Smash Bandits Walkthrough [Guide]

Smash Bandits

If car chases are your thing, then Smash Bandits is the perfect game for you. Smash through obstacles and try to get away from police cars for as long as possible in this exciting driving game. Almost all objects within the game are interactive, which is just a better way of saying that you can smash through anything in sight, and you will be rewarded for it. Compete against friends for the highest score, and increase your chances of being the must see thing on TV with this guide.

Smash Bandits is an endless running type driving game where players must evade capture from cops by constantly driving up and down an endless connection of roads. Smashing through objects and other cars will earn players points that they can use to purchase new vehicles as well as upgrades. Gadgets may also be equipped so that players would be better armed with the tools needed to keep driving. The game will end once the player is too damaged to continue, and the player’s final score will be uploaded to leaderboards so that others may compare on how they fare against the top drivers among friends and globally.

Smash Bucks and chips are the two types of currency within the game. Smash Bucks are earned by destroying obstacles within the game, and can be used to purchase new cars, buy upgrades, as well as the ability to equip your car with gadgets that will help you during your run. Chips, on the other hand, can be acquired by leveling up, which is in turn achieved by completing challenges listed on the main screen. Chips can also be used to purchase cars, and can also be used to get you out of jail should you run out of energy. Both Smash Bucks and chips can be acquired via in-app purchases as well.

Energy within Smash Bandits is represented by a player’s wanted level. This meter will increase each time a player starts a game, and once it reaches level 5, players will not be able to play unless they pay chips that can lower the wanted level automatically. They can also spend more chips so that they would no longer have to wait to keep playing the game.

There are several different vehicles that may be selected, but all vehicles aside from the initial one would have to be purchased using either Smash Bucks or chips. Vehicles’ attributes such as speed and handling may also be upgraded using Smash Bucks, making them faster, more maneuverable, or more durable on the road.

Gadgets are additional gear that can be equipped for each round played. Players can bring up to gadgets each time, with a third slot unlockable using chips. The gadgets that are accessible to the players will depend on their current level, and bringing gadgets into the game will also require players to spend Smash Buck. Gadgets have various effects such as getting a head start, increasing durability, or being able to smash police cars more aggressively.

Tips and Tricks
Get acquainted to the controls as soon as possible. Hold your device properly and make sure that you are touching the appropriate area so that your vehicle can move in the right direction. Also know how to properly swerve and change direction quickly so that you can evade non-smashable obstacles and police cars from catching up on you.

Make it a point to smash objects that have blue icons above them. All other objects must be avoided as these will cause your vehicle to be damaged. However, most cars can be knocked towards the sides or against other vehicles, causing them to blow up. These too will reward players with Smash Bucks.

Avoid police cars that have turned red. This indicates that they are ready to attack. Should you have the Ram gadget equipped, attack them before they attack you. Otherwise, get ready to steer out of the way. Also, stay away from cliffs or other nasty falls as these will cause an automatic end to the game.

There are also docks that players can access. This will switch your vehicle to a boat, and you must drive your craft to another dock so that you can travel by land again. Players can have a much higher chance of gaining more points in water than in land as there are more smashable objects as well as less objects that can damage you.

Make it a point to follow arrows and reach checkpoints, as these will provide players with multipliers that can greatly increase your final score. Lastly, players can have a second chance at a run by spending chips. However, keep this at a minimum unless you are nearing completion of a challenge or if you are chasing a particular score.


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