Grand Theft Auto V – Hobbies and Pastimes [Guide]

Grand Theft Auto V

It just wouldn’t be GTA if there wasn’t a ton of mini-games and other stuff you can do. In Grand Theft Auto V, these off-mission activities are known as Hobbies and Pastimes, and there’s quite a bit of them in the game.

This comprehensive guide explains every single Hobby and Pastime as well as goes over how to use these activities in order to get 100% in-game completion. Strategy, hints, tips, and much more can be found right here.

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Grand Theft Auto V [Guide]

Grand Theft Auto V – Hobbies and Pastimes Guide
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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01. Shooting Range

Hand Guns
Submachine Guns
Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns

02. Races

Street Races
Offroad Races
Sea Races

03. Bail Bonds

Quarry – Ralph Ostrowski
Farm – Larry Tupper
Mountain – Glenn Scoville
Hobo – Curtis Weaver

04. Arms Traffic

Air Trafficking
Ground Trafficking

05. Flight School

Training Take Off
Runway Landing
Inverted Flight
Knife Flight
Flat Hatting
Touch Down
Loop the Loop
Helicopter Course
Helicopter Speed Run
Drop Zone
Earn Your Wings

06. Sports


07. Other

Strip Clubs

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01. Shooting Range
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
When looking at the map, you can see various gun symbols. These represent the Ammu-Nation gun stores. Now, there are different types of Ammu-Nation stores that can be visited.

The first is represented by a simple black pistol and nothing else. These stores offer just the basics of Ammu-Nation. You can purchase weapons there as well as body armor and clothing, but the Shooting Range is not available.

The other type of Ammu-Nation store is represented by a black pistol that is inside a white circle. These are the larger locations with more lucrative options, as they also include a shooting range in the back.

Simply go through the open door near the counter and then approach the sign-up sheet sitting on the table against the far wall, right next to the door that leads to the range. Pay for the price of admission, then you’re good to go.

NOTE: The descriptions of the challenges come directly from in-game materials.

Weapons under this category:
-Combat Pistol
-AP Pistol

Challenge 1 – Multiple static targets. Targets exit after one hit.
[ Bronze: 1400 ]
[ Silver: 2000 ]
[ Gold: 2800 ]

Challenge 2 – Multiple moving targets. Targets exit automatically.
[ Bronze: 2000 ]
[ Silver: 10000 ]
[ Gold: 20000 ]

Challenge 3 – One moving target. Targets exit automatically.
[ Bronze: 650 ]
[ Silver: 3000 ]
[ Gold: 15000 ]

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Weapons under this category:
-Micro SMG
-Assault SMG

Challenge 1 – Multiple static targets with the ability to flip. Targets exit automatically.
[ Bronze: 4000 ]
[ Silver: 6000 ]
[ Gold: 12000 ]

Challenge 2 – Single line of moving and flipping targets. Targets exit automatically.
[ Bronze: 7500 ]
[ Silver: 2500 ]
[ Gold: 1250 ]

Challenge 3 – Multiple moving targets with height variation. Targets exit automatically.
[ Bronze: 3000 ]
[ Silver: 5000 ]
[ Gold: 10000 ]

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Weapons under this category:
-Assault Rifle
-Carbine Rifle
-Advanced Rifle

Challenge 1 – Multiple static targets. Targets exit after three hits.
[ Bronze: 2500 ]
[ Silver: 3550 ]
[ Gold: 7550 ]

Challenge 2 – Single column of moving and flipping targets. Targets exit automatically.
[ Bronze: 4750 ]
[ Silver: 7500 ]
[ Gold: 17500 ]

Challenge 3 – Moving targets of varying height and speed. Targets exit after three hits.
[ Bronze: 1000 ]
[ Silver: 3000 ]
[ Gold: 5000 ]

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Weapons under this category:
-Pump Shotgun
-Sawed-Off Shotgun
-Assault Shotgun

Challenge 1 – Static targets, each exits after one hit. Hit as many as possible.
[ Bronze: 22 ]
[ Silver: 32]
[ Gold: 46 ]

Challenge 2 – Moving and static targets. Shoot closer targets to maximize score.
[ Bronze: 290 ]
[ Silver: 590 ]
[ Gold: 700 ]

Challenge 3 – Moving targets, exits after one hit. Use spread to maximize score.
[ Bronze: 14 ]
[ Silver: 18 ]
[ Gold: 23 ]

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Weapons under this category:
-Combat MG

Challenge 1 – Targets take multiple hits to exit. Target moves and respawns.
[ Bronze: 4500 ]
[ Silver: 5500 ]
[ Gold: 7500 ]

Challenge 2 – A row of distant targets that flip individually and exit automatically.
[ Bronze: 5500 ]
[ Silver: 1200 ]
[ Gold: 40000 ]

Challenge 3 – Targets take multiple hits to exit. More targets spawn continually.
[ Bronze: 7500 ]
[ Silver: 19000 ]
[ Gold: 32000 ]

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Weapons under this category:

Challenge 1 – One row of targets that respawn. Continuous hits increase your multiplier.
[ Bronze: 10000 ]
[ Silver: 25000 ]
[ Gold: 50000 ]

Challenge 2 – Targets that exit after multiple hits. Continuous hits increase your multiplier.
[ Bronze: 15000 ]
[ Silver: 30000 ]
[ Gold: 45000 ]

Challenge 3 – Infinite respawning targets. Exit after multiple hits. Continuous hits increase your multiplier.
[ Bronze: 20000 ]
[ Silver: 40000 ]
[ Gold: 70000 ]

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02. Races
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
In GTA V, there are four types of races. They are Street Races, Offroad Races, Sea Races, and Triathlons.

In order to get 100%, you just need to have placed in each race. That means you don’t have to get 1st, but you do have to get at least 3rd in every race.

Completing one race in each category will usually unlock the next race (via text from Franklin’s friend Hao), but sometimes multiple race types will be on the map simultaneously.

I recommend using Franklin for all the race types for obvious reasons. The most obvious of which is that his special ability (remember: click in the left and right analog sticks) makes driving vehicles so much easier. It allows you to get around sharp corners and avoid collisions very easily.

After arriving at the scene of most street races, you need to use the d-pad to buy your way in.

If you need a car, Franklin’s house in Vinewood Hills is in a prime location that sees a lot of very fast and expensive cars roll through on a semi-constant basis. Steal one of those. Then get it juiced up for racing. I recommend hitting up a Los Santos Customs after each race so that you can repair your car again.

As a general tip for all the races, do NOT miss the checkpoints. You don’t always have to go directly through each checkpoint as long as you’re close enough, but it’s just a good rule of thumb to at least try to drive through the checkpoints so that you’re as close as possible. This rule is most lenient in street races, but in sea races, it is far stricter. Missing a checkpoint by too far of a margin will require you to backtrack and go through it, which basically costs you any race in the game, so be warned.

There is currently a glitch that causes some cars to disappear from the garages at random. Rockstar is currently investigating the issue and hopes to patch it in the near future, but for now, I recommend spending a lot of money on one car and just going through all the street races one after another.

Street Races are only available at night.

To kick off the Street Races, you have to complete the Strangers and Freaks mission called “Shift Work”. This mission will introduce you to Franklin’s friend Hao, who will then send texts after each completed race to tell Franklin of the next street race that is coming up.

For more information regarding that race, please refer to the mission explanation of “Shift Work” in the Strangers and Freaks guide.

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A very long race, this one luckily doesn’t take place in much traffic. The other cars are very fast, so you’re going to want to go into this one with a car that is no slouch. Abuse the hell out of Franklin’s ability though, because you DEFINITELY do not want to lose this race just based on how long it is alone. Otherwise, it’s very standard.

Easy race. Just go there with a souped up car and you’re golden.

The gimmick behind this race is supposedly the amount of traffic that’s there, but that at the end of the day, it will hardly factor into it. Just keep using Franklin’s special ability and you’ll get through traffic like it’s nothing. This race has two laps, and the second time will be even easier because you’ll be able to anticipate the somewhat tough turns that are here, but for the most part it is a fairly simple, by the numbers race.

Unlike the other street races, this one requires a motorcycle. The green one that spawns outside of Franklin’s house is fine or any old motorcycle will do. If you want, you can choose to customize it at a Los Santos Customs to make it better for racing, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble either way.

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Offroad Races are actually separated into two categories on the map. You can find them as either Offroad Trucks or Offroad Moto/ATV. The latter obviously deals with offroad races that contain dirt bikes and four-wheelers, whereas the former are trucks with big ‘ol tires.

Each Offroad Race is unlocked one by one as you

Unlike Street Races, Offroad Races should be driven much more cautiously. I also recommend just showing up to the races without a vehicle, buying in using the d-pad, and using the vehicle they will have for you there. The reason for this is that their vehicles I found, are almost always easier to use.

Perhaps the easiest of the Offroad Races. In this race, the other racers have big ass offroad trucks, but you’ll be stuck with a much smaller and uglier orange truck. This actually provides a huge advantage as you can just zoom ahead of them without too much trouble while they’re all busy crashing into each other. This is also a fairly short race, which makes it that much better!

Located in the quarry (Davis Quartz on the map), this race is only available from 20:00 to 3:00, so during the morning. To know the time, look at your phone. This honestly does not give you a lot of time to get to the race, so if you are leaving Franklin’s house at anything more than, I would say, 21:00, you might as well just keep sleeping until you can leave at a better time.

Upon arriving at the location, there will be no visible bikes or anything like there usually is. I think the reason for that is there is a Bail Bond mission (scroll down to the next section for more information on Trevor’s Bail Bonds) that takes place in the quarry.

This is a dirt bike race. It is also a very slow and easy one, especially if you have Franklin at your disposal. Just avoid falling off the sides of the cliffs and you’ll be golden. Don’t bother going too fast unless trying to break through on the online leaderboards or something like that.

Just typical offroad racing. Remember, if you arrive without a vehicle, one will be provided for you for these types of races.

Again, nothing too special. Just a typical offroad race.

Now this is one I can talk about! In this race, which takes place at a wind farm, there is actual literal offroad racing. Before, the races mostly took place on dirt roads, but this one will have you cutting through grass and off any type of road.

This is important because vehicles handle differently when not on even surface. You have to be very careful when going at high speeds doing this. You can maintain the high speeds if you use Franklin’s special ability, but if not, you should definitely slow down when cutting through the grass.

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Along with Triathlons, Sea Races are not made easier by using Franklin because his special ability does not apply to them. To enter one of these, climb aboard the empty sea vessel that is at the starting line and then use the d-pad to begin the race as always. Sea Races are available at any time of the day and all four appear on your map simultaneously after unlocking them.

A wide open race in the ocean. Focus all your attention on hitting those checkpoints and you should be fine.

In this sea race, the track is wide open. Go slow around the “turns” as you need to hit all the checkpoints or run the risk of losing the race by getting too far behind. Otherwise, it’s just pretty easy and straight forward. A total of 8 racers are involved in this one.

The biggest threat here is not actually losing by being too slow, but rather by the jet-ski getting stuck on shore of the river or on a big rock. So just be careful in the narrower areas of the water. Going down the rapids will also be very dangerous in terms of the waters can thrash you right onto the shore, effectively beaching you and costing the race.

If you have a high enough speed when hitting the ground, there is a chance that you can use that momentum to zip right along back into the water. So try to keep your speed up throughout the entirety of this event.

A somewhat tight race, this takes place in the water areas of the city. Once again, the main thing you should be worried about is beaching the jet-ski. Manage not to do that, and you should be golden.

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Each Triathlon features three pillars. The first pillar is swimming. The second is bike riding, and the third is running. Triathlons are unlocked early on in the story while playing as Michael. There are three, and you unlock each one by completing the Triathlon that precedes it.

This first triathlon is the shortest and easiest. However, before doing these, I highly recommend getting whatever character you plan on completing them with to a 100 stamina rating. This will in turn allow you to just keep mashing on the A button throughout the entirety of the event, which obviously gives you a big advantage and can virtually guarantee a gold medal for each event.

Pretty much the same as the Vespucci Canals, albeit the swimming section is noticeably longer. Otherwise, same concept.

Have you ever wondered what Hell is like? Well, this is it. This is true punishment and pain. This is the third and final (THANK GOD) triathlon in Grand Theft Auto V. Before doing this, I recommend icing your thumb because there’s going to be a whole lot of A button mashing. Also make sure you have 25 to 30 minutes (I am not exaggerating) to play.

Not only are the competitors in this triathlon much more aggressive than the other two by a significant amount, this triathlon is ridiculously long. Each leg of the race runs about 8 to 10 minutes, even with a character that has full stamina. It is ridiculous.

The swimming is by far the most boring, but the biking is the longest. The running is still pretty damn long, but it is the least long out of the three. You’ll need to SERIOUSLY be mashing on the A button if you hope to get first place this time around because these guys seriously don’t mess around.

Biking can be tricky because the bike portion runs through the city of Los Santos, meaning that running into objects is very easy to do. In order to avoid this, don’t use shortcuts unless there is a clear path through. Remember, even if you’re using Franklin, his special ability does not apply to bikes or any other parts of the triathlon. Also do not take shortcuts across dirt as that will slow the bike down and won’t really get you anywhere.

Good luck. Now take a break. Your thumb needs it.

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03. Bail Bonds
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Early on when playing as Trevor, a Strangers and Freaks “?” will pop up on the map. However, this doesn’t actually indicate a Strangers and Freaks mission or mission series. It actually is how Trevor meets with Maude and starts receiving Bail Bonds missions.

These missions can be accomplished by either killing the runaway or bringing them into Maude alive. Either method will result in payment and completion of the mission, but the latter method will net you cash as well as an achievement/trophy called “Wanted: Alive or Alive”.

After speaking with Maude for the first time, she e-mails Trevor an aerial photo of the last known location of the runaway. Every time a Bail Bonds mission is completed thereafter, just wait for Maude to e-mail the details of the next target.

Our first target is easy enough to find. He is located at the bottom of the quarry. On the map, it will appear as a place called “Davis Quartz”. Do not kill him before the mission actually starts, so don’t engage him before reaching the bottom of the quarry yourself and he will then become a flashing blue and red dot on the map.

Ralph tries to escape pretty much right off the bat. If you want him alive, either shoot him in the leg or stun gun him immediately. Then drive him to Maude’s. If you want him dead, well, just kill him. It’s Trevor, I’m sure he can think of a way or two. Or 1,000.

This farm is located in the Grand Senora Desert. It is really just a big gray barn that is abandoned. Larry Tupper and his gang are in the front of the barn, so approach it from the back. Use the barn as cover for an ambush. Either stun or kill Larry. If you kill all of his friends before doing anything to him, Larry will willingly surrender to Trevor.

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Mr. Scoville can be found at the top of Mt. Chilliad. You can reach him by taking the rail car, climbing to the top of the mountain, or by helicopter. I highly recommend using Trevor’s helicopter to get there.

Upon approaching Scoville, he will jump off the mountain with a parachute. If you are in the helicopter and don’t care about taking him in alive, just kill him by smashing the helicopter into him as he is in the air. Otherwise, wait for him to land and then take him into custody and deliver him to Maude as usual.

To Top

Found at a hobo camp in the desert, Curtis will attempt to shoot you, then flee after you start firing back at him. Shoot him once, non-lethally (or with a stun gun) and he will submit. Then just deliver him to Maude or kill him, though I recommend taking him in to Maude to get one last cut-scene with the old girl.

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04. Arms Traffic
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Upon purchasing the McKenzie Airfield as Trevor, a new type of side mission will open up called Arms Trafficking. On the map, this is represented by a plane and a dune buggy icon, both right next to each other. The plane is located in the hangar at the airstrip and the buggy is located right next to the hangar.

To start one of these missions, simply get inside either the plane or the buggy. After returning from one of them, it does take a while for that same icon to pop up, so it is a good idea while doing these missions to actually alternate between them to get them done the fastest. Sometimes they just won’t appear regardless of this. To force them to pop up, quick save at the hangar, then load that quick save.

These missions involve using the Cuban 800 plane that is in the hangar of the McKenzie Airfield.

Job 1 – For the first job, simply get in the plane and fly it to the two orange blips on the radar. When you near the blip, you’ll puke green flare smoke that indicates where the package needs dropped. Look at the map as you fly over, because the blip will turn into a wider area that indicates where you need to drop the package to maximize your profits and to complete the drop. Do this for the second drop and then return the plane to the airstrip, taxiing it into the hangar to fully complete the job.

Job 2 – There are now three drop zones to deal with, plus there is the added threat of having to fly low to the ground to avoid detection from the police scanners. The thing you’ll need to worry about most is crashing the plane into poles or something of that nature. Just be very careful and don’t gain too high of altitude except absolutely necessary. You’ll know when you are flying too high because it will start beeping. Also be sure NOT to fly over the prison that is in this area, as that will get you a Wanted level.

Job 3 – Four red blips will appear on the map. These are the camps of rival traffickers. Fly the plane low above the red flare smoke of these camps then press A to drop the bomb. You don’t have a lot of time to manipulate the movement of the missile, but get it as close to the blue tent in the middle as possible (or alternatively, hit a car to trigger a chain reaction in case you drop your load too early). While it would make more sense to have a higher altitude and drop the bombs, that option is not available. Also keep in mind that you only have six bombs, so you can only miss twice before failing the mission. After destroying all the targets, return the plane to the hangar as usual.

Job 4 -Another bombing mission, but thankfully this one is much shorter. The goal is to bomb a train and some boats. The train is closest, so go there first. Fly in front of the train a bit on the tracks and then release the bomb. Then fly out into the ocean and go to the boats. Drop the bomb on top of one of the boats, but if it hits the water, as long as it is close to the boats, it should count as well. Be weary about being near the boats for too long as they will fire at the plane.

Job 5 – Perhaps one of the most frustrating missions in the game, get ready for a doozy. In this mission, you need to fly over the clusters of vehicles at the airstrip. There are three of them. Then when you are perfectly lined up and about to fly over them, press A to release a carpet bombing, which, if lined up properly, should destroy all the vehicles in that row. You can drop bombs four times, and there are three clusters of vehicles to destroy. However, the enemies below are constantly shooting at you this entire time, and lining up the plane is a serious plane. Fly low to ensure accuracy, and use the radar to try to line up the plane as best as possible.

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These missions involve doing the Arms Trafficking with a dune buggy.

Job 1 – As soon as Oscar starts talking, start driving. When the blip of the trailer park pops up on the map, head there immediately. Avoid using the main roads because the police will find you if you are on the main roads too long. To pick up the package off the ground, drive over it or get out of your car and pick it up. I recommend staying inside of it, obviously, as it makes no sense to get out and grab it. If you do this fast enough, you can escape from the rival runners show up. If they do show up, flee the area immediately. Head back to the airstrip to deliver the package.

Job 2 -A rival trafficking group is after a recent drop. Hurry there and get it before them, then lose them. If they manage to get the package first, you’ll have to kill them and then retrieve it afterwards. Return to the hangar.

Job 3 – The first part of this job is timed. Drive the buggy over the mountain and drop down to reach the small farm where the drop will take place (marked by a flare). When the package drops, quickly get it and get the hell out of there because numerous enemies will show up and attempt to kill you. After losing them, return the buggy to the hangar to complete the mission.

Job 4 -Back to the basics for this job. Try to get the package before the rival traffickers do. If you’re not successful in this, you’ll have to hunt them down, kill them, get the package, and then return to the hangar at that point.

Job 5 – This final mission requires for you to get across the lake. Head east and go around that way, as that is the shorter route and this mission is timed. Upon arriving at the package, an ambush will occur. Get the package and then speed away. Lose the enemies and then return to the hangar.

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05. Flight School
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Located at the airport in Los Santos, flight school can be accessed by any of the three characters in the game. Before one of the main Heists, Trevor actually requests that Michael attends the school in order to improve his flying abilities before the big job.

Flight School is a good way to raise the flying stat of Franklin and Michael to 100. It only takes about half of the classes in order to accomplish this. To satisfy the Flight School requirements for 100% completion, all that is required is that players at least get a Bronze medal in each event.

[ Bronze: 01:00 ]
[ Silver: 00:50 ]
[ Gold: 00:32 ]

In the first Flight School challenge, all you do is learn the very basics of flight, which mainly includes taking off. To take off from a runway, first build up speed by holding the right trigger. Then when enough speed is maintained, pull back on the left analog stick to cause the plane to start gaining altitude. In the air, if the plane has retractable landing gear, click in the left analog stick to retract the gear.

To Top

[ Bronze: 01:10 ]
[ Silver: 00:55 ]
[ Gold: 00:35 ]

Landing on a runway is a different challenge. Start to slow down by holding LT as you near the runway. Then bring out the landing gear by pressing in the left stick. Then slowly bringing the plane’s wheels onto the runway. It may bounce by a bit, but just hold LT to get the plane completely stopped as fast as possible.

[ Bronze: 02:20 ]
[ Silver: 02:00 ]
[ Gold: 01:40 ]

To fly in an inverted style is to fly upside down. In order to do this, just turn the plane completely onto its side by tilting the left stick to either the left or the right. While like this, do not attempt to make any sharp turns using the stick, but rather turn using the rudders exclusively, which are controlled by LB (left rudder) and RB (right rudder).

To Top

[ Bronze: 01:40 ]
[ Silver: 01:15 ]
[ Gold: 00:54 ]

A “knife flight” is when the plane is flying sideways. To do this, just make the plane fly sideways by stopping about halfway into an inverted flight. I find that planes flying in this style are typically much easier to control that planes that are flying upside down.

[ Bronze: 03:00 ]
[ Silver: 02:35 ]
[ Gold: 02:15 ]

This is a course in which your goal is to maintain the altitude set out by the game.

[ Bronze: Finish ]
[ Silver: 45.00 ]
[ Gold: 10.00 ]

Mimicking an emergency land, use the tricks you learned from the Runway Landing lesson to land the plane on a bridge.

To Top

[ Bronze: 02:05 ]
[ Silver: 01:40 ]
[ Gold: 01:35 ]

To perform a loop, gain a high altitude. Then pull back on the stick until the plane does a complete flip.

[ Bronze: 03:45 ]
[ Silver: 03:15 ]
[ Gold: 02:40 ]

Helicopters are much different than planes. To lift off with a helicopter, hold RT until the vehicle is in the air. Then to make a helicopter move, just manipulate it using the left stick. To make sharp turns to the left or right, use LB and RB once again. In this course, be as close to the checkpoints as possible to get them all to count as you fly through all of them. This is a long course, so try to maintain speed and do whatever you can to avoid missing any checkpoints.

[ Bronze: 03:30 ]
[ Silver: 03:00 ]
[ Gold: 02:10 ]

Honestly, I found this helicopter course to be much easier than the previous one. Yes, the time is more constrained, but the course is also shorter and it is built for the express purpose of speeding through it. In order to build up speed, just tilt the left analog stick forward to make the nose tip forward as well, which will allow you to keep the speed up. The only time that you should ever need to slow it down is when moving through small sections on a bridge.

To Top

[ Bronze: 20.00 ]
[ Silver: 10.00 ]
[ Gold: 3.00 ]

If you’ve already gone through the skydiving missions, then this should be a piece of cake. Though it should be a piece of cake anyway. Simply jump out of the plane, bust out the parachute, land in the landing zone.

[ Bronze: 20.00 ]
[ Silver: 7.00 ]
[ Gold: 0.00 ]

Same difference as before, except this time you have to land on the back of a moving truck. Hold LB and RB together when parachuting to try for a more accurate landing. Try to get a little bit ahead of the truck so that you actually fall back onto the rear of it as it is moving forward and maintains its momentum.

To Top

[ Bronze: 03:40 ]
[ Silver: 03:15 ]
[ Gold: 02:50 ]

This is it, the final course! Back in a plane for this one. Now not only do you have to fly through the different checkpoints, but the plane has to be positioned in specific positions (…) in order to register the checkpoints. Green checkpoints must be “knifed” through, which means turning the plane on its side, of course. To fly through the blue checkpoints, the plane has to be upside down.

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06. Sports
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Michael, Franklin, and Trevor all need to have a little fun when they’re not busy being psychopaths and rampaging across Los Santos and the surrounding countryside. What better way to blow off some steam (in lieu of bullets) with some good old fashioned sports?

Better yet, playing these sports works toward the 100% in-game completion statistic. So it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved!

In order to get 100% completion, all you have to do is win a single game of tennis.

On the map, tennis is represented by an icon that looks like a tennis racket. To start a game, stand on the court and press “right” on the d-pad. Your opponent will depend on the location of the court. At Michael’s house, Michael will play against his wife Amanda.

You can choose to play 1 set, 3 sets, 5 sets, 1 game, 3 games, or 5 games. A set consists of six games.

When serving, press A to start the serve. Then wait for the white line to get to the red. Press A again to deliver a powerful serve. You can control the direction of the ball by using the left analog stick.

:CONTROLS (Serving):
A – Begin Serve/Serve
LS – Move/Aim
D-pad (right) – Quit
Back – Change Camera

:CONTROLS (Return):
X – Backspin
Y – Drop Shot/Lob
B – Topspin
A – Base Swing

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In GTA V, a standard game of golf is nine holes. All the relevant information, such as wind direction, the par, and everything else is listed on the HUD on a semi-constant basis. Golf appears on the map as a flag and a ball.

After each hit, players have the choice of walking to or driving to (with the course-supplied golf cart) the ball. Alternatively, it is possible to skip directly to your next shot. You can also skip through the turns of any NPC players that you want to bring with you. By the way, up to four people can play golf at any given time, so you can bring along up to three NPCs to play golf.

The game pretty much sets up the best shot every time you go to hit the ball automatically. All that is really required by the player is to line swing the club by pulling back on the left stick and then pushing forward when the white line is in the yellow part of the meter. Doing so directly in the middle of the colored-in yellow section of the meter will result in a perfect hit.

GTA V practices a form of magic golf in that the spin of the ball can be controlled in mid-air. This is done by mashing on the A button and then trying to manipulate the direction the ball is going by tilting the left analog stick in the desired direction. This is basically required if you hope to do well at golf in GTA V.

In order to satisfy the golfing requirement for 100% completion, you will have to complete a game of golf at par or under.

:CONTROLS (Teeing Off):
LT/RT – Preview Hole/Shot
LB – Shot
LS (down) – Swing
RS – Aim
D-pad (right) – Quit
D-pad (up/down) – Club
B – Reset

:CONTROLS (Between Shots):
LB – Skip to Shot
RB – Scorecard
D-pad (right) – Quit

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Before starting a game of darts (represented by a dartboard on the map, located in bars), you can choose how many legs to do and how many sets to do. One leg is a single game of darts. You can do up to five legs. You can also do anywhere from 1 to 15 sets of darts.

The object of darts is to get to 0. The bullseye is 50, the ring around the bullseye is worth 25. Each number is worth the exact value of that number if a dart lands in the wide spots. The ring in the middle is worth that number x3, and the ring on the outside of the board is that number x2. The highest you can get is a triple 20, so the middle ring of 20, which will be worth 60.

Be careful, as you don’t want to go over 0, however. You have to end the game by throwing the dart in a x2 spot, even if you just need that number once.

Steady aim can only be used once per round, so use it wisely.

All that is required from darts to get 100% completion is to win a single game of it.

LT – Zoom
RB – Fast Move
RT – Steady
LS – Aim
D-pad (right) – Quit
A – Throw

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07. Other
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Some activities in the game just don’t seem to fit in any of the other categories. This is everything else you can do during your time in San Andreas while playing GTA V, from the unsavory to the manly.

On the map, the strip clubs are marked by a stiletto heel shoe. Upon arrival, you can go to the pole in the center of the club to “make it rain” on the dancer. Or if you’re looking for a more personal touch, you can go to one of the dancers walking around and press “right” on the d-pad to receive a private dance.

The latter is required for 100% completion in a couple of different ways. Not only is simply getting a private dance part of it, but so is becoming a booty call for the girl. To do this, just mash on the A button a lot to flirt with her. When you get up to about a quarter of “like” (the like meter is in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen during the dance), then you can start getting handsy.

To touch a stripper, hold RT. The controller will vibrate a bit and automatically switch to a first-person view. The reason for that is that you have to keep an eye on the bouncers. If they see you getting too handsy for too long, they will kick you out of the club. So whenever a bouncer comes into view, let go of RT and then just continue flirting to build up the meter.

It may take a couple of dances straight, but oh well. Just keep doing this until the girl mentions something about hanging out later. Then when the (probable) second dance is over, you can choose to go home with her. Do this option and then take her home. Walk up to her front door and the sex will commence throughout the night.

This will satisfy the Booty Call requirement. But afterwards, the stripper will be added to your phone as a contact, just in case you get, uh, lonely.

D-pad (right) – Lean in
RS – Look around
A – Toss a dollar
X – Make it rain
B – Leave the rail

RS – Move Camera
Back – Change View
A – Flirt
RT (hold) – Touch
Y – End the dance

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Yoga becomes available after completing a yoga mini-game in one of the missions in the story mode. After that, yoga areas will be marked on the map by an icon that looks like someone is meditating. Yoga is just a series of QTEs. Follow the on-screen button presses and you’ll do fine in the yoga mini-games.

Hunting activities are marked on the map by a deer head, complete with antlers. Hunting is covered more in the Strangers and Freaks guide, so please refer to that for more information.

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  2. avatar Eric says:

    Yes i did so i erased all my saved games and took the game all way out of my system and then redid it and starting over agin i hope this work.

  3. Well, you could try that, but I doubt that would fix any issue. Did you attempt switching between the possible vehicles at the hangar?

  4. avatar Eric says:

    so you don’t think it is the game its self i was thinking of taking it back for a new game.

  5. Well, if it is glitched, then you are basically out of luck and will have to start a new save or load an old save.

    HOWEVER, before doing that, do you know how to switch between vehicles at the hangar? Go to the vehicle, use the d-pad, press “right” and then choose what vehicle you want to use. It is possible that you do have the tank, but it is simply not the vehicle selected to appear at the time.

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    ok how do i fix the problem then

  7. Did they send you a receipt through the e-mail service?

    After purchasing vehicles online, you should get a notice through e-mail on the in-game phone.

    After receiving this and they still don’t appear at your hangar, then there must be another issue, such as a glitch.

  8. avatar Eric says:

    i bought them with Franklin and Michel i check in the hangers and nothing what can i do to fix it so i can get them.

  9. Strange, they should definitely be spawning at your hangar. Which character did you buy them with?

  10. avatar Eric says:

    i was just wondering i bought a army tank and truck but cant find were they get stored at so i can use them can you please help me out with this i check my garage and hanger and still cant find them can you please help me out any one thank you.