Giant Boulder of Death Walkthrough [Guide]


Nothing can stand between the love of two boulders, with mayhem and destruction following once something – or someone – sets them apart. With Giant Boulder of Death, players can guide a giant stone as it rolls and destroys everything in sight. Of course, proper guidance is required as certain obstacles such as spikes and pits can end your run pretty quick. Everything else, however, is pretty much fair game. Set your sights on utter destruction with this unique take on the endless running genre.

Giant Boulder of Death is an endless running game where players can control a boulder as it rolls down the hill. Players must do their best to destroy farm animals, houses, and even soldiers while collecting coins that they can use to purchase further upgrades. Obstacles can also end your run, which will inevitably happen, but going farther and destroying objects will also allow you to earn top scores.

Players can also select the control scheme that they would want. The default setting is via device tilting and tapping anywhere on the screen to jump, although virtual controls that use tapping and joysticks are also available. It is also important to note that, during earlier stages, players might not be able to destroy bigger structures such as buildings. However, hitting the structures while jumping will cause a lot of damage, and also adds points into your Invinciboulder meter.

Gems and coins are the two types of currency within the game. Coins can be found strewn all over the stage, and players can collect these by rolling through them. Coins can be used to purchase upgrades that can make your boulder jump higher, be more responsive, as well as being able to get more perks within the game, among others.

Gems, on the other hand, can be used to continue the game should your boulder get destroyed during a run. Further continues, however, will require more gems. Gems, as compared to coins, are much harder to come by during regular gameplay, although these can be purchased using real life cash. Coins may also be acquired via in-app purchases, and players may also choose to purchase the coin doubler which would double the amount of coins that they have earned during each run.

Destroying objects within the game will add onto your Invinciboulder gauge. Different objects will have different scores, although typically soldiers and larger objects will allow the player to obtain a bigger score. Reaching certain levels within the gauge will allow players to double or triple their total score, and once the meter has been filled up, players will then get to enter Invinciboulder Mode for a limited time. While this mode is on, your boulder will become larger as well as impervious to injury, allowing you to smash through larger buildings as well as spikes. The duration by which the Invinciboulder is activated can be lengthened by purchasing upgrades.

Goals are achievements that players can reach during a run. These include destroying a specific type of object, collecting a minimum number of coins, or getting a specific total score. Goals must be unlocked one by one, and these would cause other goals to appear. In addition, completing goals will unlock additional content into the game, adding more objects into the world that you might smash through or otherwise avoid.

Social Function
Players can earn free extra coins should they like Adult Swim on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Also, the game has a global leaderboard where players can see how their performances compare against the best players in the world either on a weekly basis or all time.


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