Racing Rivals Walkthrough [Guide]

Racing Rivals

To say that Racing Rivals is a Fast and Furious clone may set off arguments both for and against the statement, but it can be universally agreed upon that this racing title from Cie Games can be really enjoyable in both long and short bursts. Here, players do not have to worry about steering or even drifting, but despite taking away these responsibilities, there’s still a lot of challenges to be had especially when faced against tougher AI and other players. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to dominate the race track? Then start up your engines and read this guide to find out.

Racing Rivals is a racing game where players must race against either computer controlled opponents or vehicles controlled by other players online. There are various vehicles to choose from modeled after real cars, and there are also several upgrades that players would be able to purchase in order to turn their racecars into more powerful or efficient racing machines. Of course, having good control over your vehicle is a must, as a proper launch and good timing when it comes to shifting and using your nitro is almost as important as having a fast ride.

Cash and gems are the currencies within racing rivals. Cash can be won in races, and players can still receive this currency in loss, depending on how well they performed during the race. Cash is used to make repairs on your engine, to purchase new parts and replacements for your vehicle, and to even give your car new designs. Gems, on the other hand, are used to speed up installations and repairs and can also be used to purchase better vehicles. Both cash and gems can be acquired via in-app purchases should you want to get ahead in the game fast.

Boosts are special upgrades where in your top speed is increased drastically for a limited number of races. However, purchasing boosts will cost gems, so this should be done only against the toughest of opponents and not in races where you can easily win.

Racing Rivals features several vehicles from the top car manufacturers from around the world. Each car requires currency to purchase, although surplus cars may also be sold. Each vehicle has specific base attributes such as grip, speed, weight, and the like, although these stats can be drastically changed once upgrades have been purchased and installed into your vehicle.

Upgrades are special items that may be purchased in order to modify the efficiency of our vehicles. These upgrades require both cash as well as a bit of time to complete, although the waiting time can be cut by spending gems. Other upgrades may also need to unlocked, which is usually done by purchasing earlier upgrades. There are many upgrades to choose from, although players should be careful as these can affect the vehicle both positively and negatively. Examples of the latter are adding to the vehicle’s total weight or putting too much stress on the engine.

Engine Stress
As certain upgrades will cause some damage to the engine, engine stress will accumulate, which would result in lowered performance.  T this time, it is recommended for players to use coins to repair the damage before the effects become significant. Like upgrades, repairs will also take time but can be sped up with gems.

Game Modes
Racing Rivals has many different game modes. Under single player, players can play Campaign Mode where they join different tournaments that they can become champions of by winning a certain number of races. There’s also the Driver’s Challenge where players will go head to head using the same vehicle. Of course, there’s the multiplayer function where players can compete with each other and earn street cred in the process. Players may also bet currencies and even their own vehicles. In addition to game modes,

Racing Rivals also provides players the chance to create and join different teams as well as add friends from all over the world. Here, they will be able to see just what vehicles they have created, as well as any street cred that they may have accumulated during their career. For multiplayer, however, getting a friend to race against you is a matter of trial and error, and you should ensure that you have a strong and stable Internet connection all throughout.


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