Farm Story 2 Walkthrough [Guide]

Farm Story 2

Have you ever wished to become a farmer and be the master of your own land? Have you ever wished that you could just plant crops and tend to your animals all day, and earn money while doing it? Now you can with Farm Story 2, the sequel to the fun farming sim game from Team Lava. Here, you can tend to your farm and take care of your chickens and cows to your heart’s content, and you can have a good ol’ time filling deliveries and making money off your agricultural empire.

Farm Story 2 is a farming simulation game where players can have control of land where they can raise animals and plant crops in order to earn enough money and expand their land. Gathering resources and crafting them into other essentials is the focus of the game, as well as the completion of tasks in exchange for huge rewards. Several items are available in the shop that serve both function and aesthetics, and how you would like to design your farm is entirely up to you, for as long as you can satisfy orders and make money off very important deliveries to the market.

Coins and gems are the main currencies within the game. Both coins and gems can be used to purchase different items in the store such as new buildings, decorative items, new animals, and many more, although gems are generally required for the purchase of premium items. Gems can also be used to speed up wait times as well as to bypass certain requirements for crafting, construction, making deliveries, or expansion, among others.

Coins can be earned through deliveries and by completing quests, while additional gems would require real cash to acquire. Players may also opt to buy extra coins via in-app purchases as well, or they can watch videos and perform other actions in exchange for free currency.

Farm plots allow players to plant crops that will yield two crops for each one that you put in. Crops will take some time to grow, and players can only harvest them once they mature. Crops are used as raw materials for recipes such as feed and other dishes, but can also be sold off on their own. Make sure that you have the maximum number of allowed plots at your level so that you can maximize the number of crops that you can plant. Different types of crops will also be unlocked once players have reached certain levels.

Animals work pretty much like crops, as they must have a location to stay in within the farm, and players can gather resources from them as well. Once players have collected resources from the animals, they will grow hungry and will no longer create resources from you unless you give them the proper feed. Feeds must then be produced in the mill so that the animals can serve you better. Like plots, there’s a limit to how many housing structures and animals that you can put into the farm depending on your current level.

Buildings are structures that can be built within the farm, and these have different functions that will help you out within the game. Some buildings allow for the crafting of different items while others would be used to house animals. Others can help create resources for you while some will provide additional storage.

As players level up, they will be able to unlock new buildings that are required during latter quests. Building these constructs will take either gems or coins as well as some time to complete. Also, most buildings can be upgraded so that they can function better. Examples of these are mills that can queue up more food or storage areas that will have a bigger capacity. This, however, will require resources that can be acquired through natural gameplay or by clearing up debris within the land.

Meeting and making deliveries is an integral part of Farm Story 2. By harvesting resources and crafting them, players must be able to satisfy the different orders that appear in your order warehouse. Successfully completing orders will earn you coins as well as other resources that you can use to expand and upgrade some of your buildings. Take note, however, that you cannot make deliveries while your delivery plane is out, but this is a very fast process so you can make many deliveries within a short amount of time all long as all the required items are available in your inventory.

Quests are tasks that the game will ask you to do. Some of these take multiple steps to complete, but will be able to reward you with coins as well as lots of experience. It is recommended that players do quests first above all else as this is the easiest way to level up and unlock more content within the game.

Social Function
Like most mobile games, Farm Story 2 also has a social function where players can interact with other farm owners. Players may visit other farms and help out a total of five times per farm per day. This will significant increase your social ranking, which is represented by hearts. Players can also add friends as neighbors, and the game has also added a messaging functionality so that players can chat up each other while playing. Players may also take a snapshot of their farm and post in on social media sites to share how their own farms are progressing.


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