Star Wars: Force Collection Walkthrough [Guide]

Star Wars Force Collection

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, there was an ongoing war between the Light and the Dark Side. In Star Wars: Force Collection, you can actively participate in this battle by going on quests and meeting some of the biggest names in the Star Wars Universe such as Luke, Leia, Han, Yoda, Darth Vader, or even Jar Jar Binks. The game takes you in different locations all over the galaxy as you face off against Stormtroopers, bosses, and other players from this planet. May the Force be with you and let this guide arm you with the knowledge you need before setting forth in an epic intergalactic adventure.

Star Wars: Force Collection is a card collection game where players have the ability to collect cards and create teams out of them. Players can engage in different missions as well as battle other players online using cards that they can strengthen by enhancing or . There are various character cards to collect as well as vehicles whose blueprints must first be collected before they can be built. Players can also align themselves to either the Light or Dark Side in order to boost their team’s attributes, making them more formidable in battle.

There are two types of currencies within the game, namely credits and Crystals. Credits can be acquired by defeating enemies, and these can be used to enhance your cards. Crystals, on the other hand, can be used to purchase superior cards that are more powerful than usual, and can also be used to purchase special items that will help you on your quests, such as energy refills. Crystals are rewarded from time to time, but the best way to acquire these is via in-app purchase.

Ally Points, or AP, are also a special type of currency that are earned whenever you get allies to join your group. There are also rewards for messaging allies. AP is required to purchase special card packs so that you can augment your collection. Thus, the more you ask for help from allies and interact with them, the more AP you can potentially get.

Energy Points
Energy Points, or EP, is considered as your energy within the game. During quests, attacking enemies will require EP to be spent. Like most games, EP regenerates over time, but you cannot do quests without this resource. Crystals can be used to refill this meter automatically, although leveling up will also completely refill the gauge as well as give you the chance to increase its capacity.

Battle Points
Battle Points, or BP, also serves as energy, but with a different purpose. Battle Points allows players to fight with online players, and like EP, BP also takes time to regenerate but can be refilled automatically using crystals. Fighting other players is essential within Star Wars: Force Collection as this is the only way to acquire missing pieces of blueprints for vehicles that you can use to build more powerful crafts that can assist your team during formation battles. Of course, players should take note that other players may still blueprint pieces from you as well.

Players can also battle for weekly rankings based on their win-loss record when battling other players. Leaderboards for both the Light and Dark Side will be displayed, and the top players for each list will be eligible for some big rewards such as rare cards or even crystals.

Leveling Up
By going on quests and defeating enemies, players will have the chance to earn experience points. Once enough have been earned, players will level up, completely filling their EP meters as well as the number of allies that they can add. Leveling up will also provide players with skill points, that they can allocate to either increase their EP or formation capacity. Players may choose to either distribute these manually or have the game do this automatically.

Collecting cards and strengthening them would be the bulk of your task within the game. Oftentimes, cards will be awarded for defeating enemies and completing quests, but more powerful cards are also available for purchase. Each card features a character from the Star Wars universe, and each has their own attributes such as health, attack, range, and cost. Some players also have a skill that can be activated based on certain situations, and can affect several members of the team during Formation battles, specifically if they are members of either the Light or Dark Side.

Cards can also be upgraded so that their attributes would increase. The two ways to do this is via enhancing and evolving. In order to do enhancing, players must spend credits or crystals so that the card’s experience level would increase. This is different from the player’s experience level as cards and players level up separately. As the card’s level increases, so too will its base attributes. Take note, however, that different cards have different max levels, and they can no longer be enhanced after they have reached this cap.

Another way to improve cards is by evolving them. This is done by combining two cards of the same type, resulting in one stronger card. It is important that the exact same card be used for evolution to be completed. It is also recommended that cards be enhanced first before evolved as the stat boosts would be much greater.

For cards that players would no longer be using, selling them in exchange for credits is the recommended option, although players can just opt to keep them so that they can have the chance to complete all cards within the collection.

The main part of Star Wars: Force Collection is questing. This allows the player to visit different planets as well as push the storyline forward. In each planet, there are different regions which are then divided into different areas. Here, players can defeat enemies by tapping on them, earning players credits and experience. Players can also acquire cards as well as blueprints needed to construct vehicles.

Each region culminates in a boss battle where players may choose to help either the Light or Dark Side. This will increase their affinity to either side based on their choices. During boss battles, players can ask for te aid of allies in battling enemies. During boss battles, players must tap on the screen while the attack meter, which constantly moves from left to right, is in the rightmost position in order to deal the most damage. Once the boss’ health meter is empty, players will win the battle.

Players may choose to replay quests should they wish to acquire items that they have not collected yet. New planets will open up once previous quests have been completed, although players should also take note that participating in quests will require energy.

Formation battles will require players to arrange the orientation of their team when facing against enemies both offensively and defensively. There is no limit to the number of cards that players can place within the grid, for as long as it does not exceed the formation capacity allowed. Thus, players must balance the power of their cards – characters, stack cards, and vehicles, included – along with their costs.

Players must also take into consideration the cards’ range, as those who only have short ranges will not have much value if they are placed at the back rows. Also, cards have specific skills that may affect the team, and players can take advantage of these boosts in order to help the entire team in battle.

Both offense and defense formations must be created. The game can arrange this for you automatically, or you can choose to set this up manually. It is also important to note that there has to be a leader card present in order to be more formidable. Typically, your leader card would be your strongest card as well as the one that has the best skills within your collection.

Vehicles are special types of cards that can be built by completing blueprints from them. This is done by both collecting pieces from quests as well as fighting other players for them. Once completed, players can now create an unlimited number of vehicles that can fit in their hangar, although vehicle completion will take some time. Vehicles can now be placed in formation, although players should take note that vehicles also have costs and they also need to have the space to place them, as some vehicles may take up multiple blocks in the grid.

Once a vehicle has been destroyed, it can no longer be used, and players can opt to just build another one and deploy that iteration in battle.

Events are special missions that will pop up from time to time. These events are only available for a limited time, and players can participate in these events so that they will be able to earn powerful cards and crystals. Make sure that your team is strong enough to face the challenges as enemies will be far more difficult to defeat during most stages.


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