Doodle Fit 2: Around the World Walkthrough [Guide]

Doodle Fit 2

Doodle Fit 2: Around the World literally takes people around the world via its many puzzles, which are themed around different objects associated with their respective countries. You don’t have to travel, however, in order to get your hands on this addictive and mentally stimulating game. Test your pattern recognition and logical thinking – as well as your patience – as you embark on both single player and multiplayer campaigns as you race against time and make all those blocks fit like a glove.

Doodle Fit 2: Around the World is a puzzle game where players are required to fit blocks into a certain pattern. Solutions to puzzles may range from one to many, and there are various modes that players can play in. Players may also use hints to help them along in their tasks. With regards to successfully completing a puzzle, all blocks must be used to fill in all the holes. Similarly, blocks must be used in their original orientation as they cannot be rotated.

Game Modes
There are many different game modes available within Doodle Fit 2. Under single player mode, there’s a Challenge and Time Attack mode as well as an Around the World mode. In Challenge Mode, players must complete puzzles within a set time limit, with the player losing a one of a set number of lives should they fail to do so. Time Attack mode has the player completing puzzles as the timer runs down, and the game ends once the clock reaches zero. In both modes, there’s a leaderboard where players would be able to see their top scores. For Around the World, players must solve each puzzle in order to unlock the next stage. More countries will be available soon and more stages would also be available for purchase.

The game also offers players the chance to compete with other players online. Up to four players must join in order for the game to commence. Private matches can also be set up along with the game choosing random opponents for you.

Hints can be used for more difficult puzzles, although these are very limited. Hints will provide you with clues on how to properly clear a stage, but certain stages will ask for a certain number of hints. Additional hints may be purchased in exchange for real cash.

The Community section of Doodle Fit 2 allows players to create their own puzzles and share them online. Players may also choose to create new levels, as well as play on stages created by other players. An Internet connection is required for this feature to work.

Tips and Tricks
Use the process of elimination when solving puzzles in Doodle Fit 2. There are sections that only certain pieces can belong in. Working your way from there would be much easier since there are less pieces left. It is also very important to have a working knowledge of what pieces you have with you. There will be cases where you are working on a puzzle without realizing that one piece that would have made a difference but was unnoticed until much later.

Never use hints until you are absolutely stuck. These are very limited, and mot puzzles can only be solved via trial and error. Keep at it many times before asking for help, or you might find yourself stuck in a stage with no other option but to pay for additional hints. Lastly, ignore the colors of the blocks that you have. They serve no purpose in the game whatsoever, and they can be placed on the board in any which way that you please.


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