The Bureau: XCOM Declassified [Guide]

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

XCOM is one of the most praised strategy game franchises of all time. Now
experience the early days of Earth’s first contact with alien invaders in this
tactical third-person shooter spinoff, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough

XCOM Headquarters
The Doctor
Operation: Guardian
Operation: Grifter
XCOM Headquarters 2
Signal from Beyond
XCOM Headquarters 3
Not of this Earth
XCOM Headquarters 4
Crack in the World
XCOM Headquarters 5
The Last War
The Day the Sky Fell

03. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Agent William Carter is thrust into the middle of an alien invasion of the
United States in the middle of the Cold War. Carter and his squad are tasked
with running the first XCOM operations against the invading alien forces in
their attempt to save humanity from alien threats.

LT – Aim
LB – Grenade
RT – Fire Weapon
RB – Dodge
Y – Next Weapon
X – Interact/Reload
B – Battle Focus
A – Enter Cover
A (hold) – Sprint
D-Pad (up) – Order Agents to move
D-pad (down) – Recall agents
D-pad (left/right) – Objective Marker
LS – Move/Straft
RS – Look
Back – Objectives Log
Start – Pause Menu

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02. Walkthrough
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Well, after the initial scenes, leave the room by walking to the door and
then pressing the X button. Move through the hallway. As you near the windows,
the game will explain how to sprint and get behind cover. This is important
information as a large UFO is right outside the window around this time.

Sprint straight at the windows by holding A and tilting the left analog stick
in their direction. This will cause Carter to snap into cover on the bricks
underneath the windows. Start moving along the cover and then press A to snap
to the next cover. Keep doing this until Carter is clear of the windows, and
then proceed down the stairs.

At this point, the game will teach you various other actions Carter can take,
such as rolling to dodge, which is done by pressing RB. Move through the
warehouse-like area at the bottom floor. Practice the cover mechanics a bit as
you move and then head outside.

Immediately take a left. A short scene will play, and when it’s over, Carter
will automatically be behind cover. Aim by pulling LT and point the cursor at
the Sectoids. Fire by pulling RT. More Sectoids will show up, mainly from the
roof of the building they are attacking. Just keep shooting them and then
when they are dead, hop over the cover by pushing forward against it and
pressing A.

Head into the building by approaching the door and pressing X. Speak with
Nils and then grab the radio off the counter as requested. Then follow him
out of the building while talking on the radio. When the radio conversation is
over, Carter should be outside again. Sprint toward the next set of stairs that
lead into a warehouse, and then another cut-scene will play.

After that, pick up the rifle leaning against the crate. Interact with the
glowing device on the wall to get a little tutorial video on how strategy
works in the game. Then get behind cover under the window. Open the window when
prompted, and then test out your new rifle on the Sectoids.

When that’s done, regroup with your ally outside. Remember that you can
designated objective markers using the d-pad in case you get lost. You’ll be
led through a destroyed section of the ground with fire and such, and then on
the other side there will be a turret.

Carter will automatically get behind cover. Time to learn how to issue orders
to your squad. Press B to bring up the command wheel. Choose the “move” command
and then tell your partner to move behind cover to the side of the turret.
After that, order them to perform a “Critical Strike” and then press B to back
out of the command wheel and watch them destroy the turret.

Now continue. A couple of tanks will be blown up by a UFO. Move toward the
tanks regardless and follow the road to warehouse. Do not enter the warehouse
just yet. A new enemy type called an Outsider is inside, as well as two

Notice that in the warehouse there is a long, enclosed room to the right (when
facing into the warehouse)? Send Nils there now, all the way to the end, so
that he has a very clear shot of the Outsider. Order him to kill the Outsider,
and then cover him by killing the Sectoids that will then go after him.

Go into the warehouse now and regroup with Nils. As the game has already
explained by now, to regroup with allies, press “down” on the d-pad. Go to the
elevator doors and use the controls to call the elevators. Now get behind

Order Nils to return to the building that he was at before, albeit on the
opposite end. Have him kill one of the Outsiders from that position, and then
kill the other one that will charge. The enemies will start coming out of a
drop pod. Search the ground for a grenade (if you don’t have one already) and
lob it at the pod to destroy it quickly. A flying alien drone will also be
brought into the mix, so take it out. Leave Nils at his position so he can
keep flanking the Outsiders as they rush Carter and the elevator.

With the threats eliminated, the elevator will convenientl arrive. Go inside
the elevator and chat with Nils some more. Then the elevator controls will
start to glow. Go to the controls and use them to ride the elevator down to the
bottom. Move through these halls to reach the lab.

Inside the lab, you will have to talk with Director Faulke for a moment. There
are various conversation options that you can choose to pursue. Keep the
conversation moving at any rate, until he’s done talking, and then your next
objective is to reach the war room.

Move forward to collect the shotgun. Replace the pistol with the shotgun for
now. There are two Outsiders at the end of this hall, with one hiding behind
the forklift. First, use the rifle to kill the Outsider that is in more plain
view. Then switch to the shotgun and charge the one behind the forklift to
blast and kill him.

Follow the objective markers until coming up to another room full of enemies.
This room is kind of tough because there’s no really good vantage points. The
enemies are in the room, and you are actually in the hallway outside of the
room, where there are two large windows looking in.

Have your agents both be at one window and you at another. Fire at the enemies
through the window and then move back and forth between. Them what this will
do is force the Sectoids and Outsiders to move back and forth as well, which
will give you a good opportunity to fire at them while they aren’t behind

When they’re dead, move through that room now. The next time enemies are
encountered is a warehouse-like area with soldiers under attack. Have your
allies stay behind cover to draw the fire of the turret. Then sprint across
to the door on the other side. Switch to the shotgun and just mow down the
enemies on the way to the turret. Obviously, use cover to your advantage.
Destroy the turret and then regroup with your allies before continuing to the
next room.

A single Sectoid to will be found in front of a desk right by the double doors
that lead into the War Room. Kill him with a single blast from behind, collect
the ammo on the desk, then proceed into the War Room.

Another conversation opportunity will arise. Just for reference, if there is
ever a time when you simply want to continue through the game and not go
through all the optional dialogue, the left choice typically accomplishes this
for you.

The trip to the Rail Platform is a short one. As you and your squad round the
halls, the Rail Platform is in sight. Survey the scene. There are a few
Sectoids here as well as a couple of Outsiders on the floor. Up the stairs,
there is an Outsider walking back and forth. Order your allies to take cover on
these stairs when the Outsider has his back turned. Then order them to kill
this Outsider.

This will draw the attention of all the other aliens. Move forward and get
behind cover. Flank the aliens while using your allies as bait. Keep doing
this until they’re all dead. Then head to the controls to activte the train.
Get on the train and then press the controls here to ride it away.

Go up the stairs and gather the ammunition. Trade the rifle for the sniper
rifle. Radio the Skyranger, and then the aliens will start to attack. Get
behind cover and also order your allies to get behind cover as well. Using the
sniper rifle, you can pick off all the aliens very easily.

Use grenade to blow up enemies and destroy the drop pods. When throwing
grenades, objects that will be affected by the blast will be highlighted in
orange. Toss the grenades to destroy the explosive barrels that are dotted
around the area as well as the drop pods for maximum effect.

The first wave of enemies will then bring even more. When facing across the
yard, these will be to your left. Grenades can get rid of these guys extremely
easy because of the barrels. When this wave of enemies has been defeated,
listen to the radio conversation that follows.

Activate the test by using the controls at the center of this area. Then
retreat to the helipad and get behind cover. Numerous drop pods will land,
with Outsiders coming out of them. Drones will also attack. Kill them from the
safety of cover until the evac arrives. Then turn around, approach the door
of the helicopter, and press X to escape.

To Top

Welcome to the headquarters. For now, go through the conversation with DaSilva.
Then walk outside of your office doors to trigger a cut-scene. After the scene,
talk with DaSilva again. Then go talk to Faulke in his office. There is a lot
you can do here, such as checking out files and completing side-quests, which
are called Investigations in this game.

When using the objective markers, the main missions will be designated with
yellow arrows. Investigations are designated as blue markers. You can complete
some right now, but when you’re ready, speak with Faulke, go through that
conversation, and then head to Agent DaSilva again (now in the Ready Room) and
talk with him.

Now it’s time to build the squad. Look at the different choices for your squad
and then pick out two people to join you. There is some customization that can
go into the squad, such as changing their names and whatever. When your squad
is completed, go to Agent Nils and then watch that next cut-scene, which will
end in you in another battle.

This battle introduces yet another new enemy type. This one is called the
Infiltrator. Visually similar to the Outsider, the difference is mainly that
this creature is shielded, which makes it a bit tougher to kill. It is joined
by some Sectoids, but there are a few agents here to help you out.

Obviously, get behind cover right off the bat. Use a grenade to kill the
Sectoids. Remember, enemies and in range of the grenade blast will be
higlighted as orange when aiming the grenade toss. Then focus your attention
on the Infiltrator.

A sound strategy is to get in close to him, but behind cover, and then blind
fire with the shotgun. A more conservative approach will also work out. Once
its shield is done, the Infiltrator will be much more prone to damage. So keep
at it. Once defeated, head to the op station. A scientist will stop you on the
way, so speak with him, then continue.

You’ll be taught about mission selection. Use the computer to select a mission.
The next “Major Operation”, a fancy term for a main mission in the game, is
called The Doctor. Select that now to continue the story.

To Top

Walk down the street. Go into the diner. After the scene, walk outside and
follow the streets until you reach your first encounter. There is a float in
the center area that provides a fantastic vantage point, so your first goal
will be to fight your way to that.

Kill the Sectoids and any Outsiders that are hanging out on this float. There
is a new enemy here that operates the shielding of the other aliens, so kill
him to get rid of all their shielding. Once on the float, it’s easy to pick
off the enemies one by one.

Some more aliens will be in the dilapidated building to the right (when facing
the AA gun). In front of the float is a truck with ammo. Go there and then
use that as new cover to pick off the remaining enemies.

Approach the door leading to the AA gun and attempt to unlock it. Then choose a
squad member to hotwire the door. Whatever squad member you don’t choose will
help you in the fight that comes next, so choose the more combat ready ally you
have to fight with you against the aliens.

A new drop pod will fall to the ground. Throw a grenade at it and then blast it
until it is destroyed. Kill the other enemies and then the hotwiring should be
completed. Go through the door and approach the controls of the AA gun. Use
the controls to disable it.

It should be around this point when you will level up for the first time. The
level up process is very straight forward. This first level up, you will get
a new ability called Lift, which will raise enemies out of cover.

Anyway, continue through the streets until you reach the bank. Inside the
bank, there will be survivors. Go to the basement of the bank and then speak
with the survivors here. This provides an opportunity to receive new
Investigations, if that’s your thing. When ready, exit through the door down
here and then continue through the subsequent streets. A supply drop will be
provided at this point, so you can swap out existing agents with new ones or
resupply ammo and whatever else you need.

Another combat situation is up next. Use the cars for cover. There are drones,
a Shield Operator, and numerous Outsiders. First, take out the Shield Operator.
If you have the sniper rifle still, this is very useful in doing that. Once
he is dead, have your team move forward to engage the other enemies. Take out
the drones while they fly around and try to heal everyone. When they’re
destroyed, pick off the stragglers and continue for another cut-scene.

Now it’s time to fight the Muton! Ignore the other aliens that are protecting
him for now. You want him dead way before he can reach your position. Lob all
of the grenades that you have at him to begin with, then keep shooting him
with a long-ranged weapon (blind-fire if you start taking too much damage from
the Outsiders) until he’s dead. If he does get close, switch to the shotgun (if
you have it) and blast him this way until he dies.

Time to focus on the Outsiders now. Have one of your allies go to the right
and infiltrate the alien structure there. The other ally should start pushing
forward from the left. This will give you a chance to stay in position,
covering them and letting them do the bulk of the work here.

When the coast is clear, move into the building. Go through the double doors
and then take the ammo that’s in plain view. Go through the next door to get
into another conversation.

Grab the Scatterlaser that is on the ground. This is basically the alien
version of the shotgun, so it is very handy. After that, you’ll come across a
garden area with some more enemies, plus a turret at the end of it. This is a
bit tricky, but there are two solid ways of going about this.

Obviously, you are going to want that turret destroyed first thing. If you
trust them, send one of your allies up the left side of this area, staying
behind cover. Keep issuing them the order to move forward, but don’t do so
until none of the enemies are paying attention. Then order them to attack the
turret. This will draw all the attention of the turret to them, leaving it
wide open for multiple shots or grenade tosses from your end to really destroy

Then it’s just a matter of pushing forward through the Outsiders and Sectoids.
Of course, an alternative strategy for this would to be go up the left side
yourself, using your allies as distraction to draw all their attention to the
complete opposite side. This would allow you to run up behind the turret and
hit it with shotgun blasts to destory it very quickly, and leave enough time to
retreat to cover before the Outsiders could do any real harm to you.

In the next courtyard is your first encounter with a Sectopod. This is a mech
that is piloted by a Sectoid. Attack it with full force, using grenades right
off the bat if they are readily available. The goal is to damage each specific
component of the Sectopod. When enough damage has been done, its individual
parts (colored in orange), will darken. When all the parts have been damaged
enough, there will be a direct shot to the pilot. The sniper rifle is super
helpful here, but any gun will do with enough shooting. Kill the Sectoid and
the Sectopod will rendered useless.

Now just finish off the rest of the game and continue. The next area that is
visited is a bunch of alien bases. A turret is across the way, plus there are
numerous Outsiders walking around. There is a Shield Operator to deal with as

First, send an ally to the right. Have them infiltrate the small building
there by killing the enemies inside. Instruct this ally to engage the turret,
then destroy the turret yourself. From there, it’s just a matter of wiping out
the Outsiders and the Shield Operator. There may also be drones thrown into
the mix, so be ready to blow those up as well, and do so quickly or else they
will keep healing everyone.

From here, it is a straight shot to the observatory. Just go through the halls
and then you will eventually trigger yet another cut-scene to watch, and after
that, you’ll be thrust right back into the thick of the battle.

This time the goal is to destroy the Gunship above while also dealing with the
Outsiders on the ground. First clear out the ground using a shotgun, then
switch to your ranged weapon. Shoot the gunship as much as possible, moving
around to avoid taking fire from it.

When over half of its health has been depleted, reinforcement Outsiders will
show up. These will include a Shield Operator. Take him out first, then clear
out the other Outsiders. If you are in need of ammo, there is an ammo bag
located at the end of the couryard, along with a rifle in case you need a
long ranged weapon to continue attacking the gunship.

Keep at it until the gunship is destroyed. If there are any remaining outsiders
around, get rid of them as well. Then the mission will be completed and you
can return to base.

To Top

There are other Minor Operations that can be completed. They are optional,
but you have to complete at LEAST one. This is just one of two that are
available at the start, the other being Operation: Grifter. For information
on Operation: Grifter, please scroll down to the section of the guide that
covers it, right below the second visit to XCOM Headquarters.

At the start of this mission, move up toward the barn. Some Outsiders will be
walking around as well as an Elite Outsider, which is just a beefed up version
of them that likes to charge for melee attacks.

Use the hay for cover. Have your allies flank the enemies from the right, and
then the three of you can just rain hell on them. Another strategy is to sneak
all the way around them and enter the barn doors that way, but that is
considerably harder to do. Keep in mind though that engaging these enemies will
cause them to call in reinforcements, which can be a drain on ammo.

Anyway, enter the barn when the enemies have either been defeated or avoided
completely. Inside the barn, find the stairs that lead down. Approach the book
shelf and press X to open it. Approach the computer and hold X to cut the
fuel line. Then go upstairs and head back outside.

A new enemy type called Silacoids will be introduced. These are black, inky
looking monsters. They are very easy to kill. Just aim and shoot and they
will die without much effort on your part at all really.

There will be another fight on your way there, but nothing you shouldn’t be
able to handle at this point. There is another secret door leading into the
room with the launch control computer. Hold X to mess with that, and then go
back outside. Start making your way to the targeting computer now.

You will come to a large blockade created by the enemies with doors that are
shielded. Hug the right side and flank them. When they’re dead, approach the
controls, then get ready for an ambush as you must defend this launch site from

This is pretty difficult due to lack of ammo, so go around and collect as
much ammo as possible before the waves of enemies start pouring in. Leaning
against the truck in the center of this area is a laser-version of the SMG,
which you can switch out another weapon with if you run completely dry.

Hold your position against the attack. Eventually, a Sectopod will even show
up. Destroy any Drop pods that come down as they will continue to spawn two
enemies at a time until destroyed. The final wave will contain a Shield
Commander (a higher ranked version of the Shield Operator) as well as a couple
of drones to deal with.

Once everything is dead, lower the shields by approaching the controls and
pressing X. Then go to the next computer and interact with it to end this

To Top

You may experience this section of the game after completing Operation:
Grifter. The reason for that is only Operation: Grifter OR Opertion: Guardian
is required to beat the game. I have included a walkthrough/strategy for
both of those missions, though Operation: Grifter is listed below this mission.

Speak with the boss. Then head to the interrogation room. Go through the
interrogation process and then report back to the boss at his office in the
Ops room. Now you are free to go about your business and go through the
missions as usual.

To Top

This mission takes place at night. After it starts, you will want to engage
the enemies by the barn. Use the typical flanking strategies outlined in the
earlier missions to defeat them, and then continue through the barn. Gather up
the ammo inside the barn and go out the back door.

Move through the water and wait for the explosion. Kill the Silacoids and then
use the debris to get up the higher area. You’ll then have found the train
wreck. Approach the wreckage to trigger the spawning of more Silacoids. Kill
them as you investigate the train.

Pick up everything here, and then on the other side of the train, there is
yet another battle. Use the boxcars as cover as you take out all of the alien
enemies. When they’re all dead, Grifter is completed.

To Top

An Outsider and two Sectoids will be seen right off the bat. Pick off the
Outsider, then focus on the Sectoids. Go down the street and use the vehicles
as cover as you fight off the rest of the aliens. The first thing you will
want to do is take out the Rocket Sniper standing on the roof of the
restaurant. Rocket Snipers can be picked out based on the green laser that
their gun gives off.

Defeat the rest of the enemies. Use grenades on them and also shoot the
explosive barrels lying around. After this encounter, proceed to the next to
find DaSilva using booby traps he has laid around the streets to kill the
aliens in groups. It’s now your job to defeat the enemy squad that has DaSilva

Now you can order DaSilva to blow up the enemies using his bombs. Since there
aren’t a whole lot of aliens at this point, using DaSilva’s bombs isn’t very
helpful. Just kill the few Outsiders and Sectoids here, and then proceed to
the front doors to speak with DaSilva.

After that, be ready to hold position against a wave of enemies. This wave
of enemies will be capitalized with a Muton. Once they’re all dead, go inside
and speak with DaSilva again. You then have a choice as to whether or not you
want DaSilva to stay here or ask for him to get an evac.

When done, head outside. Follow the path outside. Keep going until you reach a
building with tables and such set up outside. They are set up as, you guessed
it, another battle. The strategy here is much the same as the other places in
the game, in that you should have your allies flank the enemies from the left
side as you push down the center. This should separate the enemies and give
you plenty of opportunities to take them out as you push forward.

As you continue to the alien outpost, there is a new alien weapon to grab out
of the alien weapon locker. Go through the door to finally reach the outpost.
YOu have an overlook of the outpost guards. You can grab the sniper rifle here
if you don’t already have it or use a different alien weapon.

Pick off the guards, then leave when the doors open and move through the
organic tunnels. Continue and the tunnels will end, opening up to city streets
again. Take cover at the next group of enemies. They are all grouped very close
together. Toss a grenade into the center of them to blow them all up and
then hang tight for the next waves of aliens that show up.

Then continue through the next building. Go out the through the other side to
meet up with Dr. Weir. Follow him and he will lead you through a warehouse.
I found that my allies kept getting in my way when trying to walk between these
shelves, and if this turns out to be the case for you as well, just order them
to go take cover somewhere else so that you can more freely move on through
the warehouse.

Anyway, Silacoids will attack occasionally, but they are nothing to worry
about. Follow Weir into the alien tower and to the Mosaic Terminal. When he
gets to the terminal, take cover, turn around, and defend his position from
the attacking Sectoids and Silacoids.

By the way, it is probably  really good idea to have alien weaponry on you.
Since you are going through their tower at this point, most of the ammo that
you are going to find is going to be of the alien variety.

Now just move through the base until you gain access to the upper level using
a crazy teleporter thing. Whenever you come to a point where it seems that
there is no way to cross, just look for a nearby button that will activate
the bridges.

When you finally reach enemies, there will be two just down the stairs at a
terminal. Toss a grenade in between them to take those guys out. Then move
down on their position and fight your way to the left. The area is in the shape
of square, with most enemies originating at the “front” of it, so stay behind
cover and you should be able to do a fairly admirable job at picking them off
without things having to get too complicated or anything.

Near the end of the battle, a Muton will show up. Use your new blaster to make
short work of him, then take out the drones that appear. Continue through the
next door.

Now just keep following the objective markers, hitting the bridge
buttons and door buttons as necessary until you Axis starts talking to you.

After talking with Axis, kill the Sectoid and Outsider that confronts you.
Then continue up the stairs until you reach the Titan boss fight. Get the
blaster out and fire at the Titan until the clip is dry. The Titan will fire a
large blast at you that will continue to do damage if you are hit by it, even
after the initial blast. To avoid this attack, roll out of the way, or go from
cover to cover. Keep in mind that the Titan is capable of destroying cover with
its cannon.

Ammo is located all over the place, so that shouldn’t be a problem. The only
concern really should be staying alive during this encounter. When the Titan’s
health bar is depleted, it will blow up, and then you just have to hang tight
and wait for the level to be completed.

To Top

At the base, go speak with Faulke. Then speak with Angela in her office. After
that, go downstairs and talk to the radio technician as well as Dr. Weir in his
lab. Now return to Faulke and talk with him. You can insist that Angela goes
with you to the next mission or not, but it won’t matter because she will end
up going regardless of the decision you make.

To Top

At the start of the mission, you can find human weapons right off the bat at
the campsite. When ready to continue, simply start following the path. Carter
will talk with Weaver along the way. Your first enemy encounter will consist of
one drone, one Outsider, and one Outsider Elite. Focus on the Elite first, and
then divide you and your squads’ time between the remaining Outsiders and the
drone flying overhead.

There are grenades on a table to your right. Move through the “alien
construction site” and follow the objective markers to the next encounter,
which consists of three drones and a Muton. Kill the drones so they don’t heal
the Muton, and then kill the Muton.

As you walk around these areas, be sure to watch out for mines that are on
the ground. Shoot the mines to force them to explode. Run forward and collect
the ammunition here until you have full ammo. Then send an agent to hotwire
the shield door.

Of course, this will trigger enemies to fall from the sky in drop pods. Destroy
the drop pod immediately, then destroy the three drones that will swoop in at
you. A Sectopod will be the next threat. Use the blaster to make short work of
it, and then it’s just a matter of picking off the remaining Sectoids and
Outsiders. Easy stuff. The door will then be open, so regroup with your squad
and continue.

Regroup with Agent Weaver and talk with her. Then activate the bridge and go
through the subsequent door. You’ll then be in a room with some new threats,
as well as the Outsiders, Sectoids, and drones. The new threats are the
Phantoms, which are quicker versions of the Outsiders with shielding and slight
invisibility, and the Sniper Elites, which are regular snipers, i.e., ones
that don’t shoot rockets.

There are two snipers here, and once again, their laser sights are green. So
follow the green lasers to find the snipers and take them out first. Then clear
the rest of the room. There will be new weapons here, including sticky grenades
and the laser pulse rifle. Switch out any weapons that you are low on ammo on,
except for the blaster. Just keep that on you at all times.

Now exit this room and push forward until you come across the next enemy
encounter. At first, it will just be a couple of Sectoids, but killing them
will trigger Outsiders, drones, and then a Muton. Try to stay back behind cover
to pick them off from afar, and then when the Muton is the only one remaining,
throw all you got at him. Gather up ammo as usual and continue to find Peter

Go through the conversation and then you can either force Angela to kill her
brother or you can do it. Go to the control panel to your right to find the
life support controls. Turn them off, then speak with Angela again. Exit this

Now in this next room, you have an advantage in that you can use Angela as your
sniper. Similarly to how you detonated DaSilva’s bombs earlier, you can call
upon Angela by accessing your own power wheel. Choose her and then have her
pick off Outsiders that are in view while you take out any of them that are not
in her line of sight.

Proceed to the next room for a cut-scene. When that’s done with, it’s time to
deal with Axis. The goal here is to get to each of the three different
generators powering his shield. They are all housed in small enclosures that
also have ammo for you to restock. Fight your way to them, using Angela as
cover, turn off each one, and rebuild your ammunition. I recommend heading to
the one to your right first so you can easily destroy the turret that is
visible from that location.

Powering down the first generator will spawn a Muton, as will powering down
the second generator. Throw everything you’ve got at the Mutons when they
arrive and have Angela pick off any Phantoms or Outsiders that may also be
causing trouble.

When all three generators are down, turn your attention to Axis. Try to stay
out in the open, i.e. not under one of the generator enclosures, so you can
keep having Angela shoot him with her sniper. Axis himself has a very powerful
gun that can drain your health extremely fast, and he also has the tendency to
teleport around the room. You can use Angela effectively to deal damage to him
when he ducks behind cover, so fire at him yourself until he ducks or teleports
away, then have Angela blast him until his health has been completely

To Top

Do the rounds. Talk with everybody, then report to the hangar. From the
Avenger, you can use the console to start the next mission.

At the start of this mission, just enter the dam. There will be a few Silacoids
to kill in the initial hallway with the Sleepwalkers. Exit through the double
doors, and then there will be an encounter with a new type of Commander.
These ones will take control of your squad members as well as create clones of
themselves, so they are high priority targets.

Luckily, there is a lot of cover here as well as ammo. Take everyone out and
then push forward. A gunship will arrive. There is a small building with
sticky grenades and ammo, so take refuge there. The gunship will not be able to
damage you while in here, so shoot it out the window with the blaster. If you
don’t have one going into this mission, there should be one sitting on top of
the crate in this room.

Destroy the gunship first because otherwise it will just keep dropping off
reinforcements. Once it is destroyed, you can easily take out the Outsiders and
such on the battlefield. Now continue through to the next room and get back
inside the dam.

You’ll move through another office space of sorts and be introduced to the
Scout. The Scout enemy likes to rush your position, plus it has the teleporting
ability of Axis, so there’s that to look forward to. After reaching the
generators, the goal is to switch off all three. Of course, each of them are
heavily guarded by a wide variety of enemies, including the new Scouts and
Phantom Elites.

Luckily, there is plenty of ammo pretty much everywhere. This is a crazy
firefight, but just keep pushing through the enemy forces. The third generator
switch will be protected by a Muton. Killing that will pretty much be the most
difficult part of this section. After turning off all the generators, the
breaker switch needs flipped. It is just up a flight of nearby stairs, guarded
by a couple of Phantom Elites. Kill them and then use that console. Gather the
ammo lying around and then you can continue.

You’ll then reach a room with two Outsiders directly below and one on the
catwalk with you. First, kill the two Outsiders below. They are easy targets.
Then kill the one on the catwalk, which should be easily overwhelmed by you
and your squad. Then follow the water through to the next area.

Silacoids will attack, just shoot them and keep moving. The next halls will
have a couple of Outsiders to deal with, so mow them down as well. Then you
will reach the room with the door controls. There are two Outsiders at the
controls and one just walking around. Order your allies to kill the ones at
the controls and take out the one walking around yourself.

Go to the door controls and exit. Drop down when you can. Then make your way to
the Venn controls. There will be a few enemies guarding it, but just pick them
off and go to the controls. Before pressing the button, be sure to gather the
ammo there as you have to fight your way back to the Avenger after this. Press
the button and then turn around and mow down the enemies. There won’t be
anything too tough, no Mutons or Sectopods or anything like that.

The Avenger’s hull will open. Run up the ramp and then watch the cut-scene that
follows. After that, approach the button and press it. This will trigger a
very long battle, but one that is not particularly difficult. Basically, a
Muton Elite will show up, plus a gunship. Usually I would say attack the
gunship, but the gunship will leave long before you are able to destroy it and
when it returns, its health will be back fully, so instead, just attack the
Muton until he leaves.

Kill the forces left by the gunship. Then the Muton will return, leave again,
return, leave again, until he is finally destroyed. Every time the Muton
leaves, more enemies will have to be dealt with, including a Minion Commander
that spawns drones. Obviously, kill this guy as soon as possible so you don’t
have to keep dealing with his annoying drones.

Sticky grenades are quite plentiful here, and they are very useful against the
Muton. Get behind cover and just chuck the sticky grenades around the cover
and onto the Muton. Stick him with a bunch to cause a chain reaction of
explosions that should severely damage him.

After the threats have been neutralized, go to the next button and press it.
Head into the next room and watch the cut-scene. When the cut-scene is over,
press X as instructed. Then watch the cut-scene that follows after that.

To Top

Go to Faulke. Talk with him. Then select your next mission

Starting the next Major Operation “The Last War” will delete any Minor
Operations that you have yet to complete. So, if you want to beat all of those
Minor Operations, now is the time to do so. This is the point of “no return” so
to speak.

Head to the lab. Speak with the uh, thing. Then “The Last War” mission can
officially begin.

To Top

Upon waking up, go down to the Infiltrator’s interrogation room. A scene will
play, and then you have to chase the Infiltrator through the facility. Do not
bother shooting him, just keep chasing him. You will stop by a supply crate
along the way, and I recommend having at least one human-made weapon since this
base is full of ammo for human weapons and frag grenades.

The Infiltrator will release a bunch of Outsiders from a room. Wipe them out
and then continue the chase. The Infiltrator will then lead you into another
room where even more Outsiders will be let out. Kill these guys and a Sectopod
will spawn. Throw everything you have at the Sectopod until it is destroyed,
then kill any stragglers.

A good strategy for this room is to have your two guys flank the enemies from
the right while you stay in the center. This will cause them to divide their
attention and can also be very helpful when dealing with the Sectopod

After this room has been cleared, the Infiltrator will attack you directly. The
Infiltrator will clone himself, but he doesn’t have a whole lot of health.
Get behind cover as soon as you can as he does a ton of damage, but otherwise
he will die fairly quickly, and that will trigger another cut-scene, of course.

Head into the tunnel. Silacoids will jump out of the elevator, so kill them.
Then use the elevator controls. Run through the halls, following the
objective markers. Carter will have another meltdown of sorts. Then an out of
body experience, if you will. Just move forward to Carter’s body and then watch
the next scene play out. Press “A” when prompted by the on-screen instructions,
and then choose one of three characters to merge with when that option

Your choices are:
Angela Weave
Dr. Weir

Make your choice.

To Top

Your time aboard the Avenger can be as short as you want it to be. Approach
the console at the front of the ship and interact with it to kickstart the
next mission.

To Top

Enter the Mothership. The first enemies you encounter will be some Silacoids.
Just keep moving through the ship and then fight the Sectoids that you come
across as well. Mowing them all down will grant access to the lift room. Use
the control in the center to ride it up.

In the next room, fight all of the Outsiders that show up, which is quite a
bit. This is a straight-forward room, in that there’s the enemy side and then
your side. Ranged weapons will work best here. They will bring out a Sectopod
before it is all said and done, and not a typical one either, a HEAVY Sectopod
that has even more health and damage resistance than the regular Sectopod

Keep at it until the coast is clear, then continue. A short cut-scene will
play, and then you have to choose between choosing one of the two people that
you didn’t choose to “merge” with earlier in the game.

However, who it is doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you either
choose to go left (blue) or right (red) first. For the sake of this guide,
let’s just assume that you went left first. So head left right off the bat and
ride the lift to reach whoever happens to be over there so you can help them.

This battle is crazy. There will be snipers everywhere, so take them out as
first priority. In addition, there is a Muton Elite to contend with. Killing
everyone here will result in two more Muton Elites showing up flanked by
Phantom Elites as you push forward.

If you have the Mind Control ability unlocked (you should at this point in the
game, even if you have been skipping all the Minor Operations), use it on one
of them so that you only have to worry about killing one Muton Elite at a

Finally, after the long battle is over, proceed into the Deployment Relay
room. Use the supply crate here to resupply your ammo, and be sure to have a
Blaster on you as well. Then operate the terminal in the center of the room.
Some chatting will go on, and then you will be teleported to the right or “red”
side of the Mothership to deal with the Factory Relay.

The Factory Relay section is marked by psychic aliens and Sectopods. As you
push forward, you will have to deal with a regular Sectopod, plus annoying
psy aliens lifting your allies with their powers. Defeat the Sectopod first,
then worry about freeing your allies. Push forward to the end of the room to
do battle with a Heavy Sectopod flanked by even MORe psychic aliens.

The good part about this stretch of combat is that there are explosive barrels
all over down there. Use those to your advantage. The Heavy Sectopod pretty
much stays put, so kill the psychic aliens, then focus on the Sectopod once
you don’t have to worry about your buddies being lifted up unceremoniously.

By the way, a FANTASTIC weapon to use for this part of the game is definitely
the alien laser assault rifle. The reason for that is the vast majority of
enemies encountered during these last parts of the game have this weapon, and
so you can be guaranteed to never really run low on ammo. Having alien weapons
in general is a very good thing because the sticky grenades are super helpful
against the Muton Elites and the ammo caches found here are almost exclusively
those of the alien variety.

Okay, so when the room is clear, continue into the next. Before activating the
console in the center, you will want to use the supply crate in here as well
to fully replenish your ammo. It is located on the side opposite of the one it
was at in the Deployment Relay room. A cut-scene will occur after using the
console, and then you will have to turn around, exit through the door, and
continue to the last part of the game.

This stretch is tough. There is a Minion Commander that needs dealt with
immediately, but he is all the way on the other side of the room. He will just
constantly spawning Advanced Drones, which will lift up your teammates and
leave them hugely vulnerable to enemy fire. Psychic aliens are here as well,
and they will do the same exact thing. This can make your allies useless, so
those are the threats that need to be eradicated first.

Send one of your allies over to kill the Minion Commander while you deal with
the psychic aliens and the like. Mutons will be plentiful here, including
Muton Elites. Push your way to the very end of the room and use the control
panel after all the other enemies have been killed. This will trigger two more
Muton Elites spawning.

Retreat to the very back of the room. Use Mind Control if you have it on one
of the Mutons and cover the other one with sticky grenades using the baiting
tactic outlined earlier in the guide. Just in case you forgot, what you need to
do is get behind cover (preferrably vertical cover) and then toss the sticky
grenades at the body of the Muton until it is covered with them. About four or
so should be enough to take one down completely.

Killing all the Mutons and all the other enemies will finally allow you to beat the game. Approach the Mosiac at the end of the room and push your character against it until they “enter” the Mosiac. The final cut-scene will play. Congrats!

To Top

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03. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat The Bureau: XCOM Declassified!

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