The Impossible Line Walkthrough [Guide]

The Impossible Line

Going from point A to point B should be pretty easy, but in The Impossible Line, this task becomes much more challenging and exciting. Draw, twist, and turn your way towards solving the many levels in this game and prove your skills in memorizing routes and avoiding obstacles along the way.

The Impossible Line is a game where players must trace an arrow towards its target using their fingers. In latter stages, there are certain paths that players must take, and touching the walls would require the players to repeat the stage. There are some tools that the players can use to help them along the tasks, but most of the time they would have to rely on their senses as well as on how well they remember the paths before they become invisible.

Coins are the main currency within The Impossible Line. Coins are earned once players have completed a level, and these are used to purchase powerups that you can use to help you out in more difficult levels. Of course, should you run out of coins, you can either try to complete stages without powerups, or you can purchase them using real money.

Your radar is a very helpful way to determine if you are about to collide with an object. You can use both sight and hearing to use the radar, as the circle gets smaller as you get closer to a wall, and it also beeps faster in the same situation. Getting acquainted with your radar and how it works will be essential in clearing levels without the use of powerups.

There are two types of powerups within the game, and both require coins to use and are also only activated for a limited time. The reveal powerup will show you the landscape of the stage again while the miner’s hat will provide you with a light that will show shadows of objects within a short range. The choice as to which powerup you would like to use depends on the player, but it is recommended that you move quickly during or after the powerup has been activated so that the level is still fresh in your mind.

The radar works better as a hearing guide than a visual one, especially if you are focused on the level. Move the arrow slightly in any direction and see if there are any changes in the audio cues. Also, make your previous movements serve as a guide for your next moves, especially if the level has parallel or angled lines. This is a good strategy to help you remember where the path is supposed to be.

Lastly, there will also be moving obstacles latter in the game. Time the movement of these objects and count off the seconds in your mind. This would better help you gauge where these objects are even when they are not visible. Of course, using powerups will help, but try as much as possible not to rely on them so much as you only have a limited number of coins to work with.


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