Pokemon X & Y Nintendo Direct 9/4/2013 Complete Recap

Pokemon X and Y

On September 4th, Nintendo hosted a special (and short) Nintendo Direct early in the morning. While it was a very short edition of Nintendo Direct, it was very enlightening and really cool to find out about some of the stuff Nintendo had to share about Pokemon X & Y, which releases in just over a month worldwide on October 12th.

You can watch this special edition Pokemon X & Y Nintendo Direct in its entirety right here:

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Now let’s recap all the exciting Pokemon news that came out of Nintendo’s Pokemon X & Y Nintendo Direct!

Pokemon Bank
Nintendo spent a long time during the Direct reminiscing about the long, storied history of the Pokemon franchise. They spoke of the original games all the way to the current ones, mainly focusing on how connectivity in Pokemon has evolved over the years from the Link Cable to wireless networks and now to the Internet.

An issue that has permeated throughout the series is how Nintendo would allow players to transfer Pokemon from the older games to the newer ones. In the past, this has often required players to own two of the same system in order to accomplish this. Nintendo is now offering a permanent solution to this Pokeproblem with a new feature that is set to launch right after the game does on October 12th.

This new feature is called Pokemon Bank, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Pokemon Bank is a way to store Pokemon online. There is already Pokemon storage in-game through the PC, but this takes it to the next level. There will be 100 available boxes in which to store Pokemon, with up to 3,000 slots available.

Simply put, that is a TON of Pokemon. Obviously, this is for the most hardcore of Pokemon fan, that likes to catch fifty different versions of each critter in every game. To make searching for a specific Pokemon out of the 3,000 stored, there will be a variety of search options to narrow it down.

Pokemon Bank will be used in conjunction with another new downloadable feature called Pokemon Transporter. Using this, players can trade Pokemon that they have in their Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 games and send them to Pokemon X & Y through the Internet storage system that Pokemon Bank represents. Pokemon Transporter will also be available right at launch on October 12th.

The bad news about this is that the Pokemon Bank is going to require an annual fee in order to maintain this online cloud service. No specific information was given as to how much this service will cost, but Nintendo did say that more information will be revealed in the coming weeks through the official Pokemon website. They also said that this idea has been in the works for five years now, but it’s just finally being implemented into the Pokemon franchise.

Blast from the past
Some of you Pokefans out there may not want to read these next couple of sections depending on how “blind” you like to go into a game, but everyone else should definitely read them because of how awesome this is.

Pokemon X & Y is breaking from normal Pokemon tradition because players will not get their first Pokemon from the professor of the region. Instead, one of the friends of the player character will give them their first Pokemon. Players will get to choose from one of three of the region’s starter Pokemon, as already revealed a long time ago.

However, the twist is that the player does still visit the professor, and it is there that they get to choose another starter Pokemon. These three starter Pokemon are the original Pokemon starters from Red & Blue, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. As someone that has played Pokemon since it came out in the 90s, I am hyped. I am very, very hyped for this.

What is made even more interesting about this is that players can potentially have three different starters from three different Pokemon generations right off the bat with Pokemon X & Y. There will be the three new starters that are being introduced in this game and this new region, plus the three starters to choose from that were the first three Pokemon ever. On top of that, players that get X & Y on the first day they release can download Torchic for a limited time.

Mega Awesome
One of the most talked about new features in Pokemon X & Y is the new Mega Evolutions. Fans of the original Pokemon will be interested to know that Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur will all have Mega Evolutions as well.

We learned some new details about Mega Evolutions in general, too. The player character will have a device on their wrist called the Mega Ring. When a Pokemon is holding the Mega Stone, the player can activate their Mega Ring to trigger the Pokemon into evolving into their Mega form. Furthermore, the Mega Evolution is unique to the region featured in Pokemon X & Y, hence why it hasn’t been a factor in other regions seen throughout the other Pokemon games.

Global Launch
In the past, Japan has always got Pokemon games first, with other regions having to wait months to get their hands on the latest entry in the series. That is changing with Pokemon X & Y, which will see a simultaneous release worldwide on October 12th.

Nintendo is very proud of that, and they were also very proud to announce that Pokemon X & Y will be playable in seven different languages when it launches. So even if you purchase the North American version of the game, there will be seven different language options to choose from.

In addition, new limited edition 3DS XL systems were revealed. They feature the likeness of the new Legendary Pokemon that grace the covers of the games, and come in both blue and red. These 3DS XL systems will be available ahead of the launch of the games on September 27th, so if you are in the market for a 3DS XL, now is the perfect time to get one, especially if you are a fan of Pokemon…because these 3DS XL systems look pretty badass, if I do say so myself.

* * *
Pokemon X & Y launches worldwide on October 12th exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.


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