Monster Match Walkthrough [Guide]

Monster Match

Collecting monsters can be fun, but pitting them against each other is much more enjoyable. Combine monster battles with intense match-type puzzles in Monster Match, as it allows players to collect hundreds of monsters with different skills, all the while competing against other creatures in several adventures. There’s a lot of ground to cover in this particular title, so read through this guide to get you started.

Monster Match is part-monster battle and part-puzzle solving by making matches of two or more jewels, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This will trigger attacks towards enemies that come in different waves. Players can thus use coins and other resources earned to acquire and strengthen their monsters which are represented by cards. Players can travel to different islands and battle against different creatures, as well as participate in events that will result in them getting even more powerful and rarer monsters.

Stamina is an important aspect in the game as this will allow players to go on missions and participate in events. Each mission will require a certain number of stamina, and players must have the required number before they will be allowed to proceed. Stamina regenerated over time, although players can also opt to spend Monstars to refill this instantly.

There are two types of currencies within Monster Match. The first type of currency is coins, and these can be used for evolving and boosting your pet monsters. Coins are earned by completing goals as well as defeating monsters during missions and events. On the other hand, Monstars are considered as the premium currency, and can be acquired by participating in events but are otherwise much rarer to acquire except by buying them outright using real cash. Monstars provide many benefits such as allowing players to purchase more powerful monsters, refilling your stamina automatically, and even buying items that will allow you to capture and summon other monsters.

Companion points are also a type of currency that will allow players to acquire powerful but less rare monsters. Companion points can be acquired by asking friends to help out during missions.

There are several kinds of monsters that can be acquired in the various areas of the game. More powerful monsters can also be acquired by purchasing them outright. Once collected, players can create teams comprising of five monsters to bring along into battle. Each monster has their own attributes such as strength and health, and all of these are combined into a single unit once the team has been deployed.

Players level up separately from monsters. In order for monsters to level up, they must be boosted. In order to do this, players must sacrifice one or more monsters so that their experience will increase. This process will also require players to spend coins. Players may also choose to evolve monsters, which is done by combining the monster with others, commonly with the monster of the same name. Once all the required monsters are available, players can then spend coins to proceed with evolution. Both boosting and evolving will raise a monster’s stats, making them much more effective in battle. This will also cause their skills to be more effective.

In addition, surplus monsters may also be sold in exchange for coins. This is a good way to get rid of useless monsters, as players are only supplied with a limited number of slots to carry monsters in. This number will increase once player’s level up, or can be increased by spending Monstars.

There are a total of five elements that monsters can be related to. These are Earth, Water, Fire, Light, and Shadow. Each monster is related to a certain element, with the exception of special ones that do not have any specific vulnerability or affinity to an element. Monsters related to a specific element can be strong against a specific element while weaker against another one. In addition, boosting monsters with cards of the same element will produce better results. Being knowledgeable in this area of the game will help especially when faced with creatures that are weak against a certain element, and players must be able to organize their team to exploit this particular attribute.

Aside from attributes, each monster has a specific skill that can be activated within the game. These skills range from offensive, defensive, to support skills as well as those that can affect the puzzles at play. These skills can be activated once the gauge next to the monster has been filled up. Using skills does not use up any turns, so this is a great strategy to use especially against tougher waves.

Combat within Monster Match takes place via puzzles. By matching tiles by connecting them with your finger, players can attack enemies. Matching a certain element will cause creatures of that element to attack, while making chains of four or more tiles as well as creating combos will increase the strength of your attacks as well as create special gems that, when removed from the grid can have special effects such as removing a row or column or destroying all gems adjacent to it. There are also heart shaped gems that can help in regenerating your health. With this, making chains and taking advantage of the special gems that appear will certainly help in assuring victory, as well as the proper use of your monsters’ skills if they are available.

Of course, monsters can also attack you, which will cause damage to your overall health. Once monsters reach the nearest tile, they will be able to attack before moving back to the farthest tile and approaching again after each turn.

During battle, crystals may be dropped. These crystals will contain monsters that players can keep. However, players must first be able to complete the mission before they can add them to their inventory.

Missions can be completed by players by traveling to the different islands and battling waves of monsters in each area. Each area comprises of different monsters, although most are affiliated with a specific element. Each area has a guardian that is tougher than regular monsters. During missions, players can earn coins as well as have the chance to capture monsters that can be added to their collection. Completed missions can be replayed, although players should take note that playing missions would require players to use up their stamina.

Events are special missions that players can participate in daily or weekly. Players will be able to get rewards such as Monstars or even rare monsters. Events are usually timed, so players should focus on completing them once they have started. There are also special events that feature the rarest and most powerful of monsters, and only the best ranked players will be able to avail of them.

Goals are special objectives that players can try to reach in exchange for coins as well as experience. Goals encompass different achievements such a defeating a number of items in a turn, using skills, or getting a minimum number of tiles. There are many goals to be completed, with more opening up once previous ones have been completed. This is the fastest way to earn coins and level up, although some goals will require more work and effort than others.


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