Grand Theft Auto V [Guide]


It’s finally here. Five years since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV,
Rockstar finally gives us Grand Theft Auto V. This is the perfect way to send
out the seventh generation, with one of gaming’s most popular and controversial

This guide will help you complete GTA V to its fullest. Leave no stone
unturned. Complete all the story missions, unlock every achievement, and get

Grand Theft Auto V
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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01. Introduction and Controls
02. Story Mode

Franklin and Lamar
The Long Stretch
Marriage Counseling
Daddy’s Little Girl
Friend Request
The Good Husband
Casing the Jewel Store
BZ Gas Grenades
Bugstars Equipment
The Jewel Store Job
Mr. Philips
Nervous Ron
Trevor Philips Industries
Crystal Maze
Friends Reunited
Fame or Shame
Scouting the Port
Hotel Assassination
The Multi Target Assassination
Dead Man Walking
Three’s Company
Did Somebody Say Yoga?
Hood Safari
By the Book
The Merryweather Heist
Trash Truck
Tow Truck
Boiler Suits
Blitz Play
Mr. Richards
I Fought the Law…
The Vice Assassination
The Bus Assassination
Eye in the Sky
Caida Libre
Deep Inside
Minor Turbulence
Paleto Score Setup
The Construction Assassination
Military Hardware
The Paleto Score
Monkey Business
Hang Ten
Surveying the Score
Bury the Hatchet
Pack Man
Fresh Meat
The Ballad of Rocco
Cleaning out the Bureau
Reuniting the Family
Architect’s Plans
Doting Dad
Legal Trouble
Fire Truck
Getaway Vehicle
The Bureau Raid
The Wrap Up
Lamar Down
Parenting 101
The Big Score
The Third Way

03. Hobbies and Pastimes
04. Strangers and Freaks
05. Random Events
06. Miscellaneous
07. Cheat Codes and Glitches

Xbox 360 Cheats
PlayStation 3 Cheats

08. Collectibles
09. GTA Online

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01. Introduction and Controls
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Franklin. Michael. Trevor. Three criminals. Three lives. See how their lives intersect as these three great criminals join together to pull off some of the greatest heists and shocking robberies in the history of crime.

LT – Aim Weapon/Target Lock On
LB – Weapon Wheel
RT – Fire Weapon
RB – Take Cover
LS – Move/Stealth Mode
RS – Look/Look Behind
Y – Enter Vehicle/Dispense Ammo
X – Jump/Climb/Melee Dodge
B – Reload/Light Melee Attack/Phone Cancel
A – Sprint/Heavy Melee Attack/Phone Select/Answer Phone
D-pad (up) – Use Phone/Phone Up
D-pad (down) – Character Selector/Skip Phone Conversation/Phone Down
D-pad (left) – Phone Left
D-pad (right) – Phone Right
Back – Switch Camera
Start – Pause Menu

When using the map, the missions are color coded based on what character the mission is relevant to, though all missions will appear on the maps of all characters all the time so you know who has what going on.

Green – Franklin
Blue – Michael
Orange – Trevor

Keep in mind that some properties require specific characters to purchase them. The way you can know if a property can’t be purchased by the character you currently are controlling without running up to the realty sign and making an attempt is if it is faded on the radar.

Use the Rockstar Social Club! Right now the Social Club has been having sporadic issues, probably due to the high traffic of people trying to use the GTA features, but believe me, it is hugely helpful in completing the game. It keeps track of all the missions you have left to do and all the collectibles you have left to discover.

Simply sign up for one and link it to your Gamertag to have access to the features. Doing this will also cause in-game notifications to pop up on screen sometimes for features directly related to the Rockstar Games Social Club.

When playing the Xbox 360 version of the game, you will need to have at least 8GB free on your hard drive. The reason for this is that GTA V is such a huge game that it can’t fit on a single disc, so instead of having you switch between discs all the time, Rockstar thought it was a smarter idea to just do the installation.

Also, if you are one of those people that likes to install their games on Xbox 360, DON’T. GTA V will run WORSE if you install the second disc, the disc you use to play the game after installing the content on disc 1, than it would if you just install the disc 1 content by itself.

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02. Story Mode
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The main story mode of Grand Theft Auto V is very lengthy, but all 69 missions can be found here. This guide contains strategy for each mission of the game as well as a basic explanation of what needs to be done in each mission.

There are many times throughout the campaign that certain missions can be done in any particular order. I simply listed the missions in the order that I personally completed them, so use the Table of Contents to find the name of the specific mission that you are having troubles with.

Well guys.

Welcome to Grand Theft Auto V.

At the very start of the game, you control one of the main characters, Michael, in a flashback sequence during a bank robbery. Aim the cursor of your weapon at the hostages and keep the cursor aimed at them until they are herded into the closet door that’s behind them.

Now it’s time for the detonation of the vault. Press “up” on the d-pad to bring up the phone. Then press A to access the contact list, then obviously choose the detonation option.

Head to the vault. The game explains basics right now, such as how the radar works. Basically, the main objectives will always be represented by an orange icon on the radar, so you can head there now. Gather up the cash in the vault, ending with the stack of cash in the corner.

Michael will be put into a chokehold by a security guard. Because of this, you will need to immediately switch control over to Trevor. This is accomplished using the “down” button on the d-pad. Hold that in, then select who you want to switch to. Right now, the only option is Trevor, so switch control over to him. This happens very quickly.

Aim the weapon at the security guard’s head. Hold LT to aim more accurately. Then pull RT to take the shot and take out the security guard in the process. Now you can quickly switch to the most relevant character at any time with a quick press of “down” on the d-pad.

But anyway, head down the hall and take cover using RB when instructed to keep going along with the game’s tutorials. Once you head outside, the police will show up in full force, resulting in a shootout. Stay behind cover and only peak around the cover to shoot at the cops as they show up in their cars. Flick the right stick to switch between targets quickly, though keep in mind this only works when holding LT.

Kill the police and then move forward, killing the rest of the police that show up. Run to the getaway vehicle when given a chance. By the way, to run, hold A as you move. Press Y when next to the vehicle (a couple more cop cars will show up, but they are automatically dispatched by your partners) to initiate the escape.

Of course, things don’t go as smoothly as they need to, and then Michael winds up behind the wheel. This is your introduction to driving in Grand Theft Auto V. Hold RT to drive the car. Just follow the large yellow line on your radar. Avoid the incoming traffic. There will be one sharp right turn to take at the end of this segment, which will be followed by a cut-scene.

When the cut-scene ends, you’ll be in control of Trevor again. Stay behind cover, poking your head out behind it only to fire at the cops. More and more cops will keep showing up, but just keep mowing them down until eventually the mission is complete.

To Top

Follow Lamar to the two cars. Choose between the white and the red one. After picking out a car, follow Lamar throughout town for a while. The purpose of this mission is to not only introduce Franklin as a character, but to also acquaint you even better with how driving works in the game and what Franklin’s ability is in the game.

While driving, you can focus on your objective, in this case Lamar, by pressing B. To stop focusing, press B again. Alternatively, you can hold B and then let go to achieve the same effect. The handbrake is A or RB, and you’ll need to bust it out a couple of times while following Lamar around.

That’s really all to keep in mind during this, except for utilizing Franklin’s specialty. Click in the left and right analog sticks when the yellow meter below the radar is full to activate Franklin’s ability to slow down time, which makes driving very fast cars much easier and less dangerous.

Utilize this as much as possible during this mission if you want a high score at the end. To refill it, drive against traffic and get near misses. Anyway, Lamar will eventually lead you through a parking garage (at which point how to turn headlights on and off is explained), and then a short scene will play.

When the scene is over, the cops will show up. Now you have to lose the police. Just pick a direction and drive that way as fast as possible, but be sure not to get boxed in. You will be at wanted level 2 automatically, but that’s not too bad.

After the cops haven’t seen you for a while, the radar will stop flashing blue and red. At this point, the cop icons on the radar will have field of view cones in front of them. Avoid these cones. Doing this long enough will cause the cops to call off the search.

When the heat is off, take the car to the dealership. By the way, don’t worry about wrecking the car. Yes, doing damage to the car will result in a lower mission score at the end, but the car definitely won’t blow up. Trust me on this. Mine looked like a mangled piece of junk by the time I delivered it to the dealership.

Doing this will trigger another cut-scene. After that, get in the car that Lamar gets into and then drive home. Barbershops will now be unlocked. There will be a short tour of Franklin’s house, and then the mission will be completed. The tour will explain things like using beds to save and advance time (you can quick-save using your phone at any time), healing by picking up medical kits or eating food, and sitting on the couch to watch some TV. It will also explain that you can use the closets of the characters to change their wardrobe.

Starting at this mission, you will be graded at the end of each subsequent one. You can replay old missions at any time you’d like without having to worry about it having an effect on the story progress. This is accomplished through the GAME tab in the pause menu of the game.

To start the next mission, just step outside of Franklin’s house and he will receive a phone call. Of course, press A to answer the phone. I won’t be pointing this out much throughout the rest of the guide because it should be common sense. Unless there is a special circumstance (in which case I will let you know), just assume that the next mission will come by stepping outside and waiting for that phone call. The rest of the missions will be listed without explaining this first, so don’t get confused as to why I just jump from mission to mission from here on out.

To Top

Head to the dealership for your next mission. Afterwards, get in a car and drive with Lamar to the location of the bike. Follow Lamar over the fence by approaching it and pressing X. Follow him down the street and inspect any of the garages down here to trigger a fight with the local Mexican gang.

Use the garage as cover and kill all of them as they arrive. Eventually, one will try to get away in a car. They will wind up crashing if you shoot at them, leaving a trail of gasoline on the ground. Shoot the gasoline trail to cause a pretty radical explosion that should take out a nice chunk of the enemies.

The guy with the bike will speed away after driving by this scene, so quickly return to your car and chase after him. If you need to figure out what streets he is taking, you can hold “down” on the d-pad to make the map/radar pan out to get a better view of this.

When close enough, use LB to fire at him. It helps if you press B to focus on him first and then start mashing on LB to gun him down. After he’s dead, get out of the car and get on the bike. Drive the bike to the car wash as designated by Lemar to end the mission.

To Top

Return to Franklin’s house to start this mission. Lamar will show up and ask you to walk with him down the sidewalk and around the corner. Follow him to reach a white van. Get inside the van and then drive to the location of your target. Of course, the target flees.

Rush to the van. Mash on the A button to start sprinting and sprint to the van. Once inside the van, chase down the target, but do not kill him. Keep driving and chasing him until he is hit by a bus. At that point, get out of the car with Chop and start chasing the guy down.

This chase sequence will involve jumping over a fence, but it’s pretty straight-forward besides that. The dude will run to a train yard and hide in one of the boxcars. That’s when you can switch to Chop with the d-pad, just like you would switch between human characters, and follow his scent (the wavy aura in the air) to find the kidnapping target.

Unfortunately, Chop will run off and start having sex with another dog during this. Run over to him to get him off the other dog and then continue the search. Open the boxcars for inspection by approaching them and pressing “right” on the d-pad.

After finding the target, continue chasing him until he is finally attacked by Chop and caught. Then start driving away with him in the van, with the intention of taking him to Lemar’s house. The cops will get on you, so lose them. Then once they’re lost, drop the guy off by bringing the van to a complete stop. The only thing left to do at that point is drop off Lamar.

To Top

Return to the dealership as Franklin to start this next mission. After that, head to the house as described. Park your vehicle on the street, and then approach the front door. Jump over the side to see the gardener blowing leaves with a leaf blower.

Click in the left analog stick to enter stealth mode. Then sneak up behind the gardener. Hold LT and press B to knock him out. Now go around the side of the house until you find a car parked just underneath a small overhanging. Jump on top of the car with X and then jump onto the overhanging, which will in turn allow you to access the second floor window.

Hang tight until the kids are in their respective rooms. Then go down the stairs. At the stairs, stop and angle the camera so that you can see into the kitchen. Wait for the instructor to basically start fondling Michael’s wife as they practice their “swing”, and then use that opportunity of distraction to get to the garage.

Get inside of the car. Wait for the garage door to open up, and then drive out. As you drive, Michael will sit up in the backseat and point a gun at Franklin’s head. Just stay cool and continue driving to the dealership as planned. But instead of parking the car in an orderly manner, drive as fast you can and smash through the front window.

A cut-scene will follow, then you will be in control of Michael. As Michael, you are to brawl with Simeon. Hold LT to initiate hand-to-hand combat. A is to kick, B is to punch, and X to is to dodge. Counter attacks are very effective, so press X to dodge an initial strike from Simeon and then immediately press B after that to land a counter attack. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

To Top

It doesn’t matter if you go to Michael’s house as Michael or Franklin, but just get there anyway. Watch the scene that occurs, and then start moving into Michael’s house (you will be Michael at this point). Answer the phone call and then there’s a change of plans. Hop in the red car parked in front of the garage and wait for Franklin to catch up.

It seems that Michael’s son Jimmy tried to sell Michael’s boat. However, the gang members that Jimmy tried to sell the boat to just stole it instead. Just drive until you find the truck carrying the boat, then drive up as close as possible to the back of it so Franklin can get on it.

The game will now tell you about the cinematic camera. But I wouldn’t bother with it right now, considering you need to be focused on driving and completing the mission. Franklin will knock one of the thugs off the boat and to the concrete streets below, but the second thug will get the jump on Franklin. It’s kind of difficult, but just shoot the guy on the boat with the white shirt. Franklin is wearing dark green colors, so that makes it somewhat easier to take out the thug and see who you’re shooting at as well.

Jimmy will be hanging off the bow next, so drive underneath him. Keep the car steady until he falls in. Then fall back and drive behind the boat again. Get close enough for Franklin to jump and continue pursuing the boat until the car starts to break down.

Do a U-turn when possible and start heading back the other way to the nearby Customs Shop. Michael will automatically take a cab at this point, but for future reference, to hail taxis, press “right” on the d-pad. Taxis are useful for fast-traveling across Los Santos so that you don’t have to do all the driving there yourself.

Then you will be in control of Franklin. Drive the car into the garage and choose the free repair option. These car shops are useful for getting cops off you. Just drive into one of them and they act like the Pay ‘n Sprays from previous GTA games. Getting a new paint job will make it really difficult for the cops to find you.

When this is done, exit the shop and drive Jimmy back home. Park outside of Michael’s house to complete the mission.

To Top

Back at Franklin’s, an old homie by the name of Stretch has just gotten out of prison. Unfortunately, his rehabilitation into a model citizen hasn’t exactly gone as planned, and he’s back out on the streets and in trouble. Lamar is his buddy, and of course, the two of them just have to drag Franklin down in their crap.

Drive to Ammu-Nation with the two of them. Just buy whatever gun. You can choose to customize the guns, buy other weapons that are unlocked, and do whatever else. I recommend bringing a shotgun and making sure you have a decent amount of pistol ammo. Lamar recommends throwing a flashlight on the shotgun, but I just found that annoying in the subsequent stages of the mission. However, it is up to you.

Get back in the car and drive to the location of the drug deal, which is a seemingly abandoned warehouse. Go to the top of the stairs and watch the scene. When its over, go into the next room and immediately get behind cover.

Ballers will be all over this place. With the shotgun, it’s easier to shoot them from behind cover with blind fire, so that’s why I recommended that. The Ballers will also have plenty of shotguns so you can keep replenishing ammo.

After fighting your way through the top floor, be cautious on the stairwell going down. There will be one Baller on the second landing that will attempt to ambush you. Kill him quickly and then move into the downstairs warehouse area. A ton of Ballers will be here, but you should have plenty of ammo.

Just keep killing them as they come and push forward. These Ballers will have a variety of machineguns on them, so you can collect them and use them if you wish. A goal to go for here in order to score highly at the end of the mission is to get 10 headshots, so it may be wise to use the pistol and get those out of the way. There should be plenty of Ballers at this point.

A fire will get started, and that’s your cue to leave. Kill any remaining Ballers and head outside, where a helicopter will be there to greet you. Shoot the cop out of the side of the helicopter before focusing on the pilot. When that’s taken care of, follow Lamar and Stretch up the ladder. Jump over the wall and hang tight for Lamar to catch up.

Get in the car that is, uh, provided for you, and then start speeding away from the police. You have a three star wanted level at this point, so that means that not only are police cars after you, but helicopters as well. I recommend driving to the beach if you are having troubles, as it is easier to lose the cops in these more obscure locations.

Losing the cops will be the hardest part of the mission, but thanks to Franklin’s special ability, it is made a little easier. Just a friendly reminder, click in both the left and right analog sticks simultaneously to activate Franklin’s ability.

When the cops have been lost, drive back to Franklin’s house and park the car.

To Top

Michael catches his wife cheating on him with her tennis coach. He tries to flee, so Franklin and Michael speed after him in a truck. Chase him as much as you can, but a van will smash into you in an alley, allowing the tennis coach to escape.

Luckily, Michael knows that he lives somewhere in the canyons. Keep driving up the canyon road until you see the tennis coach on the balcony of a cliffside house. A short scene will play, and then Franklin will attach the truck to the base of the house. Hold RT and push the left analog stick forward to rip the house off the cliff. I recommend moving the right analog stick in such a position that you can see this in all its glory.

As you drive away, Michael will receive a threatening call. When the call is over, mobsters will be right on your tail. Switch to Franklin and then shoot at them out the window. If you have any Uzis from the previous mission, use them to kill the enemies faster.

Switch back to Michael after the fighting is over. Then drive back to Michael’s house.

To Top

Drive with Jimmy to the bike rental stand. Pick out any of the bikes and then start the race with Jimmy. Be careful of pushing yourself too hard, because otherwise Michael can literally die from exhaustion.

If Michael starts taking damage from biking too hard, slow down the tapping of A. You should still be able to maintain a good speed without putting Michael in danger.

Unlike most races where I would recommend cutting corners and using shortcuts, the best bet here is to stay on the beaten path. Riding the bike through sand will make the bike move much slower, for obvious reasons.

Beat Jimmy to the pier, then he will tell you of a little pornographic venture that Michael’s daughter is getting herself into. Sprint toward the end of the pier and then press X to dive into the water. Get acquainted with the swimming controls now. Basically, just tap A to swim. Tap A faster to swim faster.

I recommend moving to the surface as to avoid drowning when swimming toward the boat. If you ever want to dive back under the water, a simple tap of RB will accomplish this. Keep swimming until you reach the boat and then climb aboard and go up the stairs to trigger another scene.

Afterwards, speed away on the jet-ski. The jet-ski is a bit harder to control than most vehicles in the game, but you can manage. Speed through the outlet. The pursuers will begin firing at you, but they shouldn’t be a problem. Keep at it until you manage to throw them off, then turn around and backtrack to the beach by the pier. Drive the jet-ski onto the sand to meet back up with Jimmy.

To Top

Go to Lester’s house and knock on the door. Then go inside after the short scene and approach Lester at his desk. Talk with him and then head to the Suburban clothing store. Purchase a new set of shorts and a new shirt at the designated clothing racks and then head to the Lifeinvader HQ.

Park and then go to the rear entrance. Another scene will play, then follow the dude through the offices to his computer. He’ll ask you to get rid of the viruses on his computer, so move the cursor around to the different X’s on the mostly pornographic pop-up ads. If you don’t do this fast enough, more will just keep coming and coming.

When all the ads have been clicked out of, click on the anti-virus software and then run a scan. Choose to exterminate all the viruses. Then walk into the room with the prototype and exit the building. Return to Michael’s house.

Flip through the channels until you find the keynote speech. It should just be one channel up. After the Lifeinvader owner reveals the new phone, pull out Michael’s phone. Go to the contacts list and choose his name and watch the carnage that subsequently unfolds.

To Top

Throughout the game, Michael will receive calls from his various family members asking for help out of a jam. These are optional missions and can either be accepted or declined. However, for the purpose of this guide, I will just assume that you accepted them.

For The Good Husband, just head to the store where Amanda is. Steal the cop car and speed away. Drive around until you lose the cops, then drop Amanda off back home to scratch this mission off the list.

To Top

Before Lester will speak with you about the heist, he asks that you dress for the occasion. Make sure you have on a nice suit before going to Lester and talking with him about this at his clothing factory cover.

Drive with Lester to the jewel store. He’ll have you park a bit a ways from it. Then go inside. Press “right” on the d-pad to activate the specialized camera-glasses that Lester cooked up for you. Look at the ceiling and take pictures of the security camera on the wall, the vents, the alarm, and the keypad attached to the door directly to the left of the entrance where you came in it.

Then approach the counter and speak with the woman there. Return to the car. Go around the block and keep the camera trained at the buildings. There is some construction work going on, providing perfect opportunity to get a shot of the ventilation system. Climb to the roof and then move along the roof until you reach the highest point.

Snap a photo of the large ventilation system. Then exit the roof from the way you came and return to Lester. Drive back to the factory, then go with Lester to plan the heist. It’s time to pick your crew. Franklin is a lock, so decide on a hacker and two other people to back you up. After choosing the members of your crew, of which you can decide for yourself based on their stats, it’s time to choose how you want to handle the situation. I recommend shelling out the extra cash for the better gunman as he won’t drop the cash later on in a couple of missions.

There are two choices. You can do the stealthy way or the guns blazing way. The stealthy way is going to require a couple of more missions. Make your decision.

To Top

If you choose the stealthy way, there are a couple of different ways to start the heist set-up missions. The stealth way requires obtaining a Bugstars van as well as gas to knock out the people inside the store.

The BZ knockout gas will appear on your map when it is being transported across town. That is your cue to either destroy the van to steal the contents or steal the van. Stealing the van can be difficult because you’ll have to flee from the cops in it and it is very slow, but it is definitely doable.

Whatever choice you make, deliver the goods to Lester.

To Top

Head to the Bugstars warehouse. The employees will call the cops on you after you steal their van, and then you will have to lose the cops. The Bugstars van moves slow, but it’s faster than the BZ van. Definitely not impossible to lose the cops in the thing. Take it back to the factory when ready, and this will automatically transition into the heist, assuming you’ve already completed the BZ Gas Grenades mission as well.

To Top

Since the stealthy way requires more explanation, I will go over that here. If the other method is significantly different, I will update this mission with more information in the future.

To start the heist, go to the factory. After the cut-scene, get in the car as Michael. Drive to the store, and then park in the designated area on the street. Control will automatically switch over to Franklin. Climb back up on the roof using the construction scaffolding just like you did earlier as Michael when you were casing out the store.

Climb up to the same spot where Michael was as well. Equip the BZ grenades using the weapon wheel. Then aim them at the opening on the top of the air conditioner. You have five chances to do this, and should definitely be able to get it done. Aim the cursor just slightly above the opening for the best accuracy.

When that is done, you will switch back to Michael. Enter the store and just start smashing all the glass and gathering all the jewelry. Go around the room in an organized manner to collect the jewelry as fast as possible. Your comrades in this heist will also help out as well. Depending on the quality of the hacker you chose, you will have less or more time to get this done.

When the alarm goes off, bail. You’ll now be in control of Franklin on a bike. Abuse the hell out of Franklin’s ability to get through this without too much damage as there are cops everywhere and you are stuck with a four star Wanted level right off the bat. Don’t be afraid to stay in his ability for an extended amount of time because it is incredibly helpful throughout this entire mission.

Things get a bit narrower when you enter the tunnels, but just listen to the guy in front of you and again, abuse Franklin’s special driving ability. When you reach the “river”, control once again goes back to Michael, this time in a van equipped to quickly wreck cop cars. Smash into the cop cars as they pursue the guys with the bags to disable them quickly.

After all the cop cars have been destroyed, park the van at the designated location and watch the following cut-scenes play out.

To Top

Meet Trevor. He is the one who knocks. After the disturbing scene at the beginning, you will be playing as Trevor for the first time in his beat-up old truck. Drive to the bar where a couple of Lost bikers are hanging out. Trevor will antagonize them, and then the chase is on.

Kill the two guys on bikes first. Then focus on the van. Kill the guy in there and then head to the hangout of the Lost. Upon arriving there, get ready to just mow everyone down. If you look around, you will be able to see a medical kit to your right and up a little bit down the path, sitting on a crate. Make a mental note of that, but for now make your way to the two-door trailer that is on the left side of the area.

Use Trevor’s ability. Click in both the left and right analog sticks, just like you did as Franklin, to make Trevor basically become an unstoppable killing machine. Mow down the bikers and get inside of the trailer with the two doors. Trevor’s shotgun is nice, but a lot of this is long-ranged stuff, and inside that trailer a machinegun and some cash sit on the kitchen table.

Gather this up then resume murdering all the bikers. Some will attempt to flee on their bikes, so focus on them immediately if you want to get the Gold ranking. Others will show up in trucks, but if you fire the shotgun directly into the hood of their vehicle, it will pretty much cause them to blow up instantly.

The bikers on the roofs can be annoying, so take them out with the pistol or machinegun. When only a few are left, they will attempt to flee. You can either let them go or hunt them down. Hunting them down and killing them is also a requirement for the Gold ranking, as you are not supposed to leave any survivors here.

Return to the truck when ready to leave and drive to the next area. A short scene will play, and after that, drive the truck straight into the back of the trailer. Keep holding RT and pushing the trailer forward until it is sent flying down the hill and into the river. Get out of the truck and aim your shotgun at the Azteca.

The game says to “threaten” him. What this really means is kill him. Blast him in the face with the shotgun, then drive back to Trevor’s safehouse.

To Top

Nervous Ron is nervous. The Lost decided to get back at Trevor and mess his place up a bit, and so now Trevor is incredibly angry. Jump on the ATV and drive to Ammu-Nation. Once there, purchase a sniper rifle with a suppressor and a scope. Then drive to the airstrip and climb to the top of the old water tower there.

Time will fast forward to night time if it isn’t already night. Ron wants you to point the sniper rifle at him for whatever reason, so do that now and zoom in and out with it to get a good feel of how snipers work in the game. Zoom in and out with a sniper rifle is done by holding LT and then using the left analog stick to adjust the scope, pushing up to zoom forward and pulling it down to zoom out. The right stick is used for aiming the thing, obviously.

Ron will point out various enemies for you to snipe. First kill the guard at the base of the stairs. Then shoot out all the lights around the stairs. Then kill the guy that comes out of the van. Basically, just keep killing all the targets that Ron points out to you. Don’t bother trying to line up headshots right now, but rather just shoot them straight in the torso. It’s a much easier target to hit and the sniper rifle will definitely kill them with a single shot.

After Ron has attached the explosive to the fuel tank, run down the strip and start mowing all of them down. I recommend staying back a bit in the desert, activating Trevor’s special ability, and then using the sniper rifle to kill the enemies from afar. Once the airstrip is clear, make your way to the hanger and the plane that is in there.

Trevor will ride on the wing of the plane while Ron taxis it down the runway. At this point, Trevor will automatically be equipped with a machinegun that has unlimited ammo. Use this gun to kill every single red blip that pops up on the radar and attempts to stop the two of you. Activate Trevor’s special ability whenever too much damage is taken as well so that you don’t wind up being shot to death on the wing.

Trevor will then get into his own plane. Hold RT to start the propellers and move down the runway. Try to avoid smashing into the bikes as they will damage the plane, but overall it shouldn’t be too bad. Start pulling back on the left stick when you’ve gained some speed to get the plane flying in the air.

Now take this time to learn how to fly the plane. Use LB and RB to adjust the rutters, which basically amounts to turning the plane left and right. Be very slight with your directional adjustments with the left analog stick because it doesn’t take much for the plane to be spun way off course.

Shake the biker that is hanging on your wing and follow Ron out into the ocean. When the two of you reach a military base, Ron will warn you to fly low as to avoid showing up on the military’s radar. Oblige him and continue flying out toward the smoke, where the shipment needs dropped. Press A when flying over the drop zone.

Now “race” Ron. Fly over the mountains for a shortcut. Another military base will be encountered, so fly low at that point as well. Fly under the bridges if you want to try to get the Gold ranking. When the airstrip is in view, stop pulling RT, and rather click in the left analog stick to lower your landing wheels. Approach the airstrip with slowed speed and then attempt to land it on the runway.

This can be very hard because of how short the runway is and how sensitive the plane is. Even the slightest damage can result in a game over and force you to repeat the “race” with Ron over and over again. Also be careful of the plane’s wing hitting anything, such as the various structures lining the runway, as these will rip the wing off and also cause a game over.

Be straight as possible when attempting to land the plane. It helps to apply the LT brake when doing this. When you’ve come to a complete stop, very careful taxi the plane into the hangar.

To Top

Drive to the bar and watch the scene. After that, get in the car and drive the Chinese, as Trevor knows them as, to the meth lab. Upon arrival, they will have to hide in the ice machine because Ortego’s men have shown up to avenge his death.

Get inside of the building and go to the roof. Help Chef hold off these guys by firing at them from the relative safety of the roof. Use the many explosive canisters that are dotted around here to blow up their cars and to kill multiple of them in a single explosive blast.

Move around to the different vantage points with Chef to kill all of them. Then head down the stairs and continue to kill them. When they’re all dead, the mission is completed.

To Top

Return to the bar for another meeting with the Chinese. It doesn’t go so well, and so then drive out to the old farmhouse where your competitors are cooking meth for the Chinese. Equip the suppressed sniper rifle and first take out the two guards that are shooting cans off the barrel. Kill them quickly so that they are unable to call for reinforcements.

Then run down there and take cover on the red fuel tank. This will give you a clear shot at the two guys that are talking to each other. If aimed properly, you can get them both with one shot. When they’re dead, kill the guys rolling the barrels and then approach the house.

A guard will be standing on the deck, smoking. Kill him. Then enter stealth mode. Do this by clicking in the left analog stick, remember.

There are a ton of guys in the house, and if they are alerted to your presence, they can make life difficult for Trevor. However, you only have to kill three guys to get through the house undetected. Silently take a left through the kitchen, then take a left again down the hall. Two guards will be playing cards in this room. Kill them silently and quickly, then move to the end of this room to find the stairs that lead down to the basement.

Kill the cook down here. He will feign surrender and grab a shotgun, so just immediately shoot him. Then grab the fuel can from the ground. Dump the can and follow the yellow line on the radar through the house. If guards become trouble, quickly drop the can by pressing LB, whipping out a gun, and firing at them.

Keep dumping the gasoline until you have a trail that leads outside. Fire at the gasoline trail and then watch the explosion. Hop on the ATV and ride far enough away from the farmhouse for the mission complete to pop up.

To Top

At Trevor’s trailer is Wade, who has actually made some progress in finding Michael, after a few, uh, strange calls to an elementary school and looking up an 80 year old man. Drive with Wade to the camp where the Lost are located, as Trevor still has some unfinished business with them before he goes searching for his long lost friend Michael.

This is a stealth mission, and a very entertaining one at that. Trevor’s pistol will automatically be equipped with a suppressor and he will have 20 sticky bombs on his person as well. The trailers that must be blown up are marked by orange blips on the radar.

To get a Gold ranking, you will want to go for headshots and kill any of the Lost that you see walking around by themselves. You are not in danger of being spotted by them until they blip up on your radar. Luckily, they have field of view cones so you know exactly what direction they’re looking in.

A long but easy way to do this is to just walk around the very outside of the camp, jumping back and forth over the fence to place the bombs on the trailers. There aren’t many Lost here, but getting caught can be deadly for Trevor.

After placing the bombs on all the designated trailers, yet another one will pop up on the map. Place a sticky bomb on the final trailer and then retreat to safety. Use the d-pad to detonate the explosives and then sprint back to Wade. Hop in the truck with him and drive out of town. Destination: Los Santos.

Upon arriving on the canyon road that overlooks Los Santos, park the truck so Trevor can get a good look at it all. Then get back inside the truck and drive with Wade to Wade’s cousin house there. Park the truck there and watch the next cut-scene.

To Top

As either Michael or Trevor, go to Michael’s house. A cut-scene will play, and after that, drive to the Fame or Shame auditions and walk through the front doors. Chase Lazlow (Chatterbox shot-out!) outside and then steal the semi-truck and chase him throughout the city.

Don’t expect to actually catch up to him. The semi is way too slow and his car is way too fast. Just avoid getting into wrecks and try to keep your speed up so that you don’t lose him.

To make this easier, you have the option of detaching the trailer using the d-pad. However, this will also keep you from earning a Gold ranking from this mission. At any rate, chase him to the river and then he will stop. Get out of the truck for another cut-scene.

To Top

Return to Floyd’s. Then drive with him to work. Do not do anything to draw suspicious eyes towards Trevor. Wade will be led away into a building, so follow Floyd across the port to the machinery. Get inside of it and then drive to the containers that need lifted.

Approach one of the containers (they’re blue, marked on the map with a green blip) from the side. Then lower the claw so that the edges of it fit perfectly on the sides of the container. Use the d-pad to pick it up, then carry it to the designated location and gently drop it off.

Repeat the process for the second container. Then hop out of the machinery and go to the crane. Climb to the top of the crane. Trevor will get stuck operating the damn thing, and this can be really tricky.

Use the right analog stick to adjust both the position of the claw and the position of the entire machine. Move the right stick left to make the machine move forward. Move the right stick right to make the machine move backward. Adjust the position of the claw by moving the right stick up and down. Raise and lower the claw using the left analog stick.

Pick up one of the red containers in a manner similar to how the blue containers were picked up earlier. Then drop it off on the back of the truck, matching the container up with the frame as perfectly as possible. Attaching and detaching these containers are don’t in the exact same way, using the d-pad.

Repeat the process for the second container. Then exit the controls and walk to the end of the crane. Equip your phone and take a picture of the front of the boat. Then take a picture of the guard that is standing at the top of the ramp on the boat. Take a shot of the back of the boat as well. When all the pictures have been taken, send them all to Ron by picking him out of your phone contacts.

Climb down from the crane and go in the truck that Floyd gets into. Ride with him to the restricted area. After the cut-scene, flee the docks. When you get far enough away, hop into another vehicle and drive back to Floyd’s place again. Once inside, it’s time to decide what kind of heist you want to do.

You can either use the freighter or use offshore methods, the latter of which involves a submarine and a helicopter. This guide is going to choose option B, the helicopter and the submarine, for now. Any major differences between the two options will be explained later if relevant. But you need to make a choice based on what you want to do.

To Top

Franklin main mission right here. Talk with Lester. He will explain the basic situation and recommend that you use a sniper rifle or sticky bombs. Ignore his sticky bomb suggestion as that is just a pain and using them will not get you the Gold. Instead make a trip to Ammu-Nation to purchase a sniper with a good scope and a suppressor.

Head to the parking garage and park in the handicapped parking spot where the objective marker is. Then you have to wait for 1:20 for the target to come out of the hotel. Aim the sniper at the SUV vehicle meant to pick him up. Then move the cursor to the right. This is where he is going to be coming from.

The dude is very hard to miss because he has a bright pink shirt on. He will come out of the hotel as soon as the timer has run out. Take the shot and then flee from the scene. It is likely that the cops will come after you, so lose the cops to complete the mission.

To Top

Four jurors are in the pocket of the company that Lester hopes to financially cripple, and he wants Franklin to get rid of all of them in a timely manner. He will send text messages throughout the course of this mission that describe the appearance of each juror. You have a little over 8 minutes to kill all of them. Make sure you have a sniper rifle before going into this mission, and get one with a suppressor so that the cops aren’t all over you after each kill.

Head to the location of the first juror. Unlike most missions, the initial red blip does not indicate a target. It just shows the area of the target. The first target is a guy that is incredibly ripped and wearing no shirt. He is lifting weights on the beach. Take him out and then speed your way to the second target. Use Franklin’s special ability to save time by avoiding collisions with other vehicles as much as possible.

The second target is on a yacht. Drive out to the beach that is near the yacht then zoom in. He is on his yacht having sex. Kill the woman on top of him to make him jump up, then quickly take him out. Drive to the third target, who is a window cleaner. Look for him riding the platform up the building and shoot him.

The fourth target is one on a motorcycle. Ram him off the road and then dispatch of him in any manner you wish.

To Top

Go to the Federal Investigations Bureau building. Head to the second floor to find Dave. Talk with him and after the cut-scene, press A to wake up. Go into stealth mode and walk out into the hallway. Take out the guard and take his pistol.

Now you will be acquainted with Michael’s special ability, finally. Michael’s special ability slows down time, ala Max Payne. Use it to make your way through the morgue. Collect the ammunition and weapons of the agents that you kill on your way to the top floor.

When you reach the elevator on the bottom floor, be quick to kill the agent that pops out of there. Continue up the nearby flight of stairs to the top of the building. On the top floor, you will see a green blip and a yellow blip. The green blip is your bag of weapons, whereas the yellow blip is the escape.

Even though you are going to have to kill a lot of agents to do it, it is worth it to recover your equipment. Pick up the trashbag in the room to get your stuff, grab the body armor on the table here as well, and then kill everyone on your way to the window. Shoot out the window and press X while pushing against it to hop out of the window and land safely in the dumpster below.

In the parking lot will be two vehicles. One SUV and one car built for speed. Obviously, take the faster car. Get the hell out of there before the agents can get to you, and lose the cops. The Wanted level will be at three stars. After losing the cops, meet Franklin at the designated area and speak with him about the situation.

To Top

A heist-like job set up by the FIB. Except this time the precious cargo is a people. I mean, person. Go to the FIB headquarters and have a chat with them as Michael. Then drive to Trevor’s location. Franklin will automatically be called on the way with instructions to meet up there.

Control will switch to Trevor. Fly to the designated building. This next part can be tricky. Press B to focus on the side of the building that you need to be near. Then hover above the edge of it. Be very careful not to ding the helicopter on it.

A cut-scene will pop up when you’re in the right position. Control then switches to Michael. Rappel down the building as fast as you can. When you reach the necessary window, press B to see what’s going on inside the building. When the agents are about to sodomize the poor guy, press A to smash through the window.

Switch to Franklin by pushing down on the d-pad. Franklin is equipped with a sniper rifle, so use it to take out all the agents that are attacking Michael. The final agent can’t be seen in Franklin’s scope, so switch back to Michael and kill the remaining agents.

Michael will then go back into the helicopter automatically. Switch to Franklin to use the sniper on the helicopter that is coming after him. Then switch back to Michael. Use Michael’s ability to slow down time and line up shots at the helicopter pilots. When the helicopters have all been destroyed, you can switch to Trevor and land the thing, or you can just say as Michael and wait for Trevor to do the parking for you automatically.

To Top

As Michael, go to Michael’s house. Then complete the yoga QTEs. Basically, all they amount to is pointing both analog sticks in a certain direction and holding them there until the trigger buttons pop up. Then hold both LT and RT and release them when the circle is filled with a green colored meter.

After the QTEs, go upstairs to talk to Jimmy. Then drive Jimmy to his drug dealer. Start driving back home, and Jimmy will drug Michael. This causes a drug-induced state in which Michael is flying around Los Santos with lots of weird colors and junk. To end this, purposefully crash into something and Michael will wake up.

Hop on the bike that is leaning against the nearby garage and bike back home. Run upstairs to find everyone gone. Then go downstairs and into the kitchen to find a depressing note left by Amanda.

To Top

This mission is for Trevor and Franklin and it begins at Franklin’s house. Well, I guess his other house at this point in the game. Drive to Grove Street (home…least…it was, til I fucked everything up…) and go to the house of the cocaine dealer.

Of course, the deal goes bad, and then the Grove Street is covered with gangbangers out for blood. I recommend using Trevor for this, as his special ability is very helpful for gunfights. Kill all the gangbangers and push your way down the street. Be mindful of the ones that are located at the top of stairwells as they can cause a problem.

When the cops show up, follow Lamar through the backyards. In the nearby open sewer are a trio of jet-skis. How convenient! Aim your guns at the people there to make them scram and then get on the jet-skis. Follow Lamar out of here. Use Franklin for this section as his special ability makes it easier to avoid obstacles on the jet-ski and for just smoother sailing in general.

Lamar will then tell everyone to split up when you get out into the open ocean. It’s now time to lose the cops. Just drive out far into the ocean and they will give up and you will be able to get rid of them rather easily.

To Top

This mission will interrupt the lives of both Michael and Trevor. So that means if you were on your way to another mission or whatever, forget about it now. Head to the warehouse and then you will be in control of Michael after the scenes.

As Michael, drive Dave to the location of the supposed target. It turns out to be a bust, and so now you take control of Trevor and have to torture the poor prisoner. There are various torture techniques at Trevor’s disposal. Pick one and then complete the on-screen button presses to commence the torturing.

You can press B to check the prisoner’s vital signs, but all of that is pretty unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. I never was at risk of killing him. Just make sure if you use the car battery on him that you don’t hold the triggers for so long that it kills him.

After getting the location of the real target out of him, drive there as Michael with Dave. Michael will automatically get in position, and more torture scenes will happen as you survey the party. Eventually, the information will be that the target smokes and is left-handed and sports a beard.

Well, the only person fitting that description is on the second floor of the building, wearing a bright red sports jacket. After Michael confirms this information and everything is gleaned from the prisoner (which will be done after all the torture devices are used), take the shot and kill the man.

The perspective will then switch back to Trevor. Trevor decides to free the prisoner instead of killing him. Drive him to the airport and drop him off.

To Top

Go to the docks and get on the boat. Go into stealth mode and go straight ahead. Wait for the coast is clear, then approach the green blip on the radar. This indicates the controls for the submarine. Use the d-pad to make the sub fall in the water. Then jump off the side of the boat, climb on top of the sub, and press Y to get inside.

Sub controls are simple. Use LB and RB to turn fast to the left or right respectively. It sort of controls like a mix between the helicopter and plane. There’s a lot less danger of damaging the sub, but don’t run it into rubble beneath the water on purpose. RT accelerates, X descends and A ascends.

Open your map and note where the orange blip is. Go there now. Upon arriving, bring the sub back up to the surface and Floyd will pull it out using the crane. Drive the sub to the area Floyd has designated for it and park it there.

To Top

Drive to the military fort. Smash through the front gate and drive straight to the helicopter. Activate Trevor’s ability so that the bullets hitting you don’t do as much damage. Get inside the helicopter and fly away.

You will be stuck with a four star Wanted level because of this stunt. Just keep flying forward. Go to a high altitude to make it easier to dodge the missiles from the helicopter that will chase you. If you’d like a view at the helicopter to try to dodge the missiles even better, click in the right analog stick to see behind you.

Keep flying straight ahead over the mountains. Land the helicopter properly in the designated spot.

To Top

Before doing this mission, I highly recommend that you take Michael to Flight School. It is located in the southwestern part of the map in Los Santos. Going through about half of the training exercises will get Michael’s flying abilities all the way up to 100, so it is definitely worth the time.

Anyway, now it’s time for the mission after Michael is sufficiently prepared. Meet up at Floyd’s apartment. Then make the long drive to Trevor’s airstrip that he took from the Lost. At the airstrip, get inside of the helicopter. Hover it carefully above the submarine and press “right” on the d-pad to lower the grappling hook. Drag the hook VERY slightly across the top of the sub to hook it. Then fly away toward the research area.

Upon arriving above the waters where the experimentation is going on, descend the helicopter to be just above the waters. Then it will let you drop the sub, so do by pressing “right” on the d-pad, effectively disengaging the grappling hook. The control will automatically switch to Trevor.

Wait for Trevor to get his phone app ready. Then simply move toward the red blip that shows up on the radar. This will take a long while, but when you finally arrive right above the object, descend as far as possible until you ram into it. This will jimmy it loose. Then ascend to the surface.

Switch back to Michael and pick Trevor up. The Merryweather people will show up in boats and helicopters. Control then switches to Franklin. Using the military grade machineguns in the helicopter, Franklin can easily take care of the boats and the helicopters. There are three different directions that these vehicles can attack you, so keep an eye on the radar and press “right” on the d-pad to get Franklin to switch to the most relevant direction immediately.

After all the heat is off, switch back to Michael. Fly the sub back to the airstrip. Get low to the ground on the airstrip and detach the sub. No need to worry about landing the helicopter this time around.

To Top

These next four missions can be done in any order. They are all part of the preparation for the “Blitz Play” heist. Once again, the order I have them listed in is arbitrary, but it is in the order of how I completed them.

On your map, this objective marker will be moving around because it is a trash truck that is being hijacked. Granted, it can be parked, but don’t expect it to be. Just park a car in front of the truck and then hijack it. Loose the cops. Drive it to the FIB safehouse and park it.

To Top

The tow truck will be stolen from a junkyard. The owner will be working on his car when you show up. You can choose to kill him or just flee the scene, but if you do flee, he will probably call the cops. I would kill them and then take the two truck to the safehouse and park it.

Go to the Ammu-Nation store that is designated by the game. If you can remember far back to the early stages of the game, it should look familiar. Approach the suits on the wall and purchase boiler suits for everybody. You’ll have to make three purchases of boiler suits to get them all.

By the beach is a creepy little store that sells creepy ass masks. There’s a wide selection of masks available, so take your pick. Remember that you have to buy three masks so that Trevor, Michael, and Franklin all get one.

Before this mission can officially begin, you need to park a getaway vehicle somewhere. Find a car (doesn’t matter what kind) and park it. You can’t use any cars that are directly owned by any of the three protagonists, however, so you’ll need to hijack a car from the street or something.

Find an obscure off the road parking lot on level ground. The game will tell you with a notification in the upper left-hand corner of the screen if the area is too public to park the getaway vehicle. If the area is not too public, then bring the car to a complete stop. Pull up your phone and call Michael. I was Franklin for this part, by the way, but it doesn’t really matter. Tell him the location of the car by choosing “mark getaway vehicle location” in the dialogue choices on the phone.

Showtime! First you will control Michael in the garbage truck. Park the truck in the road at an angle so it blocks both lanes of traffic. Then control will switch to Franklin. Hold RT and drive forward, smashing into the armored truck in the process. Now go to the back door of the armored truck and place a sticky bomb on it. Retreat to a safe distance and blow up the sticky bomb to destroy the door.

Michael will gather the cash inside, but then the cops will show up. As Franklin, take cover behind the barricades. Michael will go up the nearby stairs, and Trevor is already in position with a rocket launcher. Because giving the most psychotic member of the team the biggest firepower is always a great idea.

For this section, you’ll constantly be asked to switch between characters, except for a few parts when it doesn’t matter. The character that you need to switch to will have his icon flashing on the Character Selection wheel, so just quickly press “down” on the d-pad and to switch to him immediately.

When the cop cars first show up, I recommend using Trevor to blow them all up. Then switch to Michael to take out the stragglers. Franklin will have to be used when reinforcements start coming from the front. Snipers will show up at some point on the building to the northeast, and then you’ll have to switch to Trevor. Use his sniper to kill them and also kill the reinforcements trying to flank Michael and Franklin.

In addition, there will be other cops hanging around the roofs attempting to get at Trevor. Don’t forget about them. A helicopter will show up, and at that point I switched to a machinegun as Trevor, activated the special ability, and just shot the hell out of it until it crashed.

The Wanted level will go down more and more as more cops are killed. When it is down to one star, switch to Franklin and drive the garbage truck out of there. Drive it to the location where you parked the getaway vehicle. Then get out of the garbage truck and plant sticky bombs on it (make sure it is not too close to the getaway vehicle).

Get a safe distance, blow up the garbage truck, then get inside the getaway vehicle and drive away. Control will then switch over to Michael after Franklin gives him a call. As Michael, drive up to Devin’s house and speak with them to deliver the goods.

To Top

As Michael, drive over to the movie set to speak with Solomon Richards. He will have a job for Michael right off the bat. Drive to the location of the troublesome actor, director, and their agent.

The goal is to get to the roof of the building where the helicopter is without alerting anyone. This is actually really easy. Go into stealth mode, and then climb the ladder on the side of the building. The people on the street shouldn’t be able to see you.

On the roof here, you’ll see a construction worker standing around. Wait for him to go fix the ventilation system. Then sneak up behind him and knock him out. Climb up the next ladder and get behind the cover of a ventilation shaft. Wait for the couple of guys to walk out of the door and across the catwalk. Then jump over the catwalk and REMEMBER to go back into stealth mode every time you climb over something or jump or whatever.

Wait for them to stop walking and start talking. They will then be out of range of spotting Michael. Climb up the next ladder and then you should be able to make it to the helipad without trouble.

The agent will want to fight Michael. Just beat him up real quick and then get in the helicopter. It’s time to put the fear into the actor and director. An easy way to do this is to fly under a bunch of bridges. It takes about four or five to spook them enough. Then fly them back to the studio. Land the helicopter in the old water tank as instructed (looks like a big blue thing on the ground, impossible to miss), and then hop out.

To Top

To start with, you will be Franklin. Get in the car and then drive to the gas station. Then follow the two guys through traffic. Use Franklin’s special ability a lot here. Since there’s a lot of tight spaces you have to squeeze through, you can even use the ability and recharge it immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you are in front of the guys or not. Just keep driving and chasing them. Eventually, control will shift over to Michael, sirens automatically going. Chase down the three of them with Trevor. If going for the Gold rating, follow Trevor through the tunnel when he is driving down the wrong side of the road, but be careful of the traffic there.

The cars will finally come to a stop on a bridge. Park the motorcycle behind them. Then choose who you want to use in the race back to the safehouse. Franklin is obviously the easiest one because of his special ability. Whoever you choose, getting back to the safehouse will be a mission complete.

To Top

Lester will contact Franklin via payphone for another assassination mission. This time the target is a guy that uses the same prostitute all the time. Drive to where the prostitute is located. Park your car on the hill across the street from her, then get out and aim a sniper rifle at her.

The first car that rolls up that she actually gets into, that’s the target. Blow his head off and then speed away. If you leave the area fast enough, then the cops won’t get on you. If you take too long, you will have a two star Wanted level to shake before “mission passed” pops up on your screen.

Go to the bus as designated and get inside. Drive it to each bus stop until the target is found. Then just run him over with the bus as he tries to get away on the bike. Get out of the bus, quickly steal a car, and get out of there before the cops can show up and you’ll have another Wanted level to get rid of.

To Top

This is a long and slow one, but oh well. As either Franklin or Trevor, go to the Devin at the usual safehouse and speak with him there. Control will then shift to Trevor, who is controlling the specialized camera inside of the helicopter. When the blue arrow pops up on the HUD, that’s your cue to aim the camera at Franklin on the ground. Zoom in and out using the left analog stick. Hold RT to scan Franklin.

Then wait for the helicopter to fly to the correct destination where four targets will be outlined. Scan them all. You can also listen in on their conversation by holding RB, which is necessary for getting the Gold ranking for this mission. In fact, you have to listen to a minimum of three to get that checked off the Gold requirement list.

Anyway, all of these targets will be a bust. So scan the next group of targets. When you finally find Chad, keep the camera aimed at him as much as possible. Follow him to the garage. He will make an escape once Franklin shows up, so keep the camera on his car throughout the entire chase until he goes into the parking garage.

Wait for the helicopter pilot to position the helicopter correctly. Then toggle the heat vision of the camera using the d-pad. Pointing at any of the hit signatures that isn’t Franklin (Franklin will be the one in the middle) will cause Franklin to run over and scope out the situation.

Luckily for you, I know exactly who you need to target! He is a guy sitting in a car that is closest to you, so his heat signature will the biggest and brightest. Aim the camera at him and Franklin will go into action. Control will then be switched over to Franklin.

Now you have two choices. You can let Chad live and take his car, but keep in mind this will mean he will call cops, so you’ll have to lose them, and it’s a two star Wanted level, so that can mean damage to the car and a Mission Failed. It’s just easier to pop him in the head real quick and then drive to the airport.

After dropping the car off at the airport, get inside one of the two cars and exit the airport.

To Top

Go to Martin’s and speak with them. Then you will be in control of Michael. Drive to the observatory and get inside the van. Michael will then automatically use the high-powered sniper rifle that is in the backseat.

The goal here is to shoot out the engine on the private plane that is transporting Martin’s cousin, who is wanting to testify as a witness against Martin. The plane is very hard to spot, so zoom in on the west side of the sky to see the plane coming in. If you can’t see it after Michael says “there it is” (or whatever he says exactly), then zoom out a bit to try to get a wider scope of things.

The plane is a moving target that is going very fast. Because of this, you can’t just aim the sniper at the plane and hope for the best. Instead, aim the reticule at the red box that is in front of the plane. Firing directly inside the box or around it will cause damage to the plane’s engine. Do this two more times to make the plane start to go down.

Control then switches over to Trevor on a dirt bike. Follow the plane as it is descending to the ground. Go off-road when necessary, and hit all the ramps along the way to avoid having to cross traffic or anything like that.

When the plane finally goes down, pull out a gun as you approach. Kill the cousin and then grab the files. Control then switches back to Michael. Time to destroy the van. Drive it somewhere secluded and then get out. Climb on top of it and cover it with gasoline as you walk down across the windshield, the hood, and along the ground. Ignite the gasoline with a bullet to blow up the van.

Find a car and start driving back to Martin’s. Trevor will call while you’re on your way and reveal that he screwed things up in a rather big way. Keep driving in the same direction, but instead of going to Martin’s house, you will be driving past it to meet up with Trevor at the location he designated.

To Top

Control automatically goes to Franklin now while Michael and Trevor lie low for a while. Devin is still in needs of Franklin’s services, so speak with him. Then drive to the movie set where the next car to steal is located. Park outside of the set and then climb over the wall.

Move through the water tank parking lot (which you should remember from a previous mission with Michael) and then when the actor is in sight, hang back a bit. Wait for the actor to berate his assistant and then watch as the assistant walks away. When the assistant has their back turned, go into stealth mode, sneak up on the actor, and then knock him out.

Now go to the car. Get inside and speed away with the actress in the passenger seat. She will grab at the wheel periodically as you speed away. To correct the course of the car, it is easiest to use Franklin’s special ability.

The movie security will chase after Franklin. Try to get away from them, but eventually press in the left stick to drop spikes and take out their tires. Do this for all the security cars that are chasing you. When that’s done, press LB to see what the red button does…

Now just deliver the car and you’re golden.

To Top

Even though you have to begin this mission as Franklin, you don’t play as him at all in it. Go to Michael’s house and Franklin will give Michael a call. After that, control shifts to Trevor. Go to the airstrip with Ron and then get inside of the crop duster.

Fly the crop duster to the airspace with the Merryweather cargo plane. Remember to stay low to the ground to avoid being detected by military radar. You’ll pass the military base at some point, so be sure not to fly over it or else they will attack, and a crop duster isn’t exactly equipped to deal with the military.

Be very careful about smashing into stuff or flying the plane into the ocean because you don’t get a checkpoint until you are clear of having to worry about military radar. At that point, fly up to be at the same altitude as the Merryweather cargo plane.

They will give Trevor various warnings to change course, but of course, he won’t listen. As you get even closer, they will start firing rockets and machineguns at you. It is imperative at this point that you fly straight into the cargo hold as if they do enough damage, the duster will go down and the mission will be failed.

After smashing the plane into the hold, Trevor automatically takes cover. Blind fire the closest guy and then activate Trevor’s ability to wipe out the rest of the enemies here. A couple more will show up, but they won’t be any problem. After everyone is dead down here, climb the ladder, quickly kill the pilot, then take control of the cargo plane.

Fly the cargo plane towards the airstrip. The military will now send jets to shoot you down. Try flying above them at high altitudes to avoid taking initial damage from them. Eventually, they will bust out the missiles and the cargo plane will go down.

Luckily for Trevor, the Merryweather folk come prepared with parachutes. Trevor is automatically equipped with one. Run straight out of the hold and jump through the open hatch. When using a parachute, the left stick is used to increase descent as well as slow it down. Press A to deploy the parachute, and then the controls are the same, except now you can use LB and RB for quick turns to the left and right respectively.

Touch down in the water, but do NOT go at extreme speeds and do NOT belly flop or Trevor will die. After landing in the water, swim to shore and Trevor will give Ron a call.

To Top

Visit Trevor’s meth lab as either Michael or Trevor. Once inside, you will have another chat with the FIB agents. Afterwards, drive to the town where the score is going to go down and park at the bus stop to wait for Lester to arrive.

Once he arrives, drive to the bank. Press B to focus on the front doors of the bank. Then drive into the empty lot behind the bank. Press B to focus on the alarm system there. Get out of the car and shoot the alarm. Then quickly drive to the gas station and park in front of the designated pump.

Press B to keep the camera focused on the bank. It takes a little bit, but the cops will show up. After that, it’s a race between Michael and Trevor back to the safehouse. You can choose who you want to race as, though it is easier to do this race as Michael because  Michael is in a car, whereas Trevor drives a bike for this one.

Upon arriving back at the meth lab, Lester will set up the plan. You don’t get to choose between a Plan A or Plan B right now, but you do get to choose a shooter to aid you on this one. Pick a shooter, preferably someone with high stats, and then the first part of the Paleto Score will be setup.

To Top

At some point, Franklin will call Trevor up about the O’Neil family out for his blood. At this point, you can either drive to the “T” on the map as Trevor to start the mission, or you can switch control over to Franklin, which will automatically throw you into this mission.

Anyway, chase the O’Neil twins into the woods. They will crash because of a stray elk, and then you have to control Trevor. Fly into the woods and stop the helicopter on the orange objective ring that is just sort of floating in the sky. Control then shifts to Michael, equipped with that fancy heat-sensing sniper rifle scope.

The O’Neil brothers are out in the woods, having fled from Franklin. The first one can be found swimming down river, against the current. Use the heat sensor (activate it using the d-pad; remember, press “right”). The annoying thing about this is that the people sort of blend in with the goats, of all things.

Slow down time using Michael’s ability to line up a good shot and take out the first target. Then scan the woods to find the second brother, who will be among the animals a bit. A good way to weed him out is to just start shooting the animals to find the brother, then kill the brother. Again, using Michael’s ability is extremely helpful in this situation.

When scanning for the third brother, a rocket will come flying at the helicopter. Control then switches over to Franklin. Follow Chop through the river and deeper into the woods. He will lead you right to the guy with the rocket launcher. Kill him, grab the RPG, and then control Trevor again.

Park the helicopter by Franklin and wait for him and Chop to get in. Then fly the helicopter back to the airstrip and set it down there.

To Top

Before doing this mission, be sure that Franklin has body armor and plenty of ammo. Hopefully you grabbed the RPG from the Predator mission as it makes the end of this particular Lester-approved assassination much easier.

Anyway, upon arriving at the construction site, smash through the fence and kill the first guard by running him over. Then use the elevator to quickly ride to the next floor before all the other guards at the ground level get to you. This will save you plenty of armor, health, and ammo in the long run.

Mow your way through the guards on this area and fight to the other end of the building to get to the next elevator. Ride that up to the roof and immediately get behind cover. Equip the RPG and use it to blow up the helicopter before it can fly away. Then it’s just a matter of getting rid of everyone else on the roof.

When they’re all dead, you can find a parachute lying on a wood pile. Get it and then jump off the building, using the parachute to land safely in the process.

To Top

At some point during the day, the “HS” objective marker will show up on your map. In case you haven’t been paying attention up to this point “HS” basically designates missions related to an upcoming heist, in this case the Paleto Score that is coming up next.

You need to hijack this military vehicle that has the hardware necessary to complete the mission. It is a convoy. A truck is in the middle, with two jeeps protecting it, one in front, and one in back. The truck is the one with the goods. I found a good way to do this is to straight-up blow up one of the jeeps, take cover behind whatever car you used to get there, and then killing all the other soldiers.

Blowing up one of their vehicles (DO NOT BLOW UP THE TRUCK) will cause the other soldiers to get out of theirs in an attempt to kill you, so you don’t have to worry about them speeding away. Kill all of them and then steal the truck and drive it to the meth lab.

To Top

Get in the van and drive to the bank. Once there, aim your guns at everyone. Stay playing as Michael because he is required to bust down the door to the vault. Go inside the vault then, and a cut-scene will play.

Afterwards, Michael, Trevor, and your hired gunman will be in full body armor suits and brandishing miniguns. Demolish the police as they show up, blowing up their cop cars and such. You pretty much don’t have to worry about taking damage at all at this point in the mission.

Go across the street and follow your comrades. Fight your way through the military, the cops, and the helicopters that show up. Blow up the vehicles as much as possible to take out the enemies in groups as opposed to one at a time. Keep in mind that the more shots you take, though, the more dough you lose and the less overall money is earned by the end of the job.

Keep this up until control switches to Franklin. Franklin has a bulldozer now since the old plan has gone out the window. Use the bulldozer to knock away military vehicles that attempt to block the road. Drive it to the construction site where Michael and Trevor are and Franklin will rescue them.

Drive the bulldozer into the nearby factory. Switch back to Michael or Trevor as Franklin lacks body armor and makes this mission much harder as a result. Kill your way through the factory. You don’t necessarily have to kill the innocent workers though, but you can if you want to.

At the end of the factory are some railroad tracks. Hold your position there and wait for the train to come. When the train does come, turn and walk to it to automatically board the thing.

To Top

A Trevor/Michael mission. As Trevor, get on the bike and drive to the train. You can either use the railing next to the tracks on the left side of the train to ramp up on top of it, or you can use the raised earth right next to the train to simply drop on the top. Obviously, the latter option is the easiest, but both are possible and doable.

On the train, drive to the engine. Trevor will then automatically enter and take out the conductor. Hold RT to build up speed on the train and just blow through everything. Control then switches to Michael on the boat. Drive the boat to the bridge where the train tracks continue and watch the crazy crash.

When the crash is over, keep pressing X until you have sticky bombs equipped. Toss the sticky bombs on the doors of the train car then drive away. Use the d-pad to detonate the bombs and blow the doors off of it. Michael will then collect the goods and control switches back, yet again, to Trevor.

As Trevor, take out all the Merryweather guys that show up. They will basically all focus on Michael, so you don’t really need to use Trevor’s special ability here, unless you’re having a hard time killing them of course. Kill all the boats and helicopters and what-not that show up until they’re all gone.

Then get in the boat with Michael. As Michael, drive the boat over to the designated beach where the getaway vehicles are waiting.

To Top

Meet up at the designated area as any of the three main protagonists. At that point, control shifts to Michael automatically as he is driving the boat. Drive out to the part of the ocean designated on the map. Stop there and then wait for everyone to sit on the sides of the boat. Press Y to dive into the water.

Follow the two FIB agents to the underwater sewer grate. Use the torch to cut through the gate. To do this, aim the torch at each pipe, which is highlighted with green. Then hold RT to burn through the pipe segment. Do this for each pipe segment until they turn red, which will indicate that the particular segment targeted has been sufficiently damaged.

Doing this for all the marked pipe segments will allow access through the grate. Now swim through the sewer tunnel until you reach the later. Climb up the ladder. Michael will then automatically equip a stun gun. Use it to knock out all the scientists and such as you move through the facility.

When security detail is spotted, take cover behind the wall that is designated on the map. Then take out the security guards with the stun gun. If aimed properly, it is possible to get them both with one shot. The next room will be the room with the goods. Just wait around until the agents get the door open, then go inside and collect the toxin.

At this point, switch to a lethal weapon. Fight your way out of the facility, using Michael’s special ability and cover as much as possible. When you reach the exit, kill everyone, then run outside to the cold containment unit and Michael will load the toxin in there. At that point, control switches to Trevor. Fly the helicopter very closely above the container and Trevor will automatically hook it to the helicopter.

Now fly to Trevor’s airstrip. Drop the container on the back of the truck trailer as designated on the map. To accomplish this, fly directly above the trailer and then use the d-pad to release it onto the trailer. A couple of cut-scenes later, you’ll still be in control of Trevor, but this time you are driving with Patricia.

Take her home.

To Top

Trevor is understandably (I guess?) heartbroken and upset. So go to Floyd’s while playing as him. Following the minor domestic dispute, climb in the truck with Wade and drive him to the strip club. One of the shortest story missions in the entire game right here. Beat it in 4:00 to get the Gold rating.

Everyone will meet up at Trevor’s newly acquired strip club. After a quick chat, get in the car as Michael with Franklin. Drive to the Union Depository and survey the front of the building by pressing B when driving by. Then go around to the garage on the side of the building and once again press B to survey that side of the building.

Control then shifts over to Trevor and Lester. Drive to the airstrip. Get in the helicopter and fly to the building. The two trucks you need to follow will be below. Press B to switch the view to Lester’s camera. This will give you a pretty direct shot of the trucks at all times, but there is an irritating noise that goes along with the camera.

This is useful in keeping track of the trucks, though. You will still have full control of the helicopter while looking through this view, so follow the trucks to keep them in view. Be careful not to smash into any buildings or anything. The trucks will drive under some bridges and what-not, as well as through a tunnel, but just keep the helicopter in their vicinity so you don’t lose them.

When the trucks enter the building, it’s time to check out the in-construction metro tunnel. The tunnel is a little north of the building. If you take too long to find it, Franklin will eventually point it out to you and it will appear on your map as a yellow blip. Hover close to the hole and just directly above it. Then press B to get a look into it. Since there is a ton of stuff here that you can smash into and get the helicopter destroyed in the process, you need to be very careful until Lester can get all the footage he needs.

Now you have two choices on how to end the mission, and just do whatever is easier for you. You can fly back to Trevor’s airstrip and land the helicopter there. Or you can switch back to Michael and drop Franklin off at his house. Either method will end the mission, so just decide based on whether you’re more comfortable flying or driving.

To Top

As Michael or Trevor, go to Michael’s house. After the scene, drive to the airport. Go up to the second floor of the terminal. Then watch the next cut-scene. Afterwards, you’ll be back in that snowy town from the very beginning of the game, which is apparently somewhere in the midwest (I assumed Canada…darn!)

Drive to the cemetery. Upon arrival, make your way around the gate to Michael’s “grave”. Trevor will already be there digging up the coffin. Another scene will play, and after that, you will be in control of Michael, armed with nothing but your fists and a pistol.

Do not engage the enemies in this immediate area. The car will pop up on the map as a blue blip, so sprint there immediately, hugging the wall/trees/bushes whatever you want to call the barrier on the right side of the area, as closely as possible. Only kill the enemies directly in front of you, and abuse the hell out of Michael’s ability to slow time.

Try to pick up one of their machineguns as you move forward, and stick to cover. Move quickly so the enemies that showed up directly at the headstone won’t be able to catch up to you. When you get the opportunity, make a break for the car and get inside.

Control then shifts back to Trevor. Fly the plane back to Trevor’s airstrip, listening to the conversation along the way. Land the plane at the designated area on the airstrip.

To Top

This mission can be started in a couple of ways. You can either simply switch over to Franklin after Trevor gets the text from Lamar, or you can visit Lamar’s house as Trevor. After that, you will be in control of Franklin anyway. Drive to Lamar and get inside the car he boosted.

After that, drive the boosted car to the loader. Drive it up the ramp and park it. Then control switches to Franklin. Start driving the car to Devin’s location on the map. It is a very long drive, so sit tight and try not to wreck the thing.

Eventually, the cops will get on your tail. Franklin will then climb to the spy car from the movie set that you stole earlier. You will still be in control of Trevor for this. Hold the truck as steady as possible to keep Franklin from falling off to his death. With the cops chasing after you, the other traffic tends to move out of the way, so the cops actually make this objective a little easier.

When Franklin gets in the car, control switches to him again. Inside the movie spy car, you have some new toys as well as the spikes from earlier. The spikes are once again deployed by pushing in the left analog stick, but the new toys are the machineguns that have been mounted inside the vehicle. Hold LB to fire the machineguns, which are greatly effective in your next objective.

Your next objective, by the way, is to kill all the cops pursuing you and truck. Do this by either letting them drive in front of you and blasting them with the machineguns or drive in front of them and drop spikes to take out all their tires. When all the cops have been killed, follow the truck to the location of the drop off.

Get out of the car and then go speak with Molly.

To Top

BUY BODY ARMOR BEFORE DOING THIS MISSION. Then go to Franklin’s aunt house. After a disturbing chat with Trevor, Lester will give Franklin a call. An app will then be installed on Franklin’s phone that will allow him to find Michael. Pull up the phone and choose the Trackify app from the bottom right-hand corner of the icons on Franklin’s phone.

Similar to how Trevor find the underwater government weapon or whatever it was, this app makes a red blip appear on the phone that you can use to figure out the direction of your objective. Chase after the blip until you reach the destination, which is a meat-packing plant.

Drive around it until you see some of the Chinese guys chatting outside. Smash into them, pull out your guns, and fight your way to Michael. Remember to stick to cover, though if you bought the body armor like I suggested, you shouldn’t have too much trouble killing all of these guys.

After finding Michael, use the d-pad to toss him a weapon. Then you’ll be in control of Michael and hanging upside down. Kill all the guys that are coming until Michael frees himself. Then I highly recommend switching back to Franklin as he has the heavier firepower (inevitably) as well as body armor if you haven’t taken too much damage up until this point. Yes, Michael’s special ability can be helpful, but you are more likely to stay alive as Franklin, plus Franklin comes in handy very soon.

Fight your way out of the plant and then get in one of the cars that is parked outside of it. Be Franklin for this. Speed your way to Michael’s house. Use Franklin’s special ability a lot to outrun the Chinese during this really chaotic high-speed chase. By the time you get to Michael’s house, they should be off your back.

To Top

There’s another job for Michael at the movie studio while he is trying to realize his dream of breaking into the moving picture show business. Upon arriving at the set, Solomon is getting his ass kicked by the actor and his agent Rocco. They speed away after Michael arrives, so get in a vehicle and chase them down.

Kill them at all costs. You can shoot them from your car or ram them off the road and hunt them down. Typically, the actor will put up a fight but the agent will try to run away so you will have to chase him down. Just kill them both and flee the scene before the cops arrive. If you are too slow, be ready to outrun the cops before getting the MISSION PASSED to flash on your screen.

To Top

Meet with Lester as Michael at Lester’s place. Then drive with Lester to the FIB building. Park where he tells you to and then just sit tight as the cars roll out of the parking garage. Press B as each car rolls out to check the license plate. Keep doing this until the right car comes, and then start tailing them.

Do not drive too close to the car or else the janitor will know you’re there. Keep following him until he returns to his apartment. Park down the street as per Lester’s instruction, then cautiously approach the building in stealth mode. Take cover behind the nearby brick wall and wait for the janitor to be done talking to his neighbor.

Then slowly follow him around the corner and up the stairs to his apartment. When he goes inside, follow him in there to get the goods. Then return to Lester’s place.

To Top

As Michael, return to Michael’s house. When the scenes are over, drive with Jimmy to the Bean Machine (unsure if Dr. Robotnik owns it or if it is even mean). Get out of the car and approach the store for another cut-scene.

When that is over, get back in the car with Jimmy. Drive to the designated tattoo parlor. Another scene will play, then you will get to press A, X, and B to pierce Lazlow’s (Chatterbox! I still miss it) face. After that, choose whether to tattoo his chest or back, then hold the right stick in the directions that pop up in order to complete the tattoos.

Now get back in the car with both Jimmy and Tracey. Drive them to the therapist’s office. Get out of the car when Amanda asks. After the therapy session, get back in the car with your family and drive them home.

To Top

This mission is sort of heaped on Franklin. You’ll know when it can happen when you hold down on the d-pad and see Franklin’s picture flashing. Choose to switch to him and then he will automatically be in the mission.

For this one, go into stealth mode immediately and walk into the construction site. Follow the architect to the elevator. Wait for him out of sight when he steps into the elevator, then take the one adjacent to his.

Keep following him, but have enough distance so he doesn’t get suspicious. You can get pretty close, though. Anyway, when the game says to get the briefcase from him, take him out with a stealth knockdown and grab the case.

Leave the construction site and deliver the briefcase to Lester. Now you have to choose the approach. Once again, you are given an Option A and an Option B. Option A involves using a fire truck to break into the FIB building. Option B will see you parachute into it. Make your choice and get your crew together.

For now, this guide will be going with Option A. This guide is a work in progress, so the walkthrough for Option B will follow later.

To Top

Tracey will call complaining about a stalker. Go to her location and get in her car. Drive to the various spots she asks you to drive to until the stalker shows up and tries to get away. Shoot out the tires of his car and then either leave him alone or kill him. Then take Tracey home.

Looks like the movie Michael is producing is being put on ice by Devin and Molly. Molly will leave the studio with the intent of getting rid of the film. Take one of the fast cars in the movie studio lot and chase her to the airport.

At the airport, you will have a three star Wanted level, but don’t worry, the cops are more concerned with Molly. Chase her and the cops all around the airport until she finally stops. Then get out of the car and chase her into the hangar. She will get sucked up into the turbine. Grab the reel.

Now kill any cops that are immediate threats and go to the smaller plane here. Hijack it and fly away until you are free of the police.

To Top

You can go to a fire station and steal one or just hope to find one on the streets. The easiest way to get a fire truck is to start a fire, then call the fire department. To start a fire, you should just blow up a car. The reason for starting the fire is that if there is no fire when the firemen show up, they will just leave immediately.

Once the truck arrives, steal it and then park it at Lester’s. Lose any cops that come after you as a result of stealing the truck.

Next you need to secure a getaway vehicle. Find a suitable vehicle (not one owned by any of the three main protagonists) and park it in an obscure location. Then call either Lester or Michael and choose the option in the phone to mark the location of the getaway vehicle.

To Top

Remember, this is for Option A. Drive to the FIB building as Michael in the janitor outfit. Walk through the front doors and then through the turnstiles. Use the elevator to reach floor 53, and then drop the mop bucket using the d-pad.

Press LB to dip the mop in the bucket and then press A to clean up the dirty spots on the floor. The dirty spots are represented by red blips on the radar. Because a janitor’s enemy is dirt. After each spot is cleaned, be sure to return to the bucket and dip the mop in the water to clean it off before going to the next section of dirt on the ground.

When the first area is cleaned, plant the bomb in the locker. Then head to the next area. This is a longer hall, so after cleaning the initial dirt smudges on the ground, you’ll want to pick the bucket back up and carry it down the hall further.

Plant this second bomb in the bathroom after all of this has been cleaned. Then exit the building. Once outside, pull up your phone and go to Contacts. Choose “Detonation” from the list to detonate the bombs.

Control will then switch to Franklin in the fire truck. Pick up Michael and then drive around the block. Get out of the truck and run into the FIB building. Use the stairwell to reach floor 53 and get to the room with the goods. Grab it and then return to the stairwell.

It will be impassable, unfortunately. Follow Michael through the building now. Keep following him until Franklin is knocked out momentarily. By the way, keep an eye on the red oxygen bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If that runs out, Franklin will obviously suffocate.

Anyway, equip a gun and kill the FIB agents here. Use the radar so that you are not surprised by any of them. When you go to the stairwell, there will be one coming right up the stairs to be prepared to shoot as soon as you open those doors.

Reunite with Michael and then follow him out of the building. Get in the fire truck and then drive to the getaway vehicle. Destroy the fire truck (a safe distance from the vehicle and your crew), then get in the getaway vehicle and drive to Lester’s house.

To Top

As Michael, meet with Dave. After speaking with him, a huge shootout will break out between the various groups. Kill them all and make your way toward Dave. Keep killing everyone until the helicopter shows up. At that point, control switches to Trevor.

Snipe the pilot and kill him to save Michael. Then kill off the multiple Merryweather guys below. Keep killing them until you can control Michael again and regroup with Dave, killing everyone as you go along.

Fight with Dave to the exit of this place. Steal a car and speed away. A Merryweather helicopter will be on you, so find a good spot to stop the car, like on a hill. Get out of the car, aim the sniper, slow down time, and kill the pilot of the enemy helicopter. You can also just keep driving until you outrun them, but where’s the fun in that?

To Top

Be Franklin and be at Franklin’s house. That will trigger the cut-scene for this mission. After that, drive to the sawmill. Control then switches to Trevor. You have a choice now about three different methods to attack the sawmill. You can go head on (closets objective marker), steal a bulldozer and try to use it as a shield (second closest objective marker) or work your way around and go in from behind (third objective marker).

Make your choice and kill every single Baller there. At some point, there will be snipers in the area, forcing you to switch to Michael so that you can provide Franklin and Trevor with some covering fire. Kill the enemy snipers as Michael and also be sure to kill the rest of the Ballers that get in your way as well.

Switch to Franklin and fight your way to Lamar. When all the Ballers are dead, take Lamar to a car and then drive him all the way back home.

To Top

Visit the store and purchase a tuxedo. Then get in the limo as requested by Jimmy. Ride with Jimmy to the movie premiere and then get out of the limo. After the scene, steal a car and speed back to your house.

Quickly kill the Merryweather guy that has Amanda standing on the stairs. Get to Tracey’s room and then slow down time. Pop the guy that is holding her hostage in the head. Then return to the stairs. Stand on the second landing and use this position to kill the Merryweather guys downstairs.

They will throw a smoke grenade through the front door and charge in. Toss some frags at their feet and then keep killing them as they enter the house. They will then start coming in from the kitchen, so go down the stairs and shoot through into there. Next you will have to clear out the rest from outside.

If you need the health, be sure to grab the first aid kit sitting on the counter before going outside and killing the rest of the Merryweather guys. When they’re all dead, go back inside and go upstairs.

To Top

Okay, so when you go to the strip club to talk with Lester and the gang, you get to choose Option A or Option B again for the upcoming heist. Option A is the subtle approach, whereas Option B is the not so subtle approach. Just for the sake of shaking things up, I went with Option B first, and that is where this mission comes in.

Wait for Lester to text the details regarding the location of this driller. Then drive to it. Kill the guards coming in as these guys are insanely lethal and the truck is insanely slow. Steal the truck and then drive away. Be careful with turns and such as the trailer can become disconnected, forcing you to line up the back of the truck with the end of the trailer to hitch it back on, and with a two star Wanted level, that can be difficult.

Shake the heat and then drive the truck to its designated location. Park it.

To Top

Michael will get a call from Jimmy. Poor guy got himself kidnapped for trolling on the Internet. Drive up to the canyons and shoot out the tires of the kidnappers’ van, but don’t kill them. You can also just keep smashing into the van until they flee, but this way is easier, even though you have to drive Jimmy back in it.

At this point in the game, the family is staying at a hotel (unless this mission happens randomly, but I don’t think it does). So instead of driving Jimmy back to your house, you drive him to the hotel and drop him off there.

To Top

As part of the Big Score setup (for Option B), you need to get a train. This mission will need to be started by Franklin. Go to the quarry and then approach the worker from behind. Knock him out, go up the stairs, and knock out the other worker from behind. You don’t want to use guns here because if the police are alerted, the mission fails.

Use the d-pad to operate the track controls. Then the control switches to Trevor in the helicopter. Hover the helicopter on top of the train engine and use the d-pad to grab it with the magnet. Deliver it to the airstrip. Repeat the process with one of the trailers and the mission will be completed.

To Top

This is it! The big one! Get a lot of ammo and a lot of armor before doing this. Also, you will need a souped up getaway vehicle. Find a fast car, then take it to a Los Santos Customs. Beef the hell out of the car. Buy the most expensive upgrades to make it super fast and super armored. Then drive it to the parking garage as designated by Lester and leave it there. The “Getaway Vehicle” mission passed thing will pop up again, despite being the same exact mission as the last couple of times, but whatever.

Meet everyone at the strip club. Get in the car as Michael and drive to the Union Depository. Park in the designated spot, then control shifts to Franklin at the controls of the drill. Carefully drive the drill to the wall (it’s very easy to get stuck, which may require you to reload the save as you can’t get out of the drill or kill yourself in any way), and then use the d-pad to turn the drill on.

Hold RT to drive the drill through the wall. After that, get out of the drill and approach both doors. Place sticky bombs on each door, retreat to a safe distance, and then blow the doors. The guy in your crew will gather the gold while you hold off the cops.

Stay behind cover and just pick off the cops as they come. They will only come from one direction at first, and then the opposite direction. Keep firing and killing them until control shifts back to Michael. As Michael, fight your way through the cops. You will regroup with Franklin at some point, and then you have the option of switching over to him if you want.

Keep killing all of the enemies and follow whoever you’re not controlling. There is a lot of cover here, so it shouldn’t be too bad, despite the large amount of enemies. Whenever a helicopter shows up, make the helicopter your priority.

Anyway, fight your way to the parking garage. Get cover behind a car. Try to be positioned so that bullets don’t hit your getaway vehicle too much. Kill all the incoming police. If they park far enough away, use a grenade launcher or something to blow up their vehicles and kill all of them much easier. You’ll have to control Trevor for a bit and fly out of the city limits. Fly north towards the airstrip. Then control will go back to the boots on the ground, so to speak.

Get in the getaway vehicle and speed off. You have to get rid of the five star Wanted level, which can be very tough. My suggestion for you is to drive to the north, to the canyons. There’s a lot of backroads and places to hide here. A good way to keep the cops from finding you again after you start the process of getting them off your back is to drive to the outskirts of a town, like the beach or railroad tracks, and just drive until the stars disappear. Keep an eye on your map to see where the cops are going and coming from and what direction they are looking, and remember pressing “down” on the d-pad will zoom out the map a bit to give you a better look at what is going on.

After losing the cops as Michael, switch to Trevor. Three Merryweather helicopters will show up to make your life hell. Lester will stick his head out of the left side of the helicopter and use an RPG to blow up the helicopters. Try to hold the chopper still so Lester can get his shots in and blow up each helicopter one by one. Angle it so Lester has a clear shot as well. Be careful not to crash the helicopter into anything because it is very easy for the gold to become detached.

When the Merryweather guys have been dealt with, it’s just a matter of dropping the gold off on the back of the train. Wait for the other helicopter to do this first, then do it yourself. Just hover over it then wait for the prompt to show up so that you can drop the gold onto the back of the train to complete the Big Score.

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Franklin is visited at his home by Devin. After he leaves, the phone will pop up and you are given three choices. These are the choices:

A) Kill Trevor
B) Kill Michael
C) Deathwish

For those interested in completing the game to its fullest and having access to all three characters after the credits roll, you’ll want to choose option C. I will update the guide later to provide strategies for options A and B as well, but for now this is just for those that chose Option C.

After choosing the third option, go speak with Lester and fill him in. Then drive to Lamar and pick him up from his house. Then go to the foundry and meet up with Trevor and Michael inside. Make sure that you are prepared with body armor for all characters and a ton of ammo. I’m talking rockets, grenades, the works.

Hold your position in the foundry when the FIB guys start pouring into the place. Merryweather people will enter as well from the top floor, and at that point you have to switch to Michael. So switch to him and use his sniper to kill the guys on the top floor. Then switch to Trevor and kill the guys around him.

Switch back to Franklin, drop off the little ledge, and run outside because Lamar is in trouble. You’ll have to move behind the equipment on the wall for the fastest route outside. Don’t get there fast enough and Lamar will die, which will result in a failed mission. Defend Lamar by killing all the FIB and Merryweather guys that show up. Use cover wisely, but that should go without saying at this point in the game.

Switch back to Michael when prompted. Hang tight and kill the rest of the agents in the foundry. Then fight your way to Trevor, killing the other FIB agents that show. After regrouping with Trevor, kill the rest of the agents that come in and then head for the exits.

At this point, freely switch between all three characters at your leisure and continue killing everyone that shows up at the foundry. Helicopters will show up, a couple of them, so make them your priority above all else. If you are near death with one character, quickly switch to another to avoid dying.

When they’re all dead, it’s time to take out the leader of the Triads, Steve, and Stretch. Franklin will go after the Triads, Trevor after Steve, and Michael after Stretch. The game will throw you in control of Franklin to begin with, so just roll with it. Drive to the last known location of the Triad leader and chase him out into the street.

Use Trevor’s ability while driving to slow down time, which will allow you to perform a very easy drive-by shooting into the middle of the Triad convoy, which should kill almost all of your targets. Blow up the vehicles of the remaining Triads to get them off your back, then switch to Michael.

As Michael, drive through the basketball court where the Ballers are and run Stretch over. Get out of the car and use it for cover to kill the rest of the Ballers. Of course, you can always just flee (same with Franklin and the Triads), but it is honestly so much faster and easier just to kill them all.

Now switch to Trevor and drive to the carnival on the docks. Steve is in a Ferris wheel gondola. Get him in sights, but don’t get too close to it. Use any weapon you want to kill him, such as a sniper rifle or an RPG or whatever else. Killing him will cause a two star Wanted level, so get the hell out of there.

A really fast way to get rid of the cops after the Steve kill is to just drive on the beach, then take a sharp left and go along the roads if they are on the beach with you. After getting rid of the cops, it’s time to go for the big fish. Drive to Devin’s house.

Climb over the fence. Take this quietly first. There are Merryweather guys all over the place. One will be patrolling in front of the house, and another will be leaning against the balcony to the right, when facing the house. Go into stealth mode and take that guy out from behind so he doesn’t become a problem later. Then silently take out the patrolling guard.

Take cover at the house and wait for the other guard to walk down the stairs. Then go around and you’ll see another guard standing around. Kill him with a silenced weapon. Now active Trevor’s special ability and just massacre the rest of the Merryweather guys. Go to Devin’s last known location to find him and Trevor will automatically stuff him in the trunk.

Drive Devin out into the boondocks where you’ll meet Michael and Franklin. After the cut-scene, push the left stick forward to dump the car over the side of the cliff, where it explodes in the water. Because why not.

Congratulations, you completed the last mission of Grand Theft Auto V. All 69 main story missions (plus some!) all done! Now go for that 100% and unlock all of the achievements!

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03. Hobbies and Pastimes
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
In Grand Theft Auto V, players can partake in a wide variety of activities to pass the time between missions or after they’re done with the game. These include sports, mini-games, races, and more.

In order to get 100% completion, players have to complete a number of the Hobbies and Pastimes and satisfy certain requirements regarding them. Please use this guide to best complete the Hobbies and Pastimes in Grand Theft Auto V:

Grand Theft Auto V – Hobbies and Pastimes [Guide]

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04. Strangers and Freaks
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Check out the entire guide dedicated to Strangers and Freaks, the side missions of Grand Theft Auto V, by following this link:

Grand Theft Auto V – Strangers and Freaks [Guide]

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05. Random Events
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
In order to get 100% game completion, all you need to do is complete 14 of the Random Events, of which there are many. They happen randomly, and whenever one is going down, the map will flash. It is then very easy to figure out what you need to do in order to complete the event. Oftentimes, there is even two or more ways to complete each event.

Because of their simplicity and the fact that they are random (though occur at specific points in the city), all I’m going to say is to complete each one until you have satisfied the 14 requirement. Then complete more if you feel like it.

That being said, those that REALLY want more information on the Random Events, feel free to check out our guide dedicated to them:

Grand Theft Auto V – Random Events [Guide]

For those that want to complete every single one anyways, here is a list of all the possible Random Events:

[ ] ATM Robbery
[ ] Bike Thief City 1
[ ] Bike Thief City 2
[ ] Bus Tour
[ ] Construction Accident
[ ] Escape Paparazzi
[ ] Gang Intimidation
[ ] Getaway Driver
[ ] Mugging 1
[ ] Mugging 2
[ ] Mugging 3
[ ] Security Van 1
[ ] Security Van 2
[ ] Security Van 3
[ ] Security Van 4
[ ] Security Van 5
[ ] Security Van 6
[ ] Security Van 7
[ ] Security Van 8
[ ] Security Van 9
[ ] Security Van 10
[ ] Shop Robbery 1
[ ] Shop Robbery 2
[ ] Snatched
[ ] Sports Bike Thief
[ ] Simeon Yetarian
[ ] Abandoned Vehicle 1
[ ] Abandoned Vehicle 2
[ ] Arrests 1
[ ] Arrests 2
[ ] Border Patrol 1
[ ] Border Patrol 2
[ ] Border Patrol 3
[ ] Burial
[ ] Car Theft 1
[ ] Car Theft 2
[ ] Chase Thieves City 1
[ ] Chase Thieves City 2
[ ] Chase Thieves Country 1
[ ] Chase Thieves Country 2
[ ] Countryside Gang Fight
[ ] Countryside Robbery
[ ] Crash Rescue
[ ] Deal Gone Wrong
[ ] Domestic
[ ] Drug Shootout
[ ] Drunk Driver 1
[ ] Drunk Driver 2
[ ] Hitch Lift 1
[ ] Hitch Lift 2
[ ] Hitch Lift 3
[ ] Hitch Lift 4
[ ] Rogue Altruists
[ ] Luring Girl into Alley
[ ] Prisoner Lift 1
[ ] Prisoner Lift 2
[ ] Stag Do Running Man

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06. Miscellaneous
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
When you check the in-game statistics, it asks that you complete the Misc. Events. These events are actually really simple things you can do throughout Los Santos, and this is here to encourage players to experience all the features in the game.

For those that want more detailed explanation of how to complete all these objectives and achieve 100% completion, please check here:

Grand Theft Auto V – Misc [Guide]

Here is a checklist for things to do in Los Santos. Completing this checklist should help you on your way to 100% completion.:

[ ] Purchase some clothes
[ ] Purchase a car mod
[ ] Purchase a haircut
[ ] Purchase a tattoo
[ ] Purchase a weapon
[ ] Purchase any 5 properties*
[ ] Purchase a vehicle from a website*
[ ] Collect 50 spaceship parts*
[ ] Collect 50 letter scraps*
[ ] Collect 30 submarine parts
[ ] Collect 30 nuclear waste
[ ] Walk and play fetch with Chop*
[ ] Complete a Booty Call*
[ ] Receive a prostitute service*
[ ] Watch TV
[ ] Purchase stocks
[ ] Hold up a store*
[ ] Complete 25 x Under the Bridge*
[ ] Complete 8 x Knife Flights*
[ ] Complete 25 x Stunt Jumps*
[ ] Ride the cable car
[ ] Use the car wash
[ ] Use a fairground ride
[ ] Visit the cinema*
[ ] Friend Activity: Visit a bar*
[ ] Friend Activity: Visit the cinema*
[ ] Friend Activity: Visit the strip club*
[ ] Friend Activity: Play darts*
[ ] Friend Activity: Play golf
[ ] Friend Activity: Play tennis

*Required for 100% completion

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07. Cheat Codes and Glitches
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
GTA is synonymous with cheats. While there may be more cheats and glitches and exploits and whatever else still yet to be discovered, this is a comprehensive list of all cheat codes in GTA V.

I will list both the PS3 and the 360 version of each code, starting with 360 first (since this guide was created using the Xbox 360 version of the game) and then with PlayStation 3.

Activating cheat codes will disable the ability to earn achievements. Resetting the game will get rid of the activated cheats so that you can gain achievements again. However, if you are hoping to complete the story missions with cheats and get achievements at the same time, well, you’re out of luck.

To input these cheats, just press the buttons from at any time in the game.


Get Drunk – Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Left
Explosive Melee – Right, Left, A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT
Explosive Bullets – Right, X, A, Left, RB, RT, Left, Right, Right, LB, LB, LB
Fast Run – Y, Left, Right, Right, LT, LB, X
Fast Swim – Left, Left, LB, Right, Right, RT, Left, LT, Right
Fire Bullets – LB, RB, X, RB, Left, RT, RB, Left, X, Right, LB, LB
Recharge Special – A, A, X, RB, LB, A, Right, Left, A
Slow Motion Aiming – X, LT, RB, Y, Left, X, LT, Right, A
Spawn in Sky – LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right

Parachute – Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, Left, Left, Right, LB

BMX – Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, By, Y, RB, RT
Buzzard – B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y
Caddy – B, LB, Left, RB, LT, A, RB, LB, B, A
Comet – RB, B, RT, Right, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB
Duster – Right, Left, RB, RB, RB, Left, Y, Y, A, B, LB, LB
Limo – RT, Right, LT, Left, Left, RB, LB, B, Right
PCJ – RB, Right, Left, Right, RT, Left, Right, X, Right, LT, LB,LB
Rapid GT – RT, LB, B, Right, LB, RB, Right, Left, B, RT
Sanchez – B, A, LB, B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, Lb, LB
Stunt Plane – B, Right, LB, LT, Left, RB, LB, LB, Left, Left, Ay, Y
Trashmaster – B, RB, B, RB, Left, Left, RB, LB, B, Right

Change Weather – RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X
Moon Gravity – Left, Left, LB, RB, LB, Right, Left, LB, Left
Slippery Streets – Y, RB, RB, Left, RB, LB, RT, LB
Slow Motion – Y, Left, Right, Right, X, RT, RB

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Get Drunk – Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, O, Left
Explosive Melee – Right, Left, X, Triangle, R1, O, O, O, L2
Explosive Bullets – Right, Square, X, Left, R1, R2, Left, Right, Right, L1, L1, L1
Fast Run – Triangle, Left, Right, Right, L2, L1, Square
Fast Swim – Left, Left, L1, Right, Right, R2, Left, L2, Right
Fire Bullets – L1, R1, Square, R1, Left, R2, R1, Left, Square, Right, L1, L1
Recharge Special – X, X, Square, R1, L1, X, Right, Left, X
Slow Motion Aiming – Square, L2, R1, Triangle, Left, Square, L1, Right, X
Spawn in Sky – L1, L2, R1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right

Parachute – Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Left, Left, Right, L1

BMX – Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, O, Triangle, R1, R2
Buzzard – O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, O, Triangle
Caddy – O, L1, Left, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X
Comet – R1, O, R2, Right, L1, L2, X, X, Square, R1
Duster – Right, Left, R1, R1, R1, Left, Triangle, Triangle, X, O, L1, L1
Limo – R2, Right, L2, Left, Left, R1, L1, O, Right
PCJ – R1, Right, Left, Right, R2, Left, Right, Square, Right, L2, L1, L1
Rapid GT – R2, L1, O, Right, L1, R1, Right, Left, O, R2
Sanchez – O, X, L1, O, O, L1, O, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1
Stunt Plane – O, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, L1, L1, Left, Left, X, Triangle
Trashmaster – O, R1, O, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, O, Right

Change Weather – R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square
Moon Gravity – Left, Left, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left
Slippery Streets – Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1
Slow Motion – Triangle, Left, Right, Right, Square, R2, R1

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08. Collectibles
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
In Grand Theft Auto V, there are four sets of collectibles in the game, with each tied to an achievement.

These collectibles are as follows:

Spaceship Parts x50
Letter Scraps x50
Submarine Parts x30
Nuclear Waste x30

If you’d like a text guide for GTA V collectibles, use this guide:

Grand Theft Auto V Collectibles [Guide]

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
09. GTA Online
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Grand Theft Auto Online officially launched on October 1st.

Check out this guide for GTA Online for everything there is to know about the new mode:

Grand Theft Auto Online [Guide]


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  1. Strange issue…I will let you know if I can find anything out about it!

  2. avatar Larry Stringfield says:

    My game keep going into stealth mode by itself. Just walking down the street and bam your in stealth mode like it or not. Kinda makes it hard to win a foot race. Anyone else having this issue?

  3. avatar Chris McDade says:

    Thank you for providing such a brilliant tutorial! It has helped guide me through the game. I ponder how quickly you navigated through the game and subsequently managed to write an exquisite reference guide.

    On another note, I am quite interested in translating the various languages found throughout the game, particularly Korean, Chinese and Russian.

    Again, thank you for your superb work and I hope you get some extra credit for the work at school. :)

  4. No, you will have to start a new save to play as Trevor again.

  5. avatar Acey says:

    If u choose kill Trevor can you still play as him after the credits?

  6. avatar lol says:

    Wow seriously?? First time playing GTA? you CANT turn off story mode but you can START the missions by going to the indicated markers. You can drive and smash stuffs at any time of the game even during missions (not recommended) . If you still wanna turn off story mode, switch off your Xbox / PS3 ,go and drive your dad’s car and start driving and smash stuffs, but beware,you may end up in jail and get your ass whipped. No cheats to lower wanted levels in real life.kthanksbye

  7. Wow, didn’t even realize that was a feature. Apologies for the misinformation

  8. avatar ROG says:

    It’s in settings on your phone. Bring up your phone, go to settings. Put it on silent/sleep mode. No one bothers you.

  9. You can’t turn off story mode. However, you can simply choose to ignore it and get the same effect.

  10. avatar Me says:

    Does anyone know how to turn off story mode for GTA V?
    I don’t want to do missions, I just want to drive and smash stuff.