Wordly Walkthrough [Guide]


Wordly is definitely not your average word game. It features a lot of challenges from both standard players as well as from some of the greatest minds that the world has ever known, and you will be using strategies – as well as your vocabulary skills – in order to prove yourself to be a genius in your own right. Here’s our guide in ensuring that you are up to the task required of this very addictive title.

Wordly is a word puzzle game where players can compete with either human players or against the computer in creating words out of the grid of tiles. Players may use any letters within the grid for as long as they are not locked by the opponent. Players may also use hints as well as the Wild Tiles for some added assistance. Once all tiles have been used up, then the player with the highest number of captured tiles or score will be the winner.

Coins are the main currency within the game. Coins can be earned by playing the game, and a certain amount will be rewarded whether you win or lose. Coins can be used to get hints as well as to purchase Wild Tiles out of the free ones allocated per game. Additional coins may also be purchased in exchange for real cash.

Stealing in Wordly pertains to using a letter that the opponent has already been captured. The player’s color is blue while the opponent’s is red. Using a letter to form a word will turn the tile into your color, regardless of whether it is in while (unused) or colored (either controlled by you or your opponent). Stealing is a good strategy especially if you want to lower your opponent’s final score. Thus, it is recommended in most instances to get the letters that your opponents have captured rather than those that are already in your control.

Locked letters are players under your control that are surrounded completely by other tiles under your control. Unlocked tiles under your control may be used by opponents, but those locked by you will be inaccessible unless they have taken control of at least one tile that is locking it. Even then, they may only access to unlocked tile on their next turn. Locking usually used letters such as vowels are a wise strategy that can increase your chances of winning.

Wild Tiles
Wild tiles are special tiles that are generated at each turn. Players can choose these tiles in order to form words that would otherwise not be possible using the letters currently in the grid. Players can also store up to three Wild tiles during each game, but players should take note that this will be removed at the end of the turn. Drawing additional tiles after this will require coins. It is also important to note that used Wild tiles will not add to your final score.

Hints are additional help given by the game if you are stuck without a good word. Like additional Wild Tiles, Hints will require coins to use, but these can really get you out of jams when used properly. As an alternative, you can just pass your turn or resign from the game altogether. Using the latter method, however, will forfeit the game as well as reward you with no coins.

Word Rules
Words that have already been used cannot be used again. Also, offensive or rude words are not allowed. Simply adding prefixes or suffixes is also restricted in most cases. The game will provide a prompt or will not allow you to tap the Submit button if the word is invalid.

During each game, a list of special words will also be provided. Creating these words during the game will enable you extra coins, but will not add bonus points to your total score.

Point Tiles
There are Daily Boards that feature tiles that have numbers on them. This will allow players to score more, as capturing these tiles will add not just one point to your score, but rather the number displayed on the tile. Capturing these special tiles is very important as this will give you a definite edge over your opponent.

Game Modes
Players can play in either single player or multiplayer mode. Under single player mode, players can face off against the AI represented by intellectual greats such as William Shakespeare and Thomas Edison. Other characters such as Dracula may also be faced. Defeating them will earn players trophies that will slowly increase the players’ rankings and title. However, single player is limited by Stamina, which is required for each turn. Stamina regenerates over time and can also be refilled instantly via in-app purchases.

Players may also choose to battle against other players. Games happen asynchronously, and players may participate in multiple games at once. Players may also nudge players who have not yet made their move, and the game automatically forfeits if either player has not made a move in five to seven days. There are many different ways to find opponents, and a rematch function is also included.


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