The Room: Epilogue Walkthrough [Guide]

The Room: Epilogue

The Room: Epilogue ended where the game last left us off at. We are transported into a portal where we are now in another room with, yes, another box and another set of puzzles to solve. If you need some help or if you are stuck in a certain area, then let this guide help you out as you discover the secrets within the game.

Use your eyepiece to look around the table. You will be able to see a smudge. Rotate the section until the figure becomes a hand print, and a circular panel will pop up. Slide the switch to the side of the panel and a drawer will open up. Take the gear and look at the sides of the table. Locate the section with a square button and press it. A pane will open with two pairs of latches and place the gear on the lower one. After this, move to the left of the table to find a section with six circles.

In order to solve this particular puzzle, players must pass the rectangular piece through all the circles so that they will light up, and they must also be able to pass through the switches so that the upper left panel will be unlocked. Players must only pass by one circle once as a lit up circle will get turned off should they pass through them again. It will take a few trial and error attempts to complete this but there are a lot of solutions to this puzzle, and you will be rewarded with the panel opening up once this has been done successfully. Flip the newly revealed switch and a new panel will open up at the top of the table.

Take the orb and rotate the top area until the symbol appears, press the circle and open the orb. You can then take the gear and place it on the gear slot by the side of the table where you placed the previous gear. Pull open the drawer and take the key. Use the key on the side of the key and turn left to align it with the arrow. Go to the right side of the box and take the key. Go back to the key, and this time turn the key so that it aligns to the bottom right arrow. Flick the switch, turn the key to left again, and then go back to the panel and take the newly revealed key.

Use the metal plate that you just found and put it into the octagonal shape by the side of the table. Turning it to the right will open the table up and reveal a piano. Press the fourth, sixth, and eighth white key (as indicated on the upper right corner of the letter at the top of the table) from the right so that a panel will open up. Leave this part first as you will need a coin to place into the slot. In order to get the required item, you must look for the section by the side of the table with symbols etched in them. To the right of the table, there will be a leg that has a section that can be pushed down. Doing this will reveal sliders that you can move left or right. To solve this puzzle, you must slide the sliders over the second, fourth, and eleventh symbol from the left. An easier way to do this is to look at the opposite side of the table where you can just look at the revealed symbols in the exposed holes. Take the coin from the newly opened drawer and deposit it into the piano’s slot.

This will in turn reveal a button that you can press. Pressing the button will play the piano automatically, and you must play the exact same tune three times so that a panel will open up. Take the metal handles and the cabinet will then close up. You will be using this later.

Use the small key that you found earlier and insert it into the box. Turning it will open up the panel. Go to the side of the box where you inserted the star shaped key and turn it so that the upper arrow is lit. Going back to the new puzzle, you will see two symbols to the left and to the right of the arrows. Go back to the previous area and turn the key to the right. Return to the puzzle and roll the middle area towards the right symbol. Do the same for the left side. Turn the star shaped key in the upper position again and return to the puzzle. If you have done the above steps correctly, then two buttons would have replaced the black squares to the side of the panel. Press both these buttons at the same time and a two new panels will reveal themselves.

By using your eyepiece, you can turn the triangle shaped objects around and look at them at an angle to see the combination 573. Enter this combination into the other panel and a side of the box will open up. Attach the metal handles found earlier and use the eyepiece to solve the puzzle. You can manipulate the 3D cube by rotating the handles, and the point of the puzzle is to have the indented areas pointed away from you and filling these areas with the cubes found at the opposite side of the panel. Keep doing this until all four holes have been filled. Take the gem and a new puzzle will be revealed. Slide the blocks towards the bottom area and take the gems from the other side. Repeat this until all four gems are acquired. Once this has been done, place all gems in their corresponding places on the circular panel on the table.

Look through the lens and you will see a pattern in different colors. Use your eyepiece and move along different angles and see if the pattern is the same as the one located at the upper left side of the lens. The proper location for the gems to get this view is, clockwise from top right – green, blue, yellow, and red. If done successfully, the top of the box will open up.

The next puzzle takes a bit of trial and error. By pressing the center button, you must create a path for the blue gem into the hole at the center. This might require you to backtrack multiple times back and forth the inner and outer circles. Once this has been done successfully, the middle area will open up and reveal a lit up crystal.

Use your eyepiece and look at different angles until you are able to match your view with the diagram in the background. You will then have to do the previous puzzle again, albeit a bit more difficult this time. Once done successfully, you must now use your eyepiece again to match the symbol with the diagram. Take note that, this time, you can now rotate the sticks in order to match the symbol. You will now get to enter through a new doorway and see a brief cut scene. This ends the game, at least until The Room 2 comes out.


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  1. avatar Amanda says:

    I haven’t been able to get all of the gems out. So far I’ve only been able to get the blue one, but the others are stuck or something. I wonder if it’s a glitch or I’m missing something?