Boom! Tanks Walkthrough [Guide]

Boom! Tanks

Boom! Tanks has a very simple gameplay mechanism, but all in all it is very exciting and addictive all the same. Imagine being given the chance to drive your own tank and bringing it to battle against other similarly armored vehicles – that is the experience that Boom! Tanks is cable of providing. With shooting at tanks in intense one-on-one combat as the focus, players are required to purchase new tanks or upgrades properly as well as choose campaigns wisely based on threat levels. Will you succeed in your missions, or will you be left as a scrapped heap? Play Boom! Tanks and find out.


Boom! Tanks is a combat simulation game where players can acquire and upgrade tanks from different eras and hailing from various countries. These vehicles can then be put out in the field and set to engage other tanks in one on one combat. The battle ends when one gets destroyed completely, and earned credits can then be used to get more powerful tanks or to get upgrades for existing ones. This is especially important as latter campaigns and challenges will require even more skill as well as more powerful tanks.

Cash and gems are the two currencies within Boom! Tanks. Cash is earned by participating in missions, and players can earn regardless of whether they win or lose a match. Of course, they would get to collect more cash as rewards should they win the fight, and even more if they can perform well. Cash is used to purchase upgrades and tanks.

On the other hand, gems are the premium currency within the game and can be used for a variety of benefits. First, gems can be used to refill your stamina bar as well as purchase premium items that cannot be acquired by other means. It can also allow you to purchase tanks early, as well as speed up the delivery of tank purchases and upgrades.

Both cash and gems can be acquired whenever players level up, and may also be bought using real money. A good thing about in-purchases, though, is that sometimes they have offers where you would get an Elite tank with any transaction. Also, buying any item from the store will grant players VIP status, which provides the player more energy, more currency yields, and more challenges to join in.

Energy, also known as Juice or supplies, is required so players can do battle and participate in campaign missions. Some missions will require two or more energy, but most of the time only one is needed. Energy regenerates over time, but players can top up the meter by using gems. Sharing the game to friends will also get your free energy, while getting VIP status will also increase your maximum capacity, allowing you to play more games.

Leveling Up
Buying upgrades and participating in missions will earn you experience points that will then allow you to level up. Leveling up will reward players with free currency, and the game will reward you with more should you share your achievements via social media sites.

There are many tanks of different types available within the game. Each has different attributes such as firepower, reload times, aiming, and health. These attributes can be increased by purchasing upgrades, although there is a maximum cap as to how high each stat can get. Tanks are divided by class, namely Balanced, Rapid Fire, Charged Shots, or Elite. Rapid Fire tanks deal more damage for shots without charging, but have lower health, while Charged Shots can provide tanks are tougher but will have a slow fire rate for maximum damage. Balanced tanks have average stats all around while Elite tanks have no conceivable weaknesses but would normally require premium currency to acquire.

Tanks can be purchased by spending coins, but other tanks would have to be unlocked first, although those who do not want to wait may also use gems to acquire them early. Tanks will also take some time before they can be controlled. Purchased tanks can be equipped so that you can swap between them should you already have more than one in your possession.

Tanks can also be customized. Camo and color schemes can be purchased, with the former providing players with bonus cash in some cases. Premium customizations will require gems to acquire, as these are the ones that are deemed better and would also provide the aforementioned cash bonuses.

Upgrades may be purchased using coins. These will increase your attributes in certain areas, while in most cases it would also decrease specific stats. For example, increasing your firepower may decrease your aiming, and so on. Upgrades often will take some time to be completed, although you can bypass the waiting time by spending gems rather than coins. Upgrading your tanks is an important aspect of the game if you want to win against tougher opponents and if you do not have enough money to purchase new and more powerful tanks with better base stats.

Boosts can be bought using premium currency. Once purchased, boosts will allow your tank to have increased stats for a specific number of missions. Using boosts is recommended if you only need increased performance temporarily, and if you do not have enough money to make more permanent upgrades.

There are many missions that players can participate in. These range from campaigns that increase in difficulty, search and destroy where the challenges can be increased based on the players’ preferences, daily challenges that must be completed daily in order to gain huge rewards, and many more. Players will be able to gauge their chances of success by looking at the threat level. This indicates the possible difficulty that players may have using the currently equipped tank.

Regardless of the mission, all of these will require energy and gameplay will essentially be the same. At the beginning of the stage, players must guide the target towards the enemy and hold it into position until the gauge fills up. This will indicate how well your aim is and will play a factor on how much damage you can do.

After this, both tanks will fire at will at each other, although this is limited by the tank’s reload time. Players can also charge their shots for better damage, and tapping at the screen while the cursor is at the middle of the meter will guarantee maximum damage.

Knowing when to fire is integral to victory, as taking charged shots is the best way to take a large chunk of health from your enemy, but will leave you open to more damage. Alternately, rapid fire shots are better regardless of your tank type if your enemy is already close to defeat. Either way, making sure that you shoot once the shot meter is at the center is essential so that you can deal more damage each time. Also, refrain from shooting while getting shot at, as this will most of the time mess up your aim. Learn from each of your battles and upgrade your tanks as needed. If possible, you can also purchase new tanks and switch between them depending on the current challenge.


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