Junk Jack X Walkthrough [Guide]

Junk Jack X

Junk Jack X is yet another crafting game not unlike Minecraft and Terraria, and while it offers pretty much the same type of gameplay, it can be pretty interesting to see exactly how this game differentiates from other titles of the same genre. This sequel of the original Junk Jack X takes whatever element has worked in the first game and tweaked it a little bit while also providing players the chance to go online and play with friends. This further adds to the playability of this game and may well be worth some game time for fans of crafting games in general. Here’s our guide to help you out through the first few hours of Junk Jack X.

Junk Jack X is a side scrolling crafting game where the goal of the game is to simply survive. This require the gathering of resources and crafting them so that players can create tools, shelter, and weapons that they can use to battle different creatures that can be found in the expansive world. As compared to other games, Junk Jack X is not an open world in the sense that the map is endless. Rather, players can navigate through different planets and maps via portals which would then offer different kinds of materials to acquire as well as different enemies to beat.

Players are provided with limited health. Players can take damage from being attacked by monsters, falling from heights, or getting caught in bomb blasts. Should players die, they would be respawned, but with all of their items removed. Players can regenerate health by eating meat that can be collected from animals that they have killed.

Game Modes
There are various modes that players can play in. With regular Adventure Mode, there are dangers in the form of animals, but Peaceful Mode will prevent enemies from spawning. However, this does not mean that players will not take damage from falling or getting caught in blasts. Creative mode allows players to create anything that they wish with unlimited resources, although they will find themselves stuck within one map with no way to travel to other locations. Creative mode also allows players to fly around and see the world that they have created, and it also provides them with unlimited health.

Crafting is the most essential aspect of Junk Jack X. Crafting requires players to acquire materials either from the environment or from chests, as well as from enemies that they have killed. Combining items will result in another item that they can used to build tools, shelter, or even weapons such as bows or swords. In some instances, addons such as workbenches or smelting areas are required in order to complete crafting.

The game offers players to craft using either simple or advanced mode. Simple mode simply requires players to drag all the required items together, but it will take some time for crafting to be completed. Alternatively, advanced crafting will require more intricate input from players, but the resulting item will be ready to use immediately.

It is also important to note that mining for resources will also often require special tools, such as shovels that can dig much deeper into the ground so that better metals can be acquired. Also, crafting will require players to acquire craft guides, which are essentially pieces of paper that, when collected, will add new recipes into the list of items that you can craft. These also include weapons and ammunition that you can use against enemies.

Housing and Chests
Players can build houses that can serve as defensive stations should they get attacked by monsters, especially at night. However, houses also serve another purpose as they can act as spawning points should the player die. Additionally, players can also store items in chests so that their inventory would not completely be lost as these are stored in a different location. Players should create houses and seek shelter at night, and they should store all of the items that they do not currently need especially when they are going on long or dangerous quests.

Portals are gateways by which players can travel to different planets where they can discover a whole new environment, as well as different kinds of materials and enemies. Portals would have to be created by collecting three pieces of the portal from a particular map. These would then have to be crafted in order for the portal to work. Using portals, players can now jump from one planet to another and discover all of the secrets contained within each one.

Junk Jack X also provides multiplayer support where two players can play in a single world online, while up to four players can also play together via local connections. Multiplayer modes allow players to interact with each other, competing for resources as well as helping each other fight hard to beat bosses. They can also cooperate in creating the world in their image. The game also provides for online chat support so that players can talk with each other while playing.

In App Purchases
While all regular content within the game can be unlocked naturally, the game also offers in-app purchases which include the ability to unlock all craft guides so that you can create all items even without finding all of the necessary pieces. There are also items that will allow for random drops of materials that you can use for crafting. These can be purchased using real life cash and will be able to make your gaming experience much easier.


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