Dead Effect Walkthrough [Guide]


In space, no one can hear you scream, but it’s the bad guys that will be doing all the screaming as you gear up with all the awesome weaponry that you can find. This is Dead Effect, the new futuristic survival horror FPS for the iOS. Expect a lot of blood and gore – as well as a ton of zombies – as you embark on a journey to solve the mystery of your missing crew. Read up on this guide to let the zombies know that they are stuck in space with you rather than the other way around.

Dead Effect is a first person shooting game where players must complete objectives given by the game. This will then push the story forward and will bring the player that much closer to the game’s main plot. Of course, there will be lots of zombies along the way, and all players need to do is to blast zombies that get in your way. With that, players will be able to gain access to powerful weapons as well as upgrade them using money collected during missions.

Starting the Game
Players can have up to two saved files. Also, players can select as two which gender they would like to play as. Abilities and plot remain the same regardless of which gender you choose, as the only difference is the kind of weapons that you will have access to in the beginning. Nevertheless, players would still be able to access all weapons regardless of which character they select.

Credits are the only currency within the game. These can be collected all throughout the ship, and can be used to purchase new weapons as well as upgrade the ones that you already own.

Health is very important in Dead Effect, as getting damaged by zombies and having them deplete your health meter completely will result in your death, requiring you to restart the mission again. Your overall health is indicated by the meter on the upper left, and you will also see blood splatter on the sides of your screen if you are already near death. Find health pods during these cases and stay inside until your health has completely regenerated.

Weapons are also an essential part of the game, as these are your only line of defense against the zombie hordes. Each weapon has different ranges and firepower, as well as fire rate and ammo capacity. Some weapons will have to be reloaded while others will need to be charged. Select the best weapon based on the situation at hand in order to ensure success. It is also important to take note that weapons can be zoomed in to provide better accuracy and control over your shot. While extra ammunition can be acquired within the ship, saving your bullets is best especially when you’ll be needing them to deal with larger crowds of enemies.

Weapons may be acquired at the store in exchange for coins. Also, weapons may be upgraded so that they would be able to deal more damage, be more accurate, and carry more ammo, among others.

Bullet Time
Bullet Time is a special mode where time slows down around you, allowing you to react faster ad shoot more accurately. This mode is best used as a last resort or when faced with many enemies. Bullet Time recharges over time, but wise usage is necessary so that you’ll have it ready when you need it.

Tips and Tricks
Always look around the screen and listen to sound cues. Most of the time, zombies will come from all sides, behind you included, and their moans will definitely give up their positions early, giving you more time to attack. Knowing what type of zombie that you are facing is also an advantage, as there are slow types and fast types, as well as those that spit acid. Knowing the style of attack will allow you to react more effectively during combat.

Head shots are very effective, as most enemies can be downed by one direct shot to the head. However, don’t hesitate to shoot into a crowd especially if you are using shotguns or other similar weapons. It will help thin out the crowd and might also give you the chance to get into a better position. Of course, monitor your ammo, and always have a full clip ready even if you’ve just fired two or three shots off.

Open up cabinets and other compartments, as these might contain essential credits and ammo. These are two resources that you must horde as much as possible, so don’t forget to check and recheck those containers. Also, don’t miss out the chance to get into a medical pad if one is within reach to replenish your health.

Once you’ve finished the game, try out Survival Mode. This will test your skills as well as get you more credits that you can spend on getting weapons and upgrades that you may not already have.


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