Games of September 2013 (Grand Theft Auto V)


Ready for the fall gaming rush? Every year, gaming explodes in the months leading up to Christmas, and this year is no different. September itself is usually one of the quieter months, with October and especially November receiving the bulk of the new releases, but this time around, September has one of the biggest heavy hitters in gaming, if not THE biggest, in the form of Grand Theft Auto V.

Yes, next-generation consoles are just over the horizon, but the only game anyone seems to care about right now is Rockstar’s surefire hit Grand Theft Auto V. The game itself looks absolutely incredible, and definitely one of the games I am most excited to play this year. 2013 has been phenomenal for the industry, and GTA V is making sure that the seventh generation of consoles go out with as big of a bang as possible.

So, without further adieu, let’s talk about Grand Theft Auto V and the other releases coming this month, starting with September 3rd.

September 3rd
Originally, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was supposed to launch in August. In my article about the games of August 2013, I mentioned that the release date for it as well as the Mac version of SimCity were “to be announced”. Well, as of the time of this writing, the innovative indy game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is now available for download over Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

PlayStation Network is also getting some love on this day, with the release of the remade Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse: HD Remake. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this remake, and those with PlayStation 3 can play it on that system first. In addition, the full retail release of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is actually being released in North America only through the PlayStation Store.

Blizzard is finally making their return to the console market. Rumblings of a console version of Diablo III have permeated for the longest time, but it’s finally been confirmed and fans can look forward to playing Diablo III on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 very soon. A next-gen version of Diablo III is also in development, with plans to release that game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some undetermined point in 2014.

Fighting game fans are used to companies re-releasing their old fighting games and adding subtitles, so it should come as no surprise that Dead or Alive 5 is getting that treatment as well. Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate will, predictably, be the same Dead or Alive 5 that we already know, albeit with new features and the DLC included, I believe. Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 only.

Meanwhile, another game is coming out on this day that is available on just about every system imaginable at this point. Originally, this was a Wii U exclusive, due to the poor sales of Wii U exclusive ZombiU, Ubisoft made the controversial decision to delay the already finished Rayman Legends so it could port it to other systems and all release on the same day. New content and features have also been added to the game during the delay, and to make it up to burned Wii U owners, Ubisoft released a free Rayman Legends eShop game to tide players over until the full release. Rayman Legends is now available at the time of this writing for PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita. But be warned, as the PS Vita version of the game lacks 20 levels that are included in the other versions of the title.

And finally, Total War: Rome II, the latest game in the highly popular Total War franchise, is coming as a PC exclusive.

September 4th
Xbox Live Arcade and PC people can now enjoy Castle Illusion starring Mickey Mouse: HD Remake on this day.

September 5th
Back in the day, the Giana Sisters game was known as a shameful ripoff of Super Mario Bros. Fast forward almost 20 years later, and the Giana Sisters are actually releasing as a timed exclusive on Wii U’s eShop service. Entitled Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, this game is a sequel to the DS remake of the Giana Sisters.

September 10th
With another Tuesday comes another day of a ridiculous amount of game releases in the fall gaming rush. Sony absolutely dominates this day, with planned releases including retail PS3 and PS Vita games, as well as digital only releases for their systems. To start with, let’s mention Killzone: Mercenary, the first really big Vita game in a very long time. Killzone: Mercenary is an absolute blast to play online, which I can attest to from the beta, and it may be the game to finally get people to start looking at PS Vita as serious competition to the 3DS line.

Another PS3 exclusive is on the way in the form of the highly anticipated Puppeteer from Sony’s Japan Studio, known for its innovative games that almost always receive high critical praise. Puppeteer was first revealed at last year’s Gamescom if I’m not mistaken, and ever since then, I have been hugely impressed with all that Sony has released surrounding this quirky and gorgeous side-scroller.

Square Enix is also going to bolster the PS3′s amount of exclusives with the HD remake collection called Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. Containing the first Kingdom Hearts game, the PS2 remake of Chain of Memories, and all the cut-scenes from DS exclusive 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix will be telling the first part of the hugely complicated Kingdom Hearts story. Square Enix probably has plans to release a Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix that will contain the games/cut-scenes of the second portion of the Kingdom Hearts story in anticipation of Kingdom Hearts III on next-generation systems at some point in the future.

A couple of games on this day will be releasing on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so 360 fans don’t have to feel completely left out. Perhaps the most notable is NHL 14, but there is also a licensed game coming from the now-defunct TV show Young Justice called Young Justice: Legacy. Hopefully fans of that series are still around to enjoy the latest game released based on it.

And finally, the computer crowd has a lot to look forward to as well. For one, Metro: Last Light, a fantastic game if I do say so myself, is coming to Mac. Also, the sequel horror fans everywhere have been waiting for, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is releasing simultaneously on PC, Mac, and Linux devices.

September 11th
Wii U, PS3, and PC already have DuckTales Remastered, but on this day, Xbox 360 finally gets it as well. There have been many rumors regarding the month-long delay, and most seem to point to Microsoft unwilling to compete with their own Summer of Arcade promotion that ran in August.

September 12th
ARMA 3, a game that has actually been the subject of international controversy with its developers arrested as accused spies, will be released in about the middle of the month. Joining it on this day is a quirky title called Card Hunter. Both will be released exclusively for PCs.

September 13th
The King of Fighters XIII has already been available on consoles for a very long time, but now PC players will get to enjoy the game as well.

September 15th
Man, what is with Nintendo and releasing stuff on Sundays? Don’t they know how inconvenient that is since the postal service doesn’t run on Sunday? Oh well. Anyway, Wii U owners have another exclusive to look forward to on this day called The Wonderful 101. Just in case you are interested in trying the quirky game out for yourself, there is a demo available on the Wii U eShop.

September 17th
What’s this? A Tuesday with only one retail release? Yep. Of course, absolutely no one in their right mind wants to compete with Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar has proved that their juggernaut franchise is still one of the largest and most successful entertainment icons in history, with each GTA release anticipated by analysts as being one of the largest entertainment launches in history. Grand Theft Auto V will be no different; the game is bringing a ton of innovation to the table, not only in regards to the GTA series, but with gaming in general. It is the swan song of the seventh generation of gaming, and hopefully GTA V ensures that the PS3 and Xbox 360 stay plugged in long after their successors are introduced to the world in November.

That being said, a digital release is coming on this day called MechWarrior Online. This series has its own very dedicated fanbase, but I think the majority of the world will have their eyes set squarely on GTA V.

September 18th
Remakes. Everywhere, remakes. Broken Sword is a classic franchise that is being revisited in September with Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse is releasing on PC, Mac, Linux, and even iOS devices.

September 24th
The most popular sport in the world right now is soccer. Of course, whenever something is as popular as soccer, you can expect that there is at least one video game for it. Or in this case, two video games releasing on the exact same day, competing with one another for sales dominance. FIFA 14 is huge, but it will be interesting to see if Grand Theft Auto V actually prevents it from selling as well as it otherwise would have sold. FIFA 14 is coming out for PC, PS3, 360, Wii, 3DS, PSP, Vita, and even the freaking PlayStation 2. That’s right, PS2 is still getting some love in the form of FIFA 14 at the end of the month.

For those in Europe, keep in mind that FIFA 14 is going to be available for free with all Day One Edition pre-orders of Xbox One. “Day One Edition” simply means one of the consoles available on launch day, so don’t worry about specifying it to any employees at the games store. FIFA 14 is also going to be available on PlayStation 4 on November 15th.

If FIFA 14 isn’t your thing, Konami can hook you up with Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, the latest game in the only soccer franchise that stands even a slight chance of competing with FIFA.

And hell, maybe soccer in general isn’t your thing at all. Well, what about superheroes? Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, is said to contain every single DC character imaginable, even the most obscure ones. Scribblenauts has developed quite the following thanks to its innovative and addicting puzzle gameplay. Throwing the vast world of DC into the mix can be nothing but positive for the franchise.

Oh, and the poorly received Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is being ported to PSN. Already available on Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade, initial reviews warn for turtle fans to stay away from this one.

September 26th
Finally, the last announced release for September is World of Warplanes. It is in the “World of” series of free-to-play games that currently consists of World of Tanks, with more games to follow in the future. By the way, don’t forget that World of Tanks is coming to Xbox 360 as well, so those that prefer playing on consoles can experience this free-to-play series finally.

If last month is any indication, it may be wise to expect Don Bradman Cricket 14 to come out in October instead of September. It is already September 3rd (at the time of this writing), and the game still does not have a solid release date nailed down. Obviously, that is not a good sign for those hoping for the game to actually be released in September.

PS3: 16
PC: 14
360: 11
Wii U: 4
PSV: 3
MAC: 3
3DS: 2
PSP: 2
iOS: 1
WII: 1
PS2: 1


What a weird month. 3DS barely has any releases, finally being vested by PS Vita in terms of game releases, and not only that, but games are being released for systems that are more or less completely dead at this point, such as Wii and PS2. I guess that just shows the power of the popularity that those systems had in their respective generations, and why they came out on top in the console wars. October will continue the insanity of the fall gaming rush, with Pokemon X & Y coming out on 3DS at the beginning of the month and the hugely anticipated Battlefield 4 coming out at the end of it, though the next-gen version of that game won’t be available until at least November 15th, and console players may want to hold out until then to get a true Battlefield 4 multiplayer experience on consoles.


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