DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot Walkthrough [Guide]

Ducktales Scrooges Loot

Someone has stolen Uncle Scrooge’s formidable pile of gold, and you are enlisted in helping retrieve the gold back. As a result, you are literally launched into an intense four-on-four battle as you compete in knocking enemies out and collecting more gold than them. This is one of the most exciting shooting games that you can play on a handheld device, and of course it has that distinctive Disney touch. Can you help Uncle Scrooge get his fortune back? Lock and load and be better prepared with this guide.

DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot is a team based shooter where players can participate as a member of a team of four as they battle against the opposing team of the same number of members. There are single player and multiplayer modes available, but the gameplay remains pretty much the same.

The goal of the game is to acquire more gold than the opposing team. This is done by collecting gold from the stockpile and returning them to the drop zone. Of course, players can be equipped with different kinds of weaponry that they can purchase and upgrade so that they would be more useful in stopping your rivals from getting more gold than you.

Under single player mode, players will be able to play with and against the AI, with the difficulty of beating teams and completing objectives increasing as players level up. In multiplayer mode, online players will have to vote as to which area they would like to play in.

Coins and gems are the two currencies within DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot. Coins are the basic currency, and can be earned, win or lose, by participating in battles. On the other hand, premium currency is rewarded quite sparingly, but the good news is that both coins and gems can be acquired via in-app purchases as well.

Coins and gems can be used in a variety of ways, specifically when buying or upgrading your gear or getting new items in the store. Gems, however, can be used to unlock items early as well as purchase items that you would otherwise not be able to get. Gems also have the added purpose of quickly getting into battle once you get knocked out, nullying the need for the respawn time to lapse.

As players participate in battles, they will earn experience. This is especially important as certain items will only be unlocked once you reach a specific level. Otherwise, they would need to be unlocked using premium currency.

As players perform better or worse in multiplayer, their rankings will increase accordingly. This will allow you as well as other players to know how they would be able to fare against each other, and this can also be used to strategize, such as ganging up on higher ranked players first while making lower ranked players secondary targets.

Different types of items can be purchased within the store. These include new character skins, costumes, weapons, gadgets, and even boosters. Properly equipping the required items and upgrading them will be essential in increasing your chances of victory.

Players can equip up to two ranged weapons and one melee weapon. Different weapons have different attributes such as strength, range, recharge time, and others. On the other hand, players can purchase and unlock different skins, each with different stat boosts as well as their own sets of weapons. Additional costumes may also be purchased for significant stat boosts as well.

Gadgets are one time use items that you can bring along with you in battle. An example of this is a campfire that will help increase your health. Gadgets can be activated during play to give players and advantage during combat, such as for defensive or offensive purposes.

Lastly, boosters are special items that can be used to boost resources earned such as coins or experience. Some boosters will also significantly decrease your respawn time. These are some of the most expensive items in the game, so make sure that you use boosters sparingly.

Almost all gear can be upgraded, as they have with them different attributes that contribute towards your overall performance. For example, players can increase a specific duck class’ maximum health, as well as upgrade a duck’s healing and gold collecting speed and capacity. Being able to balance out upgrades across all of your gear is very important, as most of your teammates as well as your opponents will probably be doing the same.

Aside from being able to battle with and against each other, DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot also allows players to communicate with each other via a chat function. This will allow players to better strategize their game plan. Each round, whether in single player or multiplayer mode, will last four minutes, which is why proper planning is very essential so that maximum gold can be collected within that very limited time, and hopefully with a relatively low body count.


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