would fare against them without participating in the actual race yourself.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, do not be afraid to use your Nitro. Using Nitro effectively is a definite game changer, and don’t hesitate to max out your Nitro usage by tapping the Nitro up to three times if the situation calls for it. You can also benefit from special boosts by tapping the Nitro once the meter reaches the red section of the bar. With this, try and pick up Nitro boots along the way should you see one from the distance.

Asphalt 8: Airborne’s multiplayer mode is certainly one of the definitive features of the game. This will allow players to keep on leveling up their skills, as well as inspire them to upgrade their vehicles in order to match up against the better racers from all over the world. Playing the various game modes under multiplayer is very enjoyable and exciting, and it will certainly raise the competitive fire among players. With the above tips, and with a lot of practice, anyone can potentially be included within the global leaderboards and be considered among the top Asphalt 8 racers from all over the world.


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