Castleville Legends Walkthrough [Guide]

CastleVille Legends

The kingdom has fallen into hard times since the evil wizard’s curse, and it’s up to you to help bring it back to its former glory with Castleville Legends, the latest game from Zynga. Here, players will have to go on quests and gather resources, and they can ally themselves with heroes that can help you out on your mission.

Castleville Legends is a simulation building game where players must farm resources and explore the massive environment in order to rebuild the kingdom. There are various items that the player can interact with so that the required materials can be produced and crafted. These are then used to sell in the market or with friends, and can also be used for creating even more items for use.

The game also utilizes heroes which can be used to explore areas in exchange for items. Like most simulation building games, Castleville Legends happens in real time, and things can be sped up using premium currencies in order to circumvent wait times.

Coins and crowns are the two currencies at play within Castleville Legends. Coins can be earned by selling items in the market or by trading with friends. Coins are also often awarded when quests have been completed or when levelling up. Coins are used to purchase regular items in the market as well as for acquiring certain items such as axes.

Crowns, on the other hand, are the game’s premium currency. It can be used to purchase items that are not currently available to you, and can also be used to speed up tasks or skip certain parts of quests. Although crowns may be awarded from time to time, these are usually acquired via in-app purchases. Coins may also be bought using this method.

Levelling Up
Most actions such as selling to the market, exploring ruins, and completing quests will yield players experience. Levelling up is important as it will unlock more content within the game, and Castleville Legends may also reward players with additional resources whenever players reach a certain milestone.

At certain levels and once players have reached them, heroes can be freed from crystals and can then be used to explore ruins scattered all over the castle. Heroes are also the people who will be giving you some quests, so having them available will both give you access to more things to do as well as have more people to deploy when exploring.

Latter in the game, players will be able to encounter ruins that they can send heroes to. Different ruins will require special items before they can be explored aside from the aforementioned hero. Exploration will yield different rewards, and as there are different chances as to whether you would acquire a specific item or not, players may have to explore multiple times in order to get the resource that they want.

Exploration takes time, and players will not be able to deploy heroes that are currently exploring. This process can be sped up using crowns, and the rewards will be instantly provided to you afterwards.

There are several buildings or items that can be constructed within the kingdom, each has different purposes but mainly fall under two categories, namely functional and aesthetic. Aesthetic items are nothing but decorations that you can add into the environment, while functional buildings are actually those that can help you create more items given the required raw materials.

Buildings will take time to construct, but this can be sped up using coins. Examples of buildings that yield resources are farms, kitchens, mills, cow ranches, and many more. Also, should you run out of places to build, you can expand on the surrounding areas for as long as you meet the required criteria, such as being at a specific level or having the required amount of coins. This will allow you to place more buildings and discover more places to explore.

Resources are your lifeblood within the kingdom. These can be sold at the market, or can be used to craft even more items. Resources cannot be acquired without exchanging something for it, however. Different constructs within the game will require specific items before they can cough up resources. Examples of these are axes for wood, water for apples, wood for arrows, as well as different combinations of items for more elaborate recipes.

All resources are placed within the central storage. This area, however, has limited capacity, and players must either sell off or craft items to free up precious space. Players can also choose to upgrade the storage capacity by collecting the required items for this process.

It is also important to note that resources usually have wait times before they can be collected. These can range from a few minutes to several hours. Like most things within the game, players can speed up this process by spending crowns.

Selling items is the main way to get coins, and this can be done in one of two ways. Myra’s Market is the place where players can sell off items in differing quantities, and the prices offered for them are fixed. Another option is to connect via Facebook, where players can set quantities and prices for the specific items that they want to sell. This is the easiest way for players to get items that do not have, provided that they have enough coins to complete the purchase.

Buying and selling with Facebook friends, however, will require players to connect the game to their Facebook account, and will also require an Internet connection.

Quests are the tasks or set of tasks that players must perform in order to push the story forward. Many quests can be done at the same time, and your progress can be checked by pulling up the Quest Logs screen. Quests will provide players with coins as well as experience, and this is arguably the easiest way to level up while utilizing all items currently available to you. Prioritize the completion of quests above all else to make the most out of the game.


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