TurtleStrike (Mobile) [Review]


The good thing about turn-based games is that they’re fairly easy to learn how to play, but also gives players time to plan out their moves. That makes this genre good for both casual and hardcore fans, which is why even mobile platforms are inundated by turn-based titles. For instance, X-COM: Enemy Unknown that was originally for the PC and consoles was released for the iOS to much fanfare, and it worked brilliantly. Here’s another one for mobiles, but it’s also not the usual turn-based fare.

TurtleStrike is just like how it sounds, with turtles that are armed to the teeth in semi-turn-based combat. The developers eeGon Games had aimed for something that rewards playing intelligently, but doesn’t result in a lot of downtime in between moves. So they took ideas from board games like Battleships, as well as various RPGs and other turn-based tactics games to come up with TurtileStrike. It’s a pretty good improvement over the usual turn-based system that you’d see in other games.

Players control three squads of turtles, each squad composed of 2-3 turtles that can be arranged in a formation. These turtles can move and attack, and you can make use of shields to defend against enemy fire. You then have various offensive options, like catapults for long range, underwater torpedoes for precision shots, and so on. Both players make their moves at the same time, so you have to determine what your opponent will do in order to deal the most damage while sustaining the least at the same time. Whoever loses all of his turtles is the loser, which is done when they get hit enough times.

You get the pacing of turn-based tactics, but without as much of getting bored of waiting for your turn. Basically, both players plan out their moves, then it all plays out at the same time, then you repeat the process after each round until one takes out the other. There are some comparisons between an old online game called Gunbound, which also had characters shooting each other with angles and wind to contend with. However, this game has something different from the usual turn-based gameplay like that of Worms.

The visuals are pretty good too, with clean looking interfaces and well-drawn backgrounds. The character designs of the turtles are quite pleasing in that they didn’t get too anthropomorphized and retain their turtle-iness, so they’re not like the Ninja Turtles at all. However, they still look cute and cartoony enough to be interesting, looking more like tanks and artillery pieces, and they’re well-animated as well. You also get to customize your turtle in various ways and unlock plenty of stuff as you play more. That’s always nice to have for adding more appeal and replay value to a game like this.

This game is meant for multiplayer, and its gameplay is designed for quick battles. Aside from Quick Match though, there is little else to hold players’ attention. It would have been better if players can try their luck against AI opponents first, but there’s none to be had in this game. TurtleStrike was designed to be an online-only multiplayer turn-based game, which is a lot like Gunbound.

There are no worries though if you have a good internet connection and little apprehension for going up against other human players as it is a free-to-play game, so you can fire up your competitive juices if you wish.

Tested in Android. Final Score: 8/10


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