Infectonator: Hot Chase Walkthrough [Guide]

Infectionator Hot Chase

The zombies are coming! This time, however, you’re the one that’s talking control of the flesh eating ghouls as you mow down victims in this free endless runner. Consume civilians and add them to your horde before your stamina runs out, and avoid any obstacles that come between you and your prospective meals. How long can they survive against you? Play Infectonator: Hot Chase and be better equipped with this comprehensive guide.

Infectonator: Hot Chase is an endless running game where players will take control of a lone zombie that will chase down and eat civilians that he would meet along the way. Eating is important as this is the only way that you would be able to maintain your speed and stamina, which depletes gradually over time. The players would also be able to collect coins that they can use to purchase upgrades on their characters, as well as purchase new zombies and update mutates so that they would be able to chow down on victims more effectively.

Of course, there are also some obstacles along the way that are both passive and active in nature, and players must be able to avoid their barriers and projectiles as these will significantly slow them down or even prematurely end their run.

Controls within the game are pretty simply. Tapping and holding the screen will cause your character and whatever other zombies that they have captured towards the top of the road. Releasing your finger would then cause your zombie wave to move back to the bottom. The boost button is also available should you need it, but it will take some time to recharge.

Coins are the main currency within Infectonator: Hot Chase. Coins can be earned by collecting them during each run, and players are also rewarded with additional coins depending on how well they performed in the round. Coins can be used to purchase new zombies that have upgraded skills. They can also be used to upgrader specific attributes such as speed, stamina, maximum horde size, coin collection, and many more. In addition, coins can also be spent should you want to continue your run after you die. Lastly, coins can also be used to upgrade the abilities of mutates, which will be really helpful once you get your hands on them.

Additional coins may be purchased in exchange for real money, with bigger packages giving you a better deal. Ads may also be removed by paying a small fee.

Boosts are a very important resource within the game, as this gives you a quick burst of speed as well as a level of invulnerability within a limited period. Trigger this item once you are slowing down, or if you are approaching a huge crowd of people or coins. Boosts will be reset once you’ve reached specific areas in your run.

Mutates are what your character would turn into once he has captured goos that are strewn all over the road. Transformations are random, so it would be best to know what the abilities of each mutate are so that you can take full advantage of them. It is also recommended that you upgrade mutates whenever you have a significant number of coins. Being a mutate grants the player with performance boosts as well as special skills, so it would be wise to read through their specific abilities before you run.

Tips and Tricks
Upgrading abilities is the first thing that you will have to do once you’ve gathered enough coins. Getting enough coins to get the special zombies will take a lot of time, especially if your character is weak. Focus your efforts towards abilities that will help you maintain your speed and momentum. Once you’ve gathered enough coins, then it would be time to purchase those special zombies that would be able to provide you will special boosts all throughout your run.

Make eating a priority, as this will increase your health as well as give you a boost of speed. You can potentially continue your run for much longer should you find a pack of civilians to consume in succession. It also has the added benefit of increasing your total mass, allowing you to eat more people and collect more coins.

Avoid all obstacles aside from goos. If they are not colored green, then steer away. Keep your eye out also on cars that may come from the back. This is indicated by exclamation points at the edges of the screens. Make sure also that you do not waste your boosts especially if you still have a lot of speed and if there are no people around. Use this as a last resort so that you can keep running for longer and get a higher score.

Lastly, check on the achievements section of the game as this will also help provide you with coins that you will eventually need. Completing achievements will open up more for you to complete. There are a lot of challenges available that will surely test your running and eating abilities to the max.


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