Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Pocket Walkthrough [Guide]

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Pocket

Fans of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! Will be glad to know that there is a mobile game that accurately captures the essence of the gameplay within the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. Now, anyone can own their own set of cards and face off against various characters featured in the cartoon, as well as other players online. This is the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh! experience that hardcore fans should not miss out. Have Yugi train you to be the best battler around, and this guide will also help you along with this formidable task.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Bam Pocket is a card battle game where players can collect cards and duel it out against the computer as well as other players across the world. Cards can either be monsters or spells, and each has different abilities that can be used together for devastating effects. Players can go through campaigns to push the story forward or they can battle in the Bam! Arena for even bigger rewards.

Battle takes place in a grid where players can place up to three cards. Attacking is pretty much simplified as the goal is to have the character’s HP reduced to zero. This is done by eliminating monsters directly opposite you which is done by your attack being stronger than the opposing card’s. in this case, the enemy’s card will disappear and the difference between your attack and theirs is used to reduce the enemy’s health. Of course, if the opposing card is stronger than yours, then your card would be the one eliminated and damage will be dealt unto you. If both attacks are equal, then both cards are removed from the table.

More advanced concepts include spell cards as well as spells that can be used to strengthen your cards as well as weaken the opponent’s. Some spells and powerups can even affect the card handlers themselves. Reshuffles are also allowed should you not like the current selection of cards that you can place. However, this is only limited to one per game.

With this, putting the best cards on your deck is of utmost importance as only very skilled players will be able to survive with lower level cards. However, with the right strategies and the proper skill cards and powerups, as well as a little bit of luck, players can definitely defeat players with superior decks.

There are three types of currencies available within the game. These are coins, Card Pieces, and Duel Points. The first one is considered as the basic currency, while the other two are premium currencies. Players can use these currencies to purchase cards and booster packs, with the power of your acquisitions increasing based on the currency being used. Coins are pretty easy to acquire, and while the other two currencies are also awarded sparingly, most of the time you would have to exchange hard cash for these resources. Your purchases would be worth it, though, as you would be able to get your hands on premium cards as well as get the chance to refill your energy and acquire powerups.

Energy serves as your stamina within the game, and is required if you would like to go through the campaigns. Like most games, stamina is required in order to move through the tiles within the stages, and players can wait if this resource runs out as stamina regenerates over time. Of course, players may also choose to instantly refill their stamina via special items that can be purchased using premium currency.

Monster Cards
The player’s monster cards are the lifeblood of your deck. Each card has an attack value and a health value. The former defines how strong your attacks are against monsters as well as against the main enemy while the latter is accumulated throughout all cards in your deck to define your total health.

Monsters also have specific types and quite possibly special skills that can be activated once specific situations have been met. For example, a card’s attack will increase by a certain interval if cards of a specific type are in play. During these situations, it would be good to compile a deck that will take advantage of each other’s abilities so that they will become stronger as a group as compared to individually.

New cards may be acquired as rewards, but they can also be bought individually or via random booster packs using any of the three currencies available within the game.

It is important to note that weaker cards often have better abilities, and these can be chained for each turn depending on the situation. In these cases, a weak card can become very strong should it not get eliminated from the table soon. Players should also take caution that some cards also cause some negative effects to the player, such as losing some of your health in exchange for some pretty powerful buffs. Thus, it is very important to look through the abilities of each card and see how you can take advantage of its effects without suffering too much the setbacks caused by the cards.

Crafting is a very important aspect of the game as this allows you to get rid of unwanted cards as well as acquire more powerful cards in the process. Players may look at the crafting screen and see what cards can be created. It is required that all required cards be present before crafting can take place.

Spell Cards
Spell cards can serve as auxiliary cards that are placed behind monster cards during gameplay. Most of the time, spell cards only affect ally or enemy cards that are directly in front of them, after which they disappear after the turn. However, some cards can also affect players and can be left in the field for as long as they have not been triggered yet. Spell cards can be acquired in pretty much the same way as Monster cards.

Powerups are special items that can be used even before any cards are drawn and placed on the table. Powerups provide buffs for your cards and your character in most cases, although some can also deal tremendous damage and inconvenience to your opponent. Powerups are often given as rewards, but the usual way to acquire these is by spending premium currency. Like cards, it is important to know what each powerup does, and to be able to use it only if the situation calls for it.

Under single player mode, players can go through the Campaigns where they can travel through different stages with different areas. Going to each area will require energy, and each tile can either be a tutorial, a battle, or even a chest where players can get a chance to get prizes such as currency, powerups, or cards. Most stages culminate in a boss battle where players must use whatever they have learned to win the fight.

Players can repeat previously completed stages, although they must clear the last stage first before being able to move on. Similarly, players cannot jump tiles that have not been cleared yet. It is also important to note that there are sometimes more than one path that players can take, and that they are sometimes ambush events where players are forced to do battle with other players.

Bam! Arena
The Bam! Arena is a feature that will require players to play before being unlocked. This features allows players to battle each other for rewards. As fighting against friends does not consume energy in the usual way, players can duel up to five times a day for free, and they will have to use up their stock of premium currency to be able to fight again. Those that are able to win all five battles will be handsomely rewarded, and the top players of the week will also get big prizes.

The Bam! Arena also opens up access to better and more powerful cards, although word of caution must be provided as players who have paid real money to build their deck would most probably be more superior than you, so you would either have to step up your strategies or go the paid route, too. Otherwise, you’ll be handed your defeat time and time again.

Objectives are achievements that can be completed. Most objectives can be completed through regular play, although some would require you to go out of your way so that you can complete them. New objectives will be unlocked once previous ones have been completed, and this will also make you eligible for some great rewards like powerups or currencies.


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